First time for everything!

First time for everything!I never really thought about it much before but as I progressed into my late thirties I became more aware of my curiosity…When I would masturbate I loved looking at my cock, watching my lubed hand stroke it turned me on so much. Sometimes I would squeeze the base with one hand and just watch it swell almost to the point of bursting…I can’t tell you how many times I wished I could wrap my lips around it. Then the bliss of watching streams of hot cum shoot with such force on my face and chest, occasionally landing in my mouth where I would, at times, embarrassedly swallow it.I started to think about my cock frequently…I wondered what it tastes like…what it felt like in my mouth, was is hard and fleshy? I started to play with my cum more and more….even cumming in a shot glass and drinking it. I would frequently rub my pre-cum on my lips and taste it as I jacked off…I really wanted to know, needed to know what it felt like to suck a cock. I never considered myself gay, and still don’t but this desire was almost unstoppable. I had to do something about it.I eventually worked up the courage and responded to a craigslist ad I had read. The ad was posted by a man about thirty years old for a mutual JO (jerkoff) or suck session. We traded a couple of emails and pictures…he looked as ‘normal’ as anyone can through craigslist. edremit escort We set up a time to meet at his apartment, it was a good 40 minutes away from my house which I preferred, to limit the chance of me running into anyone I knew. The drive was very tense and also seemed like the shortest 40 minutes of my life. I parked outside and debated with myself for a few minutes about going in or going home. I took a deep breath left my truck and headed to the apartment door. After knocking three times I heard a voice say “hang on a second”, my heart raced as if I just ran a quarter-mile sprint…would this guy look anything like the picture I saw? Should I just turn and leave? So many questions and concerns were consuming my thoughts and then the door opened…Ok, not so bad seemed like a regular guy…I looked around the apartment and everything seemed neat and in order…another good thing I checked off of my mental list. We formally introduced ourselves and he asked me if I wanted a beer. ‘Sure’ I said ‘that would be great’. We chatted for a few minutes I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he was a painter…He asked me the same and I told him I was a firefighter. I then explained him this was my first time doing anything like this and don’t know how much I do or don’t want to do…’no problem’ he said, ‘I don’t do this often, escort edremit have posted on craigslist a couple of times but you’re the first I’ve actually met’. That made me feel a little better. He told me that we could just sit and jerkoff together…jerk each other off…kiss…touch…any combination I wanted. I told him I had no desire to kiss or touch a man I just wanted to feel another guys cock to start. We then moved over to the couch and I was so nervous I wasn’t sure if I would even be able to get it up, I asked if he had any porn we could watch. ‘No’, he said ‘sorry’…he then started to unbutton his pants and before I knew it he was completely naked, his cock was semi-hard and already almost as big as mine fully erect, “wow”, I said “that’s big”…he smiled and asked to see mine. I stripped and he reached over and started to play with my soft cock. Oh my God, I thought, I’m naked next to a man in his apartment and he’s starting to stroke my cock…what the fuck?!?.I reached over and felt his cock, I was amazed at the weight of it…it seemed so meaty and big. He was obviously excited because he became hard very quickly which made me hard. There we were mutually jerking each other off and it felt great…He then unexpectedly started to rub my chest and told me it was nice…I wasn’t sure how to react but it felt good so I let him continue. edremit escort bayan I was looking at his very fit, hard chest and after debating for a minute I figured what the heck and returned the favor. Before I knew it my hands were caressing his muscular chest and playing with his nipples. Unbelievable, I thought…I have zero desire to be with a man yet feel very good and so turned on while touching him and cant get enough of looking at his body. Soon I started to feel my cum start to rise in me…these feeling I was now having were so exiting and new I couldn’t stop…he must have sensed it and looked right at me and I at him…there was an unbelievable sexual energy/tension between us at that moment as our faces were about a foot away from each other…”FUCK IT” I said and moved my mouth to his…we made out feverishly our tongues thrusting in and out of each others mouths…I felt his five o’clock shadow scratch on my face…Wow, what a different sensation! We kissed aggressively as we worked each others cock with even more intensity. I pulled my mouth off of his to groan that I’m going to cum! “Me too” he said and we both jerked each other off to a very messy warm orgasms that covered our chests and bodies.I cleaned myself up, said thanks and left with confusing but enjoyable thoughts in my head.As of today I consider myself bisexual but have only had encounters anonymously through glory holes. I haven’t had the opportunity to kiss another guy and can’t say that I think about it all the time but will certainly do it again if it feels right.I hope you enjoyed this J…Love.

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