First Time Near The Ocean


I can see us sitting in the sand, on the beach, as the sun sets. The newness of having you in my arms is incredible. You snuggle closer underneath the blanket, with my arms wrapped tightly around you, just holding you close. I can hear your breathing as the waves crash against the shore; your heart begins to beat faster as my hand gently slides up and down your back.

You lay your head on my chest, pulling the blanket to your chin, in order to keep the chill of the wind off. You hear my heart beat faster as I slide my hand underneath your shirt, feeling your skin for the first time. I begin to gently run my fingers up and down your back. I can feel your fingers as they start to rub my thighs, coming closer and closer to me as I am getting harder just by your closeness.

I gently lift your shirt over your head, snapping your bra off with a quick twist. Still completely under the blanket I grin, thinking I will have to still wait a while to see your nakedness. You stretch out on the blanket, laying your head in my lap as I run both hands up and down your back. I can feel your hand holding tightly to my thigh, and I know that you must feel my hardness against your cheek, with only a pair of shorts and boxer briefs separating you.

I pull the blanket back, looking down at your naked back, thinking how lovely it looks. Each time I push my hand down your back I rub your ass lightly… You lift your hips, and with both hands reach down to push the rest of your close off. I love the way you look, your head pressed into me, supporting your weight, your back arched nicely, ass upwards, as you slowly and seductively slide your shorts and panties off. What I wouldn’t give to be watching this from behind I think to myself.

As you lay back down to rest I continue rubbing your back softly, this time allowing my finger to continue down and rub your ass and thighs. As I begin to run my fingers between your ass cheeks, and start to touch your wetness for the first time, I can feel your hands begin to slide my zipper down.

As you pull my zipper down, my hands still roaming over your back and rear, I feel your hand snake its way into my shorts, squeezing my cock gently through the boxer briefs I wear. I lift you from your position and lay you stomach down on the blanket, pendik escort hear towards the ocean. As you watch the waves crash, you hear my boxers and shorts fall to the sides as I kneel over you. Sitting on your thighs, I begin with both hands to give you a nice slow massage. As I rub, you can feel my erection pressing onto your ass cheeks. Feeling slightly slick with precum, you shudder because I am simply paying attention to your back, rubbing and pushing all the stress and knots out of you.

I can tell your level of excitement is high, because each time I push forward to rub your neck and shoulders, I can feel your ass move in a small circle pushing back into me, hoping that my cock slips inside your wetness. I sit up and gently run one hand down your spine, lightly between your ass cheeks, and down through the lips of your pussy… teasing, not entering… You can feel my balls bouncing on your leg lightly as my other hand strokes my cock while I explore your folds. As my thumb gently rubs your clit, I am amazed at how much your ass moves and you moan lightly as you can feel yourself getting closer, the attention and lightness being too much for you. Right as your body begins to tense up for your first climax you feel my hand leave.

Shaking, I pull you into a sitting position. Frustrated because of the lack of release, you look me in the eyes, knowing that I will make everything better. I kiss you softly. Lips brushing against yours, as I pull you into an embrace, you feel our naked bodies touching as my tongue pushes into your mouth. Slow but passionately we kiss, exploring each other with our hands.

You push me back down on the blanket, and begin kissing down my body. As you kiss down my body I can feel your small hands trail down until you are grasping my cock in your hand. Holding onto my hardness I feel you gently tug up and down as you kiss closer and closer. Kneeling next to me, you feel my hands gently rub down your sides. I reach underneath you and begin to rub lightly on your breasts, pulling and pinching gently on your nipples, when I feel the first soft kisses on the head of my cock. As you lick and suck gently on the head of me, without actually taking it in your mouth, I roam my hands down your stomach, watching as you spread your pendik escort legs, arching your back. Your hand begins to tug and pull on my balls, forcing my cock to stand straight up as you engulf the head with you lovely mouth. I can feel one of your fingers snake down and begin to rub my ass as you start pushing more and more of my cock into your mouth. Kneeling on your elbows you are stroking my cock with one hand, with the head in your mouth, while your other hand squeezes my balls, and explores my ass. I love the way you arch your back, and how your ass begins to gyrate as my fingers finally begin to push through the folds of your pussy lips exploring your wetness. Amazed at how wet you have gotten in a short time, I begin to gently rub your clit in a small circle, as I start to let one of my fingers enter you, pushing into you.

You start getting more and more worked up as I finger you harder and harder. Listening to you moan around my cock is too much as I begin to feel myself getting closer to cumming. Realizing at this pace, with your mouth on me, and your hands exploring and stroking, I will not last long, I decide I need a distraction. Curling the finger that is inside you, I pull on your body. Lifting one leg above me, I pull you on top of me, my cock still in your little mouth, I feel your body press against me, and I get to examine the beautiful wetness that is above my face. I pull you down to me, and feel you shudder as you feel my tongue touch you. I feel you push down, attempting to grind yourself into my exploring tongue. Removing my finger, I pull you closer, pushing my tongue inside of you tasting you. Hearing you moan more with my cock in your mouth, my thoughts suddenly return to what you are doing. Feeling you taking more of my cock in you mouth, and your fingertip gently rubbing at my ass is too much.

Reaching up, I place both hands on your ass and pull your pussy onto my mouth. Licking and sucking about your clit, I try desperately to ignore your probing finger, and your wonderful mouth. I hear you gasp for air as I gently work a second finger into your pussy, while my tongue continues its assault on your privates. You pull you mouth off my cock, attempting to catch your breath, but all you accomplish is sitting down more forcefully pendik escort on my face, allowing me to lick you nicer. You are pulling on my cock, up and down, faster and faster. I can tell you are getting close to release because of the way you are grinding on my lips, and the wild, almost painful, way you are stroking me.

Pushing back, I hear you let out a finally moan, as your grip tightness on my cock, your body shuddering in sweet orgasm. You shudder, and collapse on top of me; I can feel your hair brush against my manhood, as you lay your head on my thigh, still gently stroking me trying to catch your breath. I know that you are wonderfully sensitive, so I begin to gently blow on the pussy that is still above my lips. Lightly I blow, you moan softly as the cool air is pushed over your dampness.

As you begin to recover you hold the tip of my cock in your hand, and begin to lick lightly up and down my shaft. Pushing back slightly so I can lick and kiss gently on your super sensitive clit. As you insert my cock back in your mouth, and being to jerk it rhythmically holding the head in your mouth, I can fill myself getting closer and closer. You gently begin rubbing my ass with your free hand, as you stroke me up and down. I moan as I cover your privates with my mouth. Realizing I am past the point of no return, I gently attempt to push your head off me, giving you the opportunity to not take it in your mouth. Normally I would let you know my talking, but I find it difficult with your pussy taking up my mouth. As if a reply, you push your clit harder onto me, and continue your assault on my cock. As I begin to cum, you push as much of my cock into your mouth as you can, and slowly stroke the remainder, pulling the last bit out of my cock.

You continue to kiss my cock lightly, still stroking its hardness, as I lay gasping for air, thinking that was one of the most intense orgasms of my life. Staying on top of me, you gently roll around, till you are laying on my chest. As you straddle my body, I can feel your wet pussy at the head of my cock. You kiss me gently, happy in the thought that we both just pleased each other. As the sun drifts down over the horizon, and the waves continue to crash, I can hear your breathing soften as you drift into a nice sleep. I lay holding you in my arms, watching as the night envelops us, believing that I must be one of the luckiest men in the world. Knowing I would not trade this moment, this experience, for anything. As I begin to fall asleep, I can only think for a moment what will the morning bring?

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