Extra Credit Club Ch. 02

This story, like all others, has a beginning. It starts with a door.

All in all, it was quite a nice door: correct dimensions, made of cherry, with a big dream catcher hanging in the middle.

It was also the only thing keeping me out of the bedroom. You see, the door was locked.

I leaned forward, placed my ear against the door, and strained to hear what was going on in the bedroom. My breaths were slow and quiet as I listened.

I could make out Tessa’s bright, energetic voice a few times, though I had no idea what she was saying. And there was something else, possibly Quinn moaning. Of course, it also could have been misbehaving plumbing, but I found that unlikely. The girls’ apartment was very high class stuff.

Footsteps approached and I leaned away from the door. I heard the loud click of the lock unlatching and the door cracked open.

Tessa slipped out and closed the door behind her. I looked her up and down. Holy fuck she looked hot tonight!

Tessa wore a slender naughty smile and her wide blue eyes were full of mischief. She wore these oval black-rimmed glasses and not much else (she was blind as a bat without them). Honey-blonde hair framed a pale, almost angelically sweet face. Her figure was slim, trim, and athletic, with a beautifully narrow waist and perky breasts just right for her build. Black stockings hugged the curves of her legs all the way up to her exposed sex.

She tilted her head to one side, her smile growing. “Ready, Dave?”

“Well, you have kept me waiting for over an hour.”

She giggled delightfully, and I wondered what she’d been doing as I paced and waited in the girls’ spacious apartment.

I stepped forward. My hands grasped her naked ass and clenched. She leaned into me and our lips met, fast and hot and hungry. Our tongues explored each others mouths as our hands explored each others bodies. Her delicate fingers traced gently across my back, then stomach, then down into by boxers.

Tessa broke our kiss and whispered into my ear. “I think you’ll find the wait was well worth it.”

Oh, I didn’t doubt that for a moment.

“Come on in. Everything’s ready.”

Tessa reached behind her and opened the door. I followed her into the bedroom and—

—my jaw hit the floor. Well, it would have if it hadn’t been attached to my face.

Kneeling on the bed, admits a sea of dark blue satin sheets, was Quinn. Where Tessa was slender and athletic, Quinn was tall, full-figured, and voluptuous, with fiery red hair and green penetrating eyes. Her personality was overpowering, dominating, and I remembered well the things she’d done to me and Tessa.

But all that power and strength was gone. Her arms were raised high over her downcast head, wrists bound with bondage cuffs tied to an eyebolt above the bed. She was blindfolded and gagged with a fluorescent orange ball, and her long red hair cascaded down over her high and heavy breasts.

Every so often, her body would shudder and squirm, and I noticed her ankles were held apart with more bondage cuffs, probably linked to eyebolts under the bed. Her whole body was stretched wide, unable to resist.

Besides Quinn’s occasional moans, I heard another faint sound. A distant buzzing. I followed Tessa to the large bed, and realized what it was.

Quinn was stuffed with two large vibrators, one all the way up her cunt, the other lodged tightly in her ass. They buzzed powerfully and juices flowed from Quinn’s cunt as saliva dribbled out of her gagged mouth. Sweat glistened over her entire body.

Had Tessa been teasing her lover like this for a whole hour?!? Holy fucking shit.

“Like what you see?” Tessa asked, leaning towards me.

I nodded dumbly, my cock straining against my boxers. I pulled them off and tossed them aside, wondering where to start.

But Tessa already had something in mind. She got onto her hands and knees and crawled across the bed next to Quinn’s erotically bound form. With two quick flicks, she shut the vibrators off. The switches were in their barely visible bases. Quinn’s chest rose and fell with heavy breaths. She looked like she was hovering on the very edge of an orgasm.

Quinn squirmed a bit, clearly wanting to get off, but unable to touch herself. Tessa smiled as she turned over onto her back and spread her legs wide.

“Please, do me,” she whispered, eyes adverted, shy and passive, her arms placed above her head.

I smiled and knelt down next to the bed, prying her sex open with my thumbs. Slowly, I began to lap at her cunt, avoiding her clitoris as I warmed her up. If there was one thing Tessa enjoyed, it was a good teasing, and she squirmed and blushed as I worked her over at my own pace.

I massaged her inner thighs as I lapped at her, feeling the heat of her cunt and the firmness of her muscles. She moaned and shivered.

“Please don’t tease me,” she whimpered, but I knew better. I knew she loved it.

Slowly, gently, I inserted one finger and began to stroke it in and canlı bahis şirketleri out of her moist entrance. My tongue moved up, teasing around her clit as my other hand massaged her tight stomach.

And when I was ready, when her sex was flush with excitement, I suddenly attacked her clit with abandon, and she squealed in delight. I pushed two fingers into her dripping cunt and worked her clit over, licking it, flicking it, sucking on it, and Tessa started to thrash her head back and forth, moaning and crying in ecstasy.

And all the while, Quinn squirmed next to us, arms bound high into the air, unable to join in, only able to listen as I worked Tessa into a frenzy.

Finally, Tessa screamed and I knew she was coming. I stroked my fingers in and out of her hard and deep as I roughly played with her clit, and she convulsed, hands gripping and twisting the bed sheets.

She shuddered and came down from her orgasm, panting and smiling, and I crawled up onto the bed, hovering over here, looking down at her as she looked up at me.

“You’ve gotten good at that,” she breathed, her face flush and content.

I didn’t answer, just traced a hand from her smooth stomach to her breasts and erect nipples. My hands enveloped her breasts, massaging them as she sighed. I knelt down, my raging erection pressed hotly against our stomachs, and we kissed again.

She broke away, her arms coming around me, pulling me close.

“Maybe we should let Quinn join the fun?” she asked.

“Why not,” I said.

“Over on the nightstand. Please?”

I smiled, knowing what Tessa was asking for. I stepped off the bed, grabbed the double-ended strap-on dildo on top of the nightstand, and crawled back onto the bed next to Tessa.

I placed one end of the strap-on against Tessa’s flushed cunt and pushed in. She shivered as I forced the long black length of the dildo into her dripping cunt, then fastened the straps around her. She was panting excitedly now.

Tessa knelt up onto the bed, a long rubber cock now protruding from her crotch. She shuffled over to Quinn, reached underneath her, and pulled out both inert vibrators. My eyes went a little wide when I realized what monsters they were. Both were nine-inches long and thick, and Quinn had had both of them jammed into her for who knew how long.

Damn, this woman was hardcore.

Tessa smiled at me, half-guilty, half-naughty.

“Why don’t you take her from behind?” she asked.

And that was all the encouragement I needed!

With a hungry grin, and shuffled over behind Quinn, my hands running down the curves of her body. She really did have a fabulous physique, with a beautiful hourglass figure, smooth pale skin, and proud, heavy breasts. My hands explored her, rising smoothly over her stomach before firmly gripping her breasts.

Quinn sighed as I kneaded her firm breasts, pulling her close. My cock rested hotly against her ass cheeks as I lowered my head, kissing the nape of her neck. Her skin was hot and a little salty from her sweat, and she smelled faintly of a sensuous flowery perfume.

Tessa moved closer to Quinn from the other side, hands on Quinn’s hips as she bent down and suckled one of her breasts. I reached down and pushed two stiff fingers into Quinn’s ass. They went in smoothly, finding the hot anal passage already loosened and lubricated. Quinn moaned through her gag as I stroke my fingers in and out of her ass.

Tessa reached down and rubbed the end of her strap-on cock against Quinn’s dripping cunt, back and forth a few times before lining it up and pushing in. Slowly, Tessa inserted the strap-on one thick inch at a time, and I could feel her entering Quinn through my fingers in her ass, separated by a thin fleshy membrane.

Tessa kissed Quinn’s neck and face and leaned in next to her ear.

“I’m all in,” she said, more to Quinn than to me.

I pulled my fingers out and placed the tip of my cock against Quinn’s ass. I pried her ass wide with my thumbs and pushed in, breaking the initial muscular ring with ease and pushing deeper into her loosened and lubricated passage.

She was still tight, though. Wonderfully erotically tight, but I didn’t have to force my way into her, and the lubrication eased the entry considerably. My cock pushed into her, one luxurious hot and smooth inch of her colon at a time. Soon I impaled her up to my balls, and Quinn shuddered, moaning loudly against her gag.

I reached around, grabbed hold of her breasts, and started slowly stroking in and out of her. Tessa picked up my rhythm, and soon we were fucking both her holes in unison. Quinn struggled against her restraints as we worked her over, her head bowed forward against Tessa’s.

After a while, we began to pick up the pace, and I played with her breasts rougher, teasing her diamond-hard nipples harshly. With each of my strokes, I could feel Tessa’s strap-on thrust in, and I knew she was burying it as deeply into Quinn’s cunt as I was into her ass. The heat and tightness canlı kaçak iddaa of Quinn’s ass was driving me nuts, and I felt my orgasm fast approaching.

Now Tessa accelerated on her own, slamming in and out of Quinn with rapid strokes, her breathing becoming heavy as she felt what she delivered through the strap-on’s other end.

Quinn was crying out against her gag now as we drilled her in unison. The teasing from before, mixed with the dual pounding now must have pushed her over the edge, and she grunted and gasped against her ball gag, shuddering from a powerful orgasm.

She slumped forward, held up by the tight restraints as Tessa and I continued to use her like a fuck toy. We pounded her now, all of us glistening with sweat, and I brush some of my damp hair out of my eyes as I felt the churning in my balls crescendo.

I sank my cock into her ass and exploded, sending stream after stream of thick ropey cum into her, my first time in Quinn’s ass. She shuddered, twitching around my cock as I filled her, and her muscular shudders and Tessa’s pounding seemed to prolong the ecstasy of my orgasm.

My cock softened, even as Tessa pounded away at her lover, and I pulled out. Finally, with a squeal of delight, Tessa came again, shoving the dildo so hard and deep into Quinn that Quinn threw her head back, gasping against her gag.

Tessa kept the fake cock in her lover and pulled off Quinn’s ball gag so that it was around her neck. The two college girls shared in a deep impassioned kiss as their tongues consumed each others mouths. I pressed myself against Quinn from behind and kissed her soft smooth neck.

And then Tessa did something that really surprised me. Normally, she was submissive to a fault during sex, but dominating her lover like this gave her a strange boldness. She grabbed the back of Quinn’s head, fingers lacing through fiery red hair even as they kissed. With a quick jerk, she yanked Quinn’s head back so that she gasped.

“What should we do to you next, I wonder?” Tessa said.

Tessa reached up and undid the metal clasp holding Quinn’s arms in the air. She guided Quinn’s arms behind her back and clasped them there. She then undid the clasps holding Quinn ankle cuffs in place.

Tessa looked down at my softened cock. She smiled and I had a good idea of what she was planning.

With a hand laced through Quinn’s hair, she forcefully guided her towards me. I leaned back against the mound of pillows at the bed’s head and allowed Tessa to pressed Quinn’s face against my crotch. Quinn got the idea, found the tip of my twitching, semi-hard cock with her mouth, and began to swallow me.

The hot wetness of her mouth was wonderful as she forced herself to take more and more of me deeper into her mouth. Eventually, the tip of my cock pressed against the back of her throat, and she gagged a bit, but held it all it. She wasn’t as good at this as Tessa, but made up for it with boundless enthusiasm.

Tessa ran her hands over Quinn’s back and ass.

“Make sure you get him nice and hard,” she said, spreading Quinn’s ass and plunging her strap-on back into her. Quinn gasped as the thick rubber cock impaled her in one firm stroke, and she came up for air, saliva dribbling down her chin.

Tessa reamed Quinn’s ass with a nice, steady rhythm as Quinn went back down on me. I put a hand on the back of her head, guiding her deeper a few times, running my fingers through her long silken hair. She’d come up, working the tip of my cock with her tongue before going back down so deep I felt the back of her throat. All the while, Tessa kept pounding away, getting Quinn and herself worked up again.

When I was nice and hard again, I pulled Quinn up off me and smiled over at Tessa.

“Ready for round two,” I said.

She smiled back, grabbed hold of Quinn by her hair, and pulled her up. Tessa still had the cock stuffed up Quinn’s ass, and she reached around, massaged one of Quinn’s breasts, ran the hand over Quinn’s firm stomach, then spread her cunt wide.

I got the idea and positioned myself underneath Quinn, hardened cock aimed skyward. Tessa lowered Quinn onto me, a hand on the tip of my cock, and soon I felt the wet textured heat of Quinn’s cunt grip my cockhead. She lowered herself down onto me, dripping with excitement, and in moments I impaled her balls deep.

Quinn leaned forward, still blindfolded, arms still bound behind her back. Her large breasts were flattened against my chest, and I could feel her excited nipples. Her breaths were hot and fast, and saliva dribbled down her chin.

She leaned in, close to my ear and breathed her words so that only I could hear.

“I love what you and Tessa are doing to me,” she whispered. “I’m going to enjoy returning the favor.”

My heart jumped. Leave something like this to Quinn. Here she was, all bound up, practically a fuck toy for me and Tessa, and suddenly it felt like she was in control.

Only Quinn could do that.

She leaned in and bit playfully on canlı kaçak bahis my ear, tugging at it as Tessa started fucking her ass again. I could feel Tessa’s rhythm from within Quinn and followed her lead.

Tessa must have already been approaching her third orgasm of the night, because she was soon slamming into Quinn, who was crying out and grunting huskily with each deep dual thrust. I grabbed her head and guided her to my mouth. Our lips met and Quinn shoved her long tongue into my mouth as we continued to fuck and abuse her.

The hot luxurious press of her body and the tight heat of her cunt were quickly having an effect on me, and I could tell Quinn was getting hot and heavy as we worked her over. She pulled away from me, crying out suddenly against my chest as her body convulsed in sexual pleasure, and the clenching spasms around my cock were too much for me.

I grunted, climaxing in Quinn’s tight cunt. Quinn dropped heavily onto me as Tessa kept at it, continuing to ream out her ass with fast, powerful strokes. She was covered in sweat, her honey-blonde hair damp at the roots, and with a sudden squeal of delight, she shuddered as she plunged the strap-on deep into Quinn.

Tessa collapsed on top of Quinn, and I felt the weight of both of them pressing me down into the bed, feeling thoroughly content. I pushed the blindfold out of Quinn’s eyes and she looked at me, her intense greens eyes staring at me with such unshakable confidence.

She smiled and whispered to me.

“Remember what I said.”

Yeah, I wasn’t soon going to forget. The way Quinn could work Tessa and me over all by herself made us look like amateurs.

Tessa pushed off Quinn, pulling the strap-on out of her ass, then unfastening it and pulling the other end wetly out of her cunt. She sighed and shuddered as the huge thing came free.

I reached around and undid Quinn’s arms.

“That was okay?” Tessa asked, suddenly all shy and insecure as Quinn rose and looked at her.

“It was wonderful. I loved it,” Quinn said, and she took Tessa’s face into her hands and kissed her softly, slowly, lovingly.

And so the night ended. We curled up together on the huge blue satin bed, our hot flesh pressed randomly against each other, idling cuddling, and quickly the three of us fell fast asleep.


So who’s Tessa, Quinn, and this Dave person, you ask? Oh, geez, where to begin?

Okay, this is a long story, but I’ll try to keep it short.

I met Tessa in my first semester at college. We were both computer science majors and, despite some clumsy advances on my part, I eventually got a date with her. This ended happily with me losing my virginity (yeah!).

It was cool for a while, having a girlfriend that I really clicked with. It was fun, too, and not just because of the sex I was having. I really dug her and, as I contemplated my future, I wondered if I’d spend the rest of my life with her.

Then I met Quinn, and what can I say? Quinn is . . . unique. Learning about Quinn lead me to find out Tessa was not only bisexual (and very actively so) but also in love with her roommate. Ouch, man. Ouch.

Worse than that, Quinn has, shall we say, unique sexual needs and would frequently tie Tessa up and work her over like a sex toy. I got to see and experience that, and really, it was a lot to take in.

Err . . . in more ways than one, if you get my meaning.

Later I learned that Quinn had been repeatedly raped by her step-brother, which might have explained her aggressive need for sexual control. I’m no psychologist, that’s for sure, but there certainly seemed to be a connection.

Anyway, long story short, Tessa and I worked up the courage to turn the tables on Quinn. We trussed her up, worked her over, and in the end, she really dug it. The relationship between Quinn and Tessa shifted a bit, become less brutally one-way and more even.

Though the whole thing still confuses me. Technically, I’m Tessa’s boyfriend, right? But then, we both have sex regularly with Quinn and Tessa says she’s in love with her (which, to be quite honest, makes me a little jealous).

Little did I know that life was going to get even more complicated.

But sometimes, complicated can be fun.


I was the last to wake up, as usual. I shambled my way out of bed, grumbled groggily at the sun streaming in through the blinds, and made my way to the bathroom. After finishing my mourning hygiene, I shambled over towards the kitchen.

Quinn’s apartment was very spacious, with two bedrooms (one in a blue theme, the other in deep reds), an office room with two computers, great room with a 50″ LCD screen (they still wouldn’t let me hook up my XBOX 360), and an expensively tiled and furnished kitchen.

Also, strangely, it was hard to look in any direction without staring at a dream catcher.

I lurched into the kitchen, hearing the two girls discussing something in a series of energetic whispers and excited giggles. God, I hate mornings.

I stared at them, bleary eyed, and tried to rub some of the sleep out. Tessa and Quinn smiled back, both enjoying orange juice, milk, and pancakes with maple syrup. Tessa waved a spatula at me. She had this ridiculous pink apron on.

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