First Night Seduction Pt. 02 Ch. 02


Three weeks later . . .

Lily had been as good as her word, the press conference hadn’t happened and suddenly the papers had been awash with stories about the ‘minor’ celebrity’s out of control behaviour in clubs around the world and Theo had been left in peace to recover; well there were a couple of reporters from local papers still hanging around the hospital but none got close to where Theo was — he’d spent the latter part of his stay in a high intensity coronary nursing ward which he didn’t strictly need but after the I.C.U. it was the most secure adult ward in the hospital. To-day Adrien was taking him home, Theo’s chopper was scheduled to arrive at the hospital at lunchtime and Adrien kept looking at his watch every few minutes whilst constantly scanning the skies for its arrival.

“It won’t get here any quicker just because you’re looking for it,” Theo said quietly from behind Adrien as he wrapped his arms around Adrien’s body and nibbled at his ear.

Adrien leaned into Theo’s embrace, tilting his head to expose more of his neck,

“I shouldn’t let you do that you know, it gets to me too easily.”

“I know,” Theo chuckled as he carried on teasing Adrien with kisses and nips up and down his neck.

“Theo we haven’t had sex in over six weeks, you’re dealing with a desperate man here and besides which our family are waiting for us at home so even if you were up to taking this further we can’t.”

“My doctor has assured me that as long as we don’t start swinging from the chandeliers for the time being I am more than capable of screwing you to the mattress young man. Which I’m sure you also know.”

“I bet that was a really comfortable conversation to have with my colleague.”

“Actually he was really good about it, it was him that brought up the subject, said it was the one question everybody wants the answer to. So tonight, my hero, you and I are picking up where we left off the night before I flew to Canada.”

“Oh god yes please,” Adrien breathed.

They’d spent hours edging each other, it was one of their favourite sexual activities and Theo was a master at it, the sex following all that teasing and orgasm denial was always phenomenal.

“It’s here,” Theo whispered, “look,” he pointed towards the horizon at a speck in the sky.

“How the hell can you tell it’s yours?”

“Because it’s bang on time and heading directly this way. Time to say goodbye to everybody.”

It was true they needed to, not just the staff but also the other twenty or so patients who Theo had spent time diligently getting to know and beyond the adult ward there was also a small children’s ward as Adrien was virtually unique in that he took on paediatric cases alongside adult ones. Theo had said repeatedly that spending time with the children playing games, reading stories to them and generally acting like everyone’s favourite uncle had saved his sanity and aided his recovery.

“I got this today,” Theo said as they rode the lift to the top floor, holding out his mobile to show Adrien a text.

“I’m so happy to know you’ve fully recovered Theo, I wish you and Adrien all the best for your future together. Li-anne x” he read.

“Wow, that’s kind of her.”

“She is.”

When they were strapped into their seats in the helicopter Theo slyly took a photo of Adrien then started typing a caption for it before launching it on the world,

“My gorgeous, clever, talented hero taking me home — at last!”

“What the hell have you just done?”

“I wanted to share this with everybody so I’ve put it on Instagram.”

“I didn’t know you had an account.”

“I didn’t until last night and I doubt I’ll ever use it again,” Theo laughed.

At home Theo’s nieces had joined their little throng and as soon as the two men had escaped the downwash from the slowing rotors they threw themselves at their uncle squealing with delight to see him.

“Hello my gorgeous girlies,” he beamed as he wrapped his arms around them.

“Is he really fully recovered?” Emily asked Adrien.

“Not quite, he’s got some more recuperating to do but he will be.”

Emily let go of her uncle and wrapped her arms around Adrien as she started crying.

“Hey, sweetie, it’s ok, sh, don’t get upset now, it’s all over,” he soothed her stroking her back.

He’d fallen in love with the two girls the first time he’d met them, they were as Theo had said irresistibly sweet.

“Thank-you Uncle Adrien, for being brave enough to save Uncle Theo for us.”

“What did you just call me?!” he asked utterly shocked at her words.

“Well you are aren’t you? If Uncle Theo was ordinary his wife would’ve been our aunt by that logic it makes you our uncle, well it does to me.”

“And me,” her sister added.

Only Theo saw the shocked look on Adrien’s face caused by their words.

Later that evening, although not that late, their family surprised them by leaving to go back to the hotel they’d Casibom used in the early days of Theo’s hospital stay.

“You need time alone love,” his mother had explained when she’d told them of the plan, “you’ve spent three weeks being surrounded by dozens and dozens of people, not bad for two men who’re used to being alone. We’ll see you tomorrow afternoon, about three probably, it may be a bit later we’re showing everybody round the university, turns out Emily wants to study history so we thought we’d introduce her to a few people, let her get a feel for the place.”

“Thank-you Dorothy, that’s very considerate,” Theo smiled.

“Nonsense it’s a perfectly logical thing to do, besides which if she gets a place there her lecturers will know who she knows, always a good thing.”

“Alone at last,” Theo said as they waved off their family.

“Theo we don’t have to do anything, just having you next to me will be enough for me honestly.”

“No sentence ending with that word is ever said honestly,” Theo replied, chuckling, “not only that I distinctly remember you agreeing to a reprise of the night before my trip.”

“It’s not my preferred option I’ll admit but truly I’d be happy to just fall asleep with you.”

“Then I say we revert to our original default programme, we let the night bring what it will. Would you care to join me in having a small celebratory drink and a bath?”

“You know it’s been a while since anyone used their seduction skills on me, a person could feel neglected,” Adrien replied acting coy in a highly theatrical manner.

Theo pulled Adrien to him a hand behind Adrien’s head the other at his face,

“You want seducing all over again do you?” he asked as he looked deep into Adrien’s eyes before he spun Adrien round but kept him close, really close,

“Then I have to ask if you’re here to fuck or be fucked?”

“With that Pierce Brosnan voice you had me in that first moment I just didn’t have the guts to tell you.”

“In that case get this pert little ass,” Theo squeezed Adrien’s behind, “up those stairs” he slid a hand up over Adrien’s hip and down to his clearly swollen cock, “and get the bath water running, I’ll bring the drinks. Now, or somebody might find themselves with a smacked behind,” to emphasise his point Theo playfully spanked Adrien’s backside.

“Promises, promises,” Adrien laughed as he turned to face Theo, he kissed him then dodged away to head upstairs.

Adrien was watching the bathwater run when he heard Theo enter the master bedroom,

“Nearly done,” he called to him.

“Be there in a minute,” Theo replied.

Theo had had no difficulty in persuading Adrien to forsake the bedroom next to the master in order to create a bathroom as enticing as the one in the city apartment; Theo had even had the bath — easily as large as the apartment one — specially made to appear to be in keeping with the house. Now Adrien had everything as it should have been for Theo’s homecoming three weeks ago, the room was awash with candlelight, as was the bedroom although so far Theo had made no comment about it and Adrien could only hope that he wouldn’t find it too much, too romantic, too feminine. Adrien had passed some of Theo’s time away choosing a playlist for that night, now this night’s reunion, and as soon as Theo joined him the music would begin, with Barber’s “Adagio for strings”.

So lost in thought was Adrien of how things should have been on Theo’s return, could have been after the accident, that he didn’t notice Theo at the partly open door and Theo, seeing his lover with such a faraway look couldn’t resist taking another picture of him although he made no move to show this one to the world.

“This is wonderful,” he said as opened the door wider waving a hand to indicate the room, he slid the tray he was carrying onto the vanity unit, “grapes, mascarpone and a particularly enjoyable little fizz I found in a place called Polperro.”

Adrien smiled but he was clearly struggling to stay that way, one corner of his mouth kept twitching and Theo could see the distress in his eyes. All thought of making love left him and he wrapped his arms round Adrien putting a hand between his shoulder blades the other he lay gently on the back of his head, Adrien nuzzled into the crook of Theo’s neck his eyes closed as he used the fabric of Theo’s bathrobe to pull him close.

“Don’t ever do that to me again,” he whispered and despite how quietly he spoke Theo could hear the pain in Adrien’s tone, “I have never been so absolutely fucking terrified in my life. When Maria told me it was you I almost passed out, my knees all but went from under me, ask her, all that stopped me blacking out was the thought that if anyone could save you it was me,” he stopped to take in a shuddering breath clearly trying to remain calm.

“You needed me at beyond my best, I needed me to be beyond my best and Maria kept telling me I couldn’t do it and part of me couldn’t understand why she wasn’t thinking Casibom Giriş like me, that I was the only one who could. That’s not arrogance you’d been sent to me, the A&E team at The Royal Infirmary could have sent you to the Waverly but they sent you to me. Never have I been closer to believing in some greater being because it sure as hell felt like fate or something like it had had a hand in putting you on my table. And all the time I knew that if it all went wrong I’d be the one responsible for not only telling your family I’d also be the one responsible for the death I was telling them about. I was so fucking scared Theo.”

“I quite literally owe my life to the man I love, I don’t think we could be more bound together,” Theo spoke soothingly planting small kisses on Adrien’s hair and temple.

Adrien lifted his head to look at Theo,

“Yes we could,” he said taking a small box from the pocket of his bathrobe and holding it up for Theo to see.

Neither man moved, Theo stared at the small dark blue leather-covered box, Adrien watched Theo’s face which gave away nothing, after too many seconds for Adrien’s liking he closed his fingers round the box and started to lower his hand,

“Don’t you dare,” Theo growled and Adrien unfurled his fingers.

“If you’re wondering I don’t need the official words if you don’t, it can be just between us,” Adrien assured him.

“And why on earth would I not take the chance to marry you, if that’s what you’re offering.”

It had always struck Adrien as odd that it was in these quiet, exceedingly private, moments their differing but wholly equal roles in their relationship showed. He was no less manly or any more gay than Theo – in fact one of their gay friends had once begged “For fuck’s sake put us all out of our misery, which one of you’s top?”- to the outside world neither of them gave precedence to the other but between themselves it was Adrien who had the softer, gentler, nature yet it was him who reigned in Theo’s exuberance, his tendency to want to spoil those he loved and cared about, from the things he did — or wanted to do — for Adrien, his family and even Adrien’s parents for birthdays and such to how much he’d been prepared to spend on the refurb here at the vicarage .

Had any of those who knew them well been asked which of them was more likely to propose to the other most would have said it would be Theo doing the asking, not because he was apparently the dominant one who made all the decisions but simply because it was obvious, when you were allowed to see it, that he adored Adrien and would do anything to make him happy, besides which he was also a hopeless romantic when it came to his lover; but they both knew that Theo would have always waited for Adrien to be ready to ask first. On Adrien’s part he’d debated this with himself, his parents and, unromantically, his lawyer; whilst he knew that no-one important to Theo and himself would think it he didn’t want anyone believing he wanted to marry Theo for something as base as money although he knew there would inevitably be those who would. That was where his solicitor came in, together they’d formulated a pre-nup but for now that could wait.

“You would?”

“Dear boy nothing would make me happier.”

In the end it was Adrien who opened the box inside was a simple platinum ring with a small but flawless inset diamond.

“I’ll try it on but then it goes back in its box until the day.”

“What? Why?”

“It’s a wedding ring so if you want me to wear it you’d better marry me,” Theo laughed.

“Pick a date.”

“Yesterday if I could, soon as possible otherwise.”

“I love you.”

“Mister Theo Jepson, businessman et cetera and Professor Adrien Leadbeater outstanding human being and hero are unbelievably happy to announce their betrothal, wedding date to be decided,” Theo intoned, “think that covers it. The usual half page in The Sunday Times I think.”

“You really are crackers,” Adrien laughed.

“Crackers about you but that water’s getting cold and the fizz is getting warm so get naked.”

“Not until you’ve tried it on.”

Before Theo could take off the ring Adrien stopped him, laying his hand over Theo’s,

“Please keep it on just for tonight, it actually looks quite sexy.”

It fitted perfectly and on Theo’s large finger looked unobtrusive and stylish,

“You know I’m getting one for you don’t you?”

“That’ll do nicely, now about this getting naked business.”

“I’ve just had one present but you are a gift I wouldn’t tire of unwrapping every day,” Theo said as he released the knot at Adrien’s waist, he parted the front of the robe and then slipped it from Adrien’s body as they kissed, “you get in and I’ll bring the drinks.”

Adrien set the music going before submerging himself in the warm water, he watched Theo pop the cork on the champagne, pour it into two flutes and set the glasses on the bath rim, next he brought the dish of grapes and cheese.

“What are you scared of love?” Theo looked at Adrien questioningly as he joined Adrien in the bath.

“Not scared exactly, more like nervous, I want us to do whatever feels good but the not-a-doctor part of me’s feeling very wary of doing too much.”

“What’s the doctor in you saying?”

“No chandeliers I’m afraid but you laying back and being loved will be a good start.”

The men listened to the music Adrien had programmed into the sound system in near-silence, the two were sitting side by side and it didn’t take long for Adrien to lay his head on Theo’s shoulder; they ate the fruit and cheese with Adrien often offering grapes to Theo’s lips,

“Come on love, let’s go to bed.”

Adrien looked at Theo and nodded in agreement but his own heart raced, he now fully understood how the partners of his patients felt; beyond the fear and anxiety in the immediate aftermath of the crisis there was the need to wrap the one you love in cotton wool and protect them from everything that could harm them — including intimacy.

In the end it was Theo who spent time reassuring Adrien,

“Do you remember what I said to you our first night together?” he asked stepping close to Adrien as they dried themselves.

“Every word.”

“Good, then you’ll know you’re in charge, I mean I couldn’t have a better partner for this could I? After all I have the nations’ pre-eminent cardiac surgeon taking care of my every need, I couldn’t be in safer hands now could I?”

“Theo you have to tell me the moment you feel any pain or faintness or,”

“Adrien I can feel faint just looking at you,” Theo chuckled, “especially when you’re naked, but yes if I feel in any way off I’ll tell you I promise. Now can I please go to bed with my husband to be?”

Adrien’s eyes widened for a second before a smile began to lift the corners of his mouth,

“Say that again,” he told Theo, “that last bit.”

“I asked if I could go to bed with my husband to be.”

“That,” he put his lips on Theo’s, “sounds” he pressed them a little harder to Theo’s, “so,” he swept his tongue quickly over Theo’s mouth, “fucking good,” he finally allowed himself to indulge in the passion-filled kiss he’d been anticipating the day of Theo’s return and which had been on hold for three weeks.

Adrien pushed Theo against the wall pressing their bodies together, grinding his hips against him his hands holding Theo’s head his fingers moving through the hair at the nape of his neck. Theo responded immediately running his hands down Adrien’s back to grasp and maul his ass.

It didn’t take long for both of them to become fully hard, their cocks slipping and sliding together heightening their arousal and need. Adrien groaned when he felt Theo’s fingers begin to travel down the valley between the cheeks of his behind. Theo moved his mouth from Adrien’s to kiss and lick along his jaw to his ear then down to his shoulder smiling at seeing goose-pimples break out all over Adrien’s skin,

“Oh god yes!” Adrien exclaim letting his head fall back to give Theo greater access to his neck and shoulders, “Bite, harder, please.”

Theo obliged and he felt Adrien collapse even harder against him, his breathing immediately becoming shallow and rapid in response.

“Jeez, I’ve missed you doing that,” Adrien gasped.

“No more than I’ve missed doing it love,” Theo slid a hand from Adrien’s ass to his thigh, hitching it up as high as possible given their current position then passed his hand beneath it to Adrien’s now exposed anus to tease it with a finger.

“Oh fuck!” Adrien yelled when Theo’s finger penetrated him.

“Forget the night before I left I’ve got to fuck you, I need to sink my cock so far into you it might never come out.”

Theo took hold of Adrien’s hand and led him to their bedroom,

“Thanks to you,” Theo began when he pulled Adrien into another embrace looking deep into his lover’s, now fiancé’s, eyes, “I’m alive and well and I want us to celebrate that with our family and friends sometime soon,” he kissed Adrien gently, “but right now all I want is to feel you next to me, loving me.”

“Mister Jepson, are you in the mood to be seduced?” Adrien smiled.

“You know I rather think I am.”

“Oh good,” Adrien said as he stepped away from Theo towards their bed, although he kept hold of Theo’s left hand, “because as your doctor I’m prescribing an evening of passion-fuelled, desire-driven, horizontal exercise.”

“Will you be filling that prescription yourself?” Theo grinned as he wagged his eyebrows and mimed twirling a moustache he didn’t have like some Victorian melodrama villain.

“Crackers, my man is absolutely raving bonkers!” Adrien laughed as he threw himself on top of the duvet, turning onto his left side to look at Theo.

His physique had not been marred by the scar Adrien had been forced to put there but it was still red and angry below the dressing the district nurse would come to change the following day; which coincidentally was also the day Lily would be moving in during office hours at least, she’d be sleeping at the cottage Theo had bought in the village.

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