Family and Friends Ch. 04


As daylight dawned the day following Gabi and Lenore night of hit sex, I was loading my jeep with art supplies. I had wanted to do a landscape of the shrimp boats since Gabi and I moved to Key West.

It was a perfect day with a cloudless sky and daylight until 9 PM.

I saw Scott and Crystal strolling arm and arm toward our house. Scott, smiling ear to ear greeted me with a man hug and a handshake. Crystal hugged and kissed me warmly. They asked for a moment of my time. I was curious and invited them inside.

“I need to talk to Monique,” Scott asked.

“I think she is by the pool.” I replied.

I asked Crystal what was going on. She smiled and asked me to bide my time and ask Gabi to join us. Gabi was awake but resting obviously tired from the long night with Lenore. She slipped into slippers and a robe and followed me to the living room, greeting Crystal with a hug and kiss

Monique and Scott returned. Both seemed very happy.

“We have an announcement,” Scott started. “I have asked for Crystal’s hand in marriage and she has accepted.”

“I never expected to find the perfect man.” Crystal beamed.

“We just clicked.”

“In and out of bed,” Scott joked.

“Oh, you nasty boy,” Crystal shot back.

Seeing them side by side, they are an imposing pair. Scott is 6″4″. Crystal is 6′ even. Scott is a muscular 195 lbs. Crystal is a well-proportioned 145.

Monique whispered in my ear, “Crystal has one inch more cock than Scott.”

Crystal overheard Monique and laughed. “What’s an inch between friends?” she asked.

After hugs and kisses all around, Crystal invited us to a pool party Friday night, “We are on our way to tell Ingrid and Lenore;

Gabi asked about Charles. “He has wanted to move to Ft, Lauderdale for a while now. I will never forget his loyalty and care. We always wanted happiness for each other. I know he will do fine in the growing gay community there.”


Gabi and Monique agreed to help Crystal with the party preparations and shopped most of the afternoon for all the necessities.

I picked up Lenore and Ingrid. They wore cover up dresses hiding their bikinis for now. I looked forward to seeing their beautiful bikini clad bodies. We arrived with the small party well underway.

Gabi and Scott were dancing. Gabi held Scott very close, rubbed her bikini-clad breasts hard against his muscular chest, and pushed her pussy against his rising cock.

Ingrid and Lenore shed their cover ups. They both wore very skimpy bikinis. Lenore’s barely contained her awesome 40-inch breasts. “My goodness they are a perfect pair.” I thought, appraising them with the eyes of an artist. As they joined the two couples dancing very close to each other,

Monique held Crystal in her arms as they swayed to slow music.

Crystal’s prominent bulge pushed at Monique’s bikini clad pussy.

I wandered to the pool area and was surprised to see Fran and Sam hugging and swaying to the music.

Sam shook my hand and Fran hugged me.

“What a nice surprise to see you two!” I told them.

“We were in Santo Domingo when we heard about Scott and Crystal,” Fran explained, “We arrived here yesterday and called Crystal to congratulate her and arrange a visit. She invited us to the party and here we are.”

We wandered back to the living room. I focused on Monique and Crystal.

“There are some nice lounge chairs by the pool,” Fran hinted to Sam. Fran shed her bikini on the way. Sam is one lucky man. I thought and corrected myself by adding, “At least lately.”

Monique smashed her 38-inch tits into Crystal’s slightly larger 39-inch boobs. They rocked side to side roughly causing their tops to slip off. Crystal turned Monique around, moved close and cupped her tits. Monique reached back and grabbed Crystal’s ass. Her hardening cock slipped from her string bikini and rose between elmadağ escort Monique’s legs. My daughter’s pussy nectar flowed covering all of her monster rod.

They motioned for me to follow them to Crystal’s bed. On they way I noticed my wife fucking Scott on the living room sofa and Lenore and Ingrid heading for the guest bedroom.

Crystal and Monique stood nude before my wondering eyes and hardening cock. They removed my shorts and swimsuit. They roamed their hands all over my body. If Crystal was not kissing me, Monique was. They treated me like prime meat and I loved the attention.

My rock hard cock oozed pre-cum and Monique and Crystal took turns sucking me off. Monique wanted a good fuck and had Crystal lay on the bed. She slowly sat down on Crystal’s 10-inch monster and launched into her special fuck technique of rising a little then back down rising a little more each time.

She drove Crystal crazy. Her cock throbbed in pre-orgasmic ecstasy. Her breathing came in short labored pants.

“OOOOOOOHHHHHH! MY GOD!” she bellowed as she filled Monique’s pussy to overflowing with hot creamy cum. Monique slowly lifted her body. Cum poured from her pussy. It covered Crystal’s cock and balls. I cleaned the cum from Crystal’s body. Monique sat on her face. Crystal eagerly retrieved her own cum.

Crystal starred at my hard cock laid back on the bed.

“Fuck me!” she ordered. She kneeled on the bed, started eating Monique and thrust her ass in my face. I plowed my tongue into her asshole and lathered it with my saliva. Her hole opened slowly. My prodding cock slipped easily into her rectum. It was warm. A musty odor of old cum and waste escaped her ass. It blended with the powerful scent of fresh cum and pussy juice.

It fueled the fire of our mind numbing eroticism.

I pushed into Crystal’s bowels slowly at first then rammed it to the hilt. Crystal pushed her face onto Monique’s cunt covering it with her sweet nectar. I recognized from pas experience as my daughter’s mind drifted to another world drowning in pools of cum and pussy juice. She held Crystal’s head firmly to her pussy. Crystal forcefully moved away and jammed three fingers into Monique’s vaginal opening.

I developed a nice rhythm plowing Crystal’s ass. My balls slapped her’s and I moved down to jack her cock. She turned to her back with Monique still on her face.

“Now suck it you nasty cum whore!” she ordered,

I eagerly took the monster into my mouth. Only 7 inches cleared my throat.

Monique, aroused by Crystal eating her out, came quickly and watched me suck the cock I loved. I badly wanted to take in Crystal’s entire log but paused to clean my daughter’s pussy.

“Fuck your father!” she ordered Monique and moved my head to the edge of the bed allowing me to comfortably deep throat her log.

Monique sat on my cock and performed her magic. I never tired of her pussy milking my hard cock. I unloaded for the second time and watched Crystal clean my daughter’s pussy. My drained cock went limp. I thought I was done for the night and concentrated on Crystal. It never ceased to amaze me that such a beautiful woman had such a large cock.

She fucked my face with a slow continual rhythm burying deep with each stroke. She paused allowing me to lick her bulbous head then plunged deep. Her prominent veins felt incredible rolling across my sensitive tongue. I loved the monster and eagerly awaited her orgasm, knowing her amazing recuperative power would give me several more loads of her delicious cum.

I heard her breathing hard. Her cock stiffened and unloaded in my mouth. I held as much as I could, savoring the taste and creamy texture. Her final spurt covered my face. After Monique cleaned my face, I accepted and swallowed another mouth full pouring from by daughter’s mouth..

Crystal’s still hard cock entered my mouth again. The only thought in my mind esenyurt escort was the ecstasy of her cock plunging in and out of my throat.

I suddenly felt soft lips on my limp cock sucking it to full erection. It could not be Monique. She was setting near my face urging Crystal onward. It could not be Gabi. She was busy with Scott. It had to be Fran.

Of all the blowjobs in my life, none compared to the hot, sexy red head. She has a way of sucking in her cheeks and lips to cover every inch of my cock as she bobbed up and down. She started slow and gradually increased her speed to a blur.

Experience taught her to recognize the signs of a pending orgasm and she stopped holding my cock saying, “Not yet baby. I’m a long way for finishing you off.”

It turned into the most memorable blowjob of my life and lasted over an hour. In that time Crystal delivered two more loads and settled back to watch the remarkable cocksucker, Fran.

When I finally blew, a long spurt flew into her mouth and down her throat. She held my throbbing head in her mouth and licked the head until my cock finally softened.

I finally regained my composure and viewed a remarkable site. Crystal was giving Sam a blowjob while my daughter road his face.

Fran and I left the room.

Scott and my wife sat side my side on the sofa, their hot session finished.

“Congratulations on your pending marriage, Scott.” Fran spoke. Looking at his semi-erect cock she joked: ‘You two are compatible in more ways than one.”

“If anyone knew both cocks it is Fran.” I thought,

“I agree with your assessment.” Gabi said.

Indeed, I soon learned that Scott’s 9-inch cock is every bit as impressive as Crystal’s 10-inch monster.

Scott blushed and became excited. His cock began to grow harder/

Gabi had a strange look of lust on her face.

“Honey, Fran and I have had Scott’s cock and love the taste of his cum. You really should try it. I promise it is richer and creamier than Crystal.”

Scott smiled his approval. I could never refuse my wife anything she desired and admitted that sucking a real man’s cock had a certain appeal, especially the 20 year old, 195 lb stud with a cock comparable to Crystal.

Gabi moved away and Scott spread his hot body on the sofa. I moved to my knees beside his hot body. I held his head and kissed the first man in my life. He responded by opening his mouth and thrusting his tongue over mine and frantically mauling my lips.

It was excitingly man on man rough, completely different from the tender kisses from the women in my life. I felt for his cock and held the semi-erect lance as it became rock hard. He was ready but I planned to prolong his pleasure. I licked up and down his rippled chest and stomach and felt his cock twitch repeatedly as my I speeded up the licking. When I licked his balls, I detected the unmistaken taste of my wife’s pussy juice and gave her a knowing smile.

She and Fran thrust their hands in each other’s cunt, moaned and watched with eager anticipation. I held Scott’s cock at the base and licked up and down his shaft then took the head in my mouth and swirled my tongue hard and quickly.

A pool of pre-cum poured from his pee hole and I lapped it up. As Gabi promised, it was very creamy and delicious. I savored in for a moment and intensely craved for more. I swirled it around until my mouth filled with a cum and saliva lubricating mixture.

Scott’s cock slid easily down my throat. His veins are more prominent than Crystal’s. The sensational feeling rolling over my tongue and lips heightened my desire and I moved very slowly up and down as my cock turned so hard it hurt.

Fran never ignores a hard on and lay between my legs taking my cock in her mouth. Crystal turned hot and rammed her cock down Scott’s throat.

Ingrid and Lenore came into the living room and joined the building Daisy etiler anal yapan escort Chain. Crystal and Fran helped Scott and me to floor. Fran sucked my cock as I sucked Scott. Sam saw Crystal’s huge cock in Scott’s mouth and her waiting lips. He moved in and Crystal took him deep.

Sam saw Monique and motioned her to his face, and lapped her sweet pussy. Fran had a satisfied look on her face seeing her husband enjoying Crystal’s blowjob and Monique’s pussy in his face. Ingrid fed Monique her pussy. She in turn plowed into Gabi’s cunt. Lenore completed the chain eating Fran and feeding her pussy to Gabi.

As a muti-orgasmic wave swept thru the room, screams and moans filtered outside and awoke a nearby neighbor. Fearing the worst she alerted the police. Tony, new to the force had a good idea what was going on at Crystal’s house and took the call.

He knocked on the door and Monique peeked thru the curtains of a window nest to the door. We all breathed a sigh of relive when she identified the cop as her friend Tony,

Monique, then a high school 15-year-old freshman had a mad crush for the 18-year-old Senior Tony. It was a difficult time. She longed for Tony in the worst way but honored Gabi and my request to refrain from sex until she turned 18. Tony loved and respected Monique and they only engaged in kissing ad heavy petting.

Like many young men in town, he lost his virginity to Fran.

They lost contact when Monique left for college and Tony joined the Army Reserve as an MP. After two years in Iraq, he applied to the police force. His experience led to his quick hire and he was in his rookie year. He had blossomed from a good looking but skinny kid to a 22-year-old muscled young man.

Monique, blown over again, hugged and kissed Tony. “I have missed you so much,” she professed. “I am so sorry we lost contact. My goodness! Look at you now. You are better looking then ever.” she added feeling his muscled arms and chest.

Tony hugged Monique in return and told Monique how happy he was to see her again. “You have grown into a beautiful woman. I hope we can take off from where we left off in high school,” he fondly told Monique. “You have been on my mind constantly. I never stopped loving you.”

“I would love to start again,” Monique replied. “I still love you very much. Come join the party.”

He was somewhat embarrassed as Monique introduced everyone.

“Nice to see, I mean meet you,” he said to Crystal, Sam and Scott.

To Fran he said, “You are looking good as ever Fran. I heard about you and Sam. I am very happy for you both.”

He kissed Ingrid and Lenore on the cheek. “You are a lovely couple. Nice to see you again.”

We warmly hugged and kissed Gabi on the cheek. “It has been a long time, Gabi.”

“Yes is has. I am so happy for you and Monique to reconnect. I have seldom seen her happier than she is right now.”

“Thank you so much Gabi. I never stopped loving her.”

Shaking my hand warmly, Tony looked me straight in the eye. “Some day, Sir, I will ask for your blessing of my marriage to Monique,”

“If she is happy with you, I will be honored to accept you into our family,” I promised.

“It would seem you have a lot of catching up to do,” Gabi added.

Seeing all the nude bodies, Tony was aroused and did not want to wait to do as Gabi hinted. He called his commander on his squawk box. “I found the source of the complaint. I can handle it. No need for backup.”

“Do what you feel best and take the rest of the night off.” we heard the duty officer command.

“Yes sir.” Tony replied a little too excited and found Monique. She did not want to wait and escorted Tony to a bedroom. It proved to be match made in heaven.

Of course, Monique gradually introduced him into her world of bisexuality and incest. He readily took to Gabi and Crystal and grew very fond and respectful of Lenore and Ingrid. He loved seeing Monique and Gabi make love to each other and the beautiful lesbians.

As they privately made love for the first time, the rest of us headed to the pool to cool off and remove the sweat and other stains from our bodies.

“You all really know how to throw a party,” Sam happily exclaimed.


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