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Being a firm believer in fate, destiny and the powers that be, a recent experience of mine came as absolutely no surprise. For weeks my dreams were being invaded by a tall, charismatic stranger with light, wind blown hair. Who knows better than I that an experience such as this cannot be forced? It must be allowed to evolve naturally, and so it did.

Eventually I simply had to close my eyes and he would be there, waiting for me. He almost seemed to develop phantom like qualities in my fantasies. His eyes, his hair, his bone structure, all stunningly clear to me, but alas – I could bring no other qualities into focus.

I was growing somewhat bored with my social life at the time and I was craving excitement. This, of course, manifested itself in my thoughts and my dreams. I felt that it was time for me to spice up my life somehow, and do something just a little out of character.

I devoted much time to reminiscing old adventures I had participated in during my wilder years, as this mysterious stranger continued to flash before my eyes and gain control of my thoughts. I contemplated many things that I had always wanted to do, but never quite got around to doing. Being rather sensual in nature, and quite in touch with my body, I had often entertained the idea of having a tattoo of some kind. Something that would express my personality and actually communicate some part of myself to the remainder of the world – the true meaning of which would be known only to me.

I was actually quite excited by the entire notion and decided that was what I was going to do. I set about thumbing through the yellow pages to find just the right parlor to visit. There was really no need for this however, as I already knew where I was going to go. There was only one in my area that I knew of, and for some unknown reason, I had always felt compelled to gaze upon it each time I passed by. I wondered what it was about that one in particular I found so fascinating. What lay in store for me behind those doors?

Being rather naïve in matters such as these, I decided to call and make an appointment. I located the number and proceeded to do just that. A very distinctive male voice answered. My heart skipped a beat and my pulse quickened. It was him. I could feel it. In the very depths of my soul I knew it was him. Somehow I managed to reserve an appointment as images of this man and his immediate surroundings flashed before my mind’s eye. Again, those eyes, that etiler bdsm escort hair, even the counter that he sat beside and the curtains beside him. I could visualize everything. I would carry through with my plans that very week. I grew increasingly anxious with each passing day.

Eventually the fated day arrived. There would be no turning back for me now. Finding myself standing before those mysterious doors later that evening, I struggled to maintain my composure. Taking a deep breath I entered and proceeded to descend the spiraling staircase. It was all quite surreal now that I am remembering it in detail. The room itself was quite large with three smaller cubicle type rooms just off of each corner, all three of which were surrounded with curtains. Oddly enough, I had seen those curtains somewhere before…

The smell of smoke and the sound of music playing softly in the background were the first to filter through to my bombarded senses. Then there were the pictures – the pictures clinging to every available piece of wall space. I found myself drawn, of course, to one particular section of wild cats, and I stood there just gazing at them for what seemed like hours. I knew he was there. I could feel the sheer force of his presence. I could feel his eyes on my body. And yet, I was not ready to turn towards him. I wished to prolong the mystery and the intrigue for just a little while longer. The anticipation – so sweet – the realization of which would be so much sweeter.

The lights began to grow dim and the smoke surrounding me seemed to thicken, leaving me somewhat dazed and disoriented. He was making his way across the room towards me. I turned to greet him and a small gasp caught in my throat as my eyes rested upon his strong young body. A flash of recognition as I gazed into those inquisitive green eyes, but only for a moment, long enough to leave me shaken, my composure a thing of the past.

I felt myself closing the remaining gap between us, instinctively reaching for the strong lines of his jaw, pulling his parted lips down to meet mine. Our tongues entwined as we explored each and every crevice of our sensuous mouths and scorching lips. I felt the stirrings of desire spreading throughout my loins as I surrendered to my passion and pressed my aching body tightly against his. Victory had never been so sweet. I could feel him responding through the layers of our clothing.

Vaguely I remember etiler elit escort him locking the doors and leading me to a small table in the corner. Ever so slowly, as if in slow motion, we began to eliminate the restrictive barriers of our clothing. Article by article of clothing was tossed to one side. Hands moved feverishly to explore every inch of fiery flesh as it was exposed. Moist lips found their way to all those forbidden places. Upon stripping away my now very damp panties, I felt his skilled hands slowly make their way down to my thighs. Holding me in this fashion he lifted my body and placed me on the table. My breathing was now quite ragged. Every nerve ending in my body was screaming for mercy.

“Look at me,” he whispered hotly, “I want you to look at me.” Tilting my head back so that I could gaze into those intense green eyes, he began a painstakingly erotic exploration of my exposed body. Forcing me to look into those eyes only served to heighten my desire. Placing the outstretched palms of his hands against my engorged nipples, he began tracing small concentric circles ever so lightly around and around my breasts until my nipples grew puckered and taught.

Breaking away from the heat of our gaze, he bent his head to taste one, then the other with his burning lips. I heard myself whimper. My fingers entwined themselves in his tousled hair, pulling him that much closer to my writhing body. Shock waves raced from my breasts to my lower abdomen; my pelvis rocked slowly back and forth; my throbbing pussy ached to be caressed.

“Please,” I begged “Oh Please..”

Reluctantly releasing my swollen nipples from his lips, he began kissing his way down my belly, while his hands simultaneously blazed a trail of liquid fire down my sensitive rib cage to rest on my quivering buttocks. Pulling me to the very edge of the table, he shifted his hands to my inner thighs and spread my trembling legs apart.

Dropping to his knees before me, he maneuvered my legs to rest over his broad shoulders, allowing his face to gently graze the soft folds of my labia. “Oh God,” I groaned. I remember thinking that I couldn’t take much more of this teasing – an art that he had mastered quite effectively I might add.

Prying open the delicate inner lips of my pussy he slipped first one, then another of his long, tapered fingers deep inside of me and I could feel him seeking out my Gspot. My eyes squeezed shut etiler escort just as he found it, and my head fell back as I was racked with waves of intense heat and pleasure. I gripped the back of his head with my shaking hands and pulled his lips to the very center of my being. His tongue was lapping at my sweet nectar; his lips were gently sucking my throbbing clitoris; his fingers were moving swiftly inside of me.

I could feel my orgasm beginning to build. My pelvis is now bucking wildly against his hand. I am moaning, groaning in total and utter abandon. I cum for him violently. He removes his dripping fingers only to replace them with his eager tongue. Placing his hands behind my squirming hips he pulls my pussy tighter against his face so as not to miss a single drop of my flowing juices. Slowly raising himself up to stand before me once again, he smoothes back the dampened hair from my face and proceeds to plant sensuous kisses on my forehead, my eyes, my cheeks, my lips. “I want you,” I choked in a strangled whisper, “I want you now.”

Clasping our hands together we tumble to the floor. Aggressively I force him to lie on his back. Slowly inching my way up his heaving body my lips find his beckoning testicles. Hungrily I take them into my mouth, one after the other, until I can feel his hands entwining themselves in my hair, pulling me away. Reluctantly I release them and take his beautiful cock inside of my mouth. Gradually I will the muscles of my throat to relax so that I may take all of him. I can hear his soft groans as I move my slippery tongue up and down the length of his shaft.

I can stand no more of this exaggerated foreplay. Pulling my mouth away I inch my pelvis into position. Bracing my hands against his powerful chest, I lower my throbbing pussy down to meet his glistening cock head. Gripping my hips in his hands he penetrates me in one swift motion. I hear myself scream. My cunt is being stretched to the limit and I am filled to overflowing. My head whips back and I ride this beautiful man furiously. With one powerful thrust of his torso he shoots his creamy load deep inside of me. We collapse together, two exhausted bodies shiny with perspiration. My head falls to rest against his chest and his arms cradle me passionately, lovingly and protectively.

The lights seem to return to their normal level and I find myself, once again, standing before that breathtaking display of ferocious jungle cats. Turning to greet him, a small gasp catches in my throat as my eyes rest upon his strong young body. A flash of recognition as I gaze into those inquisitive eyes, but only for a moment, long enough to leave me shaken, my composure a thing of the past.

“Hi,” I whispered, “My name is Rochelle. I believe I have an appointment?”

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