Forced Ch. 03


He pumped me fast and then slow as we both worked towards climax. I know my eyes were rolled in the back of my head as I all thought about was here and now.

“Oh baby, Oh baby,” and I knew it was happening. Stopping balls deep in me he sucked in deep breaths of air with each time his cock fired inside me. I closed my eyes and allowed it to happen. I found myself rubbing the vertebras in his back up and down as he shot in me. He went limp on top of me as I still held him tight. My actions came somehow natural to me as I lay in afterglow.

Scott coughed a few times and arched his hips back and his soft cock slipped from my slimy hole. He sucked the end of my noise and grinned all his white teeth at me. “Beautiful baby,” he said loud as he rolled over on his side.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Scott moved off the bed and stood up and stretched. I watched the muscles of his back and ass flex. Unlike his front, his back was devoid of hair – until it reached his ass. His butt cheeks were covered with thick hair and his crack was filled with hair. The hair followed down his ass to his legs. This guy was 150% man. Scott turned around and said to me, “let’s hit the showers champ, breakfast is on me.”

I couldn’t help staring down at his cock. It wasn’t completely flaccid yet, and swung side to side. It was covered in his cum and my juices. Healthy looking cock, I thought to myself. I couldn’t believe that thing had actually been inside me.

Scott reached down with his hand and grabbed my arm and pulled me up. He had a cocky smile on his face and was grinning at me. As I was drug out of bed by Scott, I could feel a dull ache on my upper quads (from being spread open so wide for so long). And my asshole hurt. I could feel something oozing from my hole and down my leg. I reached back with by hand and touched my lower ass and felt in my crevice. When I pulled back my hand it was covered in slimy cum. Scott’s cum. Holy shit, I thought to myself, he came in me.

I must have had a worried look on my face. Scott’s expression changed from one of smugness to a bit more of concern.

“Sorry, Jason, my bags didn’t make it off the plane and I didn’t have any condoms. I assumed you were clean because you are married. I get tested every couple of months and am pretty sure I am ok. My partner is, too – but you should probably go in and get tested.” He said this matter-of-factly, like it was no big deal. “Come on, Jace – let’s hit the shower,” he said.

“No, I’m…I…I can’t. This has got to stop now. I’m married. I’m not gay,” I stammered. I couldn’t even look him in the eyes when I said this.

“Hey, it’s cool. I know how you feel. You were pretty drunk last night. But you need to take a shower, you stink man.” Scott walked towards the bathroom and disappeared behind the door. I stood in the room alone for a moment as I heard the shower come to life. That is exactly what I needed – a shower. I did smell and I was covered in sweat and cum. His cum and mine. I looked down at my stomach and package. I had wet and dried cum on me. It was clumped in my pubic hair. I reached back to my ass again and felt up and down my crack. It was wet. I tentatively touched my hole. It was painful to the touch. I bent forward a bit and spread my legs, arching my ass backwards a bit. I had better access to my rear now. I could feel the rim of my asshole was swollen and it didn’t appear to be completely shut. I squeezed my hole and felt it closing a bit, but when I did that more cum oozed form my hole. When I pulled my hand away, I could see cum on my hands and some traces of blood. I knew he ripped my ass open with that fucking cock of his.

As soon as could, I was going to get blood tests done. I couldn’t sleep with my wife until I knew I was clean. SHIT! How did I get myself in this mess. SHIT! SHIT! SHIT!

Just then, Scott came back in the room. “I started the shower for you, why don’t you jump in first.”

It sounded like a good idea. I needed to wash him off my body. Out of my body, too. “Thanks,” I said under my breath.

I walked past him and into the bathroom. I closed the door. There wasn’t a lock on the door. I never needed one before, I thought. I moved the shower curtain to the side and gingerly raised each leg over the tub and into the shower. My legs and ass still smarted. But as soon as I got under the hot water, I started to feel better.

As the water flowed over me I felt some of the tenseness leave. I looked down and notice Scott had placed the hotel shampoo and hand soap in the shower, that was considerate I thought. I grabbed the shampoo and poured a generous amount in my hand and started lathering my hair. I turned my back to the shower and grabbed the bar of soap. I started lathering up my body. When I got down to my crotch I gingerly soaped up my goods. The dried cum wasn’t as easy to remove and I ended up trying to pull it off my pubic hair. I painfully realized some hair came bursa eskort with it. As I soaped my cock and balls, they started to respond to my touch. My mind began to wander. As I stood there soaped away my worries I thought about Scott.

At least he was good looking, I thought. It was bad enough that he was a guy. But an ugly guy would have been worse. If it would have been my old boss I would have jumped out the window – that guy was totally out of shape, smoked and stank of cigarettes and was severely overweight. If I was going to do it with a guy, I was glad he was cute. Scott was better than cute, he was totally hot. I was actually envious of him. Big long, thick cock and hairy all over. And tall. And muscular. There was no mistaking it, he was a man. Not that I’m not manly, but he probably pissed testosterone he was so manly.

As I was thinking of this, I was still soaping my crotch. I was so hard I was about to burst. I looked down at my cock. I was nothing to sneeze at. I was 6 inches but pretty thick. I admired my cock for a while. The head of it was thicker than the rest. I had quite a bit of hair around my junk. It wasn’t as thick as Scott’s, and it was lighter colored brown – but it more than covered my boys. I slowly started to stroke my dick. Boy, did that feel good.

With my other hand, I reached back with the soap and started washing my ass. Most of the cum had been rinsed away by the shower. I ran the bar of soap up and down my crack. When I got to my asshole, I rubbed the bar of soap around a bit. My ass spasmed a bit and it seemed to pull the little bar of soap out of hand inside a bit. When that happened I looked down at my cock and saw a ton of precum oozing from my dick. I kept rubbing the soap on my asshole and slowly pushed it in. I thought if I could just use the soap to clean out my ass, I would be cleaning Scott out of me. It stung a bit, but I didn’t care. I pushed a bit further and suddenly my asshole grabbed the bar of soap right out of my hand and seemed to pull it right into my body. My cock was leaking precum like never before. I started moaning and really started stroking my meat.

I never heard the door open, but all of the sudden Scott came in the shower with me. I pulled my hand away from my ass and felt the soap leave my body. I heard it slap the bottom of the bathtub. I stupidly tried to cover my hard on with both hands. He leaned forward and put his hands down on my cock. He pushed my hands away and started stroking me up and down. His other and reached down and started kneading my balls. I opened my mouth to say NO, but he moved in fast and started kissing me. I was lost in the moment again and let him. He moved closer and I could feel the heat from his body. His course chest hair came in contact with my body. Since he was taller than me I ended up standing up tall to continue the kiss. When he moved up to pull away I went up on my tiptoes and reached up with my arms to pull him down. I was hooked.

Scott pulled away with a proud grin and started massaging the shampoo that was still in my hair. I closed my eyes – and went with the flow. It felt so erotic. He was massaging my scalp and I could feel his cock rubbing up and down on my lower stomach. Scott pulled away and reached down for the soap, which was down by the drain. On his way down, he put his mouth around the head of my cock and slowly sucked it into his mouth. He sucked it down to the root in a matter of seconds. It took my breath away and I groaned. His throat was milking my cock. He was only down there for 20 seconds max when all the sudden I said, “I am gonna cum.”

He just stayed at the root of my cock and let his throat muscles pull the cum right out of my body. I had to grab onto his head to keep myself from falling down as my legs almost gave way. I could feel the cum raising out of my cock, it felt like it started in my toes. My spine got all tight and my ass clenched down (boy, did that feel good). My cock was packed so tightly down his throat the cum just fired right out of me. My dickhead felt like it blew right off me, I came so hard. My nuts actually hurt when I came, that was a new one for me.

I was a panting, quivering mess when Scott pulled up. I expected him to be embarrassed for sucking my cock (I would have been), but no…he came up with a broad smile on his face. He leaned forward and gave me a deep kiss. As his tongue entered me again, I could taste a salty bitterness. There was thickness to it, but only a taste. It suddenly dawned on me that it was my own cum I was tasting. I tried pulling back, but Scott pulled me closer to him and drove his tongue into my mouth. This time, he deposited more of my cum in my mouth. Now, one thing I know – I cum a ton. I always have. He took a direct shot of cum right down his throat, but must have gotten some in his mouth, too. I tried to push it out, but even his tongue was stronger than mine. I was forced to swallow some of my cum. Once I swallowed, bursa bayan escort he pulled back and eased back on the kiss.

The entire experience left me breathless. I opened my mouth and took in a couple deep gulps of air. I also realized I was holding onto Scott very tightly. I was hugging him actually. When I noticed this, I pulled away. He did too, and used my momentum to slowly turn me around. “Let’s get that shampoo out of your hair, sweetie.” His tone was soft and gentle and I complied.

As the water washed the soap out of my hair and off my body I felt strong soapy warm hands begin to slide over my wet soapy skin. All over my back. My neck. My arms. It felt sooo good. The tenseness I still had left began seeping away. The hands came around and encircled me and began rubbing my chest. Brushing my nipples lightly. Using the soap on me. Slowly going down to my navel and cleaning me up. It felt so good that I just let it happen. I didn’t do anything but lean against the shower wall and moan with pleasure. Soon I was lost in the total sensation of those wonderful wandering hands.

My cock hadn’t gone totally soft from its last ejaculation and lay chubbily against my leg. My balls tingled and seemed to get bigger and felt like they dropped lower. Those hands were everywhere it seemed. The right one began concentrating on my cock and the left wandered to my nipples on both sides. Then it went behind me and began to soap up my ass. I gave a deep moan as Scott’s fingers found the rosebud of my asshole. Gently but persistently I was entered first with one finger, and then two and finally three. At three, I felt totally stretched. Meanwhile, the right hand was stroking me slowly up and down. I was getting hard again. Every now and then Scott would dip lower to my balls and feel them up.

I could feel Scott’s hard cock rubbing up and down my lower back. Scott pulled his hands away form my cock and ass for a moment and poured some shampoo down my back. He started giving me a deep pressure massage on my shoulders and back. It felt wonderful. He pulled my hips back a bit and slowly pushed my shoulders forward. I felt more probing directly on my hole. The pressure was intense and I could feel the head of his cock rubbing around my opening. When the head breached me, I could feel my ring hugging around the thick ridge of his cock. Scott placed both hands on my hips and exerted some more pressure to my ass. The soap wasn’t as good as the lotion used earlier, but it did the trick. His cock slowly and painfully started pushing forward, moving my guts out of the way to make room for him. I could feel each incredible inch as it spread me open.

“Relax, Jason, this feels so fucking good on my dick. Your ass is like butter and it is just eating up my big cock. And I know you want it too. I only have about 3 inches in you now, baby. How ’bout your control the rest. Get used to it, enjoy it man,” he whispered in my ear.

He was only about a 1/3 of the way in me??? Holy crap, this guy had a monster cock. Is this what it felt like for my wife when I slipped it into her? Guess not. I never tried it in her ass. And I wasn’t nearly as big as the schlong up my ass. I slowly pulled away from him, until the ridge of his cock head was back at the mouth of my ass, my rim holding him tightly inside. I slowly pushed back at him. I knew when he started going in further than before because it got harder to push in. It was slow going. Back a bit, in a bit. I kept that up for what seemed like 50 or so stokes. My ass was hurting and I was sure he was almost all the way in.

“We about done?” I asked with a pained gasp.

“Not even close, bitch!” he responded and then pushed forward quickly. The first thing to happen was my head hit the shower wall. The pain of my forehead competed with the piercing pain that shot through my ass and lower back as Scott’s dick hit paydirt. He bottomed out in me in one deep thrust.

“Aughh!!!” I screamed! He kept on jabbing his hips into me while I was fully impaled on his cock. My face was slammed up against the wall. My feet couldn’t keep contact with the floor and started slipping. Somehow Scott put his hands under my chest and pulled me up, lifting me up on his dick. He then stood straight up, pulling me completely off the shower floor. My toes were completely off the ground. My body weight was now distributed directly on his cock. It was so deep inside me and it hurt so bad I started to cry. Tears were coming down my cheeks. I opened my mouth to sob out load, but I only heard myself grunt. Scott heard it, too.

“Yeah, I have you back in my saddle again,” he breathed in my ear, “I love it deep like this. You have my whole cock covered. Your ass is so tight, I love fucking you.”

Scott kept up his assault on my ass. He kept on shifting a bit, which was enough to drive his cock in and out of me – but only a millimeter at a time. He asked me to relax bursa ucuz escort my ass a bit and somehow I did. When I did it, it felt loads better. Then he asked me to bear down on him. I did that and I felt all tight again and the pain returned. “Again!” he bellowed and I released and bore down. His hands were on my upper chest squeezing my tight pecs and rubbing my nipples. Some of my chest hair was being ripped from my body due to the odd position we were in. My ass was on fire and I started to develop some control over the feelings down there. While it was painful if I tensed my asshole, when I relaxed the relief was so great it felt wonderful. Each time he jabbed I tried to tense up. We started developing a rhythm together. I could feel him kissing my shoulder.

Scott’s jabs somehow got longer in stroke. He was slowly fucking me in and out. It was still very uncomfortable, especially when I tensed my asshole down on him. But once I got my rhythm going, and measured the time I relaxed I could anticipate my relief. He slowed, which really frustrated me, so I began thrusting my ass back at him trying my best to get our rhythm back.

“That’s it baby, damn, your ass is really milking my cock. You are tight as you were last night. You have me hooked on your ass, Jace, no way am I going to stop getting more tail off you.” Scott moaned aloud as he jabbed deep in me. “This is called deep dicking. And you have every one of my 9 inches in your twat right now. I am going to fuck you silly. Take it bitch! TAKE IT!”

An uncontrollable moan of lust come from deep inside me was we continued to jab at each other. The hot water of the shower was beating me directly in the chest and running down the front of my body. My ass cheeks were firmly planted on his crotch and his dick was lodged deep in my guts. I could feel the root of his cock, it has stretched me beyond capacity. I knew I was torn open. And I looked down at my stomach and could actually see my insides moving. That big, fucking cock head of his was deep inside me, making a home for itself in my bowels. “Yeah, love my cock, Jace! Worship my cock!” he breathed in my ear as we mated.

He was so close to me I could feel his wiry crotch hair against my butt cheeks. His chest hair was mashed into my back. I could feel the friction between our bodies. Strange sounds of lust came from him also as we moved, he must be getting ready to blow again I thought.

All too quickly I heard him asked through clinched teeth, “You ready to take my load?” His hip movements increased and the length of his jabs got shorter. He squeezed me really tight around the chest and four deep low moans escaped his mouth. I actually could feel his cock getting bigger – well thicker that is. He also got harder. As this happened, the rim of my asshole couldn’t take it. Instead of expanding to accommodate his thrusts, it was forced inside my body alongside his cock. It was a totally new sensation and I lost all control of my ass muscles. I could also feel the helmet of his cock growing thicker deep inside me. Then there was sudden wetness – very hot wetness inside me and the thrusts of his cock felt much better. His cum was acting like lube, coating his cock and my chute.

As his hips stopped moving I felt our bodies swaying a bit. He had been holding my body up by his cock and arms for a while and he must have relaxed too much through his cumming. We slipped a bit in the shower and he quickly started dropping me down. I grabbed for the shower head and another metal bar in the shower to hold us steady for a moment. My feet touched the ground and I got my bearing.

Scott continued to hold me tight as he came down from his sexual frenzy. He nuzzled my ear for a second and cooed in my ear, “baby that was fantastic!” I felt pride inside knowing I made him feel so good. But I also felt something different. Complete and utter lust. I was high on lust. My cock was completely hard, up against my belly. My nuts were drawn up close to my body and I wanted to cum badly.

Scott’s cock was still buried inside me, I still held most of his 9 inches in my asshole. I flexed my ass back on him and started fucking myself back on him. His cock was loosing its hardness, so I needed to be quick. I started slamming back into him. Ramming it in and out fast, careful not to go out too much, scared that it wouldn’t go back in. I could feel cum leaking out of my hole, but that cum was my savior. It kept his knob lubed up and allowed me to fuck myself back on him. Neither one of us said a word. But I did a lot of moaning and crying out with pleasure. I really started to enjoy the feel of that thick cock entering into me from behind.

My thrusting seemed to take on urgency. His hands left my body and he stood up straight. I could feel his cock getting softer, but it stayed semi-hard. Even this way, he was still bigger than me. Scott’s hands lay on my waist and I had to reach back with my hands to his hips to make sure we stayed coupled. I started laying it back to him harder and faster. I was about to cum. My hands dug backwards into his ass and I slammed back into him. My cock was so hard up against my body and I was leaking so much precum out of it my whole entire lower abdomen was coated in my juice.

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