First time with a man

Double Penetration

First time with a manI’ve known him for more than twenty years now and since he knows he is gay I’ve known it as well. And he always told me that if I ever wanted to try, I just had to give him a ring. But I always told him: he, I’m straight. So thanks but no thanks. But lately, I noticed I got aroused by watching Bi-sex videos and the idea of having something in my ass made my dick hard instantly. I tried the little vibrator my girl and I bought and I never came so hard. When my girl fucked me with the vibrator and sucked my dick at the same time, it was heaven. I told my friend about it and teased him by saying I was curious what a real dick would feel like. ‘You know where to find me,’ he replied surprised.After a couple of weeks we met up at his place for a drink. We chit chatted on the couch for a while to avoid what we digitalbahis yeni giriş knew was coming. After a couple of beers, he opened my trousers asking whether I shaved my dick. ‘Well, I’m going to find out for myself.’ He freed my dick from my pants and started to suck it. My first deepthroat. I was shivering all over. Didn’t know what to do. ‘Don’t worry,’ he said. ‘Let me do this.’ It was one best blowjobs I ever had. He licked my balls, licked a long the shaft and sucked the knob very hard. It was great. I was swept off my feet. Then he started to undress me. He looked me in my confused eyes and said ‘if you want to stop, tell me so.’ And started to suck my dick again. i mumbled ‘No, go on.’I was completely overwhelmed and my dick was rockhard. He kept on deepthroating me and put one of digitalbahis giriş his long fingers in my ass. I moaned. Slowly he started massage my prostate, I had to force myself not to cum in his mouth. He turned me around so I was on my knees with my ass up in the air. He kneeled behind and started to lick my ass, while still massaging my prostate. When I my ass was wet enough he put a second finger in. By now he was undressed too, I saw his hard dick between his legs. It was quite big and particularly thick. I took it in my hand and started to jerk him off. The first time I touched another man’s dick, it felt weird but exciting. Here I am, a supposedly straight man with a another man’s dick in his hand, the man who licking and fingering my ass. But oh my got am I horny. My friend takes his fingers digitalbahis güvenilirmi out of my ass and takes his dick in his own hand. Then I feel his knob pressing against my virgin ass. He tries to fuck me, but it won’t go. We walk to his bedroom, both fully naked. He gets the lube and puts it on his erect dick and in my ass. Again he puts his knob against my asshole and starts pushing. A bit of his large knob slides into my ass. It hurts but I get goosebumps at the same time. I push my ass against his dick. I want more, I think in a sort of trance. I want his fat dick in my ass, but it won’t go. He lies on his back and I put my dick in his mouth again. He is a great cocksucker. I jerk him off again, then I bend over and take his dick in my mouth. Feels strange and tastes salty. I’m not a good cocksucker (yet?). He sucks me hard and I feel I’m cumming. With a loud scream I empty my balls in his throat. I feel that his dick is getting harder in my hand, I keep on jerking and then he spurts a big load of cums all my hand and his belly.’It was great,’ I said, ‘ But next time though, I want your whole dick in my ass.’

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