Fairytale Adventures Ch.3 Snow White’s Seven


Fairytale Adventures Ch.3 Snow White’s SevenKristen awoke in the middle of the forest clearing, hearing giggling. Masculine giggling. Opening her eyes she found herself surrounded by 7 little men, about waist height (if she’d been standing.). They were ogling her body… and all of them were jerking at dicks that were the size of any normal man’s.Gasping, she curled up so that her legs were covering her pussy, and used her hands to cover her exposed breasts. She suddenly remembered leaving her torn blouse with Jack… “What are you doing?” she cried out, disgusted at being surrounded by a circle of masturbating dwarfs.”It was off to work we go, but then we found you,” one of them leered. She shrank back as he stepped up to her, “Now why don’t you get to work on this…”Despite the fact that he hadn’t touched her, or done anything other than shove his 8” dick toward her face, Kristen suddenly found his command irresistible. Her hands had to let go of her breasts so that she could lean forward far enough to get his dick between her lips. Inside her head she moaned as she felt the sexual energy pulse through her as his dick glided over her tongue. Other small hands positioned her so that she was on all fours, although if she’d been up on her knees she would have been too tall for them, so her thighs were spread wide and her knees planted far apart so that she was at a height that they could fuck her from behind. A dick entered her needy pussy and she realized that she was on her hands and knees, letting 7 little men fuck her!Suddenly she realized that she was about to be gang-banged by Snow White’s seven dwarves! THAT was the next story in the old witch’s book!Just as the thought was running through her mind, she was distracted by two mouths locking on to her nipples. Two of the dwarves had slid underneath her and were sucking on her nipples, using both hands to plump her heavy breasts. Bobbing her head on the dick in front of her, she felt her body shuddering in pleasure as her breasts were istanbul escort played with and a large dick fucked her pussy.As soon as the one in her mouth came he was replaced, and she took the next dick between her lips just as eagerly, cum down her face as she sucked the second offering. She came even before the dwarf in her pussy, although her shuddering orgasm set him off on his own. The dick in her pussy was replaced too, the pleasure in her breasts unceasing…After the two dwarfs fucking her from either end were satisfied, they turned her onto her back.”More… please more…” Kristen moaned… she’d already had two orgasms but somehow it wasn’t enough. She needed, wanted, more cock…One little man between her legs started fucking her pussy, another straddled her stomach and pushed her tits together, sliding his dick between them, and a third straddled her face and began thrusting in and out of her mouth. Kristen’s hands were opened and her fingers wrapped around two more dicks… she wished that they could find a way to totally fill her, she was very aware of her ass being empty. She wanted dick everywhere! In every way that she could have it!Cum spewed in her mouth and on her body, covering her tits and filling her pussy. She was turned over again and made to kneel with her thighs wide apart. Two dwarves came at her, one from the front and one from behind… Kristen moaned as they pushed into her pussy and ass, double penetrating her as she knelt between them.Her hands were on the dwarf’s shoulders that was fucking her needy pussy, his face was right at her chest and he started biting and sucking on her nipples, his beard scratching her breasts. It felt incredibly hot, having two dicks push into her at once, filling her pussy and ass at the same time. She could feel them sliding against each other, and her hands gripped the dwarf’s shoulders tightly as she came between them.As soon as they came and pulled out, avcılar escort they were replaced by two more dwarfs.The little men were quite inventive in finding ways to pleasure her and themselves… Kristen felt hopelessly lost as her orgasms only made her crave more from them, she felt like she was losing herself as she begged them to fuck her, anywhere… Finding a tree stump that was just the right distance from a tree, the little men had her put her hands on the tree and brace herself while they climbed up on the stump and took turns fucking her pussy or her ass. Then one of them started spanking her as he fucked her and it started a trend. Kristen moaned and writhed, until finally her knees collapsed from all the pleasure.Then they bent her over the tree stump. It was just the right distance for her head to hang over one side while her slimy cum covered pussy and ass were on the other. The ones who weren’t fucking her watched as she took it in the mouth, her pussy, her anus, begging for more whenever her mouth was empty. They laughed at her, calling her a slut, pleasuring themselves in her body until she felt so sore… but she still couldn’t stop asking for more.”Maybe we should take her home with us,” one of them cackled, “I don’t know if I’d ever go back to work again!”Another shrugged, “I don’t think Snow White would like that much.””That prude,” the first snorted, “She’s hotter than this one, but it’s not like we’ll ever get a piece of it.””Well then just be happy we found this slut,” another commented, as he watched Kristen sucking and fucking, a whore-ish pig on a cock stick, “It’s not like we have to let her wait for Prince Charming.”All of them laughed.Kristen knew that they were mocking her, but it didn’t matter to her in the slightest as long as they kept fucking her. She was so tired now that her pleas were more like soft moaning, she couldn’t even buck back against their thrusts, and when they spanked her – even though her ass was şirinevler escort bright red and sore – she couldn’t do more than whimper.Finally, she knew that if she could just have one more orgasm, she’d be able to cum.”Please,” she whispered, her voice husky from begging, “Please, just one more.”The dwarf that had called her a slut and Snow White a prude, he’d also been the dwarf to first shove his dick in her mouth (Privately she equated him with the Disney Dwarf Grumpy), stepped up to her, fisting his dick. He was the only one who still seemed interested in her cum coated body, “Guess it’s up to me slut.”Pushing roughly into her pussy he sneered, “Too loose” and then shoved into her swollen asshole. Kristen moaned in slight protest, her poor ass which had been totally virginal yesterday before meeting Jack, had now taken almost as much cock as her pussy. It was almost swollen shut, which just made it more pleasurable for the dwarf. Her orgasm built and built… ‘Thank God…’ she thought, ‘One last one and I’ll be satisfied…’The dwarf thrust roughly, spanking her ass some more, and she writhed in discomfort and pleasure as her ecstacy grew. As soon as he began to cream in her ass, Kristen shrieked in mind-blowing pleasure, her ass tightening down even more on the dwarf’s swollen cock. The other dwarves watched as the buxom beauty garnered pleasure from being sodomized, enjoying the show.They left her there, satisfied with a good, if unusual, days work. Exhausted, Kristen fell asleep right there on the stump. When she woke up, she stumbled through the forest, trying to find her way back out. Instead she found a stream… sighing, she climbed in and washed herself, the cool water soothing her inflamed flesh. Sadly, she saw that her former outfit was little more than a corset, framing and plumping up her breasts, and not covering her pussy and ass anymore. The dwarves’ afternoon of gang-banging her had torn the skirt to bits.Looking back on the encounter, Kristen found her disgust quotient a little… low. She couldn’t even muster up very much horror that she was almost looking forward to her next encounter. The old witch’s fairy tales were turning her into a true slut.Moving onward through the forest, Kristen eventually stumbled across a path. She decided to follow it, wondering what story she might run across next.

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