First Intimate Touch


A couple who met via a dating site have acknowledged an incredible initial connection, something beyond just attraction.

Both are starting again after divorces and are keen to avoid taking things too far too fast, wanting to allow their relationship to develop and allow it to be about more than just desire.

But the sexual chemistry between them is mounting on their third date.


She knew she wanted him and that he wanted her, but the rules had been set. While they’d discussed waiting, they had been driving each other crazy with suggestions of stages of development in their sexual journey. First the control of a third date rule — which he hadn’t fully understood initially. Then they’d agreed that was too swift and had agreed to tease each other with the four F’s.

A little internet research during one of their late night phone calls had identified a variation on the theme. F1 French, F2 Feel, F3 Finger and F4 Fuck. She was keen to prolong the delicious anticipation and playfully introduced a fifth F Fellatio. They both knew the desire was building between them and neither was certain that they wouldn’t just race through all the stages at their next meeting.

He was coming to collect her from her house to take her to a restaurant for an intimate dinner. This would be the first time they would be alone together, and not in a public place. She took particular care getting ready, dressing seductively, stockings and suspenders and an outfit that showed off her shapely curves.

Underneath she wore an all-in-one navy silk body that flattered her figure and showed off her breasts, which would later give a surprise for her lover. A wrap dress and red heels completed her look and matched her carefully painted lips. She’d planned on painting her nails, but found she was trembling so much with the excitement of seeing him again that she couldn’t manage it.

He’d sent her an image during the day suggesting the fun of turning a man on in public — she intended to do just that over dinner tonight. With the electricity that existed between them it seemed likely whatever she wore, but she wasn’t going to disappoint him — she wanted him to be filled with desire upon seeing her. Just as she knew she would be for him.

She’d lost track of how often she’d looked at the pictures he’d sent her of himself. He was everything she liked in a man. Masculine, tall, broad shouldered and nicely filled out. She didn’t like men who were too slim, she knew enough about herself to know she wanted a man who had meat on his bones and had a presence that implied his power and strength. But it was his eyes that melted her, their gaze had been locked on one another for most of their first date almost at times saying things without words even then.

The clock showed it was nearly time for him to arrive. She was already wet with anticipation. Her heart began to race and she poured herself a glass of wine to steady her nerves. topkapı escort Suddenly there was a moment of calm — she took a deep breath and a sip of her wine. The sudden peel of the door bell made her jump! He was here, on her doorstep. Her heart pounded in her chest and she gulped, surprised at the power of her reaction.

Walking down the hallway she felt like a giddy school girl about to meet her first boyfriend. The thought crossed her mind just how delightful all these feelings were with him.

Opening the door she looked up to his face and their eyes locked as they had done on both previous occasions. She literally melted under his gaze.

“Hello, welcome to my home,” she greeted him with a smile.

“Hello gorgeous,” he said. Then he pulled her towards him for a kiss as he entered the house.

Hungry for each other they remained at the doorway for a few minutes just kissing, stroking each other’s face, neck and head, experiencing again the newness in the exploration of one another’s lips.

Holding her face he gently touched her with his lips planting delicate kisses across her mouth from one corner to the other. Then parting her lips his tongue found her, kissing her softly at first, then building stronger.

Lost momentarily in the desire she closed her eyes, then opening them again she looked into his and was once again struck by the sense of completeness that she had under his gaze.

“Are you going to show me around then? Because if we don’t stop kissing soon I don’t think we’ll make it to dinner,” his boyish smile indicating a much more grown-up intent.

Laughing she took his hand and led him towards the kitchen. Showing him her home felt exciting and right, but she was nervous. This meant a lot to her; after all it reflected a lot of her personality and taste. It struck her just how important it was to her that he liked her home, after all it was another aspect of her and was another step towards this being something real, not just about the chemistry they felt.

They toured the house downstairs while their hands held each other and their eyes explored each other’s appearance. She admired his shirt, likely how it showed off his broad shoulders and his jeans that allowed her to see the shape of his thighs. He was admiring her form in the wrap dress, showing just a hint of cleavage, the round shape of her breasts and her curvaceous bum.

“What about upstairs?” he asked, his eyes glinting at her.

“Yes, I want you to see my boudoir,” she joked.

Taking his hand she walked towards the stairs and at the bottom they kissed again. She kept finding herself shaken by how strong her reaction was to his touch. If he hadn’t had his arms around her she felt as though her knees would buckle.

Never being a woman who was prone to fainting, she was unused to such a dizzy sensation. She could only liken the lightheaded feeling to that which was produced from just the right amount tuzla escort of alcohol.

With a cursory nod towards the doors of the children’s rooms and the main bathroom they were suddenly on the threshold of her bedroom. At 6:45pm on a Thursday evening with this only being their third time together she was surprised how happy and comfortable she was inviting him into her private sanctuary.

“Nice sleigh bed,” he commented.

As he pulled her into his arms again she gave way to the abandoned feeling she seemed so happy to embrace when she was with him. His touch across her neck electrified her whole being, the intense look from his eyes melting her to the core. With his masculine stature at six foot and with wonderfully broad shoulders he could so easily have been intimidating, but all she felt was safety in her desire for him.

Kissing her delicately his hands stroked her back and then with such a delicate touch he traced the line of her neck, around her jaw line and then holding her at the back of her head as his kiss became more intense. She could feel the desire stiffening in his jeans, her arms around him tightly he expertly manoeuvred them both to sit on the bed.

“I’ve missed kissing you so much,” he said.

She moaned with pleasure at his admission.

“You’re making me dizzy,” she confessed.

“I want to feel your nipples,” he said.

Then he brushed aside the fabric at the top of her dress and stroked across her breast.

She’d rarely had someone pay so much attention to her breasts before and she longed for his tender touch. Her hands stroked his head as he lowered it to brush his lips on the soft flesh of her bosom, meanwhile his fingers found their way to tweak her nipple, sending a fresh tingle of excitement through her body.

She kissed his head and traced her mouth around to his ears, making him shudder as she touched his neck with her lips and explored his head with her finders. She knew that the amazing sensations that she was feeling were matched in him, his body trembled just as hers did as they touched one another.

Smiling at her he asked, “What time is our table booked for?” a cheeky suggestion that they may not make it if they carry on like this.

“We’ve got some time,” she replied. Knowing she wanted him just as much as he wanted her and that thoughts of food could wait.

His powerful hands stroked her knee causing a new wave of warmth rushing from her leg to her core. He sensed her tremble and smiled with sweet tender pleasure at her. She giggled, but it was clear to both of them that this wasn’t the kind of giggle that resulted from being tickled it was based on pure sexual desire.

Laid together they kissed and felt each other through their clothing. Both were enjoying the sensation, it was like they were teenagers experiencing early explorations into sexual pleasure. His hand then found its way to the top of her stockings and she felt him pendik escort tremble as his touched the bare skin above.

“Oh god, I want you to touch me,” she gasped.

“I think we’re crossing into new F territory,” he stated confidently.

His fingers found their way to the warmth between her legs, finding her moist already in anticipation of his touch.

“I want to taste you,” he declared.

“I want you to,” she replied.

Knowing that it was what they both desired. Her heart racing she felt his fingers expertly move the silk fabric to one side and the tips of his fingers brushed against her clit. If he hadn’t been kissing her she’d have gasped loudly. Instead muffled groans escaped her, his eyes signalled to her that he was just as aroused by the sensation of her warm damp lips.

“I want your fingers in me,” the words escaped her as the thought crossed her mind.

He responded rapidly and in doing so the poppers at the bottom of her all-in-one gave way to his urgency. He was momentarily taken aback to discover there was no other layer of defence. With the poppers undone he was free to explore her clit and the delicious moistness of her. She was on fire now aching for him to penetrate her.

He took his time, rubbing her and teasing her, getting her more excited and moist as his fingers stroked her and placed pressure delicately on the entrance to her cunt.

He then pulled his hand away and up towards her face, placing his fingers on her lips inviting her to taste the sweet saltiness of herself. She licked and then sucked with pleasure as the heady aroma of her own desire engulfed her. Together they tasted the musky juices and kissed each other again tasting her scent as their lips devoured his fingers.

Then his hand returned to her thigh and towards her inner warmth. His fingers slowly found their way into the inner area, gently at first, then with building pressure. He could feel her need rising and her hips rose towards his hand urging him deeper as he plunged into her, first one then two fingers deep inside her.

She couldn’t believe how quickly she felt like she wanted to cum. His thumb massaging her clit outside and his fingers penetrating deep inside her was creating a warmth and lust that she couldn’t recall experiencing with such intensity.

“I’m going to make you cum lots,” he stated.

As she looked into his eyes she knew the chemistry between them was going to lead to sensations beyond anything she’d experienced before. She matched his rhythm with the movement of her hips and gripping him to her she gave in to the mounting explosion that was building within.

With his eyes upon her, apparently seeing into her inner soul, she experienced an orgasm like no other orgasm she’d felt before. She was lost in a dizzy haze, seeing just him and his adoring eyes.

Holding her tenderly as the rapturous sensation washed over her, she knew she had found not only a man, who was incredibly talented sexually, but also genuinely caring and giving.

“Now then gorgeous,” he said looking intently into her eyes. “We better get going for that dinner reservation before I forget myself. You are delicious, but I want us to take our time and really enjoy each step in our plan of restraint.”

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