fantasyI open the front door expecting an empty house. As I walk to the bottom of the stairs Ican hear soft moaning comeing from one of the bedrooms. I know that no ones supposed to be home so whos in. Hopefully the wife is having a play with her toys and I can catch her in the act, maybe she will have a play with me watching and wanking and then let me join her.I creep up the stairs hoping to catch her , when I hear a strange voice saying ” you like my fingers inside you baby”Oh my god shes got someone with her and its a woman. We have fantasized about this but never planned to make it happen.The bedroom door is open so I can see whats going onShe is laying on her back stocking clad legs in the air with a woman sat on the bed slowly caressing her inner thighs with one hand and inside her shaven pussy with the other. The wife had her eyes closed and was playing with her nipples. As I took this in I bahis siteleri could feel my cock growing in my jeans. I could hear her wet pussy squeling as the woman worked her fingers inside. “Ready for my tounge” she said. “Oh yeah lick my pussy and suck on my clit as you finger my wet hole baby” As the woman bent her head down to taste my wifes pussy she let out a gasp of pleasure and her eyes snapped open.Shit shes seen me. ” Hi baby do you like what you see?”.”Hell yeah” ” Well take a seat and enjoy the show but no touching us or yourself ok”My jaw hit the floor, no touching damm I cant even stroke my aching cock while I watch my wife have her first taste of lesbian sexLike a good boy I went and sat in the chair ” show him how a woman eats pussy baby play with my G spot try and make me squirt”.She pushed the womans head back down to her pussy and lifted her arse off the bed, my cock badly needed canlı bahis attention I just wanted to cover them both in cum as they went at eachother. The wife started to moan as her clit was licked and sucked and two fingers found her G spot.”Mmmm thats it baby suck my pussy” the woman was eating her out like her life depended on it and the wife’s body was starting to shake as she approached her first orgasm.” oh oh oh fuck im gona cum im gona squirt oh fuck here it comes hope your thirsty”She exploded in a massive orgasm and the woman drew back her head and opened her mouth to catch her squirt.” Ok time for some toys. Baby get my toy box please and remember no touching”I reached under the bed and pulled out the toy box, it had a bit of everything in, dildos, rabbits, bullets, handcuffs, rope, lube, butt plugs, speceulms and a strapon.The wife told the woman to lay down on the bed and put her hands towards güvenilir bahis the headboard she then fastened her wrists to the bed with the handcuffs and told her to part her legs. Using the rope she tied her legs wide open so the woman could not close them.”My turn to make you cum now but your going to have a multiple orgasm or two, im gona make you squirt too”She reached into the box again and pulled out some lube and a butt plug and lubed it up”Hope you like it in the arse”She slowly rubed some lube on her arse then pushed the butt plug in.” mmmmm so tight does it feel good”” oh my god yes””Looks good too from where im sitting” it looks like a look is all im gona get.The wife then droped her head and began to slowly lick the the womans pussy”Tastes good , how am I doing for my first time?””Oh fuck that feels good please dont stop”The wife then slid a finger inside the woman making her moan again, then two, then three. Slowy at first then building up a rhythm, the womans head began to lift off the bed as her orgasm started.”Im cumming im cumming oh oh oh fuuuuccccckkkkk”To be continued…………Pls comment

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