For Kat


Kat was a very well put woman, she enjoyed women as well as men, but still sexually frustrated at times, she made up her mind tonight. She lay in her bed watching the late shows in her night gown. Kat was 19 years young, was tall and skinny, and had a ravishing accent. She always enjoyed class, but also enjoyed a party once in awhile.

As she lay in her bed she heard a knock at her door. She quickly scampered to the bathroom to re-do her make up and change into something that made her tingle. She took off her nightgown and into her garter belt and stockings and a corset that pushed her breasts up and together. She went to the door and opened it to see her best friend Samantha at the door in a purple corset and fishnet leggings with high heels to match her sexy legs.

Sam was 19 as well, she was slim but had curves to show. She had long blonde hair and wore alluring eye makeup that made Kat even happier. Sam walked into the room, and sat down next to Kat on the sofa, Kat offered her some tea and she said “Why the late visit?”

Sam said “I got bored of watching television and thought i’d pay you a visit, considering we haven’t fooled around in awhile” she smiled and looked at Kat. Kat placed her tea on the table next to her, and noticed that Sam brought a bag with her. “What’s in the bag?” Kat asked very puzzled.

“Do you want to find out?” Sam purred. Kat was confused as she really didn’t know what Casibom Sam could have brought, the many times Sam and her had played together Sam never brought anything but wine or deserts. Sam smiled and got up, took Kats hand and led her to her bedroom, opened the door, and had Kat sit at the edge of the bed. Sam went back to the parlor and grabbed her bag and came back to the bedroom to find Kat without her garter belt on and her panties were off.

Kats eyes were closed as she lightly rubbed her sex with her index finger, from having been turned on by Sam. Sam pulled a riding crop out of her bag and lightly hit Kats right thigh and told her to stop rubbing her sex. Kate jumped a little being startled by the riding crop and stopped touching herself. Sam motioned her to wait as she went to grab some handcuffs and some length of chain and some padlocks. Kat saw what Sam had with her and wanted to run but before she could move Sam sat on her lower half, pinning her to the bed. Sam handcuffed Kats wrists together behind the headboard of the bed and took a length of chain and chained her left ankle to the left bedpost and her right ankle to the right bedpost. Soon Kat couldn’t move off the bed and lightly whimpered.

Sam glanced at Kats sex and noticed that she was getting turned on and giggled to herself. Sam licked her lips and purrred. She took out a ball gag from her bag and put it into Kats mouth and buckled Casibom Giriş it behind her head and smiled. “There!” Sam said as she watched Kat test her bonds but also enjoying it. Sam stradled Kats waist and began nibbling her neck. The thought of being unable to respond to Sams intimacy turned her on more, and she moaned into her gag as Sam kissed her neck. Sam unlaced Kats corset and revealed her breasts.

Sam got up for a moment and got some baby oil from her bag, and poured some down her own chest and she lightly moaned as she felt it run under her own corset and soaking her panties. She took more baby oil and massaged it into Kats breasts. Kat began moaning and felt her sex get more wet as Sam ravished her. Sam got down and cut off Kats panties and lightly licked her slit, tasting the juices from Kats wet sex and kept licking and sucking the juices from her pussy as she brought her closer to orgasm.

Kat was moaning through the gag as best she could and lightly struggled her position, but enjoyed Sams tongue on her clit which pushed her closer and closer to the edge. Sam licked and licked until she heard Kat moan loud and her orgasm began flowing. Sam began licking faster and swallowing Kats cum and licked until she was done with her orgasm. Sam got up and licked her lips clean.

She whispered to Kat “I hope you enjoyed that, I know I did. I hope you’re ready to do me” She purred again Casibom Güncel Giriş and took off Kats gag and she straddled her face but held her hips high so Kat had to reach up to Sams wet sex. Kat began licking Sams sex while Sam arched back already very turned on. Kat licked faster and sucked on her clit as if she were hungry for it. Sam moaned and pulled Kats head closer.

Sam moaned harder and breathed heavier as she got closer to Orgasm and Kat began getting wet again, so Sam arched back, keeping one hand on Kats head to keep her licking her sex, and began rubbing Kats clit with her other hand. Kat whimpered into Sams sweet sex as she was being fingered, bringing her closer to her second orgasm. Sam started to shiver as her orgasm came quick.

Kat moaned as she started cumming as Sam did, and they both moved rigid as it coursed through them. Kat licked up Sams cum, and Sam got down to lick the rest of Kats cum. They both swallowed each others cum and lay on the bed panting. Sam undid Kats handcuffs, and then her right and left legs. She put her items into Kats bathtub to clean up later. Sam whispered to Kat “Thank’s for an amazing night doll, you’re very good at licking pussy, we should do this more often!” she exclaimed.

Kat smiled and said “I didn’t know you were into bondage, if you would have told me sooner I would have wanted to do it right away” she sat up and they both went into the bathroom to clean up. They helped each other get their corsets back on and Kat brought Sams bag to the door and kissed Sam as she lead her out the door. Kat closed the door and returned to her room to clean up. She couldn’t wait for her next adventure with Sam.

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