This story is based on a true experience. Names and descriptions of places have been changed. Hope you enjoy this as much as I did the experience. – Venus

“Finally!” I muttered as I pressed the send button on my e-mail program and started shutting down my laptop and looked at my watch.

It had been a rather busy day. My boobs were begging to be released from the shackles for my bra. All I wanted was to relax with a glass of wine and a cigar in my mouth.

I looked outside and the sun was still shining. It felt somewhat bizarre being so far up north. I was here to help a team of web designers, programmers and business analysts to launch a new web site for a theater company.

As I sat through some interviews, some of the people were so incredibly good-looking that my pussy ached for some company. However, they were off-limits, so all I could do was watch.

I just sighed, as I packed my laptop and headed to my hotel.

I waved at the bell captain and concierge as I got into the elevator and on to my room. Once within the confines of my room, I stepped out of my clothes, scattering all of them over my bed.

I contemplated ordering room service as I flipped through the channels on the TV. Finding nothing interesting, I decided to walk down to the lounge for a relaxing smoke and food.

“I guess I better shave” I said to no one in particular as I felt the stubble in my pubic area.

I headed to the shower, spending a few minutes shaving my legs and the pubis smooth and taking a relaxing shower.

I rummaged through my bag and found a black mini-skirt and a white silk tank top. I grabbed my purse and headed down to the lounge.

A blast of cold air greeted me while I waited for the hostess. I could feel my nipples harden.

Soon a smiling hostess was leading me to my favorite table at the lounge.

I dug a cigar from my purse. I held it against my nose, inhaling the delightful aroma. Anadolu Yakası Escort I stuck it my mouth, once again fumbling in my purse for a lighter.

“Allow me”, I heard a familiar voice.

I looked up and there was Jay, smiling and holding out a butane lighter.

I rotated my Avo Bellicoso slowly, allowing the cigar to light up. As I waited patiently for entire rim to light, I blew on it gently, trying to accelerate the process. I took a few quick puffs,revelling in the mild taste.

“Thanks Jay”, I blew him a kiss.

“Don’t you wish it was alive?” Jay asked, his eyes full of mischief.

“Oh yes”, I pointed to his crotch with my cigar.

“Let me know if you want to cross over to the other side”, trying to entice him.

I have known Jay for a while and his sexual orientation.

“You will be first to know,” Jay smiled. “The usual for you while you look through the menu?”

I nodded, looking over the menu and trying to decide between lamb and pickerel.

“Compliments of the gentleman over there”, Jay appeared with my drink.

I looked towards where he pointed.

My heart skipped a beat and I felt a tingle below the waist.

A man waved his hand, smiling and mouthed “Howdy!”

“Isn’t he gorgeous?”, Jay chimed in.

I couldnt agree more. I lifted my glass and my cigar towards him. I put the glass down and beckoned him with my cigar.

He rose and ambled towards me.

He was wearing a light brown jacket over a white shirt. He had an athletic build, and was well over six feet tall.

“Howdy Ma’m! I am Aaron.” He held out his hand. He had a deep voice with a slight Southern accent that I struggled to place. “I am Venus and thanks for the drink”, I introduced myself, taking his hand. His grip was firm and projected power.

“You are welcome”, he continued, “May I have the pleasure of you company for dinner?”

I nodded. How could Avrupa Yakası Escort I refuse?

Jay hurried over with an extra set of menus moved away quietly.

We discussed the menu, deciding to share the appetizers and the entree.

“Excellent choice Ma’m. You have great taste”, Jay chimed in while taking our orders.

Aaron and I chatted through the meal, discussing our backgrounds, our hobbies, movies, food and everything else.

I learned that Aaron was a lawyer with a major oil company and was here doing duw dilligence on an acquisition.

As the meal progressed, our talk turned to sex. Aaron delighted me with his experiences with multiple partners.

“Have you ever held another man’s cock in your hands?” I was curious.

“Awww” he was horrified. “Don’t tell me that you have a cock under that skirt!”

“Wanns find out?” I offered.

He seemed apprehensive.

“Take your shoes and socks off!” I commanded.

He looked puzzled for a moment, then removed them.

“Now give me your foot” I demanded.

I held his foot in my hands, massaging it, gently running my thumb over his big toe.

I slid my chair closer, holding his foot on my lap. I moved the foot over my thighs, inching ever closer to my pussy. I moved the big toe over my clit, and over my wet pussy.

“Oh my!” Aaron’s reaction was priceless.

I lifted my ass off the seat and placed his foot on the seat. Then I impaled myself on his toes, two of then ending inside me. I rode his foot, rubbing my clit with my fingers.

The touch of my figers, the wiggling toes and the very public place, gave me high. I came, rather soon, spilling my cum on Aaron’s foot, soaking it all.

“WoW”, Aaron commented. “you don’t wear panties?”

I nooded and felt his raging hardon inside his pants.

I picked up some of my cum from my thighs on my fingers. I leaned over to him, placing İstanbul Escort my finger over his mouth.

“I would like to finish what I started”, I whispered conspiratorially.

“Why don’t you head over to the little boys room and take your underwear off?” I suggested, “I can show you some moves over dessert and coffee!”

He nodded and headed to the restroom.

“So?” Jay wanded over. “I am off duty in a few minutes. Shall get you some dessert?”

“That would be great.” I nodded enthusiastic.

Suddenly I had an idea. “Why don’t you join us Jay?” I asked.

He hesitated, then agreed.

Aaron came back to the table a big grin all over his face.

I could see his erection through the pants.

“Open that zipper Aaron. I want to feel that cock!” I said.

“Lets go to my room. We can make love till the cows come home.” Aaron was sincere.

“Common Aaron. Where’s your sense of adventure?” I challenged him, “Its more fun here.”

“Ok.” Aaron sat down and opened his zipper.

I placed my feet on Aaron’s lap, coaxing his cock out from the confines of his pants. I ran my feet over his penis, massaging it gently. I played with the head of the cock with my big toe.

“The desserts are on the house.” Jay came over with the dessert cart and coffee. He handed me a crème-caramel and waited for Aaron.

Aaron’s dessert arrived and Jay sat down next Aaron with a coffee.

“Aaron, meet my friend Jay.” I introduced them.

Aaron appeared slightly uncomfortable. I persisted with foot ministrations on him.

I took one foot off of Aaron’s lap. I moved it to Jay’s lap. When Jay put his hand on it to push it away, I grabbed his hand with my foot.

I moved Jay’s hand and placed it on Aaron’s cock. With Jay’s hand and my foot, we massaged the thock shaft. Aaron did not seem to notice that there was a hand playing with his cock as well. His eyes were closed and he was enjoying the attention.

I felt his muscles suddenly tense, then relax.

A thick wad of cum spewed over my feet and some over Jay’s hand.

As Jay brought his hand up to lick the cum, Aaron suddenly realized what had happened.

He sat there glued to his seat, motionless and horrified.

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