Feeling Human


He watched the couple moan as they fucked like they were being paid, probably because they were. Porn couldn’t quite scratch his ‘itch’ but it was the closest he could get without masturbating. It’s not easy to jerk off if you can’t move a single muscle below the neck, but a backed up hose threatens to explode and he’d do anything he could for relief.

Donovan was a quadriplegic and had been for most of his life. Being unable to move his limbs, he missed out on a lot of his childhood. No bikes, no sleepovers, no climbing trees. It hurt if he dwelled on it, but he was mostly unfazed. There were always other activities. Instead of bikes, he had books. Instead of climbing trees, he fell back on movies. No, it wasn’t childhood that haunted him: it was puberty. Teenage adolescence hit him like a truck-a feeling he knew from experience- and was the most miserable period of his life. Hormones began flowing and an intense desire of women drove him to the brink of insanity. For years, he’d never had relief. It was all he could do to hide his plight. How do you go about telling your nurses that you want to jerk off?

Through the miracles of technology, he could use his phone without his hands. With a stylus in the mouth, he could operate in silence, watching his guilty pleasures until he felt some measure of comfort. 23 year old Donovan would take anything that could help him through a sexual draught drier than the Sahara. He wasn’t bad looking, by any means. His limbs hadn’t atrophied and he still maintained a healthy figure through discipline and restraint. His dark brunette curls and blue eyes were enough to drive any girl crazy, but the chair was the one hurdle nobody had yet to jump over.

May walked in, ripping him from his thoughts as he closed his tab as quick as he could. She didn’t notice. It wasn’t the first time. He was some sort of disabled ninja when it came to protecting his hidden desires. May does her routine for the third time this shift and checks Donovan’s vital signs on a mini portable pulse oximiter.

“You feeling okay?” she asks.

“Of course I am,” he lied through his teeth, “Why?”

“Your pulse is really high.”

“Freak thing, I guess. Not the first time it’s been wonky,” he lied again.

May didn’t seem convinced, but without an explanation, she had to accept his answer. She jots her notes and gets the Hoyer lift out. Lift meant bedtime. He hated the lack of control his disability gave him and yearned to express his dominant side. It wasn’t in the cards for someone like him, but he could dream.

May gets him into bed and goes through her next routine to get him ready for bed. He sits through it, ortaköy escort limp and emotionless. Just another night. Just another routine. He just wanted to escape to his dreams where maybe he could get some lucid action. Not that he would remember come morning.

“You feeling pretty happy there, Don?” May asks, breaking the silence.


Wordlessly, she motions towards his lower half. Creening his neck as best as he could, he looked down to where she pointed. There, in its full glory, was a raging boner. Those happened without his control, but its timing was a hell of a coincidence.

“So this is why your heart rate was so high. Heart was busy supporting this little guy.”

He cringed at the word little, but he had to admit that having May talking about his erection was a turn on. No female experience coupled with a nurse fantasy, he couldn’t resist the flush in his face as his body reacted in ways he’d not felt before except in only the worst cases of sexual frustration.

“Never had this happen to me yet. You controlling this, Don?”

“N-no,” he choked out, using the truth this time.

“You know I can’t really deal with this, right? You think it will go down in a bit?”

“Yeah, it should. It doesn’t happen for too long. Just continue. Ignore me.”

Of course he told her to ignore him, but God only knew what he would give to instead have her pay full attention to it. He knew May was attractive, staff or not. He had working eyes and a professional relationship couldn’t stop them from admiring her. He didn’t like scrubs. He requested nurses wear casual clothing while in his home. May tried to dress loose, but everything looked tight on her because of her breasts. They weren’t porn star big, but they were certainly large enough to put other women to shame. She was young, mid-20’s at least. She’d graduated nursing school not long before signing on as a home nurse for Donovan. She had deep red hair, nearly black, that she kept short to keep cool while working. He loved short hair and big “assets” on his women, and May delivered on all counts. There wasn’t an inch of her body that wasn’t soft or curvier than a country road.

May continued with his care, pretending to be oblivious to the erection in front of her. Donovan caught her on more than one occasion glancing at it, subtly eyeing it. Donovan felt like he was on fucking fire, but he managed to stay calm through some miracle or with downright divine willpower. May finished what she was doing, but the boner had not gone down an inch.

“Well, thought this would go away,” May says.

Donovan had no words, no quip otele gelen escort to divert her attention to a different subject. She was his nurse and he was terrified of making the wrong move and losing her. On the other hand, he couldn’t think of a single thing he wanted more.

May bites her lip in concern. “You know… what if all this blood does something to your blood pressure?”

Blood pressure? How in the hell is that? He knew pain could spike his blood pressure, but what would a little bit of a diverted flow do to him? He had been so taken off guard that he didn’t notice May reaching down to his dick and rub it.

“It’s only right that I take care of this. F-for your health, of course!”

Now she had his attention as Donovan could only watch as May took off her glove and started stroking his cock. His heart leapt into his throat. He could feel his heart beat in a hard rhythym that reverberated in his head like an echo. Donovan couldn’t feel the touch, but he experienced pleasure all the same. Being paralyzed causes one to redefine sexual pleasure, opening their mind to a world of sex beyond simple touch.

May pumped her hand up and down, staring intently at his cock as she gave him his first handjob. Donovan moaned quietly to himself as she jerked him off.

“Mmm… it’s too dry. I could hurt you. I better get it wet.”

Defying his most hopeful fantasies, May bent over the bed and took his cock into her mouth. For a minute, her head bobbed hypnotically as she licked and sucked, covering every inch of Donovan. With a sudden movement, she took Donovan into her mouth, sliding her lips down his shaft until she touched his balls. The sight, the sound, the phantom feeling of pleasure drove Donovan to new heights as his breathing got heavier.

May popped his cock out of her mouth with a soft moan of her own.

“Confession time,” she said as she went back to jerking him off, “I’ve been wanting this for a little while.”

“What? Really? Why?” Donovan said in pure disbelief.

She gave him a mischievous grin. “Call it curiosity. You’re handsome, Don, chair or not. I’m used to seeing your dick and I’ve been dying to know just what it can do.”

“Really?” Donovan echoed himself.

She nods and gives his member a quick lick. “I know you watch porn, Don. Those headphones don’t cancel everything. You must be so pent-up. Do you want inside me, Don?”

He had no words. He stared at her, breathing hard and face red, then nodded. Nodding was all he was capable of at this point. He half expected to wake up any moment, but no dream had ever lasted this long.

May otele gelen escort climbed onto the bed, straddling Don backwards. She leaned forward as she tugged her pants down slowly, intentionally giving her patient a show. Black lace. Lace? She had to have been prepared, or at least hoped, for this to happen. She really was being serious and she really did intend to fuck Don and make him feel like the human he never thought he was.

Shaking her ass to take her panties off, she was finally ready. She turned around to face Don. She reached behind him and sat him forward, pulling him to her. She held on to his head and guided it down.

“I want you to see this, Donovan.”

With her other hand, May guided Don’s miraculously still hard dick into her. Her pussy lips spreading apart until she took him all the way to the hilt. She laid him back down and slowly starting riding him. The mental pleasure, the pressure he could feel with May on top of him, the sound of her moans mixed with his, they drove Don to the edge.

“I can’t control my orgasm. I don’t know when I’ll cum. Do we need protection?”

May didn’t answer. Instead she laid down on top of Don and silenced him with a hard, hungry kiss. This was first kiss as well. His technique didn’t matter as May took charge, running her tongue around in his mouth with a desperate passion that took his breath away. She rode him harder and faster, the sound of skin slapping and their moans filling the once silent room.

Don’s neck tensed up and he started to shake, his moans getting louder. May took this as an indication to let loose and fuck him like she was stealing the life from him. The bed shook, their bodies shook, their moans got louder until they bordered on shouts.

“Fuck! Fuck!” May yelled.

May held still, pressing the whole of her body against Don and biting his neck until even he could feel the pain. She shook from bottom to top as she moaned into Don’s neck. Her breathing settled after several moments and she spoke with heaving breaths.

“You just made a girl cum, Donny. How does that make you feel?”

“Did…did I cum too? I felt something I can’t explain.”

May stands up, pulling Don’s cock out of her. A thin stream of white trickled out shortly after.

“What do you think, sexy?”

“Sexy? Wait. Won’t me cumming inside be-“

He couldn’t finish as May smothered him once again in a kiss, this time with him catching on and reciprocating.

“You’ll be fine, Don. Ever thought maybe I prepared for this? I took a pill and I might have given you one too. How do you think you stayed up so long?”

Donovan hadn’t considered that and if his face wasn’t already flushed from sex, he have even blushed. This was an unexpected night for him. Hell, it was a scenario he never considered would come true. He wasn’t only wrong about that night. The taboo barrier now broken, his nurse had a new way of taking care of him from then on.

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