Exploring with Jenny


Exploring with JennyI had piled on a few pounds after I had my second daughter, well I didn’t think it mattered much, my husband loved me and I had produced my share of the national 2.4 c***dren, so who cared? Then I stumbled into my husband letching over a neighbours wife, and his reasoning was that I obviously didn’t care about myself or sex anymore so who could blame him for getting his kicks elsewhere? I was so upset, but I saw the reasoning, and as he promised that he hadn’t been unfaithful I promised myself that I would get back into shape for him. That was nearly a year ago now and the winter was drawing to a close. Steve my husband had always called me his ‘Wonder woman’, partly because I have the same colouring as Linda Carter, the actress who played her, but mostly because of my statuesque proportions and large firm breasts. My physique came about because before the k**s I had been a very able swimmer and was pushing hard for the national teams. I met Steve and got married, then it seems life and c***dren got in the way so the swimming slowed and stopped. Life has a way of getting in the way of your dreams.I had started out on my new fitness regime with diet and walking, and with the company of our dog I had covered many miles, I knew all of the local lanes and routes, and was covering quite a distance each day. My eldest daughters best friend Jenny, was just finishing up at school, and had landed a new job in Spain to move to. She was desperate to acheive a toned beach body, for when she moved out there, so the next time she had a sleep over with Sarah, my eldest, we discussed training routines over tea. We agreed that we would work out daily together and push each other along for 3 months, who knows it may even improve our chances?It was soon mid November and the sky was black but we decided to run anyway. Monday morning was our day to lengthen the run and we decided that we would take the new route even though we hadn’t been down it before. Big mistake.The route wound around lanes and alleyways and took us much further then we expected. half way round and the rain came down quickly turning to hail. Cold wet and exhausted the pair of us arrived back at my house and collapsed through the door into the kitchen. Jenny was in a bad way and I motherly wrapped her in a towel and led her up the stairs to the master bedroom’s en-suite. She just sat on the toilet seat whilst I turned the shower on and knelt to remove her shoes. I told her to jump in the shower and get warmed through but she didn’t move, she was suffering.Drastic times need drastic action and I lifted her to her feet, and fully dressed we stepped into the shower. Immediately the warmth of the water on us started to revive the feeling in our bodies and Jenny stood with her head in the crook of my neck and wrapped her arms around my waist, holding me tightly searching for warmth. She lifted her head slightly and said “thank you Mrs D, bahis siteleri I think I needed that” ‘don’t worry’ I said and gave her a tight hug.”You realise that you are quite mad though? We are still fully dressed”.We giggled and I rocked her as I held her tight to me. Eventually she released me and took a half step back, “come on let’s get out of these clothes” and she slipped her fingers under my running vest, lifting the bottom up an inch or so. As I am taller than her I leant forward slightly and raised my arms to let her slip the vest off, pulling it over my head. My hair is short and was already wet so the water didn’t matter as it washed over us. Jenny dropped my vest onto the floor in the corner of the shower and just stood for a moment staring at my breasts bursting to get out of my sports bra. I didn’t pick up on it and took hold of the bottom of her vest to reciprocate. Raising her arms I lifted the top up and was mildly surprised when her pert breasts tumbled out on full view to me. ‘No bra’ I said as naturally as I could muster although the words choked in my throat. “No” she said “I have to take care as I get very sore. I have very sensitive nippples” I didn’t know why but I had a fluttering in my tummy and couldn’t tear my eye’s from her young round breasts. I suddenly felt very uneasy about it all and I tink Jenny felt it too. “Well this is mad” she said. what would your Sarah say about this?” I stuttered before I could reply, but she continued “This is just like when I used to get dirty in your garden, and you used to put Sarah and I in the shower to stop me getting into trouble with my mum” I grinned and remembered that Jenny had been like a third daughter in our home and we giggled again and it relaxed the tension.’Here, I’ll get out and let you finish’ I said and Jenny laughed,”Getting all shy are we?” she taunted. “Who else is going to see this great body that you have spent so long perfecting? you look fabulous and anyway we are nearly family”. she was right and I wondered what had made me so uneasy in the first place.Jenny’s pony tail was soaked so she pulled the elastic off and rinsed it through. She turned a half turn so she could put her foot out and undoing her zipper she began to shrug off her running bottoms. I half turned the other way and undid the laces in my shoes. “Can you help me here?” she asked “Lycra is a great material but it doesn’t help you to get out of wet sportswear” ‘Sure’ I said, and dropped to my knees behind her under the torrent of the shower. I placed my hands on the waistband either side and fought her shorts off over her hips and bottom, and then unexpectedly stayed on my knees staring at her ass, pink, firm and round, I felt the flutter again and wondered about it. “Thanks Mrs D” she said. Kicked her shorts onto the pile of our clothes and turned the full way around to face me whilst I still remained kneeling.She was shaved. Totally hairless. Her canlı bahis pussy just inches from my face I swear I could smell her, and I simply stared at it in amazement. Undressing in a changing room or dorm was one thing but undressing each other in this close proximity was a whole different ballgame. I stood up and slid the door open. “Where are you going?” she asked “What have I done? Have I offended you?”I didn’t know what to say, I blustered ‘No I am alright, I just think it would be better if you finished on your own.’ “Better, How better?” she asked. “We are helping each other shower, that’s all. you have cared for me since I was a c***d so what is the problem? Please Mrs D, Please stay”.No problem for her maybe, but I was blowing it up out of all proportion, I had never experienced the feelings in my tummy like this before. ‘I’m just feeling a bit light headed’ I said hoping to cover up my embarrasment. “That’s ok then, you may just be a bit too hot?” and with that she stepped in close, lets get these clothes off you. Jenny looked me in the eyes as she reached behing me to reach the clasp of my sports bra and I couldn’t define her mood. Teasing? Sexy? Taunting even. The clasp released and I involuntarily clamped my arms to my side holding the bra around me. Jenny still looked me in the eye and the whole mood changed, she was in charge now and I was the c***d to her ministrations. “It’s all your choice from now” she said cooly. “Do you want to leave? or do you stay and investigate what those feelings you are having are?”The shower door slid shut as if I had pushed it in a dream, and I relaxed my arms by my side. The bra slipped off my shoulders and Jenny looked at my breasts with delight. “Oh my good fucking god” she said and I was more shocked at the bad language then the fact she was commenting on my body. “Now I know why everyone calls you wonderwoman. your tits are fucking amazing.” I blushed bright red and couldn’t help grinning, which turned into embarrassed laughter. Jenny laughed too which diffused the situation, “My god you are beautiful Mrs D” she said and reached behind for the soap, she rubbed it in her hands and then slowly started to soap her own breasts, I watched transfixed as her nipples stood to attention and she squeezed each one gently in turn. Then I caught her eye again and she just looked right through me, she lathered up her hands again and half stepped to me and I felt her hands on my ‘tits’ my nipples sprang into her hands and the feeling in my stomach was now like a hamster burrowing. She kept on rubbing and squeezing and just staring at me. I don’t know who moved, but it must have been me as I am taller, but her tongue was in my mouth exploring every inch, insistant, gnawing, playful. I had to pull away for air the feeling was so intense, our bodies had come together and I felt her nipples hard against me ‘Jenny, we can’t do this’ I blurted out, “Do what?” she said. güvenilir bahis “We’re just showering, it’s no different to how I shower with your Sarah” I couldn’t believe it all of those times they had just ‘Jumped in the shower together’ to save time and water! and this is what they got up to?All the time Jenny’s hands were massaging me, teasing me tweaking my nipples, they were on fire. I moved backward and came up against the shower wall, the cold making me jump and making my nipples perk up more if that were possible. Jenny giggled like a c***d with a new puppy and grinned at me, “We can’t stop now. not when the fun is just about to begin” and she lowered her head to take my right nipple into her mouth. her hot mouth enveloped my nipple and she flicked her tongue over and around it, making me go weak at the knees. she sucked hard on it for a second and then bit it gently before changing across to the left one and repeating it all.My mind was reeling I had never as much as thought of women as being sexual let alone myself. Jenny was just a friend of my little girl and I could never have sex with a woman? Wrong on all counts. Jenny relaxed her attention on my nipples for a second and her lips rose to meet mine in a tender kiss. “You ok now?” she asked quietly looking into my eyes and I let out a huge sigh with ‘Oh yes I think so’. I can only imagine it was for the distraction because the next thing I felt was Jenny’s right leg slide between my own knees and then up between my thighs. She had somehow managed to undo my shorts and panties, and with them not being lycra she had also managed to get them off. I could feel them on the floor around my ankles. She grinned as she realised that I had noticed, a naughty girl kind of grin and she resumed her ministrations on my nipples. My tummy was rolling and her thigh was now pressing tight against my pussy, that pressure we all crave when needed, right on my mound, her tongue was playing havoc with my nipples senses and I could do nothing but allow it when she started to dry hump me with her thigh, my body was screaming out for release and my pussy was aching. The water washed over us in a warm cascade still and my legs went wider to allow Jenny access to me. She slid down my body kissing all the way down across my tummy until she knelt before me. I looked down at her in anticipation and she looked up at me in triumph, she had arrived at the holy grail and she knew it. She waited, I dissappeared into darkness as her tongue touched my lips and delved deep into me, she only licked me for 3 or 4 minutes before I erupted in a massive orgasm. I had never had an orgasm like it, it rolled over and over me travelling up and down through my entire body, shaking my muscles and contrating my tummy. My legs faltered and I slid down into the shower tray where I found Jenny’s tight embrace and warm lips as comfort. I wept and held on tight as the aftershock subsided. ‘I’m sorry’ I said through the tears, when I had recovered enough I didn’t do anything for you. “That’s OK, we have the whole rest of the day to make it all right” she said. and we both stood up to find towels and gowns.

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