Forced Entry Ch. 03


Lorna closed her eyes, the buzzing vibrator still gripped tightly by her vaginal muscles had only one inch showing. Both hands, slick with her own juices, absently continued with the caressing of her breasts. Her breathing began to ease.

She felt the vibrator begin to ease out of her engorged wet flesh, thinking that it was her own muscles pushing it out, Lorna opened her eyes. But what she saw instead was her friend from next door, Katy; kneeling between her wide open legs.

It was her that had removed the toy and now she held the slick wet buzzing tool to her mouth, pursing her lips around the pointed end, she flicked out her tongue to lick at Lorna’s juices.

Lorna sat bolt upright in the chair and slammed her legs tightly together in her embarrassment. Her hands covered her hard nipples in an attempt at modesty.

She cleared her throat and said, “what the hell are you doing here?” Her skin still prickled in the heat of her recent excitement, and her breasts and nipples still tingled beneath her hands.

The sight of Katy licking away at her vaginal juices on the vibrator, far from revolting her only served to start her excitement again. Katy in response merely smiled and proceeded to deep-throat the still buzzing tool, ensuring that she licked and sucked every drop of Lorna’s vaginal juices from the tool.

Her eyes, the pupils dilated, appraised Lorna’s partially naked body. The leather skirt poker oyna still rucked up to the waist, her slim, black stocking-clad thighs tightly pressed together. Her blouse pushed either side of her breasts exposing them, had only one button left secured. Her heaving chest flushed with excitement.

“What are you doing here?” said Lorna again, in an attempt to gain control over the situation.

Katy leant forward and touched Lorna’s forearm, which immediately reacted in goose bumps. With the gossamer touch, Lorna felt her flesh tingle at the sensation. A tingle that then spread up her arm, invading her body bit by bit, stealth its ally.

Yet she did not recoil from the touch as she thought she would, for the feeling was a pleasant one and in her heightened state of sexual arousal, it was not unwelcome. She realised that the thought of this woman’s touch deeply excited her.

Katy could see that Lorna had ever so slightly relaxed and had slipped back into the chair, her eyes submissively avoiding contact. For her part, Lorna felt tensed, strained; her blood once again began to course through her veins increasing the awareness of her groin, her breasts, and the side of her neck, the skin of her arms and between her thighs.

Lorna yearned to be touched, but at the same time was shocked at the thought that she wanted the touch to be Katy’s. She had satisfied herself she thought, in her brief act of masturbation, canlı poker oyna yet now the power of this woman leaning over her, filled her with the uncontrollability of it all, the overwhelming need for more.

Katy, her voice low, soothing and persuasive, said “You are so very pretty.” She could feel her own wetness between her legs, that wonderful burning inside her vagina that was the precursor of a hardening of her clitoris and the swelling of her breasts with their erect toppings.

Her fingers ran beneath Lorna’s hair to the nape of her neck as she leaned in closer to whisper into Lorna’s ear, forcing her to look at her cleavage and breasts, “so wantonly pretty.” She continued to stroke Lorna’s neck whilst speaking softly.

Lorna turned her face upwards and looked directly into the eyes of her seducer, betraying to Katy her confusion. “What are you doing?” she heard herself saying, her voice distant and unfamiliar. She felt on fire with her vagina the epicentre of her desire, her nipples two sub-centres.

“It’s alright,” said Katy, “I just think that you are so beautiful.” Katy moved her hand and pushed back a stray wisp of hair from Lorna’s face, then ran her fingers gently down the upturned cheek, stopping under Lorna’s chin. Lorna gasped, but made no other move. Her hands had already released their hold on her breasts and were now resting passively on the arms of the chair.

Katy continued internet casino to hold Lorna’s chin as she kissed her. It began as a gentle lover’s kiss; a mere brushing of lips, the subtle tasting of each others lipstick. A soft probing of tongues; but quickly it turned into that of seducer and victim, lustful, forceful and powerful.

As she pulled from the kiss Katy’s deep red lips up-turned into a smile, a smile of confidence, of power; one could even consider it one of evil. She leant forward again and with this kiss she released Lorna’s chin allowing her fingers to lightly explore her breasts and erect nipples, before cupping a breast authoritatively. Maintaining the kiss she knelt in front of Lorna once again.

For her part, Lorna wanted to implore Katy, to touch her more intimately, to feel the wetness between her legs, but she was too ashamed to voice this need. She could not understand how she could be feeling like this when she had never felt this way before.

Indeed her own lips had met hard against the other woman’s without hesitation, though with a good deal of trepidation; but even this feeling had only served to increase her state of arousal all the more.

Her mouth had opened willingly, inviting Katy’s intrusion, even insisting upon it, and when her tongue entered, Lorna’s tongue relished it and met it, curling and mingling with other woman’s saliva.

Her hands however had remained still, for it was she that was being lead by the other woman; her that was the lamb being lead, not to slaughter but to ecstasy, the guilt afterwards would therefore be all the easier to contend with, the blame would not lie with her.

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