I’m not sure when my foot fetish began but I know I was fairly young. A womans feet must be sexy or I lose interest in them fast, in fact I have broken off relationships in the past because I knew I could never get over how her feet looked. Stockings are just as much of a turn on for me as feet. In fact just about any woman wearing stockings will cause my cock to stir.

Years ago as a teen my best friend and I would blow each other before we had girlfriends. This actually started early and continued up to high school and through most of that (maybe I will write a story about that later). One day we found a mens magazine in the park and there was a picture of a guy sucking a womans toes and the next picture showed her rubbing her foot on his cock. This caused an immediate erection and I knew what I wanted to happen. (this was not the start of the fetish although its my early memory of it but it seemed to awaken a feeling I hadn’t discovered before). My parents were both at work so Ken and I went back to my house.

We started flipping through the magazine in my room and we both got hard. Ken undid his pants and pushed them down to start and masturbate. I took over and stroked him a little then went down on him and sucked him off as he looked through the magazine. He lasted about 10 minutes then came in my mouth. I kept sucking him as his cock went soft. I then stood up and took my jeans off. My cock was aching to cum but rather then shoot in his mouth like we usually did I needed to get off from his foot. I turned to the page with picture on it and said “stroke my cock like that”. I laid down on the floor and Ken leaned back on my poker oyna bed and carefully put his foot on my cock and started to stroke up and down. It took maybe 30 seconds and I erupted in a huge load cum shot up to my chest and then the smaller contractions pooled on my stomach. Ken could neither comprehend what had happened or understand why it felt good for me but it didn’t matter to me it was the best orgasm I had ever had up to then. I could never get him to do it again which is too bad but we had lots of fun together anyway.

When my wife and I first married we would often rent a porn movie on a Friday night and have a few drinks and have pretty good sex. (It might sound boring for newlyweds but she brought 2 kids to the marriage so we couldn’t afford to go out all the time). I would make the drinks extra strong and before long I could convince her to put on stockings and a garter-belt ( after the first few times she would put them on while I was out renting that weeks movie). The movie and the gin would turn my wife on, soaking her pussy with her juice, the movie the gin the stockings and my wifes soaked pussy would turn me on. One night I laid her back on the couch, she put her one leg on the back of the couch her other foot was flat on the floor. I reached forward and massaged her clitoris with my fingers of my left hand as I held her foot with my right hand. I was kneeling in between her legs and as she moaned and wriggled against my fingers I cautiously kissed her toes. She just moaned so I started sucking her toes through the stockings, my cock straining to shoot its load. Sara bucked wildly and had an orgasm as I gently bit the canlı poker oyna arch of her foot. I couldn’t stand it and leaned forward and entered her and came almost right away.

The next time we did this was a couple weeks later and it was similar except, I kissed down her leg lowering the stocking and kissing her bare leg as my tongue followed it down. While I was lowering it and knowing it was going to come off my mind raced as I tried to figure out how I could slip the stocking on my own leg. I decided given the light of the TV, the chance of a child waking up and wanting drink and Sara freaking out I better hold off on that one. As the stocking came off I sucked her bare toes as I stroked my cock through a messy orgasm. Sara came hard as I fingered her pussy and sucked her toe. Her feet are ticklish and maybe it was the gin or the Catholic guilt but to this day she denies that happened and I cannot get her toes in my mouth these days but that said my cock is hard just recalling that session.

A couple years ago I finally got that elusive foot job from my wife though I hadn’t planned for it at all. I had a job out of town and had been away for a couple weeks when I got home on a Friday night. I had masturbated during my first week away but had held off the week I was heading home. When we went to bed we started with a massage and I got her pretty worked up. After licking her ass and making sure she was ready I had her turn over. I kissed her mouth deeply then moved down to her breasts. Spending some time licking around the underside of them I worked my way to her brown nipples. Sara held her tits so I could alternate between internet casino licking each one. As I licked them I was reminded how sexy she can be and I started to consider shooting my load between or on her 38c’s. I filed that thought and kissed my way down.

As I licked around her lips she spread her pussy open for me and I knew she wanted me to lick her deeply which I gladly did. I had removed my underwear while I was massaging her back as I had also pondered shooting my load on her ass before turning her over. As my tongue lapped in and out of Sara’s pussy eagerly lapping her juice up she moved her foot to my cock intent on turning me on more than I was. I knew I wouldn’t last long after holding off all week so I zeroed in on her clitoris. As her orgasm approached she begged me to bite her clitoris. I did it gently and was rewarded as she came in my mouth. She whispered “fuck me now” but I had another idea.

I leaned back (I was kneeling before her so I basically sat up and back keeping my legs bent under me). I grabbed her foot by the ankle and guided it back to my cock. She got the idea and rubbed my cock up and down. After a few strokes she ran her toes over the head of my cock and I hit the point of no return. I could feel the cum racing up my cock as I pressed her foot hard to the underside of my cock, she knew I was going to cum and stroked it like a pro. The first shot hit my upper chest near my throat. The second about mid chest. She ran her toes over the head and they got coated with the third contraction. She continued to rub my cock which was now coated in cum until the contractions subsided. If I thought the job Ken had done on me 30 years ago was good this eclipsed it by a mile. The only way this could have gotten any better would have been if she had let me lick her toes clean and them maybe returned the favor and licked my cock clean.

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