Fantasy Story


It was a rainy night, and I was home all alone. It was kind of scary, but I decided to take a shower. I undressed myself quickly, slowly running my fingers over my pink nipples, giggling and moaning to myself playfully. Pulling the shower curtain shut, I turned on the water, which was spraying all over my clammy skin. Putting my fingers on my vagina, I rubbed it and washed it. Tonight I felt like a bad girl. I was so glad I had bought that dildo. Mm, that big dildo..waiting for me on my bed.

After my shower, I excitedly skipped over to my bed and dropped my towel. Lying back, I fantasized this to get me wet:

A big, buff guy is running his hands over my thighs. I beg for his big, swollen fingers to be in my tight little pussy. He obediently slides them in, pressing his thumb against my clit hard. Moaning with ecstasy, he presses harder and pounds his fingers in…

By now, I’m starting to masturbate. Thinking of that same guy, shoving his big hard cock into me. This guy I’m fantasizing about… He’s my next-door neighbor.

When I’m in the middle of masturbating…the doorbell rings. kağıthane escort I think to myself, “Who the hell would be there at this time of night?” I slip on a loose pink shirt, no panties or bra, and make my way downstairs.

I open the door wearily, and I come to find that it’s my next-door neighbor! He lost the key to his he needs to come in to use my phone. His friend has a spare key to his house. I gladly invite him in, and my pussy unknowingly pounds underneath my shirt.

I showed him to the phone, and he smiled…mm that sexy, dirty smile. All I could think about was his lips touching mine and his cock in my pussy. In the middle of my thoughts, I bent over to pick up a magazine that had been left on the floor.

All of a sudden, unexpectedly, my next-door neighbor ran behind me and shoved his fingers in my pussy. “Babe, I didn’t come here to use the phone. I want to fuck you so hard and make your pink little pussy feel so good” I moaned, nodding, not knowing really what to say. He began rubbing my clitoris, which was making me moan louder…

He kartal escort whispered while bending over, “Oh yes babe, that’s what I want to hear… your hot little moans” I smiled and kept moaning to keep him happy. But oh boy did he make my pussy feel good!

After about a minute of the magnificent fingering, he asked if I’d like to move upstairs. I told him sure, forgetting about the huge dildo lying on my bed. He let me go first up the stairs, spanking my ass playfully. As we walked in the room, he looked over at the bed and smiled. “Looks like you were having a busy night without me… this could come in handy for when I play with your pussy!” I smiled and repeated what he said, “Mm yes, play with my pussy.” He pushed me back onto the bed and whispered, “Will do.”

He rubbed the dildo against my clitoris lightly, as I arched my back and begged for more. I wanted it in my pussy; I was so hot and horny. He finally slid it in; getting the reaction that he wanted from me, “Ooh yes… shove that dildo in me!” This must’ve made him extremely horny, because küçükçekmece escort he took down his pants and started to masturbate. I tilted my head to the side so that I could watch him jack his cock off. His balls were swaying back and forth – I just imagined his huge cock in me.

Abruptly, I pushed him back and got on top of him. He reached down and rubbed my clitoris, making my pussy tense up. I hovered over his cock, teasing him with the warmth from my vagina. I moaned his name and, all of a sudden, slammed my pussy down onto his cock. He let out a groan, which turned me on supremely, so I kept riding him fast and hard.

After about 3 minutes of fucking him this way, he pushed me back roughly and started humping me. His cock felt so good pushing through my pussy. I could feel his balls hitting against my ass, and I moaned loud as he bit my shoulder, drawing blood. Occasionally he’d reach down and try to spank my ass, but missing and his hand would land on my hip. It turned me on though. He also grabbed my tits roughly through my shirt, then ripped the shirt off and started licking them, caressing them, and massaging them. Ooh it felt SO good!

We made love all night, fucking like crazy. By morning, my pussy was red and sore, so he made his way down and licked my clitoris tenderly… making it feel better. It was the best time of my life, and he now comes over every night.

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