Fictional fantasy, #5 continued.


Fictional fantasy, #5 continued.It was my first time ever, with anyone, and it was amazing, almost addicting. I not only loved the way he made my body feel, but I also loved the way I could make him feel. It had only been a day since I was with him that first time. Like before, I’d run home from school. I couldn’t wait to let myself into his apartment. He had given me a key earlier so I could come and go and do random chores to earn some money. Mr. Lowes was rarely home.I was so nervous coming through his door. He wasn’t home however. Being back in his apartment was such a turn on. I grabbed some of his porn mags and spread them out on his bed as I stripped down. I had masturbated many times to his adult magazines but this time, I climbed into his bed totally nude. I began to touch myself as I thought about Mr. Lowes’ naked body. Being in his bed again brought back all those incredible feelings. For the next two days, I’d rush home straight to his place. My lust had overcome any nervousness I felt and I found myself actually looking out for him to return. That night he did, Since he lived in the same building as my parents, I made an excuse about having to go out and went straight to his door. I softly knocked and he opened it. Mr. Lowes looked around nervously and motioned for me to come in, shutting the door after me. In a hushed tone, he said, “hi” and reached out to touch my arm. His hand was shaking. I remember thinking it was so adorable how nervous he got. How nervous I made him. I was so much younger and smaller than him yet having this kind of effect and power was such a turn on. I’d made me feel bold and confident.I güvenilir bahis moved closer to him and hugged him, resting my head on his chest. I could feel his enormous erection against me even through our pants. I began to move slightly from side to side as I held him tight, grinding against his cock. As if by instinct I looked up at him and closed my eyes. Our lips met and my mouth naturally opened to accept his tongue. He kissed me deeply and passionately. We both seemed to let out soft moans as he grapped my ass and pressed his cock against me even harder. I don’t know for sure who led who into the bedroom, but once there we continued to kiss and undress each other.I was now totally nude in front of him for the first time, he motioned for me to lay on the bed, on my stomach. Mr. Lowes ran his hands up and down my back and buttocks. I could feel his huge, thick cock running up and down my ass crack. I could feel and sense his building orgasm. I clearly liked rubbing his cock on me. Then, with both his hands gripping my waist, he pushed his face between my ass cheeks. He took a gentle lick at my hole and with short, quick, sharp breaths let out an “ummmmm.” He then licked up and down my crack paying a lot of attention to my hole with long, flat tongued licks and also quick flicks with just the tip. He seemed to love licking me and I wanted to make him happy, so I arched my back alittle to give him better access. He took that opportunity to dive his tongue into my hole. I gasped and tried to move away but he just gripped my hips harder and continued to fuck my little virgin ass with his tongue. My surprise was quickly replaced türkçe bahis with pleasure and I relaxed and arched my ass up even more. I then felt him ease a finger inside me, it hurt at first and I thought about asking him to stop. Then his finger pushed in me even further and the pain was replaced by a wonderful, full feeling. He kissed all over my ass cheek as he moved his finger in and out of me, opening my hole. Slick with saliva he pushed another finger inside me. I buried my face in a pillow to hide the pain and moved back into them, letting him finger fuck me. I started out just letting him do it to make him happy but I found that I enjoyed the feeling. I liked having him inside me. My ass seemed to want him, to hunger for him. When Mr. Lowes pulled his fingers out and grapped my hips again, I didn’t protest. I didn’t think he was going to try and put his huge cock inside, but then I felt what had to be his cock head press against my hole. There was no way his fat thick cock was going to fit inside me so he just pressed his head into me over and over. I arched my back as hard as I could and tried to relaxe as the head of his cock attempted to open me up. The pain was intense but as before, it was soon replaced by pleasure as I know I had him inside me, even if only the tip. My own cock was rock hard and slapping against my stomach with each of his thrusts. I could feel my pre cum leaking out of me and all over the bed.I then felt his grip tighten on my hips and his whole body shake as he released his orgasm. I was shocked to feel the first stream of his cum fill my insides as he let out a loud, “Ohhhhh” sound. His güvenilir bahis siteleri pleasure sent me over the edge and I came also. He hadn’t even touched my cock and yet I was coming like crazy, forcing my little asshole to tighten and loosen on his cock head milking every last drop out of him. His cum felt warm and wonderful as he continued to shoot inside me. After a few moments, he collapsed onto the bed next to me, breathing hard and totally spent. I could feel his warm sperm leaking out of my hole. It made me feel so sexy, I couldn’t help but smile. I also felt so empowered! I made this big, strong beautiful man cum like that!We moved closer to each other and layed that way for a few minutes in silence. I loved feeling his naked body against mine and I’m sure he felt the same way. I knew I had to get home soon, but I had to have some more of my man before I left. I rolled over and began to kiss his chest and he reached over and stroked my back. I caught a glimpse of the scene in his mirror. I was so young, slim, slight and hairless and he was old, big, dark and hairier. I kissed my way down to kiss now limp cock as it rested on his stomach. I kissed down his length to his big beautiful balls. I planted loving kisses on his sack as I attempted to suck his balls into my mouth. Mr. Lowes groaned and moaned as I became more aggressive sucking and licking hard on his sack. His big beautiful manhood sprang to life again and like a moth to a flame ,I dove my lips around as much of his cock head as I could. He tasted delicious! A mixture of his cum and my own ass filled my senses. I was intoxicated! I was lost in the moment! I loved this mans cock! I stroked hard with one hand and squeezed his balls with the other. He came again quickly and I savored his flavor in my mouth. Mr. Lowes sat up and kissed me open mouthed, tasting his own cum and my ass on my lips.

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