Exploring with an Ex Pt. 02


A few weeks have past since you took me by surprise and finally played with my cock. You dressed me up, and I hate how much I enjoyed it. Your parting words, as you left me on the step in knickers and hold-ups were — next time we’ll do something different.

We’ve been messaging each other regularly, but whenever I try to talk about our encounter you brush it off whilst saying we’ll get together soon for some more fun. I hope you let me dominate you, as much as I enjoyed what we did I could never be submissive all the time.

It’s my day off, and you know it. I get up early, I’m in such a routine with work I don’t need to set an alarm and even on a day off I can’t lay in bed. I go and make coffee and then sit down with my phone to check my messages. As I pick it up it buzzes with a message from you.

“Put your knickers and hold-ups on, send me a picture. You have five minutes or no fun for you today.” I won’t say I’m disappointed, but I get the feeling I’m going to be doing what you tell me again. Although I can feel my cock swell with anticipation, I’m already feeling embarrassed even by myself. I quickly take my dressing gown off and pull on the knickers and hold-ups, after searching the drawer as I’d put them right at the back. I send you a picture with a minute to spare.

“Good. Now, go and shower. Put those back on after and get dressed. I’ll message when I’m ready.” It really does sound like you’re in charge again today. Half an hour later I’m ready having done as you asked. I consider messaging you but think better of it. Instead I go and make more coffee and wait to hear from you.

It’s two hours later and my phone finally buzzes with a message from you. “Our old meeting spot. 10am.” I check the time, I can make it if I leave immediatley — and I think that’s part of your plan, keep me waiting in anticipation then making me hurry. I get in the car and go to the same woods we stopped at before, this time heading into the carpark. There’s only one other car there today, sometimes these woods are really busy with dog walkers.

You pull up just after 10 and park next to me. I see you gesturing for me to get in your car. I do as you ask. As soon as I get in you turn the car around, telling me “We’ll go for coffee again.” We chat as we drive over to the shops. We go to M&S again, you park at the back of the car park, so there’s no cars behind us, it’s really busy today. As we walk in I can feel the knickers and hold-ups moving against my skin under my jeans. I don’t want to admit it but it feels pleasant. This time you walk past the lingerie, and I have to say I’m relieved.

We go straight to the cafe. We’re chatting over coffee, I let you lead the conversation. I’m hoping for some hint as to what we’re going to do but you’re not giving anything away.

We finish our coffee and then you say to me, “Let’s get you a new pair of knickers.” My heart sinks a little but I can feel my cock swell all the same. I follow you as we look round. You pick out two pairs, you haven’t asked me what I think. A store assistant walks past us and to my horror you stop her.

“Excuse me,” you say to her, “can you help me please?”

“How can I help?” she replies with a smile.

You show her the two pairs of knickers you’ve picked up. escort fatih “I’m not sure what size to buy,” you point at me “they’re for him.” The assistant looks at me, I look at the floor. I can feel myself blushing. I hope she doesn’t notice my bulge.

She’s obviously a bit flustered but she replies quickly, “I think you’ve got the right size.” She’s professional, “Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“No, thank you.” You reply, to her relief and mine. I watch as she hurries off. I can see her talking to one of her colleges, I bet it’s about me.

You hand me one pair, “Go and pay for these and meet me back at the car.” I do as you ask, as I get to the till I can see the cashier smiling at me in a knowing way. I’m so embarrassed and I can feel my cock throbbing. I pay and get out as quickly as I can.

I get back to the car and I can see you grinning. You reach out and squeeze my cock through my jeans. “You liked that didn’t you?” A rhetorical question, I hated it, but it did turn me on. All I want to do is get in the car quickly, but you have other ideas. “Come round my side.” Once I’m on your side of the car you open your door, but don’t get in.

“Put your new knickers on.” The car park is busy, there are people everywhere, your open door barely shields me. I don’t really have a choice, if I want anything to happen. I take the knickers out the bag and I’m about to pull the tags off. “No,” you say quickly, “you can do that once you’ve got the others off.” You take them from me, and now I notice you have your phone in your other hand. I take a deep breath, the sooner this is over, the sooner we can go. I take my boots off then as quick as I can I drop my jeans. Before I get a chance to take the knickers off you reach out and run your hands over my hold-ups. You grab my cock through the knickers and give it a squeeze. Then you take pictures, I instinctively know to wait until you’re ready. You nod, I take the knickers off. You take a few pictures before handing me the new ones. I pull the tags off before putting them on, and wait while you take more pictures. The whole time I’ve been scanning the car park, a few people have glanced over but I don’t think anyone saw anything.

“OK,” you say, “you can put your jeans and boots back on then get in the car.” I’m relieved when I get back in the car. As soon as I’m in you start the car and drive off. 15 minutes later we get back to my car, you pull up alongside. There’s a couple of other cars there now but I can’t see anyone.

“Give me your car keys then get out and come round to my side.” You say to me. I do as you ask. I’m stood by your open door, my car is the other side. “Strip down to your undies.” I glance around, checking no one is in sight. I take my boots, jeans and T shirt off, you take them from me. I watch as you unlock my car and put my clothes inside. I can hear the sound of you locking my car up again.

You come back round to me, you kneel in front of me, pull my new knickers to one side and take my cock deep into your mouth. I try to lose myself in the moment but I can’t, I’m constantly looking around to see if anyone is coming.

After a very brief few minutes you get up and sit back in your SUV. You keep your legs hanging out. You point to güngören escort a spot very close to you, “Kneel.” I do as you ask, I can no longer tell if anyone is coming. You kick your flip flops off (I’m glad you’re not wearing heels today). You hold one foot in front of my face, I don’t need telling what to do. I take your foot in my hands and start to kiss it, smell it, lick it. You push your toes into my mouth so I can suck on them. Your other foot finds my cock, and you use it to tease me. After a while you swap feet and carry on. I can see you taking more and more pictures as I play with your feet. I actually manage to forget about our surroundings for a while.

You pull your foot away from my mouth and hold both of them under my cock so your toes are brushing against my balls.

“Stroke your cock,” you say to me. I do as you ask. As I move my hand slowly up and down my cock you move your feet around. You massage my balls with your toes then you push your foot between my hand and my cock. I hold onto it, pushing and rubbing my cock against your sole.

I’m still incredibly aware how exposed I am. The thought of being seen in what I’m wearing is humiliating. The sense of shame is still turning me on though. I hear a car pulling into the car park. “Don’t stop.” You sound stern. I carry on, I’m thinking as long as they park the other side of us I’m safe. I can’t see anything, so I’m hoping they can’t see me. Thier engine turns off and I can hear the car doors open and close. I’m getting close and you know it.

You pull your feet away from me. “Stop.” I take my hand off my cock. “You have a choice.” I can hear people talking, I’m guessing it’s the people from the car. “You can get in my car and wait till the coast is clear. You will not cum and next time will be more of the same. Or you do exactly as your told, you can cum and next time I’m yours, to do with as you please.” I know this is going to be bad, and I’m secretly tempted to get in the car – the idea of more humiliation next time excites me.

“I’ll do as you say.”

“OK.” That’s all you say. You push one of your feet into my face again. I need no encouragement. I carry on where I left off, kissing and licking. You push your toes into my mouth so I can suck on them. As I’m doing that, the voices of the other people fade away, they must be heading into the woods. Your other foot finds my cock again. I’m no longer close but you keep teasing me.

I’ve lost track of time, but it must have been at least 10 minutes since you offered me a choice. You wrap both your feet around my cock. “Use my feet, get yourself close, don’t cum.” I take hold of your feet so I can push my cock between your soles and I get a steady rhythm going. As I’m getting closer I ease off so I don’t cum. Suddenly I can hear voices again, someone is coming back to their car.

As the voices get loud enough for me to make out the occasional word I know they’re almost back at the car park. “Cum.” you say to me. I don’t know what you have in mind, but it’s going to be humiliating. That doesn’t stop me, I made my choice. I thrust between you feet faster and harder, it doesn’t take much and I start to cum. I cover your soles, I can see it dripping off your toes.

I can hear the voices much bağcılar escort clearer now. You don’t say anything. You turn in your seat and start closing your door, I have to move as I’m in the way. I stand up, I can see the people walking to their car. If they look they could see me, but not entirely as I’m still blocked by your car. You start your engine, wind down the window throw my keys in clear sight a few meters away. With that you pull out and you’re gone.

I move quickly, I have no idea if I’m being watched but I’m now out in the open. My cock is still hard, I can feel my cum dripping down over my holdups. I grab my keys, unlock my car and get in quickly. I don’t want to waste any time getting dressed. I start my car and pull out of the car park. I think to myself I’ll pull over up the lane and put some clothes on!

I’ve only been driving for a minute and I see you’ve pulled over by the side of the lane, just before it joins the main road. You’re standing by the side of your car. I pull up behind you and you walk over to me and open my door.

“I didn’t think you’d waste any time getting dressed.” You say to me. “Did they see you?”

“Yes, I think so.” I reply, “I didn’t really look!”

You reach out and stroke my legs through the holdups, then your hand moves up to my cock. I’m still quite hard and I didn’t bother to try to tuck it into my knickers. Before I know what’s happening you dig your nails deep into my shaft making me cry out.

You spend a few minutes playing with my cock, stroking me gently, then hurting me. You haven’t touched me much today and I’m enjoying this. You’ve made me rock hard again, and so soon after I’ve orgasmed. There are loads of cars passing on the main road but they can’t see me as I’m sat in the car. You lean in and take my cock deep into your mouth. You don’t hold back, you use your hand and mouth to get me close as quickly as you can.

After 5 minutes or so you slip my cock out of your mouth just long enough to ask, “Do you want me to make you cum?” You take me deep into your mouth before I can answer.

“Yes.” I reply, not really thinking.

“Get out the car, and stand over there.” You point to a spot much closer to the main road. There is no way I won’t be seen by the passing cars. I don’t think I’d be close enough to be recognised but there is no way I can hide.

I do as you ask. Once I’m where you wanted I can see you taking pictures. Then you say, “Turn your back to me.” I do and I’m now facing the road. Two cars go past as soon as I turn around. My erect cock is sticking out the side of the knickers. I can see at least one of the passengers turn to look. I hate how turned on I am, this is humiliating.

After, what feels like eternity, and at least five more cars have passed I can hear you say, “You can get back in your car now.”

I don’t run, I have a feeling you wouldn’t like that. But I do move quickly. I get back in my car and as soon as I sit down you lean in and start to suck my cock again. I’m very close and it doesn’t take much before I’m about to cum. You finish me with your hand and each spurt hits my chest and stomach. I can feel it trickling down me, making my knickers even more sticky.

You still have your phone in your hand, you take more pictures before tucking my softening cock into my knickers. You wipe your hand clean over my holdups and with that you tell me, “You can put your t-shirt on and drive home like that.” You give my cock one more squeeze before closing my door and walk back to your car.

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