Fate Became Destiny


I first met Miranda some five years ago, through an adventure-training club that I/we are members of. Miranda became a member straight from college, having graduated, and successfully found employment in London. She is about 10 years younger than I am, with longish brown hair reaching down to mid back (her bra strap), hazel eyes, and a lovely smile but cute rather than attractive. As an individual, she is absolutely adorable, fun, honest, and rarely says anything nasty about anyone, her personality more than compensates for her cut (average?) looks; and she has a lovely petite, but curvy figure.

Over the years, we have become friends, partially through trust, partially through respect, as we both were committee members, running the club. Early after joining the club, she made it clear, whilst individuals do join the club to find a soul mate; she had joined the club to for adventure. I respected that, whilst other members still persisted. However, Miranda is lovely girl, being charming, intelligent, but also with a sense of humour, but seemed to have problems finding the right partner, being shy and very sensitive, perhaps too sensitive at times.

So when my partner was killed, after a tragic road traffic accident, Miranda, was soon involved, helping me, console me… and just being a very good friend. During those dark days and weeks following the tragedy, our friendship developed further as we spent more time with each other, often me crying in her shoulders.

Time passed, and I regained my life after the funeral, slowly but surely, many friends were there for support, but Miranda was that extra something. She was the mainstay of support, the pillar.

As the summer approached, Miranda was invited to a summer ball, by a prospective new boyfriend. She wasn’t sure whether she should go, but I told her that she had to go, relax or she would never find anyone. She invited me into her bedroom, whilst she searched for a suitable dress, asking me for advice for some strange reason, quite happily standing in her everyday underwear!

She was not happy. So she turned around and asked if I would go shopping with her the following Saturday….

We met up early. I am not a lover of shopping, and was intending to beat the crowds. We met at Oxford circus, and spent the next few hours wondering all along the shops, in search of that affordable dress for Miranda. It was actually good fun, though tiring, as I saw Miranda in a selection of dresses and colours. We must have walked miles, but finally we returned to one shop close to Bond Street, to make a purchase.

The Dress was an of the shoulder type, in a nice deep green velvet, similar to British Racing Green. The front had a low neckline, which emphasised her lovely size breasts. The back was rather low, requiring a low back style bra, which the assistant recommended, upon being asked, a lingerie store round the corner which stocks some. The dress reached just below her knees, with an erotic slit up one side, and it was quite tight, figure hugging. She looked lovely, and it was a change from her other dresses, which tended to be more lose in design, longer, more flowing, and hiding her figure.

Miranda was very happy at this point, as she had found a dress, which she looked absolutely stunning. After Miranda paid for the dress, we went in search of the lingerie shop, which we found very quickly. The window display was a man’s dream; the lingerie sets on display were exquisite, so erotic.

Before Miranda went to find the low back bra, we wondered around the store. The lingerie was not cheap, but the lace was soft, sheer, the designs were well… Miranda found one set that was, in her mind wonderful. It had a range of Bra’s pants, thongs and other accessories. It was available in several colours including the obligatory white/ivory and black. However the colour she liked was classed as Honey, a light brown/dark cream, the lace was in the shape of tree leaves, and the lace was very sheer, and very soft to the touch. She looked at it, felt it, and decided to try it on.

The assistant took Miranda into a private room, for measuring, before she returned to get a collection of Bras from the range, there were numerous, and too technical for me! After what seemed like an eternity, Miranda walked out of the changing room, looking rather despondent.

“What’s up?” I enquired.

“Its absolutely lovely,” she replied, “Is so soft, delicate, and smooth, comfortable… but”.

“But What” I quizzed?

“Well one, I cannot decide which of the two Bra’s to buy.”

“And” I asked

“I cannot really afford it, the dress was more than I was intending to pay,” she stated, looking slightly upset.

And she went up to pay for the low back bra. As we walked out of the store, I had a silly idea, and soon found a coffee bar. I suggested that we should sit down rest our legs and have a coffee. I then gave Miranda my apologies, and Alanya Ukraynalı Escort wondered back to the shop, and saw the assistant that had served Miranda. Shortly afterwards, the assistant was wrapping the two bra’s that Miranda tried on.

“ Hold on a minute, did she mention anything about a matching thong or panties?” I enquired.

“No She didn’t” the assistance replied.

“A selection of briefs as well” I said to no one.

I couldn’t decide, so I selected three, a thong, high leg and some other type, and a suspender belt. The entire selection was not cheap, the two Bras’ were almost £100, but she was worth it. Since Angela’s death, I had wanted to buy her a thank you present, but never knew what to buy her. Whilst this was slightly more expensive than I was intending, it was something that she obviously wanted, and there fore made worthwhile.

I paid the assistant, and she gift wrapped it for me, before I quickly ran back to the coffee shop, seeing a slightly confused Miranda… obviously wondered where I had gone to, my coffee cold.

I sat down in front of her, and I could see her eyes glancing at the bag.

“Miranda, the other month, you was a real good friend, gave me some support during those hard days and weeks. I have wanted to get you a little present, but never quite known what to get you, until just” as I handed over her the present

Miranda blushed as she said thank you, and opened the present. She was fighting back the tears as she realised what was contained in the parcel, and she leant forward, kissing me on the cheek.

The rest of the Saturday was spent wondering around the shops, as we both had little bits of shopping remaining. Finally, we ended up at her place, late afternoon, as we slumped down in the chairs, after a long day, we started at just after 10 in the morning. Finally, I got the strength to go into the kitchen, and make us a pot of tea.

Finally I walked back into the lounge, with two cups of Tea, but there was no Miranda.

“Tea Miranda” I shouted.

“I’ll be right back” was the reply.

Finally, Miranda came down the stairs, in her new dress. I was gob-smacked, as I sat there. She walked in, gracefully, her long hair lose, but in a pony tail, and the slight hint of make up on her cheeks, Miranda generally preferring the au naturale look.

“Give us A twirl” I asked..

She turned around slowly, revealing her curves, and her back. I caught the Bra strap to. It was not the low back bra that she had bought, but rather one of the ones that I had bought her as a gift that day.

“You look wonderful” I said, truthfully, “I have never seen you looking as good as this, this man is in for a pleasant shock that night”

“Thank you “ Miranda whispered, somewhat nervously.

She paused, hesitated…

“Mark, can you please unfasten the zipper?”

“Yes but why? I asked

“Just please do it”

I approached her and she turned to face her back to me. I unfastened the zipper, what there was to unzip. She turned around and faced me, looking somewhat stressed, apprehensive.

Slowly she started to slide her dress of her shoulders…

“STOP, STOP what are you doing?” I asked.

“I want you to see what you bought me.”

“But there is no need, you wanted it… and I bought it as a gift for you, to thank you”

“But it cost you a fortune, you have a right to see it on me.” And with that, she slid the dress of her body, leaving her standing there in the bra, thong and suspender belt. I had never seen Miranda this errrr undressed before, and I had not quite realised what a beautiful body she had.

She just stood there, slightly embarrassed, her cheeks flushed. There was complete silence. Her breasts were enveloped in the sheer lace, the shape of the leaves protruding, standing out from the more delicate lace background. Her nipples could be seen, visibly, standing out through the lace, as my eyes wondered down to her thong, her thighs…

“I’ve never worn a thong before, I’ve never been bold enough to buy one.”

I suddenly realised I was staring at her, and she looked very unsure, even insecure. I reached for her hands, and pulled her close and hugged her, and she responded hugging back tightly, I could feel her hear beat, as it was racing away, and felt her breasts and lace against me.

“THANK YOU Mark, OH THANK YOU. Its lovely, it’s the best gift I’ve ever received.”

We hugged for several minutes but neither of us spoke. Finally, Miranda moved, as she looked up. Her heartbeat had calmed down slightly.

She reached up with her head, and kissed me on the cheek, and whispered “thank you”, as her arms gripped me tighter. I looked down into her, her pretty face, her sparkling eyes…. What happened then jut seemed so natural…. As we both moved to each other, eyes closing as we kissed gently on the lips, not a deep Alanya Üniversiteli Escort passionate kiss, but rather light kisses, little kisses, as we wrestle with each other, as our bodies awaken to the friendship, the hidden desire within us both, escaping.

I regained my senses, and pushed her away, “we shouldn’t be doing this.” I said.

“Can’t you see? I’ve fallen for you Mark” was her reply, as she gulped.

We both just stood there, contemplating exactly Miranda had just said. I think she was just as shocked as I was, if not more so.

She fell into my embrace, and we hugged, soft and sensuous, my hands lightly caressing her shoulders, as she became covered with goose pimples, but it was not cold, it was a sunny, late spring evening. I could feel her soft flesh against me, and I suddenly noticed the mirror, where I could see Miranda’s back, as she cuddled into me, the thong deep between the cheeks of her butt, the suspender belt holding the stockings, she was beautiful.

As we continued to hug, to hold, I allowed my hand to caress her hair, to feel its softness, as if it was silk, and I heard her moan. Softly, she called my name.

I looked down, and saw her smile. I leant forward, and nuzzled her, gently caressing my face against hers, feeling the smoothness of her skin. I felt her bring her lips to my face, as she started to kiss me, soft gentle kisses… I turned my head to met hers, exposing my tongue as I brushed it against her lips, feeling the tenderness, the softness as our mouths, slowly melted into one, our tongues slowly, tentatively explored each other’s mouths. She tasted sweet.

The kiss slowly developed, deepened, as our hands started to roam, to explore. My hands were downing down the sides, feeling her smooth skin, so cool, soft. Finally our mouths parted, I felt Miranda’s breath against my face, short and shallow. My mouth moved onto her cheek, kissing gently planting light kisses, before I nibbled her ear lobe, gently biting, feeling her body squirm to my touch, her hot breaths against my neck.

As I moved to her neck, she sighed deeply, her fingers running against my back, hard, nibbling her slender but toned neck and shoulders. My hands moved round to her back, and up as they found the bra clasp, and after a couple of attempts, the bra was free, as my hands caressed up and down her spine. Slowly my mouth moved down onto her neckline and beyond. She slowly started to return the kisses, as she kissed and licked my ear, her tongue probing inside my ear.

I slid my hands down to her cute ass, stroking and caressing her but cheeks, before I lifted her up, feeling her gasp against me, whilst I carried her, up the stairs, into her bedroom, and sat her on the edge of the bed. I saw strands of her pubic hair through the lace of the Thong, and the suspender belt, the sight so erotic. Her bra rode of her shoulders, finally exposing her breasts, full and firm, and slightly uplifting. I leant back, staring at her, her breasts, her eyes, I gently ran my fingers over them, having seen them covered for so many years, and now I was able to see them; to touch them. I leant forward, slowly starting to kiss them, flicking my tongue gently over each nipple, biting, swirling my tongue over one, and then the other; her hands pulling my head closer, as she leant forward, into me, sighing. I felt her legs warp around me, feeling the stockings against me.

I cupped her face, and kissed her lips, lightly, tenderly., before she embraced me, her mouth kissing my ear lobe, sighing, purring. My mouth found itself at her ear again, licking and nibbling.

“Oh god Mark,” she whispered “I’ve always had a soft spot for you, but never thought this would happen. You were always a gentleman, even when you’ve had a drink, your flirts were so well mannered and clean, unlike some.”

She turned to kiss me, catching a smile, a contented smile on her face, before she cupped my face, kissing me. We kissed deeply. Her hands moved, as our mouths moaned, with passion, her fingers trying to unfasten my shirt.

After feeling her struggle, I pushed her back, and with drew, as I pulled my shirt over my neck, and through it into a corner somewhere. I stood up, unfastened my trousers and let them fall on to the floor; just leaving my pants on, the obvious erection was visible.

I pushed Miranda back onto the bed, as I bought my head to her breast taking it into my mouth, feeling her smooth skin, as I licked, kissed and nibbled on her breast, my tongue swirling over her nipple, feeling it harden to my touch, feeling her breathing quicken. Her hands stoked my head, my hair pulling me closer t o her. Finally I moved to her other breast, and as I slowly started to swirl my tongue over her nipple, I felt her body quiver, shake, her moaning intensified. I looked up, her eyes were sealed shut, as her body had a mini orgasm, and her mouth Alanya Vip Escort was wide open, moaning, sighing.

Her body quietened, her eyes opened, a smile on her lips.

“Thank you” she whispered, barely audible.

My mouth retuned to her body, feeling Miranda’s hand caress my hair as I kissed her young body, moving downwards. Soon I was in front of her pussy, still covered in the fine lace of the thong. I looked up, and the sight in front of me was truly wonderful. Her head was on a pillow, looking down wards, her face wearing a real smile, her lips/mouth emitting sighs and groans. Her hands were gently caressing her breasts, pinching her nipples, moaning.

Gently, I bought my lips to her thong, her labia as I slowly ran my tongue along the outline of her lips, tasting her scent, smelling her, from the tip of her clitoris down to her cute ass, and then slowly back. I heard her sigh deeply, my tongue slowly ran along the lips, pushing against the lace of the thong, so soft, so delicate, my hands gently caressing her thighs, the skin was so smooth, so silky. Each time I ran my tongue, I felt her body quiver, a moan escape from her tender lips, each time I applied more pressure, pushing, deeper into her sex.

She gasped loudly.

Slowly, her hips were raised, allowing me to peel her wet thong down her slender thighs, her toned calves, exposing her sweet, tender pussy lips. Her hand instinctively found the top of her mound, gently stroking, her legs parting, exposing a lovely view. The only sounds, other than my heart beat was her moans, her sighs and the wet sounds as her fingers stroked her self, in full view of me, her eyes closed, oblivious to my watching, her other hand was caressing her full breast. Slowly, I allowed my tongue to return, joining in with her finger, working on her clitoris, swollen and erect, feeling her body shudder with my touch.

Slowly, gently, deliberately, I allowed my tongue to move lower and deeper, pushing past against her lips, probing her nectar, her sanctuary. I felt Her tightness against me, enveloping me, pushing against me my tongue starting to dance, to twist, pressing against her vaginal walls, tasting, smelling, exploring. Miranda’s hand suddenly increased the pace, her breathing shortened and rapid, her body tremble, quiver; her wetness increase as another orgasm spread outwards from her mound.

Slowly, Miranda looked up, her eyes opening, a smile spread before me as she placed her hands on my face, my head, caressing me, indicating for me to move upwards, to hug her, to cuddle her, feeling my erection against her mound, her groin pressing hard against my hips as we kissed passionately.

She was moist, wet, for as we kissed and cuddled, our hips moving against each other, I felt my erection start to slide into her. She moved herself gently, spreading her legs wider, allowing me easier access. And I was suddenly pushing deep into her, feeling her tightness, her wetness as her pussy enveloped my hardness. I laid on top of her, our fingers interlocking. Miranda was tight, gasping with each breath as I slowly pushed myself into her. I just laid there, feeling her tightness against me, our fingers still interlocked as we kissed gently.

“Oh God, OH MY GOD Mark, this feels so good, so wonderful” she whispered, smiling as she did so.

As she smiled, I started to feel her vagina muscles work on my erection, contracting and then relaxing, teasing me, “Feel Good” she enquired.

“MMMMMmmmmmmmmm” I replied, “How does this feel?” I asked, as I started to contract my muscles, moving my erection in a to/from movement.

Slowly, I started to withdraw, feeling her muscles clamp tightly against me, but finally I was almost out. Then, I eased my self-back in, with a long but slow, purposeful stroke, taking my time as I started to fuck her, No, to make love to her with long powerful strokes. With each gasp, Miranda smiled, gasped loudly, her eyes half closed as I pushed against her tightness, my perspiration running down my brow, her breasts glistening with her perspiration, our fingers still interlocked, her grip slowly tightening.

I continued to thrust, slowly, grinding my hips against hers, as she soon pushed back against me, her pelvis pressing hard against me, allowing me to probe deeper with each thrust. We kissed passionately, as we made love, our tongues swirling, wrestling with each other, and heightening the sexual tension in the air. I could not control myself any more.

My pace picked up, I became much more vocal, grunting, as I felt my seed start to build up, go past the point of no return, as I slid my hardness deep into her, feeling her wetness take me, moan with pleasure. Soon, I could take no more as I thrusted deep into her, feeling my first load pass into her, but I continued to thrust into her, sending several more jets of my cum deep into her. She suddenly arched her back, yelped, moaned loudly as her body shook furiously, as an intense orgasm hit her body, taking over, as she moaned loudly, gasping, shouting my name.

Finally, I collapsed on top of her, before she rolled us over. She leant forward, covering my body with little kisses, as she thanked me, before we lay there, cuddling, drifting of to sleep.

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