This was my secret pleasure. To be used. To be a vessel of pleasure. This was why I sought him out–to completely surrender to his control.

One night when I came home, he smiled and told me to lock the front door and go to the bedroom. Anticipating the sex to come, I felt the dampness grow between my thighs as I hurried to lock the door and hurry down the hallway of our small bungalow to the bedroom.

He entered the room right after me and as I reached to kiss him he held me back and smiled mysteriously. Just as I opened my mouth to ask him what he was up to, he told me to undress quickly, then close my eyes and hold my hands out in front of me with my wrists crossed.

I felt a tingling heat start in my already moist pussy and radiate throughout my body as I hurried to do what he asked of me. My breathing became deeper as I stood there, eyes closed with my wrists held out, and just as I was about to tell him I was ready, he laid a finger on my lips and told me to be quiet and stand still.

The feelings emanating from my wet, swollen pussy were becoming stronger and I was worried I couldn’t do as he asked, but it felt so incredibly hot to force myself to be still and quiet. In my excitement, it felt like an eternity to stand there and wait for him to make his next move.

With surprise and pleasure, I felt him tie something smooth and flat around my wrist. It felt soft like some sort of material but had a slight thickness to it. I didn’t know it, but he had been planning to surprise me with an evening like this for weeks now, just waiting for when he felt absolutely ready to take the plunge and fully dominate me.

He had moved some of his neckties to the top drawer of his night table so he would be ready for when the time was right. As he tied my wrists together with the necktie, being careful not to tie it too tight just in case it should constrict more on its own, he told me to keep my eyes shut. Next I felt moon knight izle a thrill shoot from my aching clit out throughout my body as I felt him use the same kind of material he used on my wrists to encircle my head and blindfold me. He told me I could lower my arms, but I must remain standing without a sound.

Feelings of joy and anticipation and a touch of anxiety rippled through my naked body as I stood there realizing that all of those secret desires I had been hiding were on the verge of becoming reality.

My nipples were so hard and erect they felt like they were turning to stone. My breathing was shallow and quick. My clit was so aroused and swollen I felt pulses of heat and excruciating need flow through my entire body. My passage drenched with my own juices contracted with the aching need to have his thick, engorged cock fill it entirely and ram into it so hard that it felt like he would split me in two.

Usually it took a good amount of pumping and licking from him to reach my orgasm, but standing there, blindfolded and wrists bound hearing him move about the room, I felt as though the smallest touch from him would send me into sexual ecstasy.

I could hear sounds of material rubbing against material, and I guessed he was removing his clothing or moving the sheets off the bed, or possibly both. My mind was on a roller coaster of anticipation and excitement.

Just as I began to feel a slight chill on my body, I felt him come close to me and dip his hand directly into the cleft between my thighs. My body jumped and I stifled a yelp but he leaned in close and spoke in low, whispered tones, telling me to relax.

The tension eased out of me and I moved my hips so that his hand rubbed into my wetness. He warned me that moving when he did not allow it was an offence worthy of punishment. In low silky tones he told me that punishment could be a spanking on mrs fletcher izle my round ample ass, or could be more severe with him pulling away and ceasing his attentions. He told me to nod if I understood and was willing to continue. After I eagerly nodded, he put his hands on my shoulders and told me to turn to my right until he said to stop.

Beginning to tremble from my excitement, I turned, and when he told me to stop, he also told me to lift my arms and bend over until my hands touched the bed. As I stood bent over with my pussy completely exposed I felt such a delicious sensation of vulnerability.

Imagining him doing all sorts of things with my exposed area, I was shocked when I felt one of his fingers plunge into my dripping opening. A moan escaped my parted lips as he moved his finger in and out of me roughly. He removed his finger and leaned forward bringing it to my mouth and told me to suck it like it was his own thick erect shaft. As I took his finger inside my mouth, I could feel his rock hard manhood rub against my thigh and it took all of my self control not to rub myself against it.

Taking back his finger and moving away from me, he told me to move forward and get on to my knees on the bed. Since my hands were already on the mattress this was relatively easy for me to do even though I was blindfolded and bound.

Kneeling with my elbows and forearms resting on the mattress, I cried out suddenly as he drove his engorged manhood deep within me. When he pulled out I struggled not to move back to meet him as he drove into me once more. When he pulled out again he told me curtly to lie on my back. I quickly moved to do as he bid and as soon as my head hit the bed I felt the tip of his swollen cock brush against my open mouth. I felt one of his hands rest on the top of my head as he told me to take it in.

I began to greedily suck and pull at his erection with murder in big horn izle my mouth, relishing the taste of his skin mingled with the taste of my own juices. I felt him begin to thicken and swell with mounting pleasure, then he pulled away from me entirely, leaving me wanting him all the more.

He grabbed my bound wrists and moved them over my head. Holding them there, he bent his head and sucked and bit at my right nipple. Letting go of my wrists, he brought his other hand to my left breast and squeezed it so hard I knew there would be bruises the next day.

As he bit my right nipple and gave the left nipple a rough twist with his hand, I had to bite my lip to keep from groaning with pleasure. He told me that I had been very good in following all of his instructions and my reward would be the orgasm I so desperately wanted.

Telling me to keep my bound hands resting above my head on the bed, he moved to position himself over me so that his legs were beside my blindfolded head. He then plunged his tongue into the swollen lips surrounding my throbbing clit, flicking and circling it and biting my swollen folds.

I climaxed with such force and abandon that I rocked and cried out in a level of ecstasy I had never known before. I felt a rush of moisture come out of my contracting passage as I moaned and whimpered in pleasure mixed with wonder.

Before I was even spent, he roughly grabbed my body and flipped me over and told me to get up on my knees again. I turned over with my pussy hungrily waiting for his reckless release.

I couldn’t believe how wonderful it felt to be used by him in this way.

He continued to pound deep inside of me until he was completely spent. He lay me down and cuddled up beside me, stroking my hair and asked me to tell him how I felt. With the blindfold still in place, I thought it would be easy to concentrate on the myriad of emotions and sensations coursing over me.

He reached down and undid the bonds on my wrist and then removed the scarf covering my eyes. With a playful gleam in my eye, I smiled and told him this was only the beginning.

He grinned and said, “Good girl!” and rolled over me and began to pleasure me yet again. What a wonderful fantasy he had created for both of us.

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