Fiona – My Friend, My Goddess Ch. 03


For anyone who hasn’t been to Queenstown in New Zealand during the winter I’ll let you in on a little secret, it’s fucking cold, with a capital F. The adventure capital of NZ they call it, snow sports in winter, hiking and downhill mountain biking in the summer. The place is beautiful, set right on a lake, a great getaway.

We were sitting in the terminal waiting for the hire car to arrive to take My boss Tony, is wife Kate and their two kids into town after having arrived half an hour before for their first holiday of the year.

I was absently flicking though my phone when a snap chat notification came through. Opening up the message I was greeted with a gym selfie from Fi, Tight crop top, skin tight pants, hair up in a long pony tail with tag “Weights done, too bad your not here for cardio ;)”

As I was getting ready to think of a smart arse reply I noticed Tony walking towards me.

“So, turns out we’re probably going to be here a bit longer. Change of plans, I’ll get you to head home tomorrow and collect some extra luggage for us and bring it back on Friday.”

“Not a problem. I’ll head off first thing in the morning Tony,” I replied.

“Thanks mate, when you get back we’ll have you wait over here with the jet, not 100% sure when we need to he… Jesus who the fuck is that!” He exclaimed, pointing at the open snapchat on my phone.

“Fiona. mate of mine. A good mate of mine,” I replied with a wink.

“Well fuck, good on ya mate.” Tony said, clapping me on the shoulder.

“Hey, since we’re here for a bit and won’t have anything for you till you head back, why don’t you see if she want’s to come over for a short holiday?” Tony suggested, “At least you’ll have something to do.” Tony said chuckling and giving me a nudge with his elbow.

“You’re the boss,” I said sarcastically, “Thanks.”

“Just make sure you’ve got enough energy to fly us home,” Tony finished, as he turned to let Kate know of the change.

I looked back at my phone, snapping a picture out of the windows looking over the snow capped mountains surrounding the airport. Hitting send to reply to Fi with “Yeah, that view beats mine right now ;)”

At that moment, the hired Lexus pulled up into the pick up zone out front, and Tony and his family piled into the car, heading off for their chalet as an Uber arrived for myself. We headed our separate ways into town.


“Yep, life’s not too bad at all,” I thought to myself a I sat on the couch, fireplace warming the 1 bedroom apartment I’d been booked into for my stay in NZ, Speights beer in hand as I soaked in the view over the lake and Remarkables ranges in the background.

I grabbed my phone, opening up a message to Fiona.

“How busy are you for the next few days?” I hit send.

“Ummm, nothing I couldn’t change, why?” Came the reply, she must have had the phone in hand.

“Boss has me coming back tomorrow to pick up some extra gear. There’s a free seat if you could stand spending a few days locked up in an apartment in Queenstown with me ;)” I typed out.

“Are you fucking serious? Fuck yea!” the messages came thick and fast.

“I’ll start packing.”…

“What do I need?”…

“Fuck I’ll just pack it all”…

“Wait, how much can I bring?”…

I laughed to myself reading the messages. Fi always got over excited by things, one of her cute little traits.

In a break in the bombardment of excited messages I managed to reply.

“All you need is some warm clothes for when we’re head out, your cute butt, and a nice outfit as we’ll get a nice dinner one night since we’re here. Just don’t pack more than a suitcase, I’ve got a bit to bring back,”

“Fuck yea i’m so excited!” Came the reply, with a picture of Fi, massive smile on her face.

“I’m flying back tomorrow, i’ll over night at my place as I need to get some stuff. I’ll pick you up at 8am Friday morning yeah?”

“Can’t wait,” Fi replied, a quick selfie following. Fi was hiding in the corner of the gym, and had one hand pulling the top of her crop top down, barely containing her amazing breasts as she gave me a sneaky view of her cleavage.

.:0800 Friday morning:.

“So you excited?” I asked, as Fi walked out of the lift into the lobby of her building. She looked stunning as always, White top under a leather jacket, white scarf around her neck, Tight jeans that showed off her round, firm ass to stunning effect, tucked into knee high dark brown leather boots. She wore her hair down in her preferred style.

“Hell yeah!” she replied with a smile, “I couldn’t sleep last night in excitement.”

I walked over, grabbing her suitcase as she reached up, grabbing the back of my head and pulled me in to her, lips locking over mine, a kiss I was only too happy to return, the tingling bahçelievler escort sensation at that contact stating to become familiar.

“I also packed a surprise or two,” she said as she broke the kiss looking at me with a glint in her eye.

“Can’t wait,” I said, as I gave her ass a squeeze.

The drive to the airport was uneventful, we made small talk passing the time. Pulling up to the jet centre Fi looked over the apron, only one jet parked out front of the terminal.

“That’s yours?” She asked a small look of awe on her face.

“Well, i’m the main driver for it,” I said, “But yeah, that’s our chariot for the trip,” I continued.

“I’ve never been on a private jet before,” Fi said as we strolled out to the plane, “It feels like i’m some rich person with out own plane.” She said giddily.

I didn’t say anything, just soaking in her joy and happiness. She was like a kid in a candy store as I showed her through the jet, the huge recliner chairs, the custom inflight entertainment system (compete with internet and a massive movie database) as we made our way towards the cockpit

“Up to you where you want to sit, back here in luxury, or up front with me. It’s 3 hours to Queenstown and I can’t get out of the seat but I won’t blame you for wanting to enjoy everything you can.” I said.

“You don’t mind if I sit up front?” She asked looking at me.

“Sure thing, just don’t touch anything.”

“Anything?” a mischievous grin on her face.

“Sadly I’ll be a party pooper this time, gotta pay attention to you know, actually flying the plane.”

“Killjoy,” She said.

I showed Fi how to operate the seat adjustments, and the headset so she could hear and talk during take off and landing. The Phenom cruises high enough that there is very little cabin noise so you can easily have a conversation without a headset. We settled into our seats as I ran through my preflight and start up. In no time we were screaming down the runway on our way back to Queenstown.

20 minutes later we were settled into the cruise, both silently excited for what the next few days had in store.

.:3 hours later:.

“Hey check it out,” I said, gently placing my hand onto Fi’s knee and giving a squeeze.

She looked up from her iPad to glance out the side windows, snow capped peaks stretching around us.

“Oh wow that’s beautiful.” She said.

“Not a bad office view huh. We’ll be on the ground soon.”

“This is sooooooo cool Fi said as she reached over, her hand trailing up my leg, fingers brushing against my cock under my pants, “Thanks for bringing me, if only there was something I could do to say thanks,” She said, biting her bottom lip slightly as she looked into my eyes.

“You don’t need to thank me, but I’ve got a few ideas of what we can do to while we’re here,” I said, as Fi started to slowly stroke the length of my hardening cock. Her hand gently rubbing her pussy through the front of her jeans.

About then the aircraft radios came to life with Queenstown approach and my attention was dragged away from the vixen in the right seat. Fi released her grip on me, allowing me to focus on the job at hand, as she sat back and admired the view. ( For anyone who hasn’t flown into Queenstown, you fly down into the valleys as you position to land at the airport, it is stunning.)

“The car will be waiting for us, so we’ll be at the apartment soon,” I commented.

“Sweet, I need a good stretch, and a massage,” Fi said.

“I’m sure that can be arranged”


“HOLY SHIT!” Fi spluttered as she walked into the apartment, the wide open living room, with the floor to ceiling windows giving an unobstructed view of the mountains, clearly visible from the door.

“Not bad huh,” I said, as I wheeled her suitcase behind me, kicking the door shut with my foot.

“You weren’t lying when you said you’ve got the best job in the world, that view is incredible,” She said, as she walked further into the apartment. I noticed she glanced to the right, taking stock of where the bedroom as. To the left was the open plan kitchen with large central bench top. Beyond the windows, a large balcony jutted out.

The hotel apartments are built on the side of the valley, giving everyone an unobstructed view of the beauty that is Queenstown, not that I was paying any attention to that. My eyes were roaming over the beauty that stood in front of me, as Fiona marvelled at the view.

“Uh huh,” was all I could manage, My brain choosing that moment to cease forming coherent words.

Fi turned around, a devilish grin spreading over her face.

“Oh, I wonder what’s on your mind hmmm?” She teased, as she ran her hands up and over her breasts, slowly unzipping the front of her leather bahçeşehir escort jacket as she did so. She let the jacket fall to the floor, as her hands continued to roam over her body.

“I bet you’re thinking of how my tits feel in your hands, about my warm mouth wrapped around that hot, thick, throbbing cock of yours as I kneel down in front of you,” She continued, slowly, sensually, she swayed, her eyes closed. She hooked her hands up under her top, pulling it over her head, revealing a white lacy bra, material straining to hold her big round breasts.

I walked over to her, wrapping my arms around her. Fi twisted in my grasp, grabbing my hands in hers as she guided them onto her boobs, hands interlocked with mine we gently fondled her. I leaned in, kissing her neck. She pushed her ass back, grinding into my cock.

“Maybe your thinking of how amazing it’ll feel, your big cock sliding into my hot, tight cunt, stretching me out, making me scream, making me cum,” She continued, as I lowered a hand, sliding under the waist band of her jeans, fingers pressing aside her panties, and sliding over her clit, feeling her wetness already. Her body tensed, a sharp intake of breath at that contact. I felt her fall back into me ever so slightly, as my fingers began to trace little circles around her clit, moans escaping from her.

I continued to kiss, nip and suck on her neck, my fingers working over her clit, sliding between her pussy lips and deep into her hot wet honey hole, my free hand reaching up to grasp at her throat, squeezing slightly. I felt a shudder, her breathing becoming shorter, sharper.

“Harder,” She gasped, “I’m gonna cum, Don’t stop, keep going, I’m close.”

I had other ideas.

I suddenly pulled my hands free from her pants, releasing my grip.

“Hey what the fuc…” She didn’t get to finish the sentence, as I picked her up, carrying her towards the king size bed in the bedroom. Throwing Fi onto the bed, her boots, jeans and panties quickly joined the shirt and jacket on the floor.

Pushing her back to lay on the bed, I dropped to my knees between her legs, My mouth latching over her dripping pussy.

“Ugh OH FUCK,” Fi cried out as my tongue flicked over her clit.

“FFFUUUUCCCKKKKKK!” Fi’s legs clamped on either side of my head. I reached around her legs, taking a firm grip as I continue to eat her out. Fi started bucking and gyrating, trying to grind her pussy harder into my face. Moans and cries of pleasure spilled from her and I continued relentlessly, her orgasming rolling over her, reducing her to a being of pleasure. Her whole body was shaking uncontrollably, as I stopped to let her catch her breath for a second.

Standing up, I lifted my shirt up and over my head. As I did so, Fi sat up, unbuckling my belt and pulling my pants down to the floor, jocks included. I stepped out of my clothes. I bent forwards, grabbing Fi by the head as we locked lips, tongues darting into each others mouths, twirling over one another, exploring.

“Spin around, head towards me on your back,” I ordered, as I pushed her back onto the bed. Fi did as she was told, spinning around. She knew what I had in mind, as she scooted up so that her head was hanging off the edge of the bed. Her hands reached down to play with her pussy as I lined the tip of my cock up with her waiting mouth. She flicked her tongue out, barely making contact as I teased her mouth.

“Do you want it,” I growled to her.

Her reply left no doubt in my mind. She opened her mouth as she pulled me toward her, my cock sliding into her mouth and back of her throat. She managed to take my full length on the first go. She’d always boasted about how good her deep throat skills where, and now I believed her.

Her hand working over her clit, fingers plunging into and out of her pussy as I thrust my cock deep into her mouth, Fi sucking hard each time, trying to pull me in a deep as she could. i reached down and pulled on her nipples, rolling and twisting them between my fingers. Occasionally I’d give her tits a slap, eliciting a gasp and moan from my little goddess as I continued to fuck her face.

“Uh, fuck, you like that you dirty girl,” I said, as it trust my cock into her mouth once more, this time holding myself deep in her throat.

Fi reached up, putting her hands on my hips. She stayed like that for a few seconds, my cock buried to the hilt in her throat, before she pushed me away, my cock sliding out of her mouth with a slight pop.

“Tonight I’m yours, use me, make me your little slut,” Fi encouraged, as her hands stroked my slick cock.

I stepped away, as Fi rolled over onto her stomach on the bed. I grabbed a pillow and, lifting her hips, placed the pillow underneath her. Face down, her tight ass pushed up as she arched her bakırköy escort back I climbed onto the bed behind her, my hand stroking my rock hard cock. Reaching forwards to grab a handful of hair for leverage, I pushed my cock through her pussy lips and into her hot, wet cunt in once rough thrust. My hips slapped off her ass, causing it to jiggle slightly.

“Oh Fuck,” Fi said as the breath rushed out of her.

“God damn you’re so tight,” I said as I began to thrust in and out of her tight cunt.

“Your cock… feels so good, it’s… so..ugh.. big, you’re… filling me up,” Fi gasped between thrusts as I pistoned away, slamming my cock into her as hard as I could manage, my hand wrapped in her hair pulling her head back as I thrust.

“I’m gonna cum again,” she said, as I picked up the paced, Letting go of her hair and grabbing ahold of her hips, pulling her back into me with every thrust.

“There, close, i’m so close, i’m…” her whole body tensed up as she buried her face into the mattress, muffling her scream as another orgasm crashed over her. Legs and body shaking in pleasure I pulled myself from her, enjoying the beautiful sight of this nymphomaniac as she slowly regained her senses.

I shuffled myself to the head of the bed, propped up against the headboard. Fi crawled seductively up between my legs, her tongue flicking around her lips as she went to take my cock into her mouth once more. I grabbed her shoulders and continued to pull her up. She lifted her knees over my legs to sit astride my thighs.

I reached around, my hands cupping her perfectly formed ass and raised her slightly higher, my cock standing up between us. Fi reached down, guiding my cock to the entrance to her pussy. Without warning I let go, as she dropped the length of my cock in one motion.

“FUCK!” She cried out, again her body tensing up as another orgasm rolled over her. She fell forward, laying on my chest. We didn’t move, savouring the feeling, the warmth of our bodies as she lay on me.

“Asshole,” She giggled as she sat back, staring me in the eyes, “You know I cum easy that’s not fair,” She said as she slowly started to raise and lower herself on my cock, slight moans escaping from her.

“If it means you’re having fun, worth it,” I grinned back at her, leaning forwards to take a hard nipple into my mouth. Her hands gripped the back of my head, fingers twirling in my hair as she groaned in pleasure. Fi rocked, back and forth, my cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy, the walls of her cunt squeezing and contracting as she gently rode my cock.

We lost track of time, entwined in each others arms, Her riding my cock, me tensing and pushing my hips up to meet her. As I alternated sucking her nipples, my hands reached around to massage her ass, gently pulling her into me. My hands roamed, fingers trailing over her back, raising goose bumps.

Fi arched her back, thrusting her tits forwards as she placed her hands onto my legs her eyes locked onto mine. Harder, Faster she rode on my cock. I brought a free hand around, placing it on the front of her hip as my thumb rubbed her clit. Fi got a determined, focused look in her eye. I could feel her tensing and releasing, her pace quickened.

“How’s it feel, my tight pussy on your hard, thick cock.” She said, biting her bottom lip with another moan.

“Ugh, I’m close,” I said, feeling my own orgasm approaching.

“Come on baby, cum for me, give me that thick hot cum.” Fi said, riding me harder now.

“Fuck i’m gonna cum,” I warned.

She slid off me, positioning her self between my legs as she took me into her mouth. Hands stroking my cock, her mouth clamped over the head of my cock.

“Cumming,” I warned panting, as I erupted. Fi stroked hard, her mouth forming a vacuum like seal around my cock, not spilling a drop of my thick cum as shot after shot hit her throat. She continued to pump my cock, as she swallowed my load. Looking up at me, she licked her lips, a wicked grin on her face as she swallowed the last drops.

Releasing her grip on my cock, she crawled up beside me, as we lay on our sides. Fiona snuggled herself into me, pressing her body back, her ass pressing into my still hard cock.

“Wait, you’re still hard?” She said as she wiggled her butt against my cock.

“With your sexy ass next to me i’ll always be hard.” I replied as I nuzzled into her neck, my cock now pressing into the crack of her ass.

“We’ll if you’re a good boy, maybe we can see if that monster will fit back there too,” She said quietly.

“Huh, you sure?” I asked, not entirely sure I heard her right.

“I’ve always wanted to try it,” Fi said, “But not tonight,” she added as she felt my cock poke a bit further between that perfect ass.

“Haha, point taken,” I said, snaking my arms around her and pulling her closer into me. My hand fell to rest on her breast, as she linked her fingers into my other hand, my hard cock pressed between us.

“Thank you for having me,” She said sleepily.

“Thank you for saying hi,” I replied as I enjoyed the intimate contact, her naked body pressing into mine as we drifted off to sleep.

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