First MF(M) 3some (& photo session)


First MF(M) 3some (& photo session)Barely a year after my divorce I was horney as hell and looking in ALL the wrong places. I was getting tired of having a huge tab at the bar(s) and blue balls. Somehow someone suggested I try an online site (AO….but mind you…this was in 1997. Connection speeds were hideous…and the bulletin boards were the hot ticket. So…I posted that I was a single male with camera and willing to work my way around the fetish world as needed. I was doing part time catalogue shots for a lady friend that had a toy store that wanted to break into the online world, so I was fairly versed on fetishes & BDSM. What I wasn’t really ready for was….voyeurism & exhibitionists. But as a budding voyeur….I happily responded to a couple (just a few years older than myself) asking for someone to watch them have sex, take pictures and “Maybe more” after they grew comfy with them.I agreed to meet the husband at a bar convenient to us both and it appeared we weren’t that far apart from each other. So one Friday nite I met him for a few drinks and we chatted. Mostly about what I was doing single, how I was enjoying the BDSM toy photography world and how much photo experience I had in the past. After assuring him that inside lighting in a hotel/bedroom was easier than doing a wedding reception. He smiled and excused himself. I presumed he was headed to the john to dispense with some of the liquor we’d consumed. Barely a minute later he returned with a VERY buxom lady, a bit out of shape but with stunning eyes and hips. She was vertually spilling out of her skirt & blouse. AS he introduced me to her, I could tell she was sizing me up. I almost expected her to reach out & grope my cock thru my Dockers. Again we all agreed to slip to a slightly more private portion of the bar, “somewhere with less ears & light” as she put it. One more rounds of drinks and to the corner we went. again…more questions…now….about my sexual experiences…kinks….what did I NOT condone ( s**t/k**dy porn…iffy on Bi-male oral exchange….no butthole surfing on the first date… etc.)She smiled after a few minutes of silence and reached out…took my hand from my drink and slipped it into the open collar of her blosue to grasp her bare breast. As My thumb found her nipple she sighed and said “OK….. when can you start?”. I reluctantly withdrew my hand…sipped the rest of my drink and said…”I have my equipment in my truck….why wait.”Excellant he replied and stood up, handed me a hotel key and said “Give us 10 min head start and come join us. Remember….no touchy …pix only unless SHE says so. If yu want to jack off….fine….just not on me…OR her….again…unless SHE says so.” I shook my head and looked at the key to see the address….it was right across the street. By the time I looked up they were gone. So I ordered ONE more drink….and bursa escort looked at my watch. After 5 min….I paid my tab….went across the street..parked a& grabbed my gear and headed to the room. It was a 3rd floor balconey end room. I almost knocked on the door….and decided to just let myself in instead of ruining the moment. Slipping the key in I turned the the knob and slipped in as quietly as I could and quickly closed the door NOT sure of what I’d encounter. As my eyes adjusted to the low lights I saw my couple…..on the bed… a doggy position…..pounding away. She….was naked except for a pair of black & red hose garters & black fish-nets. The contrast to her almost alabaster skin was awesome. He was about my build and maybe a tad les hairy but endowed enough he could pull out 6 inches and still be buried between her vaginal lips. Already the room smelled slightly of sex. my Cock twitched in anticipation. I put down my bag…pulled out the camera and made a few adjustments, added a flash…..made sure the film was inside and set to the right speed. It was a good thing I was processing & printing my own film & prints…this would NOT fly at the photo store.Slipping behind I knelt down so I could get a good sac shot from behind…..almost instinctively he momentarily stop ….”Pop” went the flash, “whir” went the motor drive. Next I heard a giggle as she grunted “Do you like the view down there?”.”Matter of fact…yes…I do….but…can I turn on ONE more light so I can see the wetness & juices better?””Oh PLEASE do….I LOVE details or how excited I get” she muttered as he continued pounding her pussy. I moved around for about 10 minutes while he plowed & ground her, I got closeups of her face as it was turned from the pillow….her supple dangling boob(s)….her nipples…erect and swollen with excitement. His hands…tightly grasping her hips…the sweat dripping onto her back.As I sat down to roll-up the first roll of film & change….they switched to a side-saddle position….showing more of her face and breasts. I couldn’t help but stare into her eyes….she was looking at me intently. Almost willing me to share her experience…pleasure….orgasm? My cock was swelling now…that I wasn’t distracted by my “job”…I had to readjust it. As I did she smiled…..and sort of blew me a kiss. I didn’t look to see what her husband was looking at.As I snapped out of my excited daydream I closed the back of the camera. after loading another roll and advanced to the next frame I changed to a wider angle lens…letting me get closer….more “personal” so to speak. Kneeling by the head of the bed ( the direction she was facing) I focused on her face and framed it so he towered over her….but in a blur and snapped off a few frames. AS I stood up to move again my erection once again made it’s presence known by tenting my pants bursa escort bayan a LOT. It apparently garnered the attention of her too, as started to move behind them again she whispered between grunts & moans “Why not take your clothes off and get more comfy”? Maybe Jim will let you get in a few shots without his big dik in the way”. At this….Jim snickered and nodded his head. So…before stripping my clothes off I almost crawled between his legs and took a lcoseup picture of his cock buried to the hilt in her cream slathered lips…..his sac almost blocking the view of her clit. Her supple, pendulous breasts hung just out of reach….aching to be touched. ( Or so I thought).a couple of shots later I put down the camera, stripped off my polo shirt and dockers…..and tugged off my sox. After bending over to pickup the sox, I looked up and once again she was smiling at me. “No underwear?” she purred.”Nope….been commando for quite a while now… me more room” I said as I looked down at my painfully erect cock…now trailing a viscous string of precum. As I started to reach for the camera she suggested I just pull up a chair & sit & watch a while. So….following orders I tugged a chair to the side of the bed and sat down, my cock slapping up against my belly…leaving a large wet dollup of preccum.They’d just stopped again and this time Jim lay on his back as she saddled him up. She was bent over kissing him while reaching under to insert his cock into her pussy….but…she feigned she couldn’t reach and asked me to “help” her. So I stood up and slipped behind her one knee on the bed and gingerly reached for his cock….making eye contact with him…and once again….he smiled & nodded. So I grasped his slippery, wet tool and pointed the head between her lips. She teased around making it heard for me to put him in line…so I leaned closer and pressed her ass still while getting the purplish swollen head of his cock between her cream covered lips. With that accomplished he thrust upwards….a sloppy wet ‘Squish” filled the room…..the scent of raw…unbridled sex filled my nose….. my head spun and suddenly she sat up almost knocking me over. AS I started to lean back she whispered “play with my nipples….Jim never pays them enough attention.” Again making eye contact a7 getting “the nod” I straddled his ankles and slipped closer behind her to grasp her breasts. First cupping and squeezing the warm, soft masses…then progressing to kneading her nipples….she hissed and leaned back against me.”Yesssssssssss…..harder…HARDER! Pinch Them…..Bite my neck….NOW!!” she almost cried out. I pressed my nose to the nape of her neck and inhaled while my tongue teased & licked…then I nibbled and softly nipped at the back of her neck while pulling and almost rending her swollen teats. I could feel Jim increasing his strokes…deeper….harder.My escort bursa cock was trapped between my hips and her back…..madly oozing and almost throbbing. She kept swiveling her hips, in an attempt I presumed to get more of her husbands cock inside her. When I stopped biting the back of her neck she turned her head to me and growled..”If you don’t put that cock in my ass NOW”…I am going to personally beat the hell out of you once I cum”.I barely blinked my eyes twice in disbelief when I felt Jim slow down and her bend farther over exposing her puckered brown anus. First licking a finger and gently testing her hole….then grasping my cock and gathering an ample portion of precum I lubed her star. First one finger…..gently gliding in…..then more precum on two fingers…in & out…..till I felt her relaxing more. Then….I aligned my cock head with her pucker….and EVER-so-gently pressed …feeling the head just pop in. I stopped and reeled as the head was firmly grasped….then relaxed..letting the entire head in….now….gripping the shaft. The head…..the meer action…was almost enough to made me cum right then & there.Slowly I pressed more till I was to the hilt….when I felt his cock…seperated by a skinny layer of intestine and womb from my own cock. I could almost feel his cock throbbing too…when he resumed his stroking. I think it took us 2-3 minutes to finally get a co-ordinated rhythem before she started to growl…..increasing to almost a groaning scream.”Fill me you fuckers! Fill me with man-goo, jizz, baby-batter…what EVER you want to call it but do it NOW” she commanded. I started pounding with all my might….my sac smacking the underside of her ass which was all covered in cream for her own excitement. I felt Jims sac bang into my own on a few occasions…but nothing was said. Suddenly HE added a growl and I felt his cock jerking….which triggered my own orgasm…sending torrents of cum…first one squirt…then two…then three, then four…before I think it was going to be my brains coming out. Grasping her hips to keep from crushing her I gently lay there, my damp chest covered in sweat from her back and surely from me too. I could feel her pussy starting to contract so I figured my time was drawing to an end. Slowly I extracted my cock from her ass with a sloppy “pop”, slipped from the bed and into the bathroom for a washcloth to clean her up. AS I returned…I was mildly surprised that Jim was under her licking the cream from her pussy AND ass. As I stood there in mild shock she looked and smiled and said “VERYNICE for a newby.”. Then she reached out her hand to pull me close for a deep, sloppy kiss. I felt my cock jerk awake and looked down at it , as did she. “Ready for more are we? My…aren’t WE insatiable”. Jim?…can he fill in for abit while you recoup?”Jim just sat up, took the wash cloth from my hand and wiped the random cream from his face & smiled. “Sure….he’s almost family now”….then strode across the room t make them a drink.It was gonna be a looonggg, fun-filled nite indeed.

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