For Her


Lily began dating Tina after she told her friends at an intervention/party that she was bi. What she didn’t realize that Tina was also a bisexual and into her long before they started working in the same office.

However, their new boss was a guy named Tom who managed to piss off every woman working under him. Lily fell for his masochism and went on a date with him without telling Tina.

Lily and Tom actually got along well but when they returned to Lily and Tina’s apartment, a furious Tina opened the door, grabbed Lily’s arm and dragged her in. Tom was amazed and mocked Tina for her arrogant behavior.

“She’s my girlfriend you asshole MY GIRLFRIEND! HOW DARE YOU EVEN TOUCH HER?” shouted Tina.

“Well, that’s just disappointing” replied Tom which made Tina even more upset.

They bickered for a minute or two before Lily stepped in and told them to ‘sex wrestle’ for her. The person who lasts longer without getting turned on or tiring out wins. Tony argued about the odds against him, but Lily didn’t change her stance on the offer.

So they removed the carpet and both Tina and Tom took their clothes off. Tina obviously mocked Tom when he took off his boxers.

“Whatever Mr Tina” replied Tom perhaps in an attempt to unnerve Tina.

He was tall and had black hair and even though he didn’t look like someone who would last even a minute in a fist fight, Tom was a pro at keeping himself fit.

Tina was beautiful blonde with curvy boobs and a nice ass. Her lean stomach and back made Tom a bit horny but also keen on keeping calm because she looked like she worked out.

So when all the banter and staring was done, Tom and Tina grappled and the blonde was immediately tackled down by Tom.

He pinned her arms on the floor as Tina struggled to even see what was happening when her hair dropped in front of her eyes. She tried to kick Tom away but her feet slipped across his sweaty body.

She tried to wriggle away again but to no avail. However, she tried to flip and her boobs bumped into Tom’s face. He took a heavy breath and his cock became straighter.

Tina saw this as an opportunity and kept bouncing until Tom was forced let go of Tina’s arms and move back.

Tina rushed towards him and crushed his face with her butt. She smothered his face with her ass covered sweat which made the situation a bit disgusting and enjoyable for Tom.

“Are you not entertained?” asked Tina as Lily clapped in excitement.

When Tom heard this he knew he had to step up so he flicked his legs above Tina’s head and put her in a headlock.

Surprisingly, he began to press his legs and seemingly intent on hurting Tina.

Tina moaned and struggled before Lily came to her told her to not give up and that Tom is only a man and men are weaker than women. This invigorated both Tom and Tina as both looked dead in each others eyes and planned their next move.

Tom was proud that he had maintained control over Tina and his cock had barely gotten hard. His opponent however was waiting for an opening like a predator.

As Tom was still crushing Tina’s head, she found a way to get her head away and both backed off. Tom came towards her but she tripped him and for once grabbed his balls.

Tom screamed in agony as Tina pressed them hard while smothering him with her breasts as she sat on him. Cleverly, she forced Tom into facing her pussy again as Tina engaged him in anal sex.

She gave him a hand-job and would pinch his balls again and again. He had a choice to either pass out under the Tina’s beautiful wet body or find some air to breathe.

Tina saw him trying to do move his head away from her but she closed her legs and his face was now stuffed behind her ass. Now he had no choice other than eating Tina’s ass and hoping her strength wanes like his was.

Lily was enjoying the show calmly with cold beer in her hands and waiting for anyone of them to simply give up.

What made it worse for Tom was that he was fond of hairy pussy so a bald one like Tina’s made it a little awkward for him.

The floor was covered in cum and sweat which even turned Lily on. She got up and sat down again. The fun of watching her date and her girlfriend doing it in front of her and screaming like whores was fun.

Tom finally made a move and managed to get up and tried to lock up and torture Tina’s legs. He succeeded initially but Tina’s figure helped her flip and trap Tom’s head into a headlock.

He fell hard on his torso as Tina smothered his face with her pussy. Tom was swinging his arms in all directions now desperately trying to stay in the match.

Tina and Lily looked at each and the latter made a cut throat gesture. Tina was ready to put Tom out of his misery, her and Lily’s sex lives and more importantly their apartment now filled with man-sweat and man-cum.

To put the finishing touches on her potential win, Tina grabbed Tom’s hands and stretched them. He moaned for some minutes and kicked about but eventually went over and was out cold.

Tina checked to see his condition and sat him up but he fell down again. She laid out his body flat, legs and arms wide open and sat on his face with a victory pose. She did a foot pose too before both Lily and Tina put his clothes back on and threw him down the apartment building’s laundry shaft.

They drank and laughed about the whole night and in the days after that they were told that Tom had handed his resignation and left town.

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