Flood of the Century


“Look out, folks-the flood of the century is on its way,” warned weatherman Bill Reyes through the television. “Please stay safe out there and don’t drive anywhere unless you absolutely have to. And if you do, avoid low water crossings!”

Ryan Spencer laughed to himself as he powered off the television. He looked to his right, out a window. It had already begun to pour down rain, and Ryan sat wondering when he was going to get the call. Soon enough, just as he began to daydream in syncopation with the brewing storm, his cell phone rang.

As a volunteer of the town’s Flood Readiness Program, Ryan was obliged to drive civilians that were not picked up by busses to the designated flood shelter in a van assigned to him after briefing at headquarters. Knowing the inaccuracy of the bus system and its emergency operations, he knew there was no question he’d be called in.

He reported to headquarters and received information that the entire southern portion of the town was predicted to be underwater in 24 hours. A mandatory evacuation was in order for some five thousand people, and the evacuees were told to report to the high school, where they would then be bussed to a shelter north of town.

The busses had finished what operations they could and some fifteen families were still stranded at the high school. The van drivers, such as Ryan, were each to pick up a family and take them to the shelter. The drivers were then to stay at the shelter with their assigned van to prevent vandalism and also to help the shelter volunteers, if necessary.

Ryan departed the parking lot of the FRP office and began for the high school. The vans were to be used only for emergencies, so they were authorized by the town’s government to use siren lights and sounds. He flipped his siren on and drove as quickly as he could at a safe enough speed, dodging straggling vehicles trying to make their way out of town. Gradually, he arrived at the high school.

Some policemen were operating the van traffic, so Ryan watched the one in the orange vest as he guided the van to a stop alongside a fire zone. Another policeman helped a family with the van door as Ryan jumped out to grab their luggage and put it in the back. Of course, being in the rush he was in, he didn’t get much of chance to see the family that he’d been placed with, but he did notice that there were not that many of them.

As Ryan struggled back into the driver’s seat, a hand from the passenger side reached out to help him, and he did not hesitate at the offer. He looked up to see who the stranger offering a hand was. “Hi! I’m Ted Norman,” a man in a blue business shirt and red tie said rather enthusiastically, considering the circumstances. Ted looked to be in his mid forties, but in great shape for his age.

“Ryan Spencer,” Ryan returned the greeting as he shook Ted’s hand. Ryan thought the man looked to be a little too successful to be in such a situation, but he made nothing of it; only a passing thought.

Ted quickly broke the silence, almost as if it bothered him, “This is my wife Sheila…” Ted held a lady’s hand as he pointed to the middle row of seats, and then squeezed her hand lovingly. “…And in the back is my daughter Loren and her friend Dakota. Dakota is visiting us from out of state.”

Ryan was quick to react at the opportunity of humor and sarcastically snapped, “Wow! What a vacation! I’ll bet you’ll never want to leave.” He wasn’t thinking of the feelings of the family at the time as he was beginning to pull away from the high school loading zone and onto the street. Suddenly he realized that this wasn’t a dream or some TV show, but real. He felt very intense from guilt for the next few moments, hoping he hadn’t offended the family.

Laughter burst from all parts of the van, however, and the family was thinking the same thing. Ryan quickly sighed in relief. After what seemed to be a good five minutes of driving, random laughter, and pointless conversation, Ryan heard a young voice from the back seat chime in, “So where are you taking us?”

He glanced back through his rear view mirror to see if he could find the girl who said it. He couldn’t take his eyes off the road for very long, but he did see two girls that looked to be his age-one a brunette and the other a blonde. His mind wondered a little and thought on how cute they were. But, reality set back in and he focused back on the road. He aimlessly answered the girl’s question; “We’re going to a shelter a few minutes north of town. It’s way up in the hill country, so flooding won’t be much of a problem except maybe in the nearby river.”

Then, the other young voice spoke, “What do they make you guys do after you’ve taken us there?”

Ryan answered, “Oh, we stay there. It’s unsafe for us to return to town by the time we finish. Basically, we just camp out in our van to prevent any shelter-dwellers from taking off and returning to town. And, once in a while, the shelter people ask for some help.”

After Anadolu Yakası escort some back seat giggling occurred, the rest of the ride was relatively silent as they wound their way up and down the narrow highways of the hills. Finally, they arrived at a log cabin-style civic center, nestled way back in the pine and cedar trees. Sheila, who had been silent for most of the journey, finally asked, “Who the hell puts a civic center out here in the boonies?”

Ryan snickered at her inquiry as he brought the van to a stop in a clearing. It was far from most of the other vans, but Ryan was a nature boy and tried to get away from civilization whenever he noticed a chance. “Okay,” he announced, “before y’all start wondering around and getting to know this place, I’ve been instructed to direct some procedures to y’all. It’s going to be complete mayhem in there, so you’ll have to figure out how to sleep through it. There’s going to be a lot of depressed people as well, so if you need a break from them, come outside for a while. They allow free roaming of the entire property until lights out, which is at 11 pm. If you want to swim, you can swim in the river, which is the western border of the property here. Now, when you go in those doors, you’ll see a booth with volunteers and papers. That’s where y’all sign in. They will be more specific with everything I just told you and some other things, so basically, that’s all I know. Also, if you need to purchase something that they do not have inside, you can ask me to go get it in Cornersville for you; it’s just up the road. I’m also here if you want to talk to someone. By the way, don’t go bragging that information to everyone. That’s only because I like you folks. Now, are there any questions?”

“How long do you think this will be for?” Ted solemnly asked.

“Ted,” Ryan uttered, “I’ll be honest with you. I really don’t know. It all matters on what happens to the town and how much rain falls. I’d say with some luck that y’all could get out of here as early as tomorrow, but dodging a bullet weather-wise isn’t very common.”

“Yeah, that’s what I figured too,” Ted said as he shook his head in disbelief. Then, Ted’s spirits seemed to return to him as he perked up from his sadness and said, “Well, we’re just gonna enjoy the country life while we’re here then.”

“That’s the spirit!” Ryan rallied. Afterwards, the entire family seemed to jump out of the van simultaneously, as if in equally high spirits. Ryan jumped out and helped Ted carry luggage in. It was finally time that Ryan got a view of what he’d been anticipating on his backburner-a view of the girls. As they walked ahead of him, he couldn’t see their fronts, but he could see their backs.

He first lay eyes on the brunette, whom he figured from overhearing conversations in the van was Loren. Her hourglass figure was clothed in a light green, spaghetti strap shirt and tight blue jeans that wrapped around and accented her great apple-shaped bottom. He felt like drooling, but maintained his posture as he continued on his path with multiple bags of luggage.

After a near trip over a stone, his eyes wondered over to Dakota, the blonde, and her fabulous backside. She wore a white muscle-shirt and worn jeans that allowed the jiggling of her heart-shaped ass. Ryan almost winked back. By the time his eye candy parade had ended, the group had arrived at the door of the shelter.

After waiting in the longest line he’d ever seen, they arrived at the check-in table. “I’m with the FRP. This is the Norman family,” Ryan told the volunteer, “Ted, Sheila, and Loren. Her friend is Dakota.”

“Thank you for your help, sir. Will you be returning the family?” asked the volunteer.

“Absolutely. I’ll be on duty as long as we are operational here. My vehicle number is 107,” Ryan proudly announced. Then, he turned to the family, “Okay, this is where I leave y’all. It’s been a fun trip. Don’t forget that I’m just outside if you want to talk.”

“Thank you for all you’ve done for us. We couldn’t ask for anything else,” Sheila said as she hugged Ryan.

“Thank you sir. We’ve been so fortunate to have a driver and friend such as you,” Ted replied and shook Ryan’s hand again.

Then, unexpectedly, the two girls each pecked Ryan’s cheeks with a kiss. Giggles from Dakota followed immediately as Loren snuck a whisper into his ear, “Thank you, sexy. Dakota and I are going to have to pay you a visit.” Ryan was now speechless, and his skin turned boiled lobster-red. He was stiff all over, including the crotch, as he silently snuck away to the van in an overwhelming embarrassment.

When Ryan returned to his van, he found that his surprise kisses had filled his bladder from nervousness, so he needed to pee. He wondered into the woods near his van and found a nice, hidden spot, out of any onlooker’s view. He unzipped his pants and out popped his hard pecker as he began to pee freely. When he finished, he noticed that Anadolu Yakası escort bayan he was still hard and almost instantly began to think of the girls again. It only made his wood harder, and he felt extremely tempted to tug away.

As his hand slowly crept down the side of his body to his crotch, he began to pulsate. His heartbeat was hard and fast, as he knew that he could be caught masturbating very easily, just by someone walking in the area. He looked around as he came to his knees and began to rub the tip of his cock. Then, with one sudden shred of guilt, he sprang back to his feet and zipped up his pants. “I can’t do this,” he thought, “it just doesn’t feel right. Anyway, I’ll probably get caught.”

Ryan slowly crept back to his van, looking around in all directions as if he’d been watched the entire time. Then, he decided to take a nap and get his mind off of the girls. He climbed in the driver’s seat, locked the door, leaned the seat back, and drifted quickly to sleep.

He awoke to the distant sound of children playing near the shelter. After regaining his bearings, he remembered why he had taken a nap in the first place. Ryan looked down at his crotch to see if he might still be hard. To his surprise, he was not. Maybe the nap had worked. But then, he felt a warm, wet sensation in his pants, near his peter. He had to investigate this, as it bothered him quite a bit.

He looked out the windows on the driver and passenger doors to see if anyone was near, then shimmied his pants down to his knees. Ryan found a large, wet spot on his boxers, forming an almost perfect circle around his limp dick. He pulled the wait band of the boxers just below his balls to try and figure out what had happened. He felt the shaft of his dick; it was wet and warm. His balls also had the same sensation.

Ryan’s first thought was that he might have had a nocturnal ejaculation, but with his previous masturbation experience, he knew it was not because the liquid on his shaft and boxers was not sticky or smelly. He had only had a wet dream; he may not have ejaculated, but he had been close. “Wow,” Ryan thought, “I don’t remember ever having this wet of a dream before.”

After toying with the notion of churning with his stick, he put his pants back on, straightened up his seat, and got out of the van. He was headed to the back where his clothes were so that he could change. As he slowly walked around the van, he noticed that nobody was out and about as it would soon be night. He noted to himself that it must be dinnertime. He unlocked the back doors of the van and climbed into the little cargo space, shutting the doors behind him. Then, he pulled his bag from underneath the third row of seats, where the girls had been.

Ryan unzipped his bag and began to throw clothes in all directions from it as he searched for a fresh pair of underwear. When he found one, he stripped out of his somewhat-soiled clothes. Now completely naked in the dark, back area of a van, which no one could see in, the urge to jack himself silly was at hand. The fact that his soldier was standing at full attention only made the matter worse. He lay down on his back, legs in the air, and started to play with it a little.

“Wait a minute!” his inner monologue shouted, “You are on duty. You can’t be playing with yourself and soiling the company van!” The thought stopped his hand’s motions entirely and in place of his horniness, frustration began to set in. Pissed off, Ryan sat up and sluggishly put a new set of clothes on, then packed away his dirty ones and the others he had thrown around.

Ryan returned to the front seat of the van and slunk down in his seat like a spoiled child not getting the gift he wanted. He had nothing to do, so he just sat and watched the rain beat down on the windshield. Then, a weather report came across the company radio, “Attention all units! Attention all units! The storm system is now moving in an easterly pattern. It looks like it will only clip our city and spare us some heartache. However, it is not known if it will continue on this path. In all cases, rain is expected to continue through at least 0200 hours. Do not announce this information to your passengers until we have given further word and confirmation that the storm system is going to bypass us. FRP weather station, out.”

Ryan was not surprised by this news at all, as he had noticed that nothing was showing signs of flooding anywhere on the drive to the shelter. He fell back into a trance as he watched the rain again, trying to ignore his boner. Eventually, the tranquility of the steady stream of water outside calmed him down, and his frustration began to dissipate, as well as his wood. He began to feel tired again, even though his nap had ended less than an hour ago.

Just as Ryan began to fall into a trance of deep sleep, a knock on his driver door alerted him. A wet-haired Loren and Dakota awaited a response as they tried to stay escort bayan warm in the chilling, wet, humid air. Ryan rolled down the window and without speaking, he looked at the girls with a warm, inviting look. “Can we hang out with you?” asked Dakota, like an innocent little girl.

Ryan only smiled and said, “Of course. What’d I say earlier? Hop in.” The girls quickly opened the sliding door on the side of the van and jumped into the second row of seats, dragging in gallons of water from their hair and clothes. However, Ryan didn’t care what they did at this point; these were the same girls that had given him his best wet dream and made him want to squirt everywhere. He wasn’t about to turn them down because of water.

As they shut the sliding door and settled in, Ryan tried to make conversation, “Y’all want to listen to the radio or something?”

“No,” Loren answered, “we just want to chill and talk.”

“No problem with that,” Ryan replied.

“Why don’t you come and sit back here with us?” asked Dakota.

Ryan laughed a little and said, “Okay, I will.” Then, he climbed over the console in the front and sat next to Dakota. “Man, y’all are soaked” Ryan said as he noticed two pairs of hard nipples in his peripheral vision. Loren was now wearing a white t-shirt and white pants and Dakota wore the same outfit as earlier. The rain-soaked whites on both girls revealed about everything to Ryan, and he sneakily re-positioned himself so they could not see the protrusion in his pants.

“So what’s up?” Loren asked with a sly grin, almost as if she knew Ryan was hard.

“Nothing much,” Ryan answered, “just watchin’ the rain, waitin’ for somethin’ to do.” Both girls giggled at his answer. Ryan was amazed at this; he sensed that they had planned this conversation. Normally, he’d think he was being played, but from the sexy whisper earlier that day, he was just turned on by the almost-scripted conversation.

“So what do you do when you have nothing to do?” Dakota asked with a similar grin to that of Loren’s.

Ryan was turned on so much that he could not prevent a little smirk from popping up as he responded, “I tend to sleep a lot, take a walk in the woods, or down by the river, and even listen to the radio.”

“That’s it?” Dakota snapped, “We were thinking you did…a little more than that.” Loren couldn’t stop laughing as she tried to hold it in, hiding her face behind Dakota’s head.

Ryan now knew that this was all planned, so as his soldier stood at full attention and his cheeks turned red, he asked back, “Really? Well what did you think I do?”

Loren had now regained focus on the conversation and popped out from behind Dakota. Loren reached an arm for Ryan’s crotch and slowly guided her hand up his leg and onto his hardened dick, leaned towards him, and said with a sexy tone, “We thought that you might jack off.”

The mind-blowing comment from Loren sent Ryan into a state of shock and pleasure, and his only reaction was to remove her hand from his crotch and try to mutter a response, “N-no, I can-can’t really duh-do that in the-this van.”

The girls sarcastically acted offended and shot back into their seats, each with their arms crossed as Dakota fired, “And to think we were going to fuck you. But you can’t do that kind of stuff in here, so forget it.” Ryan was now confused as he hadn’t picked up on their sarcasm. He looked away from the girls for a moment, trying to back track and figure out what he did wrong. Meanwhile, behind his back, the girls were holding in their laughs and exchanging winks.

After a few minutes of quiet from Ryan, the girls decided to activate their Plan B. Dakota spoke first, “Hey! I think I want to go swimming. What about you guys?”

“Oh yeah, I want to go too.” Loren replied, “Ryan, could you help me get these pants off?”

Ryan, almost in tears, quickly opened his eyes wide after hearing that, looked back at Loren and said, “Sure, darlin’. No problem.”

Dakota climbed into the third row of seats as Loren swung her legs towards Ryan. Dakota began to strip and Loren began to unbuckle her sequin-lined belt buckle, pretending to be struggling with it. Ryan was now standing above Loren’s feet with a raging boner, acting like he was a fat kid about to pounce on a piece of fudge. He pulled off her shoes and acted like he did not notice Loren’s struggling.

When he had removed her shoes, Loren finally broke down and asked, “Ryan, would you help me with this buckle?”

“Sure” was all Ryan could muster. He slowly reached in for her waist, watching her every move and admiring her fantastic body. His hazel eyes now gazed into her green eyes, and he felt a secure, warm sensation as his hands worked away at the belt buckle. With little effort, it came free. As soon as she felt it loosen, she wrapped her arms around him and pulled him down onto her body. He now lay on top of her, with his hard-on rubbing the inside of her thigh.

“Wow,” Loren announced, “that’s quite a dick you got there.” Dakota laughed from the rear seat as she removed her bra, but Ryan didn’t notice because he was too caught up with Loren at the moment. Ryan was somewhat in shock at what Loren had done to him, so he kept his eyes in one place; her beautiful, golden tummy that was exposed.

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