Flowers and Lipstick Ch. 02


Henry Wong really thinks he’s all that.

That’s what Lisa was thinking on the way back from dinner. She’d listened to him blabber on about something called ‘Linux’ through the entire meal. If it weren’t for the lettuce wraps, the evening would have been a total loss. Megabytes, hard drives, and a million other doo-dads spilled out of his mouth in an annoying cacophony of heavily accented pontifications.

“This guy, this Bok-gwai asshole, he say ‘Yooo need to use Windows Server’. I say, no. I always using Linux server with Apache. White guys always waste money.”

This was all meaningless to Lisa. In three hours he’d not asked her how she was, about her studies, her life, even her opinion. She had smiled politely, nodded and ate her wraps. She had only agreed to go out with him after constant urging by her mother. He was successful, a business owner, a ‘good catch’, by Mom’s standards. Forget that he had bad breath, picked his nose constantly and was completely self-absorbed. Thank god she had Carolyn to divert her thoughts. Every time Henry slurped his soup, she tried to instead imagine the way Carolyn’s face looked as she sucked Lisa’s nipples, or the incredibly soft skin of her lover’s inner thigh.

When Henry pulled up to her parent’s house, he began kissing and pawing at her.

“No Henry! Goodnight!” He had sneaked his hand underneath her sweater and bra and was fondling her bare breast. This had happened to her on so many dates; pushy Asian bachelors that figured this shy girl was an easy fuck. Did he think he was going to do her right here in the driveway of her parent’s house? She wasn’t in high school, not that she even did it back then. When he reached under her skirt and poked his fingers at her panty-covered pussy, that was it.

“NO HENRY!” With that she threw her entire 103 pounds into a punch to Henry’s groin.

“AAAAHHHHH” Henry wailed. She threw the door of his BMW open, and ran up the driveway.

“Fucking crazy bitch! Fuck you! I kick your ass, you slut!” Henry hollered more obscenities as he drove off.

Inside, Lisa’s Mother immediately quizzed her.

“How was Henry? He make good husband. You smiled? Make him like you?”

“No Mom, he’s a jerk. He just tried to rape me in the driveway!”

Lisa’s Mom twisted a scowl on to her face. “Nooooo, you probably misunderstand him. He successful man, make good husband!”

“Goodnight mother”, Lisa turned and went to her bedroom and locked the door. It amazed Lisa that everyone around her completely dismissed her opinion. Well, everyone, except her Carolyn. It had been a month since she had kissed those soft lips, and she was going mad with anticipation. Carolyn had changed so many things about Lisa in such a short time. People were noticing her confidence and attitude. She was asserting herself, expressing her opinions and increasing her confidence. Today, she had visited a professor during office hours to clarify a point he had made in class about Shakespeare’s influence on modern theater.

“Lisa, Lisa Lum”. He said after explaining his lecture. “You really thought this out, and presented your point well. I expect to hear and see more from you”.

It was so satisfying to hear. The point was minor, but she had been terrified of approaching a professor in the past, and this was a major step for her.

She opened her laptop, anticipating an email. Carolyn was in New York hammering out some deal. She had been gone for three weeks, Chicago, New Orleans, and now New York. Lisa wanted so desperately to make love to her. There had been poker oyna the one encounter in Carolyn’s apartment, and a dinner before she went on the road. They had made out in Carolyn’s car that night like two high school kids in heat.

“I want to do what we did in you apartment again.” Lisa had whispered.

“Patience, baby. We will, and after you’ve waited for a few weeks it will be even hotter”.

There was no email. Lisa was dejected.

The next day she did her stint in the video store. She was actually starting to enjoy the job. In all those years of shelving porn, she had never given it much thought. Now, she found herself looking at dust jackets, reading blurbs and secretly viewing videos in the back room. Often she would return to her post up front with a slippery feeling between her legs.

Jeff, the UPS driver jingled the door. “Hi Lisa” he said, as rustled the hand truck through the door.

“Hi there”. She signed the clipboard and checked the boxes. All were addresses to ‘Sunny Video’, except one. It was addresses to Lisa Lum, from a company called “Eros Garden”.

When Jeff left, she opened the box and found and was horrified to find several ‘adult’ items. There was a large box with a picture of a rubber phallus, and another thing called a ‘magic bullet’.

“Oh my God!” she said under her breath, quickly closing up the box and hiding in under the counter. The rest of the shift she couldn’t stop thinking about what was in that box. They were sex toys. She was horrified and excited by the idea. Before meeting Carolyn, she’d rarely masturbated – now she had sex toys! No doubt her lover had arranged for them to be sent. She had sensed that Carolyn loved to shock her. It was exciting for both of them.

When it was time to close, she locked up and left with the box under her arm and her backpack over her shoulder. She felt like she was smuggling drugs; having something so nasty in her possession. As she rounded the corner into the parking lot, she ran squarely into someone coming the other way. As they collided, she dropped everything. Her books slid out of the un-zipped backpack, and to her horror, the box sprang open, spilling some if it’s contents. As she scrambled to retrieve the small box that contained the ‘Magic Bullet”, she heard a cheerful voice say “Oh! Lisa! I’m so sorry!”.

It was Jenny Chang. Perfect Jenny Chang. Jenny Chang with the rich boyfriend, the Mercedes CLK coupe and the expensive wardrobe. Jenny, with the curvy body and incurably cute face that everyone loved. It had to be Jenny!

“Here, let me help” Jenny said.

“No! It’s ok! I’ve got it.” Lisa scrambled to get the ‘bullet’ back into the box. She was terrified that Jenny had seen it. She closed up the box quickly and stuffed her books into her backpack, then stood up and tried to regain her composure.

“Sorry ’bout that” Lisa stammered.

“Oh, no problem! Wow, so I haven’t see you in such a long time! How’s your Mom and Dad? Are you still seeing Jimmy?

The last question made her stomach turn. “Mom and Dad are fine. I haven’t seen Jimmy in about three months. We broke up.”

“Oh, wow. Sorry.” Jenny replied.

“Well, I have to get going. I was nice seeing you, Jenny”.

The hugged awkwardly and parted.

During the drive home, Lisa was upset and anxious. That was really close; Jenny almost saw it – she couldn’t even imagine trying to explain it. The thought of that was absolutely horrifying. She realized that in a weird sort of way, she was also excited and aroused by the incident. canlı poker oyna She was carrying on her person something that was so very naughty, and was almost caught. Also, when she hugged Jenny, she noticed the sweet scent of her perfume and the way the curve of her back felt underneath the silk blouse. God, was she becoming a lesbian? Then the thought of Carolyn’s breast in her hand made such a notion seem not so bad at all.

When she arrived at home, she dressed for bed, washed her face and brushed her teeth. She would sleep tonight in just panties and a tee – something she had been doing since she met Carolyn. She even slept naked one night.

She locked her bedroom door and retrieved the items from the box. There was the big dildo, and the little purple vibrator. She opened her laptop and checked her email. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw a message from her lover. It read:

My darling Lisa,

You should have received a package today. Inside you will find some playful items that we will soon share. In the interim, I want you to become familiar with them – intimately familiar! I miss you terribly, and I count the moments until we are together.

With all my love,


Her heart was pounding. She had never in her life felt such desire for anyone or anything. She closed the laptop and removed the ‘bullet’ from its small white box. It was very compact, with a metallic, bumpy head. She could see that it required 2 ‘AA’ batteries, and stole them from the TV remote. She twisted the back of the unit, and it began buzzing softly.

“What’s the big deal” she whispered to herself. It seemed quite underwhelming. She pressed her index finger against the head and felt a steady, soft buzzing. She lifted her tee shirt up to expose her breasts and pressed the little device against her left nipple.

After several seconds, she closed her eyes and sighed. “Ooooh, that’s nice” she thought. She swallowed heavily and breathed in a deep lungful of air. She pinched her other nipple sharply, then moved the vibe over. Using her free hand, she began tickling her pussy through her panties. A wet spot had already developed and she noticed the musky odor that reminded her of Carolyn.

She paused to reposition herself on the bed, propped her head with a pillow, and then slid off her panties and tee. Being naked on a warm summer night felt so very sexy, she imagined Carolyn looking at her. She also imagined Jenny seeing her like this, being surprised but aroused at her nakedness. It was all so incredibly naughty. She eyed the handheld makeup mirror on the nightstand. She picked it up and held it at different angles, looking at her naked body imagining many eyes on her.

“I’ve got a really cute belly button” she giggled out loud, holding the mirror over her stomach. She spread her legs wide, and moved the mirror in between. She now had a clear view of her pussy. She scratched the sparse hair of her little mound with her fingernails. It felt good. She could see her vulva clearly in the mirror, the thin dark inner lips were puckering, and a glistening drop of wetness was welling up at the bottom of the cleft. She carefully spread the lips wide and pulled back, exposing her clitoris.

“There you are” she whispered cheerfully. By carefully angling the mirror, she could see deep into her vagina. It looked bumpy inside, and there was a rough spot just inside that represented what was left of her hymen. It was so beautiful, and sexy. And it was hers! She couldn’t believe that she was becoming so turned on by her internet casino own pussy.

She sat the mirror down and retrieved the still buzzing ‘bullet’. When she touched it to her clitoris, she jumped as if shocked.

“Woah!” she whispered. Next, she pressed it against her lips at the top, just below her enflamed little button.

That felt really good.

Her pulse quickened and her heart began pounding as she emitted a low, guttural moan. She knew she was quickly nearing an orgasm, but it was something so very intense that she was sure she would faint. For what seemed like an eternity, her entire body clenched, ever muscle was frozen. For almost a minute her eyes were tightly shut and her toes were curled. Spasm after spasm rolled over her body, and waves of pleasure pulsed within her sex. Each time she thought it was over, another deep climax embraced her. When the fatigue in her wrists finally became too much, she released the vibrator from her swollen pussy and relaxed slightly. She stroked her excited sex slowly, with an open hand. As she regained her composure, she realized her pussy, inner thighs and bed sheets were wet with slippery cum, and her scent filled the room.

After several minutes of ‘afterglow’ relaxation, she opened her eyes and sat up. He body was still buzzing with excitement, and her head was spinning. She kept brushing her nipples with her open hand, and lightly stoking her inner thighs and puffy lips. She still felt unsatisfied.

Then she remembered the dildo.

She reached to the floor and rummaged around the box to retrieve the other toy. The white box contained a 7 inch long phallus that was realistic and skin toned. It was longer than any real-life penis she had ever seen, and definitely bigger around. It curved up slightly at the end, and had artificial scrotum/testicles at the back; she found that amusing.

After resuming her position on the bed, she began rubbing the big rubber dick against her slick pussy lips. She was turned on by the nastiness of the whole thing. Each time she slid the bulbous head to the bottom of her slit, it nudged it’s was a little deeper into her tiny opening. Once the head was inside her, the rest slid in easily. It gave her a very pleasurable feeling of being ‘filled’. She moved the dick in and out slowly at first, then gaining momentum. Every few strokes she would allow it to exit her, press it against her clit, then plunge it into her now sopping pussy. She noticed that if she pointed it up towards her belly and ran it in and out, it tickled the special spot deep inside her. She had heard of a ‘G’ spot before, but it was only since she met Carolyn that it meant anything to her.

She found a position where she could rock the dildo against an area that made her literally melt. She rocked it back and forth, and slightly in and out, making tiny circles around her ‘spot’. With her other hand, she twisted on the ‘bullet’, and pressed it directly to her clitoris. The combination of the two sensations was incredible.

“Uh, oh God, uh….uh, oh GOD!” She let out a muffled squeal as she came. This time a warm wash came over her entire body and tears came to her eyes. Every nerve ending in her entire body was super sensitive. Then in one instant, she lunged her hips forward, clenching so hard that the dildo popped out and landed on the bed. It was followed by a gusher of clear fluid that squirted from Lisa like a spigot all over her legs and on the bed sheet.

She was mesmerized. She was amazed. She was exhausted.

She lay on the bed, naked, soaked with cum, whispering “Oh my God!”, over and over. The muscle spasms continued deep in her pussy for almost five minutes. It was a completely new level of sexual excitement for Lisa, and it was a revelation.

She couldn’t wait to tell Carolyn.

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