Forty-Eight Hours In Amsterdam (Part Two)


We soon found ourselves at the Candy club. It was a small venue, with several guys crowding around a couple of women at the bar. Across the dance floor, behind a curtained-off zone was a lounge area with lots of sofas dotted around. We ordered drinks and found a suitable seat to chill out on. None of the curtains closed fully, you could peek through large gaps with ease at other seating areas. From our seat we could see an older naked couple opposite, the guy looked in our direction, smiling. His wife’s head was in his lap, obviously busy sucking his cock. “Is this what you expected?” I asked Tanya, hoping she’d say yes.“Yeah. I suppose so, it’s quite Kinky. I like it here. Good music too,” Tanya replied, looking around the room with approval as ‘I’m Free’ by the Soup Dragons played.Mia wasted no time removing her skirt to reveal her semi-erection. I could see the guy opposite say something to his partner, she looked up from his lap gazing at Mia for a while. Smiling, she stood up revealing her slender, but curvy figure, she was incredibly hot for her age. Facing us the woman straddled her legs across the guy’s lap and lowered herself. We watched his erect cock slip from sight into her eager pussy. Mia was now fully erect, openly caressing her stiffness, watching intently as the couple fucked for us. Tanya and I sipped our drinks, soaking up the atmosphere, and enjoying the thrill of it all.A middle-aged guy with two nubile females sat in another seating area. Both of the girls were dressed in nothing but suspenders and stockings. They seemed fascinated by Mia and took great interest in watching her masturbate. It wasn’t long before the middle-aged guy shed his boxer shorts. Each of the girls took turns rubbing his short but thick shaft. Everything seemed to be happening so fast, it was such a turn-on to see people openly fucking without inhibitions.I watched as a guy appeared from the dance floor to join the couple opposite. He stripped off and sat next to them stroking his cock. He stiffened very quickly and was rather well-hung. The woman eagerly climbed off her husband, abandoning his cock for something bigger. Moving across she straddled the new guy, facing him bursa escort she lowered herself onto his pole letting out a loud moan, she rode him grinding her pelvis against his. The sights and sounds of their wild coupling were so exciting.“I am so fucking horny right now.” Standing, I disrobed in front of Tanya and Mia.“This is so crazy, it’s like living in someone’s wet dream,” Tanya said, following my lead.Standing, I positioned Mia next to Tanya on the sofa, so that my cock was just inches away from both of their faces, together they sucked me greedily, licking and kissing every inch of my shaft and shaven balls. Their tongues felt heavenly, darting across my shaft as I continued watching the well-hung guy fucking the woman. His cock was buried most of the time, the woman seemed to enjoy deep penetration.A clothed lady passed, obviously taking a look around the club. She paused for a few seconds to glance at them fucking, I remember thinking she had no idea how much cock was stuffed deep inside the woman or why she was moaning so uncontrollably. After more grinding, the older woman cried out with ecstasy and climaxed hard on his big erection.Hearing other loud moans, I turned towards the middle-aged guy and his nubile girls. I nearly came on the spot, one of the girls was having a massive quivering orgasm on his shaft. I could see her perfect pussy stretched very, very wide around his thick cock which slipped in and out of her. She was watching the older woman opposite being stuffed with the large meaty sausage. The sight of their coupling was obviously a sensory overload. As her climax subsided the girl slid off the middle-aged guy’s cock and collapsed on the sofa still quivering. The second girl took her place climbing onto his waiting shaft.I was on the brink of exploding and couldn’t take anymore cock sucking. I swapped places with Mia, sitting down as she stood. Tanya and I went to work on her gorgeous throbbing tool, taking turns sucking her balls and shaft. Mia didn’t last long and was soon sowing her seed, mostly over my chest as Tanya massaged the creamy jizz over me.The older woman opposite was still sitting on the guy, just his balls visible at her entrance. bursa escort bayan Regaining her strength she climbed off his girth, what a magnificent view we had, slowly, inch after inch of glistening wet cock came into view. He had grown even bigger whilst inside her. A good nine inches of thick rigid sausage slipped from her slit, followed by a small squirt of her juices which trickled down his length. I could see Tanya staring in awe at his impressive manhood.I whispered in her ear, “Show him your pussy if you want him,” and without hesitation, Tanya parted her legs wide, whilst gazing at him lustfully.xTaking the bait, he crossed the room, his erection swayed heavily with each step. He took up position between Tanya’s parted thighs, her cunt was dripping with the excitement of what was about to happen. I could smell her sweet, musky sex as she started breathing heavily. The guy aimed the tip of his monster at her opening, Tanya’s eyes closed as he pushed in. She took his entire length, balls deep with one thrust.“Aahhh! Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, it’s huge,” was all Tanya could repeat.Slowly he started pumping in and out of Tanya with long deep strokes, making her pussy squelch with each thrust. It was awesome to see her willing pussy stretched so wide to accommodate him. Suddenly she burst into an explosive orgasm, as she came he withdrew and shot a load of cum over Tanya’s belly. Within seconds, he stood, kissed her on the forehead and left without a word. Mia couldn’t resist, she went down on Tanya licking the cum from her belly before feasting on her pussy, until Tanya climaxed again. Mia was rock hard again and moved in to fuck her.Tanya was in heaven, she took Mia’s cock into her pussy with ease. I was so desperate to fuck Tanya, the smell of her pussy juices was so intoxicating, turning me wild with desire. Kissing Mia, I could taste Tanya’s delicious juices as our tongues locked together. Like a bull before charging, my nostrils flared, exhaling hard with each breath. Gazing down at my cock, it never felt so large, the veins bulged as the shaft throbbed with each heartbeat. The mushroom helmet was swollen and eager to enter Tanya. I had never escort bursa felt so driven by wild, hot passionate desire, it was an incredible sensation. Tanya’s hand squeezed my shaft, noticing how turned on I had become, she could sense my longing and moved into a doggy position so I could finally take her.“Fuck me, James,” she ordered as I took my position behind her. “I want your cock.”Tanya’s fleshy lips protruded below her beautiful rounded buttocks. Holding her hips I pressed the tip of my cock at her slit. I wanted to slam my tool right in and fuck her hard, but I also wanted to tease her. I buried just the helmet of my shaft in her moist hole before retracting, then again, and again, just fucking her with just the tip of my cock. It drove her wild, she pushed against my cock trying to get more, begging for me to fuck her. I lunged forward, knowing she wasn’t expecting it, slowly and deliberately with one long hard push I buried my cock balls deep inside her making her squeal.Mia moved behind me pressing her body against mine, I felt her cock slide between my ass cheeks probing at my entrance. As I thrust into Tanya Mia moved closer still, as I pulled out of Tanya I felt Mia’s cock enter me. Mia pushed deeper with each of my thrusts until she was finally all the way inside me. It felt amazing to be penetrated as I penetrated. A warm haze washed over me, I’d reached nirvana climaxing uncontrollably, shooting jet after jet of hot cum deep inside Tanya who then also came at the same time. Spent we all collapsed on the sofa for a while.“Wow what a rush, that guy was a monster, how on earth did you manage to take it all,” I said, recalling our amazing session. Tanya just smiled and kissed me. “Thank you.”Mia dressed, before making her apologies. “Goodbye, I need to go now.” She hugged us both with a sweet kiss before leaving.xTanya and I cuddled up together on the sofa to finish our drinks. We watched the action continue around us. Looking over at the dance floor, it was getting quite busy with people in various states of undress, gyrating to the pulsing beats. Tanya grabbed my hand and pull me over to the dance floor as ‘Something Good’ by Utah Saints blasted out of the speakers. Tanya enjoyed how the guys danced next to us waving their erections around. I still felt a little stoned, but very aroused. I wondered if there were any other huge cocks in tonight for Tanya to ride.

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