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Subject: Family Workout Days Family Workout Days by Xavier L This is a fictional story containing sex between a father and his preteen son. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if this theme turns you off, you shouldn’t continue reading. If you are interested in my other stories, you can find them listed in the Authors section under XavierL at https://www.//eprolific.htmlxavierl or str/files/Authors/XavierL/ . If you have ideas or fantasies you’d like to see turned into stories, feel free to email me. Don’t send me too many details, though. Please email me with if you’d like to be notified when there are new stories or updates to existing ones at ail. Make sure to tell me which list(s) you would like to be included on (gay and/or str8/bi). You can also follow me on Twitter: @XavierStories2 My Dad and I have always been really close. We do a lot together, and he teaches me a lot of things. He’s really into sports, and I’ve admired his muscles whenever he’s shirtless, or when he wears shorts and you can see his big thighs and calves. When he’s had friends over for pool parties and stuff, I’ve also noticed the bulge in his trunks seems bigger than the other guys. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve wondered about this even more. I’m not sure why. I’m 10, and people say kids aren’t supposed to be interested in sexual stuff until they’re older. I guess I’m just curious. He often works from home which I really like during school breaks since that means we can have lunch together and do stuff. I’ve wanted to go with him to the gym, but they won’t let people my age into the areas with weights and machines which sucks. So I was really excited when he told me their gym has started family workout days once a week. I still won’t be able to use some stuff, but at least I’ll get to work out with him. During the first time I went with him, it was really fun. We worked up quite a sweat. He decided it would be better for us to use the family locker room so we had our own bathroom/shower space. As we got undressed to take a shower, I was surprised to see just how big his . . . thing is. It was hard to not stare at it. “Should we jump in together and save some water?” I heard him ask. It took me a few seconds to refocus and figure out what he had asked. “Umm, sure,” I said. “You OK?” “Yeah. Just . . . got distracted.” We got in the shower together which was big enough for two people since it’s designed for people needing a wheelchair. Again I had to fight not to stare at his groin. I noticed he has big balls, too. And there was lots of black hair in this area. I knew from school these are called pubes. As we got dressed, I was almost sad to no longer be able to check him out. What is wrong with me? As the next week went on, I had a hard time not thinking about what his penis would look like when it’s hard. I’ve seen him and Mom having sex a couple of times, but I didn’t get much of a view. At our next shower I took in as much as I could and tried to memorize what he looked like naked. Finally, by the third week I felt brave enough to try something. I just knew if I didn’t, I wasn’t ever going to be able to stop thinking about it. After our next workout session’s shower, as we were sitting on the bench to get dressed, I swallowed hard and asked: “Dad, can I, can I check out your muscles?” He was rubbing the towel over his legs when he said “Sure, sport!” He sat there as I looked at his big chest. I slowly moved my hand to his chest and ran my fingers over his nipple and the lines created by his muscles. When I got down to his belly, I asked about the hair he has going from his belly button down to his crotch. “That’s my treasure trail.” “Why is it called that?” I asked as I began playing with the small hairs. “Well, you’ll probably understand that when you’re older.” “Is it because it goes down to your d�penis?” “Yep,” he replied. I moved my hands to his thighs so I could look at his dick longer. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. Finally I quickly moved my hand to his thing. I held it in my palm while I used my other fingers to feel it. “Benny, what are you doing?” I couldn’t even look at his face. “I’m, I’m curious.” “Well, you should probably stop because you’re making me hard.” I took another swallow. “I’m curious about that, too.” “It isn’t nice to get someone’s dick hard unless you’re going to . . . help them out.” One of the things I saw Mommy do was suck on him, and he’s talked with her about wanting her to do that more. “Okay,” I said. Before he could do anything I quickly leaned down and took him into my mouth. “Ben!” he said surprised. His dick grew quickly in my mouth, and I kept going. “Shouldn’t. Be. Doing. This.” he said as he ran his hand up and down my bare back while I started moving my mouth up and down like Mommy had. It almost felt electric to feel him touching my skin. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to get all of his thick meat into my mouth, but I wanted as much of it in there as I could. I don’t know why it felt so good to be sucking him, but I knew I wanted more. As I continued working on his dick, his hand rubbed my butt and the back of my legs. At one point, I could feel his fingers take hold of my wood, and he slowly stroked me. This made me force more of his rod down my throat. I felt his other hand on the back of my head, and it was like he set me on fire. I started going up and down istanbul travesti faster eager to please him. “Oh Benny,” he breathed. I looked up and his eyes were closed, and he was biting on his lower lip. I kept going and trying to take more of his dick, but going deeper usually made me cough. I could hear his breathing getting faster, and I decided I would speed up as well. I felt his fingers gripping my head more firmly so I figured this was a good thing. He started moaning softly, and soon both of his hands were on the back of my head. I loved making him feel so good! Suddenly there was something gushing into my throat. It made me cough, and I tried to move my head. His hands held me in place, though, so I started swallowing. I could feel his dick twitching in my mouth as this salty stuff flooded me. When he finally released my head, I dropped his dick out of my mouth. I could see white stuff going down the shaft and on his balls. I figured that was the salty stuff, so I licked at the gob on his sac. “Suck my balls while you’re down there.” I took his big, hairy nuts into my mouth and lightly sucked the goop from them. When I couldn’t taste anymore, I liked the remaining stuff from his dick and sucked the tip which had some as well. Once I sat up, I looked up at him to make sure everything was okay. He smiled at me and used his fingers to mess up my hair. “Did I, did I do a good job?” “That was. . . fucking amazing, Benny.” He toweled off his crotch and started getting dressed. In the car he was a bit quiet as he drove. I was getting nervous. “You probably already know this, but it’s important we don’t tell anyone what happened in the locker room.” “Yes, Daddy.” He smiled and did that thing with my hair again, and I felt like everything was all right. The next week felt really long. I wanted to do it again, but I wasn’t sure he would let me at the house. Not like we just sit around naked. When the next family day came, I wasn’t sure he’d even invite me. When I asked if we were working out together again he didn’t even hesitate to say yes, and I was relieved. During the gym time, I had even harder time not staring at his bulge now that I knew what was in those shorts. I was glad I had a long shirt on because I kept getting a hard-on, too. Once we were in the shower, I couldn’t resist and took his dick into my hand again. “Benny,” he said with that tone of voice that was like saying not again. I put it in my mouth and began sucking. After he finished rinsing the shampoo out of his hair, he looked down at me. I got nervous when I saw his hand moving toward my face. I thought he was going to stop me, but instead he slid his fingertips over my jaw and cheek. “I know this is wrong, but I’m gonna say your lips sure do look good wrapped around my cock.” I relaxed and started sucking on him harder to get his dick growing faster. As soon as he was rock hard, I saw him push down the wooden chair thing in the shower. “Have a seat on this,” he said. I let go of his cock and sat down. He moved to stand right in front of me, and I opened my mouth. He slowly slid his stiff meat into my mouth. I kept my eyes locked on his brown eyes as he fed me his dick. Once a good amount was in, he started moving his hips back and forth slowly. “So is this going to become our new workout tradition? You sucking my cock after we’re done.” I nodded my head. He pushed his dick in further which made me gag a bit. “I know I’m not supposed to enjoy having sex with a kid, much less my own son, but fuck your mouth feels so damn good.” I put my hands on the back of his muscular legs and forced myself to go down on him more. I fought the gag as I looked up at him. His head went backward, and he gripped my head with one of his big hands. “Yes! Work that cock!” He began pumping a bit faster. I slid my hands up and held onto his butt to help me feel more steady as he began humping my face. His balls were bouncing back and forth as he guided his dick in my mouth. At one point he slowed down again and wasn’t going as deep. I had a hard time not just trying to cram it down my throat. I wanted all of him inside me, but I couldn’t. He picked up speed again and at one point was going so fast he had to hold onto my head to keep from banging it against the shower wall with his thrusts. Sometimes he seemed to be ignoring my gagging and coughing and would just keep humping my throat. Just when I thought I might not be able to take it much longer, he would slow down and go easy for a while. As I got more used to it, I got to the point where I would just try to relax when he was speeding up again so I could get more of his meat inside me. I wanted him badly! When his movements were more urgent, I got ready to feel that white stuff flooding my mouth again. When he finally shot his load, I swallowed quickly so I could get all of it. Once the twitching slowed down, he pulled out of my mouth. I wasn’t done, though, so I leaned forward and kept sucking on him. He let me for a bit before pulling away and telling me his dick was too sensitive for me to keep milking him. He rested against the wall next to me, and I leaned over to suck on his balls. He lightly held onto my head while I did that for a bit. I let him go when he reached forward to turn off the shower. “You are fucking amazing, son. Just amazing.” With the next workout things changed a bit. After our exercising, I was sitting kadıköy travesti down on the bench to take off my socks. He came and stood right in front of me. I looked up, and I could see his shorts were sticking out. He took hold of my head and pulled it to him so that my face was rubbing against his hard-on. “This time why don’t you see how salty my sweaty balls taste. Go on.” It took me a bit to realize he wanted me to pull down his shorts. When I pulled them down along with his boxer briefs, his thick, hard cock sprang out. I moved forward and started sucking on his sac. “That does taste good!” I said. He took hold of his hard meat and bounced it against my face a couple of times. I opened my mouth and went down on him as he stepped out of his clothing. As I began sucking him, he pulled his shirt off, and I could see him pinching his nipples as my mouth moved back and forth. “Yeah, you love your father’s cock, don’t you?” I nodded my head. “I saved you a nice load, too.” I wasn’t entirely sure what that meant but didn’t care. I was just happy he was letting me do this and that he liked it so much. “I fucking love watching my dick disappear into your mouth. Goddamn!” he said as he gripped the back of my head. It didn’t take long before he was thrusting his fat meat deeper into my throat. I was able to take this a bit better but still wasn’t close to swallowing all of him. Once again I took hold of his butt cheeks to help me. “Yes! Suck your daddy’s cock!” He began driving it in harder which made me gag more to the point where I could feel tears rolling down my cheeks, but I just held onto him while he used my throat. When he finally slowed down, I took deep breaths and wiped my face. “You know when you swallow my cum, you’re swallowing the same stuff that made you? Makes it so much hotter.” Both of his hands took hold of my head. I could feel his fingers interlace. “Take a couple of deep breaths and hold it.” I did what he said, and suddenly he shoved most of his fat cock into my throat. I put my hands on his thighs to try to push him back a bit, but he wasn’t having any of it so I forced myself to relax. “You just need to learn how to breathe when my cock is moving backward and hold it when I’m sticking it in.” He went back to shoving it deep into my throat. I had to relax so I could stretch my mouth even wider so he couldn’t feel my teeth scraping his meat. He gave me a break after a few pumps. He stood still and let me work on my own in between the times he was shoving it down my throat. When he finally blew, I discovered what he had meant. It seemed like he was shooting a lot more of his cum into my mouth. After a couple of swallows, he told me to try to keep it in my mouth. As the twitching slowed down, he pulled his dick out and told me to open my mouth so he could see. Then he had me swallow and open my mouth again before sliding his hard-on past my lips again. This time he didn’t go deep, though. He just wanted me to “milk me dry.” As we walked into the shower, he kept telling me what a great cocksucker I was becoming and how much he appreciated our special time together. With the water running, he stood behind me and rubbed his hands up and down the front of my body. He took hold of my hard dick and stroked me until I was moaning loudly and I was having problems standing. During the week, I was really craving his cock. A chance finally came a few nights later when we were in the rec room watching a movie, and Mom decided to go take a nice long bath. As soon as she was upstairs and I could hear the water running from their bathroom, I began rubbing Dad’s bulge in his shorts. “You hungry for your daddy’s cock, Benny?” he said while playing with my hair. “Yes, I want it!” He smiled and shoved his shorts and underwear down. “Well, you go right ahead my little cocksucker.” I didn’t waste any time putting his meat in my mouth. He pulled my shirt up so he could feel my skin before just removing it. “We’ll take this one nice and slow this time,” he said. As he rubbed my back, I really wanted him touching my ass so I shoved my shorts and briefs down. “You want some ass play, baby boy?” I nodded my head as I continued sucking him. I shivered as I felt his big hand slowly rubbing my butt cheeks. “Daddy?” “Yeah, bud?” “Will you, will you put it, put it in my . . . my butt?” He looked surprised. “Ben, that’s probably gonna hurt.” He moved a finger to my hole and started rubbing it. “You’re pretty tight for a cock.” “I don’t care. I want it.” He sucked on a middle finger before I felt him touching my hole again. Then he pushed his finger into me. I moaned with his dick in my mouth. “We don’t have enough time for that right now. I’m going to need time to really loosen you up, and you’re probably not going to be too quiet once I start sliding in The General.” “Please, Daddy?” His finger was moving back and forth slowly. While I slobbered on his meat. “Can’t happen tonight, but next time we’re able to be alone for a while you tell me if you’re still interested, and I’ll make it happen.” “Next workout?” I suggested. “Nah man. Like I said, it’s going to take a while. Damn you’re tight.” It was fun getting to take my time sucking on him while he fingered my butthole. I got to spend some time working his nuts and also sucking on his nipples. The next couple of weeks went by pretty much as usual. Every time we finished exercising bakırköy travesti and were in the locker room his dick was hard before his shorts came off. One morning, though, he did come into my room and woke me up. Mom had left early to go to Costco, and he said he needed a blowjob. When I said yes, he undid his robe and revealed he was naked. At one point he lied on my bed. While I got into position to continue blowing him, he pulled off my pajama bottoms and fingered my hole. “Now, Daddy?” “I wish, but I think we’ll need more time. I don’t want to get interrupted if we’re doing it.” After I had worked his dick for a while, he said: “I hope you never get tired of sucking your old man’s cock.” “I won’t!” I reassured him as I finished him off. After I swallowed all of his cum, I lay there with my head on his lap while he continued relaxing my hole. I was sad to put my clothes back on once we could hear the water draining from their bathtub. When we got home from our next family day at the gym, Mom told Dad that one of his clients called and wanted to know if he could be on site for a few days. That meant travel. “Can I go?” I asked excitedly. “That could be a fun trip for you two,” Mom replied. I couldn’t tell if Dad was pretending to think about it or if he was really not sure. When he finally said yes, I had to keep from hugging him in excitement because I worried if that would seem too weird for Mom. The day before our trip, he woke me up early, and I gave him a nice, long blowjob. He taught me about edging and had me take my time while he worked his fingers inside my butthole. I wanted to suck on him while we were on the plane but knew I couldn’t. Once we got into our hotel room, I quickly stripped out of my clothes. When he came out of the bathroom, I was already naked and waiting on the bed. “Someone’s eager,” he said. As he slowly unbuttoned his shirt, I came over and undid his belt. He let me take his clothes off him. “You know this is probably going to hurt.” “I know, Daddy. I’m ready for it.” He smiled and turned on some music before making sure the door was locked well. When he came back to the bed, he took my hand and squirted some clear liquid into my palm. “Rub this up and down my cock.” Once I was done, he told me to get on my side facing away from him. “I read this is supposed to help make it easier,” he said as he got onto the bed. I felt his fingers rubbing that same stuff on my hole, and his fingers slipped in easily. As he got into position behind me, he said: “Okay, Benny. Last chance to say no. You’re so tight I’m not sure I can stop if you don’t want to continue.” “I want this, Daddy.” “This feels so wrong, but I’m also kind of excited.” Then I felt him enter me. When the tip slipped in I wanted to yell for him to just shove it all in. He slowly moved more in, and I started breathing hard. He slowly fed me his meat. He’d push in a little, wait, then push in more. “Oh, Daddy!” I soon found I wanted more of him inside me, and I started pushing my butt backward. “Yeah, Ben. Take that fucking cock, son.” He started pushing it in faster. As more of his dick slid into me, I started to feel some of the pain he had warned me about. It wasn’t too bad, though. I wondered how long it would be before he pushed it all the way. “Oh my gawd, Benny. Your ass feels so fucking good.” “I want your cock, Daddy. All the way!” I felt his open hand press right above my dick, and his cock plunged forward. I moaned out loudly as I felt his body pressed against my back. I reached back with my hand, and I could feel his pubes touching my butt. “You took every inch of my cock you amazing boy.” He started moving back and forth just a bit. I was biting my lower lip because of the mix of pain and fucking feeling incredible. Soon my hole relaxed enough he could move faster. “It. Feels. So. Good.” He had one arm beneath my head, and the other rubbed up and down my body as he humped me. “We definitely need to add this to our new tradition.” “Yes, Daddy.” “I’m gonna need your ass often. Can’t believe I’m fucking my little boy.” Soon he guided me onto my tummy. As soon as he was on top of me, he started moving faster. I could feel him biting and sucking on my shoulder as his cock slid back and forth inside me. “Would you . . . would you kiss me, Daddy?” He moved his lips to the side of my neck, and he gently sucked on my skin before kissing me on the cheek. As soon as his lips touched mine, I felt his tongue slide into my mouth. I opened my mouth wide to show him how eager I was, and he kissed me sloppily while he continued fucking me. “I love you so much my special little man,” he said. “I love you so much, Daddy!” I said kissing him back. His pumping became more urgent, and our kissing picked up speed as well. A few moments later his body froze, but I could feel his dick moving like it does when he cums. “Holy. Fucking. Hell.” he said as his cock kept unloading in my ass. When his dick slowed down, he pulled out and collapsed next to me. He pulled me over so we could cuddle. “That was absolutely fucking amazing, Benny.” He kissed me on the forehead. I sucked on his neck like he had mine for a bit before moving my lips to his, and we gently tongue kissed. I slowly stroked his stiff meat. “You hoping to wear my cock out this trip?” “I want lots of it!” He smiled before kissing me again. “I’m the luckiest fucking dad in the world. Now roll over. I want to fuck you once more before dinner.” He entered me again, and as he slid his fat cock into me, he said: “And at bedtime we’re gonna do it long and slow, little man.” “Yes, Daddy,” I breathed as his swollen meat began filling me up again.

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