For Kristen with thanks


For Kristen with thanksI still do not know where he went but he came back with a travel bag full of clothes. I suspected he saw you Kristen. About a half hour before making the front door he called, wanted to be sure I was home and asked that the baby not need attention upon his arrival. I thought I’d greet him with a kiss, he just scanned the rooms and asked “Baby?” “sleeping” I said as I raised by boob showing a reddish well fed off nipple.Hands grabbed me firmly and he pushed me to my knees as he undid his pants. I eagerly took as much of his long black cock as I could, he started to stiffen immediately. He ordered me “Strip” and I complied as he also fully disrobed. “Get your handcuffs” he ordered. I was getting wetter while rummaging through the back of the closet. The though got to me. I return, he is fully erect and pointing straight out in front. I’m grabbed and spun around, I feel the Velcro go tight on my wrists as they are bound behind my back. Another strap is produced, this is leather with snaps. It goes around my neck and is attached to the bridge between the Velcro cuffs.I’m pushed to the floor on my knees, my head is now naturally tilting upwards because of the pull from the strap. canlı bahis It’s perfect angle for his cock. Osei’s hands go behind my head so he can cram me onto his ebony shaft. He’s choking me with his cock. Going far beyond comfort and hitting the gag reflex. He is also not caring too much how often I breathe. One hand moves to his cock, now he is jacking himself while the head trying to go down my throat. “I saw films you like online. I like rough too, never knew you did. Should I degrade your mouth or fuck you?”. To the best of my ability with a cock in my throat I said “Fuck me”, though it did not sound much like it.I’m pulled up, spun around and a bottle of lube is squirted on my bottom. He then produces a ball gag which I had not seen before. These things terrorize me and only I know that. I only see it as he starts to apply it to my mouth, I bucked hard, hip checked him with my struggle and hollered “NO” but he secured it very tight. I could just mumble. I tried hard to use my legs to get away. It was no use, he pushed into me hard. I believe he buried most of his lubed ebony shaft in a single stroke. I screamed a muffled scream because he is huge and it hurt a lot. He immediately hit me with bahis siteleri a harder stroke and this one really hurt a lot more. The worst was over as he was completely sheathed inside me. He started asking me “Is this how you want it from behind?”, and with that he actually lifted me off the ground with his cock and hips. Then he steadied me by grabbing my hair and bucking me upwards off the ground again. I screamed again but the gag muffled most of it. “This cock owns you now Andi. Ken don’t want you no more and Kristen don’t want me no more either.” Somewhere between being lifted and split, I could feel his cock go into spasms as he groaned while his semen erupted inside. “Take it, take it all” he kept repeating as he filled me. This was maybe a 5 minute release which occurred in the kitchen. The absolute hottest 5 minute sex I’ve have ever had. Only after he finished shooting did he allow my feet to hit the ground. He then carried me to the bed and tossed me onto it. Still cuffed, stiff neck strapped and still gagged. Only now I was cooling down and savoring the moment. A short while later he unbound and kissed me deeply. I’m not sure he understands how appreciative and grateful I am for the güvenilir bahis hard fucking. Still he has the hard on and thus he is still on the blue pill. I got on top, gently took him and fed him my breasts, passionately kissed him and told him how much I enjoyed him taking complete control. I told him he can do me like that any time he wants. He even agreed to go gentler on the initial entry but, he would pull my hair harder!! No problem here !! After a long time and a lot of affection I enjoyed a second blissful seeding. His only action there was to flip me missionary and cram himself into me balls deep. Going forceful but slow did not hurt one bit, just a bit of discomfort. But well worth it. Feeling his scrotum tight against my anus as he climaxed gave me this feeling of completeness and superiority. Pillow talk afterwards was me declaring that I would someday give him a c***d. If only to dream of conceiving every time he takes me. He is napping now, still with a hard on. I’m going to go service him again right after hitting the send button. Don’t know how but I’ll get another load out of him. Maybe oral this time? Or maybe he can gently do me anal? After all, he is the only guy who has ever done me that way and made it pleasurable. So why not? Kristen dear, I’ll be happy to keep him. I bet he never screwed you with such energy and heat!! I do like being a owned by Osei and will get used to being a kept woman.

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