Female Erotic Police Squad Pt. 04


Every precinct has a captain. Precinct One of the Female Erotic Police Squad was no exception to that rule. It was commanded by captain Athena. Her mythological name was the effect of her parents classical education and her exotic looks – of their ancestry. Athena’s mother was Samoan and her father – Japanese. The captain had a light brown skin, slightly slanted eyes, high cheekbones and narrow chin. Her dark hair were long and perfectly straight. Athena was 172 centimetres tall, had a slim athletic body with nicely pronounced curves. Her B-cup breasts were only slightly fixed by a surgeon. At the age of thirty seven and after feeding three children (the oldest, eighteen year old daughter Joanna was at the police academy), such a treatment was necessary to keep the breasts firm. Athena liked to brag about them by often not wearing a bra. The captain managed to combine the mature attractiveness with wholesome, youthful appearance.

The captain does not have to wear the standard uniform and at FEPS the term “professional attire” has a completely different meaning. An officer had to look sexy and Athena made sure to stick to that rule all the time. And being a lover of patterned pantyhose and bodystockings she often included them in her outfits.

That day she was wearing a black bodystocking with a floral pattern. It was partially see-through and she was not wearing a bra, so the outlines of her breasts were clearly seen, but embroidered flowers covered her nipples. A simple black thong was covered by a red, short, tight, leather skirt. Knee-high boots with thirteen centimeters heels completed the fierce look.

Athena was having an important meeting that day. Commissioner Nicole was coming to have final consultations about an important event, that would be protected by the FEPS. The commissioner was captain’s age-mate, although she had a completely different career path. Her ambitions were to fight crime as well as to lead. She was a politician, more than a policewoman. That was, why she held a higher position. But both women were content with their jobs and went along well.

Nicole was short, at only 155 centimetres, and petite. She appeared fifteen years younger, which often caused many people to disregard her. Later they regretted it. The commissioner took care of her body and shape, as much as the policewomen did. She was incredibly fit, with lean and athletic body, incredibly thin waist, small, perky breasts and round, firm buttocks. Nicole had a delicate face with soft feature and big, round, blue eyes. Her light, blonde hair was wavy and gave the impression of a teenage girl. But the commissioner character had nothing of a teenager. She was strict, decisive and authoritarian.Her low, husky voice fitted neither her appearance, nor her character, but added even more to her attractiveness.

The commissioner dressed more conservatively, than the captain. But that word also had a different meaning in the FEPS. Nicole liked simple, white shirts, tight enough to show off her curves. Contrary to Athena, she always wore bras, push-ups to make up for the small breasts. Below she had a simple, black skirt. Tight, to emphasize her perfect buttocks and short enough to give a glimpse of the tops of her sheer; black stockings. On her feet Nicole wore a pair of black, patent heels with a thirteen centimeters high, stiletto heel, that clicked loudly on the stone floors of the precinct or the city hall.

Commissioner’s only weakness was her sex drive. Although, she had enough willpower to keep it at bay, even without the training, the policewomen received at the academy. But she gave it vent, whenever she could. Nicole was bisexual, but leant slightly towards women, which could have been considered an asset at the FEPS, where beautiful women were aplenty.

The two women spent few hours making sure, that the plans of the protection for the incoming event were flawless. When they decided, their job was done, came time for relax. Because of Nicole’s limited height, her legs were short as well. But they were perfectly shaped. The woman was aware of that and had a minor fetish related to her legs – she enjoyed having them worshipped. Athena poker oyna knew that well and was always happy to oblige. But she did not head for the legs immediately.

– Your lips seem to have dried from all that paperwork, Nikki – the captain said, as she stood up and removed all the documents from her desk, they were sitting by.

– You’re right, Teena.

Athena would have punched anyone else, if they called her by that nickname. But in the lips of Nicole somehow it sounded different and made her feel like a naughty, teenage girl. The commissioner continued:

– But I can’t think of a way to moisten them. Maybe you have an idea?

– I think I can help with that.

The captain walked around the desk, grabbed Nicole by her hand and gently indicated her to get up. As the commissioner stood up, Athena bent slightly and the two women kissed. The kiss was gentle, as if they were only scanning each other, even though they have done it multiple times before. Both women liked to start slowly.

The shutters on the windows of captain’s office were all up and neither of the women moved to lower them. Nicole had a minor exhibitionist streak and Athena had worked as an officer of FEPS for years, so sex in public places was a common thing for her. Also the door were slightly ajar, so any louder sounds, that might come out of the office, could be heard by the people outside. But that was nothing compared to the four video cameras, the captain had placed around her office. The commissioner was perfectly aware of them and enjoyed watching the videos later, often as a foreplay.

Athena helped Nicole get up on the desk. When the commissioner sat on the furniture, she wrapped her shapely legs around the captain’s waist, as they continued to kiss. Nicole’s hands were following the intricate pattern of the bodystocking on Athena’s back.

Their lips were pressed against each other stronger now and their tongue began to poke into the other’s mouth. The commissioner clenched her legs around captain’s waist tighter and did the same with her arms around the other woman’s back. Athena pushed her palms under Nicole’s buttocks and, without breaking the now passionate kiss, she lifted the petite blonde from the desk. Constantly kissing they carefully moved towards the leather couch. The captain laid down her lover on the furniture and only then broke the kiss. With satisfaction she noticed, that Nicole’s lips were now sufficiently wet. Athena knelt on the thick, soft carpet in front of Nicole and slowly removed one of the commissioner’s heels. She laid it down on the ground and planted a delicate kiss on the petite, stocking covered foot. Then she took off the other heel, also kissing the foot.

The kisses were just a way to say “hello” to the feet. Now it was the time for the worshipping to begin. Athena kissed the big toe of Nicole’s left foot, then proceeded with sucking it. She did that until that part of the stocking was soaking with her saliva. After the big toe came time for the others. The captain kissed each of them separately, but sucked on them altogether, again doing it until the stocking was soaking wet. Only then she moved to the farther parts of the foot. She first licked and kissed thoroughly the upper part of Nicole’s left foot and then proceeded with the bottom.

Once the foot was taken care of, the captain turned her attention to the higher parts of commissioner’s stocking covered leg.

Athena kissed Nicole’s ankle and then licked two centimetres upward and there planted another kiss. She slowly crawled her way up the leg, all the while gently caressing her lover’s calf with one of her hands. The kissing-licking path was not straight. It meandered, swerved and occasionally turned back. And always one palm was slightly ahead of the lips. Eventually the captain reached the top of the commissioner’s stocking. She licked the skin just above the lace around the leg.

The leg worship was not done yet, though. There was still the right leg to be taken care of. Athena repeated the pattern with the same passion, as well as randomness of the kissing path.

Finally Nicole’s legs have been appreciated, canlı poker oyna as they should. But Athena’s tongue would not be getting any rest soon. With the captain still kneeling on the soft carpet, the commissioner stood up and motioned for her lover to do the same. While they shared a passionate kiss, they removed each other’s skirts. They had to break the kiss to remove the panties and step out of the clothes, that now lied on the ground. The captain’s bodystocking was crotchless and she wore her thong on top of it, so taking the skirt and panties off made her clitoris available for play. Nicole motioned for Athena to lay down on the carpet, which the captain willingly obeyed. The commissioner then knelt above her lover’s head and sat on her face. Athena put her tongue to work again, while Nicole played with the captain’s breasts and nipples.

The captain was an expert at cunnilingus, as she was with all the forms of lovemaking. Soon the commissioner’s breathing was heavy and her moans were getting louder. But Nicole had not wanted to stay indebted to her lover. After caressing her breasts and playing with her nipples, she moved to lower, more tender parts of her body. The captain’s clitoris was already moist, when the commissioner touched it with her fingers. The gentle rubbing made it wet within seconds. That only made Athena double her licking efforts.

Nicole soon moved from rubbing to fingering, She began with one digit, but quickly added more. By the time she was fisting the captain’s vagina, she was audibly moaning herself. Anyone, who walked by the door to the office could see and hear the lovemaking. And even those farther away from the door must have heard Nicole, as she reached her climax. The commissioner was a screamer and now she loudly announced her ecstasy to the whole precinct.

Nicole stopped fisting Athena’s vagina, while she was having the orgasm. But the captain has not climaxed yet and the commissioner always played fair. She got off her lover’s face and knelt between her legs. Now Athena could moan audibly as well, while her womb was being penetrated with Nicole’s tiny palms. It took only two more minutes for the captain to reach her climax as well. She was not as loud as her lover, but several people that were closer to the office must have heard her for sure.

Although both women have already orgasmed, they considered that only the foreplay. They were still hungry for sex, but something more intense this time. Something, that would require including a third party. Athena had just a woman for that job. She called in Eden.

The dark skinned, amazonian beauty was only recently moved to a new unit for special tasks. She strode into the office wearing her new uniform – a black, opaque, nylon catsuit, thigh-high, leather boots with thirteen centimetres high, stiletto heel and a tight, leather corset, that made her slim waist even thinner and lifted her magnificent breasts. She was a sight to behold.

– We need your assistance, Eden – said Athena with a smile.

– With pleasure, captain.

With few long strides the policewoman reached the cupboard. She clearly knew, what she was looking for. Inside the board was a strap-on with not one, but two dildos attached to it. Both were twenty five centimetres long and five centimetres thick. Eden lubed them using a bottle of lubricant, that was lying right next to the sex toy.

– Who’s first? – asked the amazon.

– She is – replied Nicole.

Next to the policewoman the commissioner looked like a little girl. On her heels, Eden was almost half a meter taller, than the barefoot Nicole. Not to mention, that in her gear she was also twice as heavy.

Athena laid down on the couch with her buttocks on the armrest, to give Eden a good access to both of her holes. Vagina was already soaking wet, but the anus needed additional lubrication, which was applied aplenty.

The policewoman wasted no time. She guided the dildos into captain’s holes and shoved them in with a decisive push. She knew, that it was not the time for gentleness. When the captain and the commissioner called her in, they just needed a thorough fucking, nothing internet casino else. And Eden was happy to deliver. The policewoman pushed the dildos until both were completely inside Athena’s holes. She needed only few shoves to catch the rhythm. Her moves were deep, strong and fast. Soon the captain was breathing heavily and grunting loudly.

Nicole was not an idle spectator. As much as she liked having her legs worshipped, she also enjoyed caressing legs of other women. Especially when they were long and strong. And in that regard Eden’s legs had no match. While the policewoman worked her hips back and forth, the commissioner caressed her firm thighs and groped her big, round buttocks. She was enjoying the touch as much as the spectacle. But most of all she was enjoying the thought, that she would be the next one to be ravaged by Eden’s huge dildos.

Since the amazon left the door completely ajar, the captain’s grunts and moans could be heard by the whole precinct. If Eden was not holding the other woman’s hips with her hands, she would have pushed her of the armrest already. But her grip was firm and steady. She knew well, how to handle her captain. It took about fifteen minutes until the rough double penetration pushed Athena over the edge. Her orgasm was intense, but not as loud, since her lungs lacked the air for proper scream. But her body trembled as she clenched her fists, as well as anal and vaginal muscles. But the dildos did not care about the squeeze and neither did Eden. She did not even slow down, to give her captain a chance to rest. She continued to pound Athena’s both her holes, even when the orgasm eventually subsided.

Nicole stopped caressing the policewoman during captain’s climax and instead moved to fondle Athena’s bodystocking covered body.

Eden went on for another fifteen minutes and brought the captain to another body-wrecking orgasm. This time she stopped the pounding. Athena was utterly exhausted. Her breathing was quick and shallow and her bodystocking was sweaty. And she loved it!

While the captain was having her second orgasm, the commissioner removed her own shirt and bra. She was now dressed only in sheer, black stockings and was basically tingling with anticipation. But before Nicole assumed the same position as Athena on the other armrest of the couch, Eden took her into her arms and lifted. The commissioner looked tiny in the strong arms of the dark skinned beauty. Two women shared a passionate kiss, their tongues mingling inside their mouths. Eventually Eden laid Nicole down on the couch, lubed her anus and without further ado began the rough double penetration.

The dildos were lubricated with captain’s juices, but they were as big and hard as before and the policewoman had enough stamina to maintain the same tempo. Nicole’s grunts and moans quickly got even louder, than Athena’s before.

The rough sex was as unsophisticated as before, but that was obviously not its point. If someone thinks of gentle and erotical lovemaking, she does not put on a double dildo strap-on.

Eden brought Nicole to two intense orgasms as well, also not giving her the opportunity to rest between them. Somehow the commissioner managed to find enough breath to scream during each orgasm, although the second time was significantly quieter.

After the sex the amazon kissed both women on their lips, pinched their nipples and took off the strap-on. She enjoyed these sessions. After all how many people can say, they fuck their superiors?

Athena and Nicole laid on the couch for a while, regaining their strength. Eventually they got up and went together to the baths. They made quite a sight as they slowly marched through the precinct. The commissioner dressed only in stockings and the captain in crotchless bodystocking and boots, both sweaty with their hair in a mess.

The women bathed together washing not only each other’s back, but whole bodies, putting great emphasis on the crotch. After all, these were the “dirtiest” parts, at least metaphorically.

After the shower they could not dress in their previous outfits, since they were sweaty and creased, so they both dressed in regular police uniforms – blue, mini skirts, that covered nothing but their buttocks, tight, tank tops in a matching colour, blue, twelve centimeters heels and sheer, black pantyhose. Then they left the precinct and went for a dinner.

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