First Time BJ


This was a true story that happened in Southern California back in the 1970s.

I played percussion for my school orchestra and band in High School and took private lessons as well. My teacher was putting on a concert for some of the local schools and asked me to join the percussion ensemble group he formed. There were six of us plus my teacher.

The rehearsal was about an hour from my house and my parents dropped me off. I was getting a ride back with one of the older players that lived closer to me.

One of the other players, Chad, who was also in high school lived near the rehearsal hall, and during a break we all headed over to his house. It turned out he had a swimming pool. Some of the guys had brought swim suits and Chad lent me an extra one he had, as we were both about the same size.

When it came time to get into my suit, one of the older college guys, Brian, joined me in the pool changing room. I was small for my age. I have blond hair and blue eyes, was maybe 5’6″, around 115+ pounds and had a slim build. I certainly would have fit the description of a “twink”, had that term existed back then. I was taking my clothes off, and as I slipped my underwear off and reached for the swim trunks, I saw Brian’s reflection in the changing room mirror. He was standing, still fully clothed, behind me. He said something like, “nice package”. Maybe he was expecting me to be less developed because of my smaller youthful appearance, even though I was 18. In any event, I was a little unsure what to think of his comment and just stood there.

He told me what a nice body I had and said I had been running around all morning and need to just relax some. Brian turned on the faucet in front of us and ran some warm water. He reach around and lathered his hands with the hand soap and warm water. I just continued standing there, like a deer in the headlights. Then, standing behind me he reached around with both hands and began to gently fondle my balls and cock with his soapy hands.

My penis quickly began to harden as I watched fixated, on my reflection in the mirror. Soon my cock was pointed straight up. Again he made some comment that made me think he was surprised at the size of my erection (which was probably around 6″ when I was this age). Looking at the mirror I could see myself at full attention and watched Brian fondle my now soapy smooth sac in one hand and run the other over the length of my hard shaft.

He moved one hand up to my smooth chest and pulled Fındıkzade Escort me back slightly, until I was leaning back against his body for support. He held me close to him as his “free” hand wandered between my abs and chest. He kept up a slow steady jerk of my cock, “polishing” the knob and sliding down the length of my shaft again. Of course, it felt great, and I could feel the tip of my cock tingle with every stroke.

“That’s right, lean back and let me help you relax and just enjoy the feeling,” Brian whispered into my ear.

“Just let that tension cum out, don’t hold back.”

It didn’t take long before I could feel myself on the verge of Cumming. My whole body stiffened as Brian continued jerk me off. Soon I ejaculated and cum shot out of my cock and into the sink and counter in front of me. Brian rinsed his hands off and toweled me off.

I never said a word, still too shocked by the whole experience. I slipped into my bathing suit, went out the door and dived into the pool.

After swimming for about an hour, it was about time to get dressed and head back to the concert hall. Brian, came over to me and said he hopped he hadn’t “hurt” me. He said I had just seemed awfully wound up and he thought his solution would chill me out a little. I responded that I was, “fine.”

He said, “That’s good to hear. Do you need any help getting dressed?”

I wasn’t sure how to respond to that.

“I think you’d like it,” he pressed.

A meek, “Sure” was all I could say.

We both entered the changing room, which was really just an over-sized bathroom with a small change bench.

“We need to get showered off,” Brian said.

As I had “bolted” out of the changing room after our earlier encounter, I had not seen Brian with his clothes off. He was around 6 feet tall, somewhat hairy, at least compared to me, and had an “average” body. Not buff, but not overweight either. We stripped off our wet bathing suits at the same time. I could not help but look over Brian’s nude body. He had a fair amount of chest hair and a large bush of black hair surrounded his limp cock. Brian stood up and turned on the water for the shower. As the water heated up, he stepped into the shower. He motioned for me to join him. Like earlier, the whole situation seemed somewhat surreal to me.

Brian took some soap and began to clean himself, and then handed it to me. I did the same. Facing away from him, Brian offered to “do” my back for Fındıkzade Escort Bayan me. I answered him by passing the soap back behind me. Soon I felt his soapy hands running over my shoulders and back. Next he moved down to my ass where I felt his finger pass over my opening a few times, which caused me to flinch some in surprise. I could feel myself start to harden. He lathered my shoulders some more and then I felt something different as he pressed the front of his body up against my back. I could feel him rubbing his soapy body up against mine. After a short while I turned around to face him. I looked down and saw the first erect penis that was not my own. Though he was a good 5 inches taller and 4 years older, he did not appear to be any longer than me, though his cock looked fatter and was slightly curved, compared to my penis which was slimmer and perfectly straight. After staring at his hard member for a while, I heard Brian exclaim, “Do you want to touch it”?

Of course I was curious, and so I reached out and took it in my hand. I instinctively started to move my soapy hand over his member, which elicited, a little sigh from Brian. It did feel “different” than having my own cock in my hand. For one thing, his felt a little more malleable, whereas mine got as stiff as board when I was fully erect.

“That feels really good,” Brian commented as I continued to jerk him. My own hard cock waved around, pointed straight up to the ceiling. It didn’t seem to take anytime at all before Brian tensed up and cum oozed out of his cock and over my hand.

I let the shower pour over me and wash away the soap and cum that covered my hand.

“Thanks a lot, I needed that, now it’s your turn” Brian said. I was expecting more of the same, but Brian surprised me by dropping to his knees in front of me, grabbing my flag pole and swallowing my entire cock with his mouth. I gasped, both in surprise and pleasure as I experience the start of the first BJ of my life. He placed his other hand on my teen ass and pulled me close as his mouth engulfed my entire erection. His head bobbed up and down as he assaulted me with his throat and lips. When he came up for air, he exclaimed, “You have such a nice hard cock, I just had to suck you.” Obviously, this was the first time anyone had said anything to me about my cock, good or bad. I found myself enjoying the adoration he was paying me. I was fairly passive as he enjoyed himself worshiping my teen cock. It was a Escort Fındıkzade new sensation for me and I looked over to the mirror above the bathroom sink where I could see myself, standing naked and wet, with my penis sliding in and out between the eager lips of the guy kneeling before me. If I had not cum just an hour earlier, am sure I would have exploded in less than a minute. As it was, I was still bone hard and the head of my cock was tingling with delight.

Brian continued to suck me hard and with lots of vigor. At one point he reach out for my hands, which were by my side and placed them on top of his head. He pushed down on my hands which pushed my cock further down his throat.

“That’s it fuck my mouth with your beautiful cock,” Brian said as he paused for a moment. I began to thrust my hips some as I held onto his head. It felt great as slowly started “forcing” my prick past his lips.

I looked at myself in the mirror again and could see my butt muscles tighten each time I thrust my hardon forward. I saw that Brian too, had grown hard again and was stroking himself as he continued to fellate me. I could start to fill the build up inside me, and I warned Brian I was going to cum. Brian stroked his cock even harder as held tight to Brian’s head as I fucked his mouth even harder and he brought me over the edge. I rewarded Brian for his effort as I ejaculated hard, squirting my load into his willing mouth. As I withdrew myself from his mouth, I looked down and could see that he had also cum.

We quickly rinsed ourselves off again and got dressed, as by now the others would certainly be waiting.

Nothing more was said and we went on to do our performances.

Brian’s friend Zack drove me home after the concert. As we got near to my house. Zack said that Brian had filled him in on what “went down” after the swim that afternoon.

“Brian said you have a great cock,” Zack said with a big smile as he placed his hand on my leg.

“If you like, I’d love to give you a blow job too.”

This was almost too much for me to digest. Before today, I hadn’t so much as seen another guy hard and naked, much less received a BJ from anyone of either sex. However my teen age cock had a mind of its own, and I could quickly feel myself hardening. Zack could see what was happening and slid his hand up and placed it over my now stiff penis. While we sat in his van in my parent’s driveway he unbuckled my belt and unzipped my pants, I sat up a little and he helped me pull my pants and underwear down to my knees. He leaned across and touched me with his hands checking out my stiff cock and smooth sack.

“Brian was right, you do have a great cock”

And with that said, he leaned over and swallowed my cock. Thus began my second blow job of the day.

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