First Orgasm


A girl never forgets her first orgasm. The discovery, the exploration, the exhilaration, followed by that small amount of guilt at what we’ve done. For a girl is conditioned to think her own sexual pleasure is naughty and unnatural. Or at least that is how it was for Kira. In a Christian household female sexual desire is considered dirty. She grew up watching sex on t.v, reading about sex in books, overhearing sex in adult conversations became an insatiable hobby. As innocent as she was, she could not stop herself from watching all different types of bodies come together in heated passion, tenderness, anger, greed, and force. It became her dirty little secret, late at night, in her living room under cover of a blanket with the volume down low.

Then one day Kire met Emma in her last year of high school. Emma was the wild and crazy to her meek and shy. She’d had been sitting at her desk drawing a picture of a naked woman when Emma first approached her.

“That’s beautiful.” She’d said. Kira hadn’t been aware anyone had been behind her and able to see. So she jumped.

Emma smiled. ” I’m Emma. Your Kira right? Do you wanna hang out sometime? Maybe come to my house tonight?”

She thought of the compliment on her drawing and “Sure” escaped her lips. Emma was average height for a girl her age, gangly, skinny, with wavy light blond hair, big blue eyes and small but perfectly shaped breasts. Topped off with a wide mischievous smile. She made my brown hair, brown eyes, average build, large breasts and thoroughly plain face seem awkward.

We hung out and talked in a way most normal teens would. It being a weekend she asked me to spend the night and Kira happily agreed.

After her parents had fallen asleep they set themselves up in her living room lying beside each other under some blankets and in front of the television. She held the remote and stopped on one of the pornographic channels. Typing in the parental code and on the screen popped a big breasted blond woman being fucked by two men.

“It’s ridiculous, i know. I’ll be 18 soon poker oyna and they still think i don’t know the code.” Emma made an exasperated sigh of annoyance.

There was one attractive man with a smaller penis and and less attractive one with a giant penis. The first one thrust himself into her vagina from beneath her while the other mounted her from behind and pushed himself into her asshole. She was moaning in from what could have been pain or pleasure.

Emma turned to me. “So do you ever watch porn?”

Kira tore her eyes away from the screen reluctantly then a blush crept up her cheeks. “Ya. Whenever I get the chance. Is that weird?”

“I don’t think so. I think it’s…” She paused trying to think of an appropriate word. “funny.”

The woman on the screen began to scream “Yeah, yeah. Fuck that asshole. Fuck me harder!” Their gazes immediately snapped back to the screen and they continued watching.

They continued their late night porn slumber parties almost every weekend. Together they learned the way and terms of the sexual world. Never doing anything about it. Before they turned 18 masturbation wasn’t something they were ready to allow themselves to think about. As natural as it seemed to them, they could only think about how other people (mainly their mothers) would see it as dirty.

One night shortly after they both turned 18, Emma put on a girl on girl porn. They sat crossed legged and stared at the screen intently. A blond and a brunette had begun making out and rubbing their breasts together.

“I just don’t get it.” Kira said turning red. she tended to change the channel from the girl on girl porns, felling ashamed knowing that it turned her on just as much as man on woman porn.

Though she’d had boyfriends before, she never had sex. And she knew Emma hadn’t either. Both of them had very religious parents, so abstinence was an ongoing message burned into their brains. Not that they minded. They always had Their late night porn sessions for information.

Emma’s blond hair spun and she stared at canlı poker oyna Kira for a second and giggled. “You seriously don’t?” A playful smile stretched her mischievous mouth. She pounced. Pushing Kira onto Her back and began to tickle her while mounting her. Kira looked up and tried to control her giggles. Then remembering that Emma’s mother and father were away on retreat, let them out in loud bursts.

Emma began to thrust against Kira like they’d seen men and women do so many times before. She pretended to moan and screamed “Yes! Kira, yes!! Oh ya fuck me! Fuck me so hard. You like that?” Kira knew it was innocent and she was just playing but couldn’t help her body’s reaction. It was like every part of her became ultra sensitive.

Emma began to thrust harder and moan more as Kira laid back smiling at her silly outrageous friend. That’s when Kira noticed something change. It was Emma’s facial expression, there was surprise in her eyes. Her breathing changed, becoming heavy. Her thrusting became more rhythmic.

She looked away from Kira’s eyes and said “Something’s happening. I.. need… I need to keep going okay…” she struggled with the sentence as if every bit of it were about come out in a pleasured yelp.

The long t-shirt Kira was wearing began to ride up. Emma was also in a nightie so there was nothing between their vagina’s but thin panties. Emma’s fake moans had been replaced with her own soft “mmm, mmm” sounds. Kira could feel Emma’s wetness through her panties as they rubbed against her own wet underwear. And suddenly Kira knew exactly what Emma meant because she had begun to feel it as well. Emma’s vagina against her own sent her reeling.

“Don’t stop Emma. Please, just don’t stop.” Kira said leaning up and pressing her lips to Emma’s as their tongues immediately snaked together. Kira gasped and released her lips from the kiss. She could feel her lower half get tighter and tighter. “Emma!” She half moaned, half yelled.

“Yes. I know.” Emma replied breathless.

Thrusting her chest forward while they internet casino dry humped, Kira tried to press her breasts to Emma’s. Emma roughly pushed Kira’s shoulders back down and lifted her shirt above The breasts and latched her mouth onto one of the nipples. Kira was lost in ecstasy. Emma released the nipple and instead cupped the breast in her hand and caressed the nipple. Kira slid her hand under Emma’s shirt returning the gesture. They looked into each others eyes and knew that this was something they’d both wanted for a very long time. Kira was first to break the gaze when she felt her muscles spasm. Tightening and releasing rapidly while her toes tingled. Gasping loudly and closing her eyes. And she herd Emma’s release come shortly after. She made a soft, powerful, and perfect “oohh” sound while her body bucked slightly taking it’s pleasure.

Emma collapsed for a second breathing heavily into Kira’s ear then rolled onto her side.

“That’s was amazing.” Emma said. When suddenly they herd the door slam and footsteps coming up the stairs. Emma’s parents must have had a fight and come home early without calling. Quickly she grabbed the nearest blanket and they covered themselves while changing the channel.

“Hello girls. Why are you so out of breath?” Emma’s mother eyed them suspiciously, though not quite knowing for sure why she should be. They hadn’t even noticed They were still panting. The memory of their first orgasms still fresh in their minds.

“Scary movie, you Frightened us when you walked in.”

“Oh. Sorry girls. No more t.v. though. I’m tired and don’t wanna be kept up.” And she headed back upstairs after turning off the light. Blissfully unaware that her 18 year old daughter had just finished having lesbian sex right underneath a large crucifix and statue of the virgin mary holding baby jesus.

Turning over and closing her eyes Kira suddenly felt Emma’s arm reach around and cup her breast once again.

“Goodnight.” She whispered close to Kira’s ear making her shiver.

“Goodnight.” Kira replied. Ready to dream. She didn’t know what this meant for their relationship. Or how they would react to each other in the morning. And she didn’t care. The experience had been perfect. And besides, their weekly Slumber parties just got a lot more interesting.

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