First time for Krista


First time for KristaTina and Tim the great next door neighbour. We have lived in the same house for over 10 years and have enjoyed the good times with friends and family over the years. But last year was a year to remember and one that changed the way I think about what a good neighbour will do for you. It all started when the house next to ours went up for sale and a new young couple moved in. They had 2 small c***dren and seem to fit right in with everyone. My wife and I our on our second marriage and our k**s don’t live with us full time. They are also older so they really don’t spend much time at the house anyways. Anyways just after Tim and Tina moved in I noticed that Tim seem to be away allot and that Tina was alone allot. I work from home most days and I have an office in the house so I’m alone at home quite bit as well. One night I was working late to finish up a report that was due the next day. It was around mid night and I was busy looking at the spread sheet when I notice a light turn on next door. My office faced a bed room window of the house. My lights were off and the blinds were slightly open. I glanced up just in time to see tine steeping into the room in a silk top and it appeared nothing else. I could see her entire body. Her long slender legs were tanned and appeared toned and firm. I had seen her running in the early mornings so I knew her like to work out. My eyes were fixed on her and I was now hoping that she would not see my computer scene thru the window. I reached up and closed my lap top to ensure that I would be in darkness. I watched as Tina reached into the closet and bought out a shoe box. It was in a plastic bag and she reached into it and pulled out a large rubber cock. I was shocked as I watched her work the cock in her hands and up to her lips. She was licking the entire shaft with her hot wet lips.She walked over to the edge of the king size bed I the room and to my great luck again she was now facing towards me as she sat down on the edge of the bed. . The windows in the room were ¾ windows so they allowed me to see her as she seat on the bed. I was so glad my wife was sound asleep downs the hall and that our houses were so close together. She placed the cock on the bed and stood back up and walked over to the bed room door. I watched as she shut them down and walked back to the bed. By this time I had slipped out from behind my desk and closer to the window. Tina seat back down and toke the large cock in her hands once again. She guided it upwards towards her breast and with her left hand she reached over and slipped the buttons of her shirt off and pulled the silk top apart. Her 2 small but firm tits were now exposed to the night air and her nipples were as large as silver dollars. Her nipples dark brown with pink outlines. I wanted to reach out and take one in my mouth and suck as hard as I could on it. Tina now passed the dill does to her other hand and she reached down between her legs. I could see her below her mid drift so I had no idea what she was like below the belt. I closed my eyes and imagined her clean shaven pussy, dripping wet with excitement and wailing for the large tool to slide deep inside her. I watched as her toke the large tool and placed it down between her legs. I could tell by the expression on her face that she had inserted the cock into herself and was now slowly riding it back and forth. With her hands now working her hard nipple she closed her eyes and turned her head towards the ceiling. What seemed like 5 minutes were actually only a few moments as I watched her climax and continue to ride the toy. As she slowed down the rhythm I watched as she withdrew the tool and drew it up towards her mouth. With her lips wide open she slipped the large black cock into her mouth and appeared to suck her own juice from the tip and shaft. I had already taken my own cock out of my track pants and was now on the edge of Cumming myself. With her eyes now open she seems to be looking towards my window with a sheepish smile on her face. As I worked my member back and forth I blew a thick hot load of seed all over the wall below the window. My hard cock was still draining the seed when I glanced back over to see Tina smiling and appeared to wave at me. I was in deep shock as I watched her take the clock back out and placed it in the box and back into the closet. Within a few more seconds the lights went out and I was trying to figure out if she really did see me. I cleaned up the mess and went back to work. My mind still in shock at what I had seen next door. A few days later my wife had to go out of town for a few days and was giving me a morning blow job in my office when I looked up to see Tina once again in the room and appeared to be watching us this time. She was wearing a tight whit t-shirt with black tights. And my wife was now bouncing her head in my lap and moaning loudly trying to make me cum. I was trying not to notice that Tina was watching from her house. I was trying to not cum so that she could watch the whole show for little while longer. But as my wife opened her mouth wider she reached under me and gripped my balls. I could hold back any longer so I drove my cock deep into her throat and filled her with my thick hot seed. Tina couldn’t see my tool but it was a very clear view of what was happening. My wife was on her period so we couldn’t fuck good bye so she wanted to measure I had some pleasure before she left. As she swallowed the last of my cum she stood back up and smiled. As she turned to leave she noticed that the window was slightly open and made a joke that we should be careful, that we didn’t want to give Tim and Tina a show. I faked a laugh and said “No that wouldn’t happen!! “Little did she know that Tina had just watched her do her thing. By 2 pm that afternoon I was finished for the day and just closing up a few last emails when I heard the door bell ring. I got a few calls during the day and the neighbours would stop and ask to borrow son thing most days. So I headed for the front door. As I opened it I was surprised to see it was Tina in her jogging wear, her tight black tights and her pink tank top jogging bra. She smiled and said “Hi Jim, saw that you were alone for a few days and wondered if you would like to come over for dinner tonight? “ I was in shook and from the smile on Tines face I could tell tuzla escort that she was looking for more than just dinner. I quickly accepted and she turned “as she jogged always she looked back to say to come over for 7 pm that the k**s would be to bed and she would have the cold beer ready. She turned back and evaded off down the street, her hips were so perfect in the tights. I could see each of her firm ass cheeks and even the fact that she was wearing nothing under the tights. Her tits jiggled with each stride and she wiggled little extra with each step. I quickly ran back inside to check the time. It was only 4:30 pm, what I was going to do; my cock was solid as a rock. I toke a hot shower and wacked off twice. I knew that I would still have lots left for tonight. Dinner time couldn’t come quick enough.I put on a pair of khakis and a cotton short shave short and headed next door. As I got closer to the door I could hear laughing and voices. My heart stopped, Was tom home tonight is that when she asked me over. I looked at the driveway and saw a car I had seen a few times before in the driveway but I didn’t see toms truck. I walked back to the door and listen for a few seconds then reached out and rang the bell. I heard the sound of feet running for the door and then the front door swung open and I was standing there facing a young girl in what appeared to be a school uniform . Her chest was heaving with each breath she tokes and her melons were full and ripe. Her long slender legs were covered in white tights and her short kilt barely covers her spread between her legs. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail and her smile could have melted the snow off and mans chimney. She smiled and said “Hi I’m Krista come on in, Tina’s in the kitchen. “ I walked in and closed the door. Krista ran off to the living room and I could hear Tina in the kitchen. “She yelled out that Krista was going to join us for dinner ad I could make myself at home in the family room watching TV. Krista was now walking back out of the room and handed me the remote for the large screen TV. Tina yelled out that Krista could get changed if she wanted and that there were sweats on her bed and a t shirt too. Krista ran past me and up the stairs. I could help but glace up as she climbed the stairs. Her long legs seem to go forever and then as she was a few steps from the top I had a clear view directly up her kilt. She was wearing a white lace thong and her legs were slightly parted. It looked as if she had a clean shaven beaver under there. My heart was once again pounding with excitement. What was I in for tonight with these two women? I reached the large leather couch and seat down. A cold beer was opened and sitting on the table in front of me and I turned on the TV. I first didn’t notice what was on the scene, I toke the beer and tipped it back for a long sip. Then my eyes locked on the TV. On the large scene was a young cheer leader sucking off what appeared to be 2 coaches at the same time. Their large cocks being forced into the young girl’s mouth, while a young guy that seems to be a water boy was fucking her with all his might from behind. My eyes locked on the sight as the first coach blew his large thick load all over the young gilds face and she quickly tuned and sucked the second cock into her mouth. The young water boy was now also on the edge and as he withdrew his thin long, young cock and spread the entire back side of the cheerleader. The second coach filled her mouth with his seed. Her face was covered in cum and cum was leaking from around the edges of her mouth. My heart was reaching and I was trying to figure out how to change the channel before anyone caught him. He looked at the young cheer leader one last time and noticed that her face and body looked familiar. Could it have been, no but it was it was Tina and the she appeared to enjoy every last drop of cum she could swallow. Then the sound of feet on the steps made me change the channel just in time as Krista rounded the condor and stepped into the room. She was wearing a pair of lose fitting white track pansy with the word “Hottie “across the ass. The top of her lace panties were showing as the pants were little large on her hips. The tight pink t shirt showed off her full and large breasts. She was larger than my wife and even Tina from what I could see. And they bounced freely with each step she tokes. She was not wearing a bra. Her nipple had grown hard with the rubbing of the cotton on her nipples. My eyes locked on her tits and she smiled as she slipped down beside me on the couch. My heart was going to explode out of my cheats and she reached across in front of me to gap the open beer can in my hand. Her hard nipples now pressed against my arm and hand alas I released the can into her hand. She pulled back slowly and toke a long deep swallow of beer before returning the can to my hand. Now with her other hand she reached into my lap and secured the remote. Her fingers were touching my hard cock thru my pants as she grasped the remote. She held her hand for an extra moment to ensure she was able to tell my cock before she pulled her hand back and pointed the remote at the TV again. Krista smiled and said “Hey I was watching something on 134 did you change the channel?’ I was in shock she told me she was watching the porn channel and why did I change it?? I was so excited that I was sure I could have just gripped this young this and pulled off the track pants and fucked her all night long. I fished my beer just as Tina came out of the kitchen and into the room. She was beautiful and her body was perfect. She was wearing a light cotton summer dress and the light from the kitchen behind her shined thru the little material to give me a full view of her entire body. She was wearing nothing under her dress and the slight dark spot between her legs was small so I knew her take care of her down below. Her tits were held tight in the top of the dress but she too was not wearing a bra and her dark round nipples were in clear view. Her nipples were erect as well with the cotton dress rubbing against them with each step she tokes.I stood up and my cock was now at full attention. I tried to cover it up but I had noticed both of the ladies were staring right at it. I motioned them to go ahead and I reached down and repositioned my sancaktepe escort cock in my pants as we went to the kitchen. Tina had made a great meal and as we began to eat I felt a hand slide over and onto my leg. It was Tina’s hand and she was rubbing my leg as we eat. Before long her hand was close to the tip of my cock and then I felt a foot reach out and touch my other leg under the table. It was Krista nod and she was now rubbing her foot over my leg and up to my knee. I was doing my best to hold myself together as both women were working up my legs to my cock. Tina reached the summit first as her hand slowly rubbed the head of my hard dick thru my pants as we finished up. Before she stood up to begin cleaning off the dishes she reached under and pulled the fly of my pants down. With her fingers now she searched for an opening to free my member from my boxers. I was so glad I had worn boxers and that the fly was open and free for her hand. Within seconds she had freed my cock and was now stroking the entire ember under the top as we finished out meal. As she stood up she dropped a knife and fork on the floor and with a smile she bent forward and slipped down to pick them up. She turned her head allowing her to have a full view of my hard cock. With a slight moan she stood back up and started to clear the table. Krista was still working on the last few bits when she slides her for all the way up and into my lap. Now touching my hard rod with her warm soft foot. She was working her foot up and down the length of my shaft. Her eyes were wide open as I tried to shield the action from Tans eyes. Krista now smiled and she too stood up and dropped a knife from the table. The knife slide under my chair and I quickly motioned that I could get it. Krista dove under the table saying she had it. As she reached the knife her hand grasped my shaft in her warm hand and she worked it with 2 full stokes. Then she reached her tongue out and touched the tip of my cock. I jumped slightly with the feeling of her tongue on my cock. Tina was turned away and looking the other direction. With no idea what to do or how to stop it, Krista opened her mouth and toke my swollen cock into her mouth. I couldn’t stop myself. She was a pro. Her mouth locked around me and she used the excite amount of pressure to make my cock even harder. With her head now between my legs and Tina about to turn around. I reached down and pulled her back. I had too. Krista moaned slightly as I worked with all my force to pull her off my dick. The sound of Krista’s mouth popping off my cock was load and I was sure Tina could hear it. Krista stood back up and walked to the kitchen. Tina came back to the table with an apple pie and placed it in front of me. She toke her seat and quickly toke her hand and placed it back around my hard cock. She worked the entire shaft with her hand and began to wick me off right there in the kitchen. Krista never came back to the table but said she was going to watch TV. Tina smiled and motioned her off to the living room.Within a few moments of Krista leaving Tina was working my cock with full force. I had finished my pie and was almost ready to cum. Tina reached down and toke my hand in hers. She released my cock from her grip and stood up. She pulled my chair out and exposed my rod to the light of the room. With her hands on her hips she raised her dress slightly and spread her legs. Then she swung her leg over the chair and mounted my rod. I was in heaven; Tina was now lowering herself down and onto my pole. As the head of my cock touched her wet hole it slid in with no effort. She was now forcing her hips open and down onto my lap. Within a few seconds my entire cock was buried deep inside her love nest and her short pubic hair was now rubbing my balls. Tina throws her arms around my body and moaned softly ion my ear. She kissed my neck and began to slowly withdraw off my cock. I was so excited I knew I was going to cum and cum quickly but I wanted to make this last as long as I could. With each full stroke of her pussy over my cock I grew closer to Cumming. Tina whispered in my ear “Please cum deep inside me and cum with me!!. With 4 more strokes my cock was jumping inside her and exploding my thick seed into her garden. Tina was moaning loudly now and she too was Cumming. I was afraid that Krista would hear us and come in and catch us in the act. That was too late as I opened y eyes Krista was now standing in the kitchen watching us as we finished off our slow fuck. Krista was smiling and rubber herself thru the cotton sweat pants. Tina stood back up and pulled up her dress to reveal her love nest and the large, thick glop of my seed running down her leg. Krista slipped across the room in 2 steps and had her head buried between Tina’s legs. She was sucking and swallowing my seed. She was working Tina’s love hole with her tongue deep inside to clean out as much as she could. I watched as young Krista suck the life out of Tina’s love hole and Stood there was my cock still dripping with cum. As Krista finished and pulled away from Tina she turned and moves over towards me. On her hands and knees she opened her mouth wide and toke my entire 9” inches of love into her mouth and began to work my shaft with her lips. Tina cleared the table off and seat on the edge allowing her legs to swing free. She had pulled her dress up and over head and was now totally naked while she lay back on the kitchen table and began to work her fingers in and out of her sticky hole. My eyes locked on young Krista’s head as it bounced up and down on my rod. I reached down den cupped her tits in my hands and massaged them between my fingers. She moaned and I could feel the sound thru my dick. With a few additional stocks of her mouth my cock exploded again inside her mouth and down over her chin. Tina was now watching each move and working her clit with each stroke. As my cock feel from Krista’s mouth she stood up and moved towards Tina’s tits. She was locked on her hard nipples like a new born c***d to her mother. Now that I was free I slipped my pants off entirely and then removed my shirt, I placed my hands on Krista’s Hips and pulled her track pants down slowly over her hips and exposed her white lace thong. Her ass was perfect and her leg parted slightly to allow me to remove the last of her üsküdar escort clothing. Now I stood back and gazed at her as she worked Tina’s nipples over with her mouth. Tina’s eyes locked on mine and she motioned me to move in behind Krista. My cock had regained some of its hardness and was now poking Krista between the legs as I moved in closer. Tina motioned me to enter her from behind and I was all too willing to do that at this time. With my hands once again on her hips I worked myself in tight and with Krista’s hands reaching back behind her she guided me in to the love hole that I was searching for. As the head of my cum covered cock touched the outer edge of her hole. Krista spread her legs little wider and began to press backwards towards my rod. The head of my cock stretched her lips wide apart and then slipped in about an Inched. She was almost screaming with excitement. Or Pain I was not sure which but at this point I didn’t care I just wanted to fuck her. With the head inside her I began to work her ass cheeks in my hands and with abet of pressure I was able to get another few inches inside her. I stopped as she screamed that I was too big for her and I need to wait just abet before I went any further. I did as she asked and held my own but I didn’t withdraw any of my dicks from her. I could feel her tight lips suck back and forth on my rod as she got use to the large thick cock that was now inside her body. She was sucking so hard on tines tits that Tina was Cumming now and leaning back on the table to allow me to watch her finger work like a cock inside her hole. As Tina edged over the top I toke that time to apply some more pressure on my dick. And with 2 small strokes I had inserted my entire cock into Krista’s hole. She was like a crazy dog in heat and before I had a chance to take control she was pulling herself back and riving herself back down on my cock. With each stroke of her hole the love juice coated my shaft and made it easier to insert and withdraw. We were now fucking Full Street ahead. Her head bouncing of Tina’s chest with each deep stroke of my rod. After only a dozen thrust she came and was squirting her love juice out and down over my balls. Tina motioned me to withdraw and said to not cum inside Krista as she was not on the pill or wearing and protection. As I pulled out for the last time Tina slipped off the table and past Krista. Dropping to her knees on the floor in front of my cock and opening her mouth wide. Without even touching my cock it exploded in her open mouth and all over her face. As I completed my climaxed I watched as Krista pulled her track pants back on and stepped out of the room. Tina was now standing up and wiping her chin off. Tina smiled a dirty smile and said “Well I hope you can come over for dinner more often. You were Krista’s first real man and she was so looking forward to this night since I told her about you watching me from your house. I was at a loss what could I say other then Thank You for Dinner. As I got dressed and helped to get things back in order. Tina told me to go and fuck Krista one more time if I could so she could have me all to herself. I was shocked but I was also very welling. I walked out of the kitchen and into the living room where Krista was now lying on the floor beside the TV. As I approached she turned over and began to UN dress. As I got closer I said that I would really like to see her in the school uniform again and that I would love to make love to her again if she wanted too. Before I could seat down she had stood up and ran for the stairs. In what was only seconds she was back and standing in front of me in her tight kilt and while cotton blouse. I could see her lacy bra under her shirt and as I reached up to draw her closer I take my hands and ran them up between her legs. She had nothing on and her bare pussy was smooth as her ass cheeks. With my hands on her as I drew her towards me. She reached down and lifter her kilt to my face. I could smell the smell of her love and her swollen clit was standing directly out of her hole. She placed her hands behind my head and drew me into her sweetness. My mouth was open and my tongue was busy working her love button over. With a few strokes of my trained tongue I had her Cumming in my mouth. Her hips were driving forward to meet each of my strokes. Her pussy exploded in my mouth and she moaned with pleasure. My fingers had been exploring between her cheeks as I worked her clit and I had even slipped my finger into her ass as she edged over her climax. With her now satisfied it was my turn to once again fuck her sweet tight hole. By this time Tina had come out of the kitchen and had placed a large box of condoms beside me. They were extra thin and ribbed with colour tips and everything. As I pulled back away from Krista Tina moved in and removed my pants and shorts again. Like a pro she sucked on my cock and then placed the rubber over my thick shaft. To be extra save she placed a second condom over my dick and then motioned Krista back to me. She threw her legs of my hips and lowered herself down onto my rod. With all of herself lob she had no problem mounting me this time. And before I knew it she was riding me like a pro. Her hips working each thrust and her love nest opens more and more with each thrust. We fucked for a good 3 minds, I couldn’t believe it I didn’t have to cum yet and I loved the action. We continued to fuck for another 5 mines. Krista came 3 times before I felt my balls begin to tighten. I knew that I had broken one of the rubbers so I knew it would best to withdrawal before I came too. I lifted Krista high into the air and placed her down beside me. But before I could even catch my breath Tina had mounted me and was now working the cum from my cock. I only needed a few strokes and I came again. This time deep inside Tina’s whole. And it was a good thing as I had actually broken both condoms and filled Tina with my seed. Krista was spent and she rolled over and fell asleep in tines lap. Her head buried into my cum filled hole. She seem to like the cum from Tina whiles she fell asleep. We stayed like this for a little while until I noticed it was very late. I stood back up and got dressed. I gave Tina a quick Thank you kiss and left. The next day as I headed off to a call I saw Krista and Tina leaving with the k**s. They both waved and smiled as I past them. I have not been back since that night but I have watched off some many times over that whole situation. I even fucked my wife so hard when she came home from her trip that she said that she should go away more often. I agree it was a great trip.

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