Fantasy Comes True

Fantasy Comes TrueIt was late one night when my doorbell rang. I opened up to find my best friend Jacob standing on the front step. He looked like hell so I knew something was up. “Hey Dave, sorry I know it’s late, but can I crash here tonight?” he asked. Jacob and I were friends since we were in diapers so of course he knew my place was his place if he ever needed. “Of course dude”, I replied gesturing him inside. “What’s up? Where’s Kathy?” Kathy was Jacob’s wife, a rather sexy blonde with a great pair of tits, but also a brutal temper. I always secretly wondered why he put up with her, but from all the sex stories he’d shared with me over the years it was pretty obvious why. “We had a crazy fight and she threw me out”, Jacob explained. “It was our anniversary today and I totally blew it. Shit at work has been crazy, and I just spaced on it man. She was beyond pissed. Anyhow I don’t really feel like talking about it, I just wanna sleep it off”. “Sure man, no problem.” I went and got some blankets and a pillow for him out the closet. “Listen I gotta work tomorrow anyhow”, I said handing him the blankets. “So there’s beers in the fridge if you need, you can watch tv or whatever”.“Thanks Dave” he said giving me a solemn little fist bump. “You’re a good dude”. I just nodded and headed to my master bedroom to get some sleep. Had I remembered what I was doing earlier that afternoon and taken the DVD out of the player, that probably would have been the end of the story. Jacob probably would have just watched some TV, gone to sleep and went home in the morning. I should explain. I’ve always considered myself a straight man. I’ve dated a steady string of hot women and always thoroughly enjoy the sex. On the other hand there was always this little curiousity. It wasn’t anything I ever acted on, or even thought of acting on. It was just a sexual taboo that I was a bit fascinated by. Being open to new experiences I always had a small curiousity about being with another man. In my fantasies it usually involved tag teaming a woman, but where all three people were open to touch each other. Anyhow like I said it was nothing I ever seriously contemplated acting on, it was just a little fantasy that I would sometimes jack off to. Sort of like I had done earlier that day with the bi-sexual porn DVD that I had bought off the internet called The Mile Bi Club. It had various sex scenes; guy on girl, girl on girl, guy on guy, and group sex. Not expecting to have any company over I had inadvertently left the DVD in the player. I was asleep when all of a sudden I could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex coming from the living room. Being groggy my first thought was that Kathy had come over and her and Jacob were fucking in my house. I had to work the next day, so I crawled out of bed, moreso just to tell them to keep it down as opposed to being truly angry. I was still pretty sleepy so I wasn’t exactly thinking straight. I opened the door and froze. Kathy was nowhere to be found, but Jacob was sitting on the couch jacking off his rather large cock. The sex sounds were coming from the tv and Jacob was really going to town on himself, his balls were bouncing up and down with each furious stroke. I was momentarily paralyzed as the shock of seeing my best friend jerk himself off was rather startling. Snapping out of it I realized I shouldn’t be watching, and not wanting things to be awkward I started to close the door when all of a sudden I bumped into my night stand that’s next to my bedroom door and sent my table lamp crashing to the floor with a loud bang.Jacob almost jumped out of his skin as he quickly tucked his hard on into his boxers, not that it really hid what was going on, as the sounds of the sex scene on the TV continued to play and the tent in his shorts was very noticeable. “Dave shit I’m sorry!” he said fully embarrassed. “I thought you were sleeping and I went to watch TV and this porno was in your DVD player and I was horny and God I’m really stupid.” Even though it was a really awkward situation, I couldn’t help myself. I just burst out laughing. “Geez Jacob, with all the sex you tell me about with the wife it’s hilarious that you couldn’t resist getting off for one night”. Jacob often liked to brag about how much sex he and Kathy would have. “I’m sorry b*o. I was just going to put on Sportscenter or something, and when I turned on the TV this porno was in there and well…these chicks are fuckin hot dude”, he said pointing to the TV. At this point it still hadn’t clicked in my head that the porno he was referring to was the bi-sex DVD I owned. I walked over to the TV and that’s when it hit me. It was like there was a lump in my throat and my heart started beating like crazy. Fortunately it was the girl-girl scene so I think Jacob assumed it was a lesbian porno. I knew however the next scene was a guy-guy scene so I had to somehow get the DVD out without raising suspicion or otherwise Jacob would think I was some sort of freak. “See what I mean man?” Jacob asked, the embarrassment finally having subsided. “These two chicks are going at each other, and that blonde looks like Kathy a bit”. “Yeah I guess” I said with a nervous chuckle. “I guess we should probably both get some sleep huh?”“In a minute, in a minute”, Jacob said with his eyes fixated firmly on the screen. I also noticed the tent in his boxers was still bulging out. “Fuck man, look illegal bahis how much the blonde is enjoying having her box tongued.”“Heh heh yeah”, I replied nervously. “So, shut eye huh?”“Dude just sit down. It’s awkward enough you caught me beating off, don’t make things more weird. Let’s just watch this action like we used to when we were teenagers. “. I’m not really sure why I sat down. It was a pretty awkward situation and I thought maybe I could get the remote control and shut the TV off before the next scene. I sat on the sofa across from Jacob. His gaze had never left the TV as the two girls on screen were busy licking each others pussies. We were watching for a few minutes when out of the corner of my eye in my periphal vision I noticed Jacob was lightly rubbing his cock through his boxers. The awkwardness of watching porn with another adult man, coupled with the fact I was terrified of Jacob seeing the next scene, had not really put me in an aroused mood. However seeing him rub his cock, knowing full well he knew I was in the room beside him, my cock to started to tingle with the unmistakable feeling of an erection starting to build in my pyjama pants. Jacob’s subtle rubbing had quickly escalated to not so subtle grabbing through his boxers. I couldn’t help but to wonder what was going through his head. He had to know he wasn’t being sneaky about it, and I was sitting right there. To be fair though, my own cock was now almost fully erect too and was pointing up from my bottoms. The girl girl scene was drawing to a close and I knew I had to do something quickly or I’d be exposed. It was going to be tough to convince a clearly horny Jacob to turn the TV off. I realized though that I had other pornos. If I could swap out the disc he’d be none the wiser. “Hey why don’t we put in a different flick” I said standing up and walking over to my DVD rack.“Why?” he asked. “This shit is fucking hot, and clearly I’m not the only one who thinks so.” I wasn’t sure what he was getting at until I realized that was cock was pitching a noticeable tent in my pyjamas. I hadn’t even bothered to think of that. “Yeah” I replied embarrassed. “I just have some other awesome lesbian pornos”. “No man lets keep watching this one, it’s fuckin hot as hell. Look these two dudes are about to tag team this girl”. I whipped around and realized we were at the guy-guy scene. Little did Jacob realize, that the girl in this scene was about to leave and the 2 men were about to get it on. Without thinking a quickly hit the power button on the TV.“Dude what the hell?” Jacob yelled. “Let’s just watch for a little bit more”. I began to protest when he clicked the TV back on with the remote. My “genius” plan had failed to realize that he had the remote. On the TV both men now had their cocks out and were stroking each other. I was frozen, terrified about what I was sure was to come. I half expected Jacob to bolt out of the house in the middle of the night.Instead he just looked at me, then back to the TV, shrugged his shoulders and sat back as if to get comfortable. I wasn’t sure what that meant exactly and I was still frozen in place as one of the guys on the movie had dropped to his knees to take his partners cock in his mouth. “It’s not wha – “ I tried to start but Jacob cut me off before I could finish.“Dude, it’s just a porno. Who cares. Now sit down you’re blocking the TV”. Stunned, I somehow found my strength to fall back down on the sofa. So many thoughts were running through my mind. I couldn’t really fathom how cool Jacob had been about the whole thing. In fact his cock rubbing had resumed which really shocked me, as he was rubbing his dick to the scene of a guy getting sucked off. Apparently he assumed since I had a porno with guys having sex that nudity was a non-issue for me as without word he stood up and took off his boxers. It was the second time that night I saw his big cock. It might have been my imagination but it looked like there was some pre-cum leaking from the tip. My heart and head were racing as I had never had a naked adult man in this close of proximity ever before. “That’s better” Jacob said as he sat back down, with his now erection on full display. He apparently had no shame, as this time he didn’t even attempt to be subtle and he began jacking his prick right there in front on me. Even though the scene in the porn movie was a hot scene, it was hard not to watch Jacob as he stroked his meat as if I wasn’t even there, his large balls once again bouncing up and down with the motion. It was really hot to watch another man jack off in person. Jacob must have been thinking the same thing as he looked over at me and noticed the bulge in my pyjamas.“C’mon man I can’t be the only one with his cock out” he said. “Take those off and get comfortable. It’s no big deal”. I was at a loss for words. Again this had always been a fantasy of mine, but never really something I thought about acting on. In the excitement and horniness of the moment it was hard to move. Jacob must have sensed that too, as he reached over and tugged down at my pyjama bottoms. My cock sprang out and slapped against my stomach.“Nice” Jacob said as his gaze returned to the action on the tv. I pulled my bottoms the rest of the way off, now full exposed in front of another man. I’ve always been happy with my cock size. It’s a little over 7 inches, but Jacobs was even bigger, youwin güvenilir mi probably 8 or 9. I had never thought in a million years I’d be naked on my couch with another man, let alone my best friend. On screen the two men had switched places and now the other was getting his dick sucked. The actor sucking him off was going at it hot and heavy making slurping noises. I thought maybe it was my imagination but Jacob seemed to beat off even more furiously as the slurping noises started. He let out an involuntary little grunt, as clearly he was enjoying the movie. “Fuck, this scene is hot too”, Jacob said as he continued to stroke his big hog. His balls were slapping against his leg every few strokes. He looked over at me with what seemed like a look of lust. I’m sure he was just as horny as I was at this point. “You can beat off too Dave, I don’t mind” he declared. I realized I had been so mesmorized by everything I hadn’t even touched myself during all of this.I didn’t need to be told twice as I reached down and began playing with my throbbing hard dick. I was so turned on that my cock seemed extra sensitive. I moaned softly. I didn’t plan to, it just felt really good and everything was so erotic. Jacob heard and glanced over at me again, and then without trying to hide it looked directly at my erection. “Fuck man I agree” he said as he clearly was watching me stroke myself. I had always masturbated with a corkscrew motion. It’s just what felt good for me. Jacob seemed intrigued by it.“That looks hot, how do you do that?” Jacob asked me as he tried positioning his hand on his cock like I was. I was left handed though and Jacob is right handed so he couldn’t really get the motion down. I had lost pretty much all inhibitions by this point, so even though under any other circumstances your best friend asking you how to masturbate would seem completely weird, I didn’t care. “Like this” I told him and I slowly showed him the motion, his eyes fixated on my penis. He tried to copy it but it was hard for him to figure out the motion with his right hand. “I can’t do it” he complained. “Here show me on me”. Before I could even react he grabbed my hand and put it on his hard cock. It was so warm. It was the first time I’d ever held a cock other than my own. His dick was quite thick, my hand just so fit around it. Again I was stunned and unsure how to proceed. “It’s ok” Jacob said as if he were reading my mind. “Were just a couple of buddies messin around, its no big deal. Now show me that stroke”. I could have backed out at this moment and we could have chalked it up to a stupid awkward moment, maybe even laughed about it later. Instead I started to stroke his cock in the corkscrew motion that I had always enjoyed so much. He threw his head back and moaned “oh fuck” as my hand worked up and down over his swollen member. Every time I worked my way up to the tip I’d flick my thumb over his slit, and by about the third of fourth time doing that he had pre-cum leaking out lubing his cock up nicely. On the movie the men were now 69’ing as I was jacking off my best friend in my living room. He was moaning, clearly loving every moment of it, and truthfully so was I. My dick was so hard at this point it was literally throbbing even though I wasn’t touching it. As I was stroking Jacob’s cock I tried stroking my own with my right hand, but it awkward. Jacob noticed my struggles and said “Shit sorry dude, I got you”. He grabbed my dick and starting jacking me off too. I had had plenty of sex with women before, and maybe it was just the taboo nature of the whole thing but it had never felt so good to have another person’s hand on my cock. I was so turned on by the situation that I thought I might bust right there. I had to concentrate and calm myself down so that wouldn’t happen. Even if this had been where things had stopped, with Jacob and I beating each other off, I could have said fantasy fulfilled. Jacob though had other thoughts. He was clearly loving the men on the film sucking each other’s dicks, especially the one guy who made slurping noises. Everytime he heard those slurping noises he’d moan, although I’m sure the fact my hand was expertly corkscrewing his cock was helping too. “Ah dude have you ever done that?” he asked, momentarily taking his hand off my prick to point at the guys sucking each other. “No man, I’ve never even done this”, I replied as I once again flicked my thumb over his slit. “I gotta confess, I’ve always wanted to try” he said. “And you’re fuckin jackin me off so damn good getting me all horny, at this point I think I gotta.”“I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t thought about it too” I said, my heart racing in my chest. “Stand up” Jacob instructed. I did as I was told and stood. My raging hard cock was inches away from Jacob’s face. He looked like he hesitated for just a second, but as he glanced over and saw the hot action on the TV, apparently that was all the persuasion he needed. He plunged his mouth around my dick. My knees almost buckled from the pleasure and excitement. His mouth was so hot and wet over my dick, as he began giving me a fantastic blow job. My best friend of many years had his lips wrapped firmly around my cock and I could feel his tongue licking the under side of my shaft with each suck. It felt just amazing. I was moaning, no longer caring if it sounded weird that I was enjoying perabet my friend sucking me off. He took my cock out of his mouth and licked up and down the shaft. He stopped at the head and started flicking my slit with his tongue lightly which was driving me wild. He then did something totally unexpected and licked back down my shaft all the way down to my balls and sucked one of my testicles into his mouth!“Holy fuck” I practically cooed. Jacab was jacking my dick with his hand as he sucked and tongued each of my balls. He then returned to sucking my cock and even started humming as he experetly deep throated my meat. I knew I would cum within seconds if I didn’t stop him. After all, even though this was spontaneous hot sex, I hadn’t gotten permission to cum in his mouth. I didn’t want to say that though, in risk of killing the mood so instead I just said, “My turn”. I figured I had gone this far so why not. He just smiled and stood up. I took a seat on the sofa, and looked up at him to make sure he was cool with this. His nice fat cock was right beside my lips.“Fuck yes, do it” Jacob pleaded. I took a deep breath and open up my mouth as Jacob guided his prick inside. I closed my lips around it and got my first taste of cock. To my surprise it wasn’t too bad. A little salty, almost metallic tasting, but some of that might have also been the pre-cum was oozing out of his cock. I started to bob up and down on it as Jacob threw his head back in pleasure. In the porno the guys were now fucking each other. Jacob was switching his attention back and forth between seeing two men fucking and his best friend sucking him off. I used my free hand to play with his balls, something that I loved done to me. “Oh fuck man, that’s it, play with my nuts” he moaned, clearly liking it as much as I do. I decided to return the favor he’d done to me and sucked on his big balls. They didn’t seem quite as big as before, and I knew that meant they were pulled in close to his body ready to shoot his load. He was getting close, but what really put him over the edge was when I started to make slurping noises as I sucked his cock down my throat. His eyes just got wide and his knees were shaking. “OH MY GOD YES!” he yelled out. “HOTTEST FUCKING BJ EVER!” I was slurping up and down, while jacking him, and playing with his balls with my other hand. It was only a matter of time before he would bust. Right on cue he said “Oh shit Dave I’m gonna cum right away. Lets sit down and finish”. He plopped down beside me and we both started jacking our sloppy, wet pre-cum and saliva soaked cocks. The movie was finishing with both men blowing rather impressive 5 or 6 spurt loads. Watching those guys bust a nut sent Jacob over the edge. He nuzzled up right next me. “OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!!” he squealed. At the last moment he aimed his dick straight at me. I didn’t have a chance to protest, although I’m not sure I would have. The first rope of his hot cum fired out of his cock and hit me right in the chin much to my surprise. I didn’t have long to analyze that moment though as another blast of hot sperm landed on my chest.“FUCK YES!” Jacob screamed as two more ropes fired out on my chest and stomach. I had seen guys cum before on porno’s but it was not even close to as hot as watching Jacob unload his sticky cum. Similarly I’d cum on myself before, but it wasn’t nearly as sexy as having Jacob blast all over me. By the time he had finished he had blasted at least 7 powerful shots.Simulataneously, as Jacob was covering me in his seed, it pushed me over the edge, especially with Jacob’s bold decision to cum all over me. As his last bit of cum emptied from his dick I began to erupt. I decided that all was fair, and pointed my dick at him.“OH SHIT I’M CUMMING TOO!” I groaned. I’ve had some hot orgasms over the years, but nothing compared to this. I had never cum so hard in all my life. My first jet rocketed out of my cock like a missle, flying partially over Jacob’s head and partially landing on his cheek. The second and third jets were nearly as powerful splashing across Jacob’s face, and dripping down his chin. “FUCK YES!” Jacob moaned as rope after rope of hot cum erupted from my dick landing all over his naked body. I couldn’t believe that not only was I cumming all over my best friend, but he was loving it! I had to have shot at least 10 blasts of cum, if not more. By the time I was finished, which seemed like forever, it looked as if 2 or 3 people had unloaded on him, not just one. The whole time Jacob was still furiously stroking his dick, and to my surprise he yelled out “FUCK I’M CUMMING AGAIN!” It hadn’t even been a full minute since he had busted his nut but apparently he was just as horny and excited as me. He also apparently thought it should be evened out since only one blast of his jizz had hit my face as opposed to the 3 massive ropes I shot on his, so he quickly stood up and without warning shot his second consecutive load, this time all over my face. It felt so warm and sticky, and it was purely erotic to have an up close view of a big cock shooting cum out of his slit. I knew his balls were nice and big, but it was amazing how much cum he had left in them given how he had just nutted. He shot another 4 or 5 jets of jizz across my face and I loved the slutty feeling of cum dripping off my chin like I’d seen in the pornos.“Fuck Dave, that was fucking amazing.” Jacob said exhausted. “I’ve never came twice before or shot that much jizz, not even with Kathy”. We agreed to keep it a secret and I told Jacob my door was always open if he ever needed to crash again. I even bought some new videos for the next time.

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