Finding Heaven


Today is the day she told herself. Today she was going to find herself a man, in all her 20 plus years she only had a few men who make love to her, but none were what she really wanted. Her idea of a loving man wasn’t prefect, but she seems to have trouble finding him. He’s taller than her with dark brown or black hair, bright blue eyes that sparkle when he sees her. Tan skin, handsome with melt your mouth lips and tongue. His kiss would give a girl an heart attack. And his deep voice can melt her body to a puddle of water.

He stood in his back yard watching his son playing with the new kid from down the street. His wife, she’s gone now, and he’s doing the best he can. Now after years have gone by, he knew he was missing some things in life. He felt lonely, and lately his body has been telling him he wants a woman. And not just some one, the one who lives next door. She just moved in two weekends ago, and it’s the new kids mother.

“Jason, Jason, Where are you boy?” a woman’s voice across the fence. Just then she rounded the corner, and bump into him. His hands reach to catch her from falling down.

“Easy Honey, Your going to fall. I was going to tell you that Jason was inside with my son.” he told her. “Mom wants him.” she said. Turning he open the door. “Jason your mother would like you to come home.” he call out. “Coming” a squeaky voice yell back.

Standing with her back to him, she didn’t hear him come up behind her. “The view isn’t as beautiful as you are.” he said quietly. She turn and look at him, he took her hands in his. “What’s this about mom wanting me Grace?” Jason ask. “Yes she feeling better and would like you to red to her, if you would like to.” Grace told him. He ran off next ankara escort door. “My mother would like to know if you and your son would like to come to dinner tonight at 6?” she turn back and ask him. “We will on one condition, after everyone is asleep tonight you’d met me outside and take a swim with me.” he said. She agreed and went home.

“Come dad or we’re going to be late.” his son kept saying. He stood in front of the mirror looking at the jeans and shirt he was wearing. Getting ready to change again his son grabs his hand and pulls him out the door. ” Your dress find, your sexy looking, and she’s going to want to jump your bones dad, can we leave now I’m hungry.” he told his dad. Walking over seem to take forever, and once inside he felt a little more comfortable.

“Uh Mr. Black, My son tells me that your the coolest Dad around.” the lady said. “Don’t know about that mamma, but for the longest time I thought your daughter was Jason mother, it wasn’t till Jason came out the house this afternoon that I found differently,” he said. The next hour or so they spent getting to know each other. “I’m sorry Mr. Black I can’t stay up any longer, Grace come help me to bed.” she said.

Jason took him outside to the pool. “Mr. Black please don’t get mad at me but I was wondering if you have the hots for my sister?” Jason ask. “I’m not sure what that means, but I do like your sister, and would like to get to know her better. Does that answer your question Jason?” he told Jason. Jason nodded his head and went over to sit down. Grace join them and Jason and Arron ask if they could go play games on the computer. “You know what Jason just ask me about you.?” he said.

“No, but I bet your çankaya escort going to tell me right,.” she said. “Yes, He ask me if I had the hot’s for his sister.” he told her. “And what did you tell him?” she ask. “I told him I did, but what I didn’t tell him was that I wanted to strip your clothes off and push you against the nearest wall and plunge my cock into you and never come back out.” he told her. Her mouth drop open and she didn’t know what to say. He place his hand under her chin to close her mouth, then he lower his head and kiss her. She kiss him back, moving her hands around him. Lifting his head he look down at her. “Oh Grace, I wish we had more time, I think your the most beautifully, sexy, lady, who I know going to rock my world if we ever in up in bed together.” he told her. “I think you just rock my world.” she told him, getting up and walk over to the pool’s egde. “Grace, Dad called wanted to know if I could come over and spend the night, I told him yes, he’s going to be here in 10.” Jason said. They watch as Jason ran backinto the house. “Dad, I call grandpa to see if he would take me fishing, he’s on his way to pick me up.” Arron said then ran off. Pulling her into his arms, he bent his head and place a kiss on her neck near her ear. “I thin our kids are making sure we are alone tonight.” he whispers into her ear.

Looking up at the clock, it was after 12 am, she wonder if he was still up. Pulling on her robe she went down and out to the back yard. “Was wondering if I need to call you to get you to come.” he said. “No but mom was having a hard time and I had to make sure she was okay before I could come out. When I saw the clock I thought it might be to late, that you’d gone to demetevler escort bed.” she told him. He took her hand and lead her to his back yard. At the pool he took off his robe and turn and help her take off her robe. His breathe left his body when he saw she had nothing on under the robe. “Oh God Grace, your beautiful.” he told her. “Your not so bad yourself, Mr.Black.” she said. “I think we reach the time when you better call me Sam.” he told her.

In the water, they swam around for a while. Grace stop moving and sat down on the steps. He sat behind her. How old are you Grace?” he asks. “20” she told him. Taking her into his arms, he kisses her neck. “Grace would you think bad of me if I wanted to take you to my room and make love to you right now?” he ask her. Standing she takes his hand and walks out of the water. “Lead the way Sam.” she said. Taking her up the stairs to his room, he kicks the door close. He tells her to have a seat, while he gets the towels. She sits on the bed. He gives her a towel and she tosses it behind her and takes his hard cock in her hand. Lowering her mouth, she licks the tip, then she sucks him into her mouth. His hand went to her head, and he ran his fingers thru her hair. She takes him further into her mouth, as his hips lift and push in deeper. Her hands move down to his balls, bring them up to rub on the under side of his shaft. Pulling her head up she took her tongue and drew circles around his cockhead, before taking him back down her throat.

“Oh God Baby, suck me, you suck me so good.” he mumble. She knew he was close to cumming, his ball were tight, and his cock was getting harder, and hotter. Moving up and down fast, she brought him closer to his release. Holding her head he push as deep as he could and exploded deep in her throat, and she swallow every drop of his special cum. Pulling her up to face him he kisses her, and carries her up onto his bed, laying on top of her, he eases his cock into her pulling her legs up on his back.

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