Fire of Lust II – Ch. 12

Big Tits

Reeva woke up as the first light of the day filled the room, however it was not her room. Looking around she saw that she was in Raj and Nikita’s bed, with a naked Nikita lying next to her, her back turned towards her.

The events of the previous evening came back to her. After returning from the hotel, the three of them had headed to their respective rooms, but everyone had risen up very early to say good-bye to Raj so that Raj could catch his flight. Once Raj had left, her mother had gone to her room, but as she had headed to her own room Nikita had caught her hand.

“Will you sleep in my room?” she had asked, “I don’t want to be alone right now.”

“Of course, and not just today, but as long as you need me to.” replied Reeva.

“That may be a long time.” said Nikita.

Hand in hand they had headed to Raj and Nikita’s room and fallen asleep in each other arms.

Leaning over she placed a soft kiss on her shoulder blade, continuing to place soft kisses on her back and neck Reeva tucked her naked body into her, mashing her breasts against Nikita’s back, as her hand snaked around her to hold her breasts.

“Mmmm…” moaned Nikita, as Reeva squeezed her breast. Encouraged, Reeva buried her face in her neck, while squeezing Nikita’s breast harder.

Nikita slowly came awake, with the wonderful sensation of her breasts being squeezed and someone kissing her on the neck, at first she tought it was Raj, but feeling twin breasts and aroused nipples poking into her back she smiled, languidly turning over onto her back she kissed saw Reeva looking down on her, a hand holding one of her breasts.

Smiling back Nikita Reeva reclined on one elbow while her other hand ran over Nikita’s sexy body.

“Good morning.” said Nikita.

“Good morning.” replied Reeva, as she bent forward and kissed her softly on the lips.

“How are you feeling?” asked Nikita.

“A little sore, but wonderful. Thank you for last night. I don’t think I would ever have worked up the courage to be with Raj, if it wasn’t for you.” replied Reeva.

“My pleasure. Being with the two of you was wonderful for me too. I hope we will have more such nights in the future.” replied Nikita, stroking Reeva’s face and breasts.

The two beauties enjoyed each other’s hands, as they lay quietly. Their actions clearly having an effect of each other, as their breathing deepened and their nipples came erect from arousal.

“So…do you think we have time for a quickie?” asked Reeva, impishly.

Smiling, Nikita started to pull Reeva’s head down for a kiss, when they heard her mother calling out for the two of them.

Quickly breaking apart they quickly went down to see why she wanted to see them.

“Morning Ammi.” said Reeva, giving a peck on the cheek.

“Morning, you were not in your room?” she asked Reeva.

“No, I slept with Nikita.” replied Reeva.

“It’s good to see you two getting along so well. I am sure Nikita was missing Raj.” replied her mother approvingly.

“Yes, I asked her since I didn’t want to be alone.” agreed Nikita.

If only her mother-in-law knew what she and her daughter had been up to the last few days, and what they will be up to for the rest of the vacations.

“That is good. I know Raj being away for so long is not ideal, but I am glad it is happening now when Reeva will be around to keep you company. Breakfast will be ready in 20 minutes.” she said, heading towards the kitchen.

Reeva and Nikita smiled at each other, with a quick kiss they headed off to their respective rooms to shower and change before.

“I have to call Sonali and tell her about last night.” thought Reeva, as she stripped and stepped into the shower.


The room was filled with morning light when Jina woke up. Looking around she saw that she was alone in the bed. Her body was little stiff and she felt the soreness between her legs. Despite that she smiled to herself, last night had been an amazingly fulfilling experience.

“Seema and Sonali had really meant it when they said they were going to fuck me like a slut.” she thought to herself. Thinking back to the almost non-stop orgasms she had experienced at the hands of the two younger women.

Smiling at the memory Jina tried to rise from the bed, that is when she felt the butt plug still inside her. Reaching behind she touched the disk that kept it from sliding further.

“Mmmm…” she moaned as a spike of pleasure shot through her.

Standing up took a couple of tentative steps, every time she moved the plug inside her gave a small jolt of pleasure. Deciding to keep it in place for the moment, she washed up quickly. Putting on a silk night gown over her naked body, she went looking for the Seema and Sonali.

She found the two girls in the kitchen wearing skimpy nighties, their back to her, preparing breakfast, as she opened her mouth to say call out to them, she saw Sonali casually reach over and squeeze Seema’s ass, who showed her approval by pushing back into Sonali’s hand. Encourage she saw Sonali’s fingers kocaeli escort bayan enter the other girl’s ass crack and goose her.

Giving a small shriek of surprise, Seema reached over and tweaked Sonali’s nipples, causing her to moan in pleasure and arch her back as encouragement.

“Haven’t you two nymphos had enough?” asked Jina.

Turning around the two girls looked at Jina and smiled.

“Look who’s talking?” said Seema, “I have never seen a woman have so many orgasms in such a short time.”

“You tired us both out last night, and we are the nymphos?” added Sonali.

“Hehehe…I don’t know what happened to me last night.” replied Jina, “I have never reacted like that or that long. It was a surprise for me also.”

“Did you enjoy yourself?” asked Sonali.

“A lot.” said Jina smiling, “but I don’t think it is something I can survive every day.”

“Well now that you are up, breakfast is almost ready.” said Seema, turning around to finish what she was doing.

As Jina moved towards the dining table, Sonali noticed that she was walking little strangely but put it off as her imagination, helping Seema put food on the table, while Jina took a seat. The three of them dug into the breakfast, last night’s activities having left them famished.

Immediately on sitting Jina felt the butt plug move inside her, she tried to ignore the sensations it was shooting inside her, but soon she started to squirm discreetly. Unaware, her constant movement also led to her nightgown falling open, exposing her chest and large expanse of her breasts.

Seema and Sonali had been eating and talking unaware of Jina, until Seema noticed her exposed chest. Bumping Sonali she pointed towards Jina. Jina continued unaware of the girls’ eyes locked on her, the simulation of the butt plug arousing her, a fine sheen was on her body. Unable to take it any more Jina stood up so that she could go to the bedroom and remove the butt plug.

That is when she saw the two girls staring at her with glazed looks, looking down she saw why their eyes were glued to her breasts. Smirking at the girls she picked up her plate and turned around to place it on the counter.

“Jina…” Seema murmured in her ear, “why are you walking like that?”

Jina felt Seema’s body against her back as she whispered in her ear, while her right hand on her ass.

“Oh…just a little sore from last night” replied Jina.

“Really…I hope we weren’t too rough with you.” said Seema, even as she pushed her hand into Jina’s ass crack and felt the butt plug.

“Unhhh.” moaned Jina, when Seema pressed the butt plug.

“You are still wearing it?” exclaimed Seema, “You are an even hornier than I thought. You really love having something in your ass, don’t you? I can’t wait to show the pleasures of anal sex.”

As she spoke Seema was turning Jina around to face her, kissing her on the lips she pulled open her nightgown and pushed it off her shoulders, it fell off her body, pooling on the ground, leaving her naked. Before she could protest Seema was already on her knees.

Pushing her face into Jina’s crotch, Seema smelled her arousal. Using her hands, she held her in place with her ass even as her tongue ran over her slit, tasting her. Jina’s hands in her hair keeping her in place even as her moans filled her ears, was like ambrosia to Seema, as she intensified her efforts, pushing her tongue inside her, biting on her nether lips, flicking her aroused clit.

Taken by surprise, all Jina could do was moan and trash as Seema’s wonderful tongue did its magic. Her fingers in her hair she pushed her face in her crotch. Joining the two women Sonali captured Jina’s lips, while squeezing one of her breast’s. Dropping her down Sonali captured Jina left breast is her mouth suckling the abundant flesh.

Jina was now moaning out of control, Seema’s mouth on her cunt and Sonali’s lips and hands on her breasts were driving her crazy with lust. Suddenly Seema stopped what she was doing and pulled away Sonali.

“What…” muttered Jina, in surprise.

Turning her around Jina pushed her to put her hands on the kitchen counter and bed over exposing her naked ass with the butt plug to her, grabbing it Seema slowly pulled it out of Jina.

“Ohhh….unhhh…” moaned Jina, as the sex toy exited her anus.

Dropping down to her knees Seema continued her assault on Jina’s sex. Watching the two of them was too much for Sonali who slithered between Jina’s arm, taking her face in her hands she started kissing her aggressively, her moans muffled by their kiss but filling her own mouth. The aunt and niece shared their lust with each other, their tongues battling, sometime within Jina’s mouth, sometime in Sonali’s.

Sonali caught Jina’s hanging breasts in her hands even as she kissed her, her hands were busy tweaking her nipples. Jina finally broke the kiss her mouth hanging open, panting, groaning. Her face glowing as she stared into her niece’s eyes with heat.

As Sonali watched Jina’s face in the throes of passion, she looked izmit escort bayan even more exquisitely beautiful than she could ever imagine. The fact that her aunt was standing naked in the kitchen, in the day time bent over while a girl ate her out from behind only made her more attractive. Sonali let go of her breasts, pushing her hair away she took her face in her hands, putting her forehead on hers she leaned in started placing small kisses all over her face.

“You look beautiful.” she whispered as she kissed her on the lips.

Jina smiled at Sonali, even as she felt the first contractions of her coming orgasm.

“You are a sex goddess.” whispered Sonali, as she kissed her on the lips and ran her tongue over Jina’s lips.

Jina moaned as the first wave of her impending orgasm reached her.

“I want to fuck you for the rest of your life.” said Sonali.

Jina went rigid as her orgasm hit her, then she screamed out her release her entire body shaking in the throes of orgasm. Grabbing on to Jina to stop her from falling, Sonali hugged her closely mashing their breasts together even as she whispered quietly in her ears.

Her orgasm finally over, Jina slowly sank down, yet even then as her face dragged over Sonali’s body she found the energy to kiss, nip and lick her. Finally coming to rest on her knees she rested her face on her thigh, breathing deeply to catch her breath.

Behind her sat a smiling Seema, with a big grin on her face, covered with Jina’s juices.

“Wow…” she said, “She may be the most sexed up woman I have ever met. After last night I did not think she would have the energy for another orgasm for another day or two.”

“Yeah, is this normal?” asked Sonali.

“No… but then there is no normal.” replied Seema, “We all have our own sexual drives. But hers is definitely on the high side…very high.”

“Would you two stop talking about my sex drive like I am not even here” murmured Jina, her face still resting on Sonali’s thigh.

“Sorry, here let us help you.” said Sonali.

Both, Seema and Sonali, helped Jina stand on her unsteady legs, then walked her back to the bed where she laid down, curling up.

“Just need a short nap.” whispered Jina, as she closed her eyes.

The two girls looked at each other and quietly walked out holding hands.


Reeva was watching TV.

Breakfast had been a quite affair, everyone missing Raj. Afterwards Reeva went to her room to call Sonali and tell her all about her amazing evening, however despite multiple attempts Sonali did not answer her mobile phone.

“I bet she is still in bed with Jina and that girl Seema.” thought Reeva, “No matter I have my own story to tell when she calls back.”

As she sat their watching a bollywood movie, Nkita joined her on the couch. The two of them sat in silence watching the movie as it played a romantic scene between the leads. Smiling Reeva turned to Nikita.

“Has Raj every romanced you like that?” she asked.

“Many times, but usually in fun, this bollywood stuff is so campy.” said Nikita.

“I know but it’s so much fun. What are your plans now that Raj is gone?” asked Reeva.

“Well school is off so I don’t have much to do, was thinking of going on a vacation, but with Raj gone, what’s the fun in that. I guess the two of us will have to find something to keep ourselves entertained?” said Nikita.

“I know a few ways we can entertain ourselves.” said Reeva, with a smirk.

“Yeah, but we can’t just fuck all day, and with your mother around we will have to be careful.” said Nikita.

“Well, I was thinking of hanging out with Alisha some more, perhaps you could plan something with your girlfriends.” suggested Reeva.

“That is a good idea, but be careful around Alisha. I have forgotten the number of times she has “accidentally” grabbed my ass.” said Nikita.

“Oh, I know all about Alisha’s proclivities and those were not accidental, she is very much into girls.” said Reeva.

“I thought so. Wouldn’t mind having a go around with her.” said Nikita.

“You may still get a chance; she is very much interested in getting me into bed. Maybe we can all have some fun together.” said Reeva.

“Hmmm, haven’t had a lesbian threesome for a while.” said Nikita, imagining herself in bed with Reeva and Alisha.

“Naughty” said Reeva.

She tickled Nikita who started tickling her back. Soon the two of them on floor having a tickle fight. Which ended abruptly with Nikita on top of Reeva as she kissed the younger girl. As the kiss deepened the two of them started running their hand over each other bodies. Grabbing Nikita by her ass Reeva pulled crotch into hers.

“Nikita! Reeva! Where are you two?” called out her mother.

Breaking the kiss the two women quickly broke apart a few seconds before Reeva’s mother entered the sitting room, flustered that she missed the state of the two women’s clothes or that they were on the floor.

“What is it Ammi, is everything ok?” asked Reeva.

“I just gebze escort a call from my sister in Chennai, she is very sick and wants me to come be with her.” said her mother.

“Is she in the hospital?” asked Nikita.

“No, she is home but the doctors have her on bed rest. You know how superstitious she is, she thinks without her sister next to her she will never get back and her son is also asking me to come just so that she will calm down and take her treatment properly.” said her mother-in-law.

“Then you should be with her. Reeva and I will be fine here.” said Nikita.

“I am not comfortable leaving you two here alone in the house alone. I know it’s safe but even then with Raj gone…I don’t know what to do.” she said.

“Okay, for now why don’t you find out the details about your travel and start those arrangements meanwhile let me see if Reeva and I can come up with an alternate.” said Nikita.

Nodding her head her mother headed to her room to start her packing as Reeva looked and Nikita with a raised eye brow.

“What alternate? With Raj gone there is no other family member who could come over and who Ammi will be okay with.” said Reeva.

“I know but let’s put our heads together and see what alternates there are. If your mother doesn’t go, she will be tense all the time, her sister will refuse treatment and God forbid something happens to her, your mother will never forgive herself.” said Nikita.

The two of them went over the potential list of family and friends they could stay with or who could come over.

“What about your parents?” asked Reeva.

“They are in the US visiting my brother.” replied Nikita.

“Your sister?” asked Reeva.

“Summer vacations with the kids.” answered Nikita.

The two of them sat in silence, when Reeva phone rang, picking it up she saw that it was Sonali calling her back.


Jina woke a couple of hours later, feeling refreshed from her nap. She saw that once again she was alone in bed. She headed to the washroom and washed up, chaning into a comfortable Shalwar Kameez, she went looking for the other two.

Not finding them in the lounge she looked into the other bedroom, where she found the two girls also napping. But it was the state of the bedroom that stopped her in her tracks.

Sonali and Seema where both naked on the bed with her faces next to each other’s crotch, the bed had several of Seema’s dildos and vibrators, as well as the butt-plug she had used lying around. It seemed the two of them hand finally hand enough after a especially intense sixty-nine and did not have the energy to even turn around.

Looking over the gorgeous nude bodies lying on the bed the evidence of their recent activities around them, Jina felt a surge of arousal.

“Maybe I am a nympho.” she thought to herself.

Getting herself in control, she quietly picked up the various toys and put them in the bag, in her bag she found a string of beads, one end having the smallest size while the other end had the largest. Recognizing it as anal beads she started to put it back but then stopped, after staring it for a few seconds she took them out and put them in a drawer.

Meanwhile Sonali woke up from her nap by the noise Jina made.

“Hi…you are up.” said Sonali.

“Yes, it looks like you two had a good time.” said Jina, smiling.

“Yes, she is really fun.” said Sonali.

“Let her sleep. You clean up and then wake her up to get dressed then we will go drop her off.” said Jina, as she left the room.

Sonali got out of bed, stretching she went into the attached bathroom and after washing up she put on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt and shook Seema.

“Time to get up Seema, why don’t you go take a shower and meet us in the lounge.” said Sonali.

Stretching on the bed Seema got up groggily and headed to the bathroom while Sonali headed out to the lounge. Picking her up phone from the couch see saw three missed calls from Reeva. Jina was watching TV as they waited for Seema to join them. She called Reeva back.


“Sonali, how are you doing?” asked Reeva.

“I am good, how have you been?” answered Sonali.

“I have so much to tell you.” said Reeva.

“Me too” interrupted Sonali.

“But right now we are dealing with a bit of an emergency.” said Reeva.

“Is everyone ok?” asked Sonali, alarmed.

“Yes, yes…everyone is fine but Ammi needs to visit her sister who is not feeling well, and with Raj abroad she is worried about leaving me and Nikita alone at home.” explained Reeva.

“Why? You too are perfectly capable of taking care of yourselves.” said Sonali.

“I know, right? But Ammi is old fashioned about these things and no way she leaves us alone.” complained Reeva, “So we have been thinking on how to handle the situation.”

As Sonali listened to Reeva go in detail of their current predicament, she got an idea.

“Wait, why don’t you guys come stay with us?” she asked Reeva.

“With you?” replied Reeva in surprise.

“Sure, its just Jina and me for now but your mother doesn’t need to know, plus the rest of the family will be here in a few days, even then the house is big enough for everyone, and it would be wonderful to spend time together. I can’t wait to meet Nikita and for you to meet Jina.” said Sonali.

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