Forward My Mail to Paradise


Have you ever watched a hot woman’s ass ripple while she swam underwater? That’s what I was doing, and it was really something to see.

Perhaps I should explain how I came to be in this situation.

I guess, truth be told, it all started with my wife. Actually, my Ex-wife. If she hadn’t decided to be a cheating bitch, I wouldn’t have needed a getaway after the stress of the divorce. If she hadn’t betrayed my trust after twenty years together, I wouldn’t even be in Hawaii. And, if she hadn’t shown her true colours, I wouldn’t have met Leilani.

I love diving. The world of wonders waiting just under the surface is astoundingly beautiful, and I feel very much at peace whenever I am below. Peace is what I needed, and even though my ex was my usual dive partner, I was determined not to let her take my underwater oasis from me. She had already taken enough. With that in mind, I immediately made arrangements for three days of diving as soon as I arrived.

I went to the harbour on the morning of my first dive, and found myself among a full boat of people eager to get in the water. Eight of us listened to the Captain as he gave us his briefing, and introduced us to our divemasters for the day. Keith was a blonde twenty-something originally from California. The other divemaster was a young native Hawaiian girl. I was assigned to Keith’s group. I normally wouldn’t have cared whose group I was in, as I was more interested in the view underwater. However, this time, I was disappointed not to be in the other group. Leilani’s group.

Her name was as perfectly memorable as she was. Leilani Kai, which she later told us means ‘blessed child of the sea’, was a true Hawaiian goddess. Exotic. Beautiful. Deeply tanned. Voluptuously curvy. And tiny.

She was only about four foot ten, and her lack of height only made her curves more astounding. She was like a little doll, and her voice had a slightly breathy quality that made her even sexier. She was wearing a t-shirt and shorts that day, but her body looked even better in her wetsuit. I’m not into rubber, but she looked fabulous in it, and she caught me gawking at her several times while she prepped the gear for her group. She just smiled, and gestured that I should pay attention to my own equipment.

Once we all hit the water, I really didn’t see much more of her, but after the dive, she peeled her wetsuit down to her narrow, flat belly, to reveal a chest that any woman eight inches taller would envy. The full, rounded globes were cradled in a red bikini top, punctuated by the bullet points of her erect nipples. She definitely had my attention, and her wry little grin told me she knew it.

The second dive of the day was enjoyable, with lots of fish to look at, but I found myself thinking about Leilani more than the sights around me.

Day two dawned with typical Hawaiian perfection, and I raced anxiously to the boat. A smaller group today. My silent prayers were answered when Leilani caught my eye and waved me over, claiming me for her group. I finally got a good, up close look at her, and she was even more beautiful than I had initially thought. Her dark eyes, surrounded by inordinately long lashes, twinkled with life, she had lips you could kiss forever, and the long, straight lines of her ebony tresses framed the delightful shape of her exotic face to spectacular effect. She was, in a word, gorgeous. Because she was so small, and I am over six feet, I was treated to several peeks down her top while we were setting up my gear. She couldn’t weigh a hundred pounds, and I swear twenty of it was residing on her chest. Again, she caught me ogling her, and just smiled.

“Am I going to have to keep an eye on you?” she asked, putting her hands on her hips in mock insult, before breaking into laughter and winking at me. All I could do is shrug and look contrite.

Before long, we were sliding slowly down the anchor line, one hundred and twenty feet to the wreck laying on the sea floor. There were three of us in Leilani’s group, but I tried to stay close to her. Her ass, firm and sumptuously shaped, looked incredible in the wetsuit, but the rest of her was obscured by scuba gear. She truly was a child of the sea, moving with a graceful, sinuous rhythm that showed her ease underwater. At this depth, our bottom time was quite short, but she pointed out a few interesting residents on the wreck. A big barracuda, an octopus, and a huge moray eel all made our trip worthwhile, but for me, the sparkle in her eyes while she showed us these treasures was the icing on the cake.

During our slow ascent, Leilani broke open an orange, which brought in several dozen hungry fish to occupy our time. I found myself hanging on the line, face to face with her during our five minute safety stop at fifteen feet, and she smiled at me around her regulator. I really wished I could see her lips stretched like that around my cock, but our age difference made that unlikely. She was loosening the illegal bahis straps on her BCD for comfort while I watched, and then pulled the zipper on her wetsuit down a little bit. She looked me in the eye, winked again, and pulled it down further, until the delicious crease of her cleavage was fully visible. The wetsuit squished her lovely tits together, enhancing the effect. There could be little doubt that she was teasing me, the little flirt, and enjoying her power over me immensely. My eyes were having a hard time staying above her neck, but I managed to keep from staring, using my peripheral vision instead. Finally, Leilani made a little clapping motion with her hands, pulled the zip back up, and gestured to the surface.

While waiting for our turn at the ladder, we floated close together. Leilani pulled her mask off and grinned at me as she shucked her BCD off for her crewmates to pull aboard. I deferred to her when the ladder was clear, but my motives were less honourable than ‘ladies first’. The truth is I wanted to get another view of her ass in her suit.

By the time l got aboard, she was squeezing the water out of her ponytail, having already skinned the wetsuit down to her waist. Her bikini top today was black, and she smiled at me when she felt my eyes on her yet again.

Dive number two that day was shallow, and uneventful save for a few turtles, but I got the feeling that Leilani was having more fun torturing me, than leading the dive. I was finding it difficult to swim with the erection she was causing.

Day three. I again arrived at the harbour promptly, more excited to see Leilani than I was for the dive, I admit. Upon boarding the boat, I was told they were overbooked, and were waiting for a third divemaster to join us so we could go. It was then I realized that I didn’t see Leilani aboard. My heart sunk. I was just about to start sulking when I heard the Captain’s voice.

“Ah, perfect. Here she comes.”

Those words, ‘here she comes’, shook me out of my funk, and I turned to look up the dock. Instantly, my mood changed.

Leilani jogged toward us, hair flying wildly. Her breasts bounced with equal wildness, nearly overpowering the thin strings that held her yellow bikini top in place. As she drew closer, she slowed to a quick walk, and adjusted her top to correct any inadvertent exposure, but her tits maintained their jiggle factor all the way to the boat. She hopped aboard just as the Captain began to pull out. She looked a little flustered, and maybe a bit angry, but when she saw me among the crowd, she smiled. I smiled back.

It turns out, as she later told me, that she was supposed to be off today. However, one of the groups today added a person, making two groups of four, plus me. I was literally the fifth wheel, and that had necessitated her presence. I felt terrible that she had given up her day off on my account, and told her so, but she reminded me that it was actually the other group that had caused it, not me.

Either way, I was grateful she was there. The prospect of one more day in her company was a happy one for me.

When we arrived at the dive site, the other groups got themselves ready, and hit the water. I geared up with Leilani’s assistance, then rolled off the side as well. When I surfaced to indicate that I was fine, she told me to head down, and she would meet me at the bottom of the anchor line.

I pulled on my inflator hose, dumping air and descending the fifty feet to the bottom. As I dropped, a green sea turtle swam slowly past, and even did a slow circle around me. I was mesmerized by the sight, and it took me a while to look up for Leilani. When I did, I was mesmerized for another reason.

I expected to see her form snugly wrapped in her wetsuit, but the vision descending from above was wearing only a bikini under her gear. The yellow colour of the fabric was quickly lost as the seawater absorbed that wavelength of the sunlight, and by the time she settled on the sand beside me, her bikini appeared white. White and nearly transparent. I’m sure my eyes were bugging out in my mask, but she didn’t seem to care that she may as well have been naked before me. She merely gestured for me to follow, and started to lead.

So, that’s how I ended up here, following her, and lusting after her ass, which actually was naked, as her bikini bottom was a thong design. Every kick of her finned feet ran a ripple of motion up her legs to her incredibly sexy butt. I know, because I was transfixed on her fabulous ass the whole time. A dozen mermaids could have swum past, and I would scarcely have noticed.

After about fifty yards, we settled on the sand facing each other on our knees, and she gently handed me a sea urchin. I felt its little suction tube feet as it walked along my hand, and it tickled, but my attention was elsewhere. Now that I was facing her, I could clearly see the dark circles of her areolas under her top, and the distinct points illegal bahis siteleri of her erect nipples. Leilani saw my eye line, and made a motion with her hand, that indicated I should be looking above her neck. When I made eye contact, she wagged her finger at me, but still smiled. I put the urchin down, and followed her again.

Soon, we came across a large turtle resting on the sandy bottom, being cleaned by a few dozen small fish. We both laid on our stomachs on the sand a few feet away, and watched closely. It was an amazing sight, as the turtle sat patiently, letting the fish perform their half of the symbiotic relationship, before finally lifting off and heading for the surface to breathe. I watched it leave, and felt her hand on my shoulder. Leilani gestured we should hold still and see what happened. That’s when the little cleaner fish moved over to us, and started to look for something to clean. They pecked at my wetsuit, and swam within inches of my mask. I looked over at Leilani, and saw her getting the same treatment, except that she wasn’t wearing a wetsuit. Instead, the fish were nibbling at her bikini top, something I would gladly have joined them doing. The tented points of her nipples became a bit more pronounced. It obviously tickled, as she finally had to shoo them away amid a great cloud of bubbles as she laughed through her mouthpiece. I laughed too, and spent a little too long staring at her tits again, so that she tapped my chin with her finger.

She was off again, and I was hot on her heels, my face mere feet from her intoxicating ass as I paralleled her. Suddenly, she stopped, and dropped to the bottom again. I looked down for something of interest as I sank to her side, but her eyes never left the distance, and I eventually looked in the direction she was pointing.

Visibility was very good, easily a hundred feet, but it took my eyes a few seconds to make sense of the ghostly shape way out there, cruising slowly in our direction. Nature had done one hell of a job, over hundreds of millions of years, perfecting the creature that was moving, like an apparition, towards us. Shark.

Oh boy! I thought. I get to dive with a nearly naked wahine, and now see a shark too! Despite what the press would have you believe, sharks are no big deal, if you treat them with respect. I had dove with sharks before, so, even though my adrenaline did go up, I wasn’t worried. At least, not at first.

The shape loomed closer, and became clearer. Okay, now I was a little worried. Tiger shark. Pretty big one, too. Leilani grabbed my forearm and gestured to stay calm, and stay with her on the bottom. She checked her air : 2200 lbs. Then mine :1500 lbs. Not a big surprise that she had more air than me, as she was half my size and a much more experienced diver, but it did mean that we were likely going to be tight on air if the shark decided to hang around long.

He was closer now, and the impressive bulk of his thickly muscled body was breathtaking. The shark moved with slow, powerful strokes of its tail, angling away from its direct approach to run a wide circle around us. I tried to control my breathing, so as not to panic. Again, I felt Leilani’s hand on my arm, and when I looked at her, she removed her mouthpiece and smiled. She was trying to ease my mind, but she was right as well. The sight before us was magnificent, and rare. Her calm got through, and I relaxed, allowing myself to appreciate the incredible creature that cruised around us. Even when he moved in to a much tighter circle, merely five yards away, I was still able to remain detached. It looked huge, but made no aggressive moves, just continued to check us out.

Eventually, the shark got tired of circling, and just swam off. My gauge said 700 lbs, meaning it was time to boogie for the surface, but Leilani led me slowly along the bottom toward the anchor line. I wanted to head up, but she pointed firmly at the bottom near her side. I deferred to her experience.

Sure enough, he was back, doing another few laps around us before disappearing for good. We made it to the line, but my gauge was in the red, merely 300 lbs left. And, of course, we had been stuck down here too long, so would need two safety stops rather than just one. There was no way I would make it on my tank, but that’s what dive buddies are for.

We were midway through our first five minute stop at twenty-five feet when my dial dropped to 0 lbs. Leilani calmly handed me her spare regulator, and pulled me closer to her. Here I was, twenty-five feet and about eight minutes away from the safety of the surface. My tank was dry, a frightening prospect any other time, but somehow not so much today. Snuggled close to Leilani, I felt safe, and when I looked into her eyes, there was something else there. I couldn’t quite figure out what it was yet, but it was there nonetheless. When the time was right, she gestured up to fifteen feet, for another five minutes of close contact. The canlı bahis siteleri bright sunlight rippling through the water caressed her curves with a lattice of brilliant lines, drawing my attention even more. I was so distracted, I almost forgot we were now both low on air, but amazingly, she still had 600 lbs in the tank, and we easily made it up safely.

Everyone else was already aboard, and looking at us with concern as we climbed the ladder. Leilani’s nearly transparent yellow bikini top caught a little attention from the guys, but mostly they just wanted to know what happened.

“Do you want to tell them, or should I?” she asked me with a big grin.

“I’ll start,” I replied, “but I think we’re gonna need a bigger boat.” Leilani laughed at my Jaws reference, but she was in the minority. Confused faces stared back at me. “Oh, come on. Really? Nobody got that but her?” Still no response. I continued, trying to remain calm. “A shark was checking us out. Tiger shark, pretty big…. very impressive. He just circled us for a while, giving us the once over. It was… ” my enthusiasm could be held in check no longer, “…. it was UN – fucking – believable! That shark was the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen! My God! I can’t believe how lucky we were to see him!”

I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised. The word ‘shark’ elicits such an overreactive, visceral response. No one even heard anything I said after the first sentence. That bit of news was met by a few terrified looks, and several other questions, most of which centered on the size of said shark.

“I would think he was a solid twelve feet,” Leilani added. I nodded. “He was absolutely amazing! I’ve seen tigers before, but this one was so… Regal! He was magnificent!”

“I agree. Like I said, we were so lucky to see him.” And I was so lucky to have you with me.

The Captain was with us on our attitude, as were the other divemasters, but the rest of the group seemed to have lost their appetite for adventure, as though the sharks hadn’t been here the whole time. When the Captain pulled to a stop at the second dive site, he motioned to Leilani for a quick word. After a few seconds, she came over to me.

“The others are scared. He wants us to set an example. Are you good with that?” she asked quietly.

I had more reasons to say yes than no. I wanted to stay close to her, and she had shown me that we weren’t in real danger. I also wanted to see her wet again. “Of course,” I replied.

The other guests were shocked to see Leilani and I getting ready for another dive, after our ‘near death experience’, but gradually, I think our confidence got through. By the time we were done our surface interval, everyone was ready to go.

This time, we were the first ones in. I was busy adjusting the fit of my BCD as we descended, so I wasn’t watching my little wahine. Suddenly, she was waving a muted yellow piece of fabric in front of my mask.

I looked past the fabric to see her naked breasts, still partially covered by her BCD, but visible just the same. Pointy, puckered nipples peeked out at me. She was smiling at me again, and raced away as we dropped. I followed as fast as I could, but she was part dolphin, and I never would have caught her had she not stopped, and taken a lounging position on the sand.

When I finally swam up, she was laying back, with her Buoyancy Compensation Device wide open. I guess I was allowed to stare now, because she was holding her magnificent breasts out for me to admire. She released them, and shook her shoulders, allowing her fleshy globes to quiver and float in the water. Her nipples were about as stiff as my dick was getting, and I had never wished for gills so much in my life. The prospect of fucking underwater crossed my mind, but she must also be part psychic, because she shook her head and covered her crotch with her hand.

Having teased me enough, Leilani snugged up her BCD, rolled over and shot off again, leaving me to chase her wake once more. When she stopped this time, it was to show me another octopus on the reef. This one was actually quite playful, and allowed us to remove it from its rocky home to handle it gently. I could think of two other things I would like to handle gently, but I was only allowed to look.

Done with the octopus, she sent it back home and began to pull her top out of her pocket. I watched her corral her floating boobs into the confines of the yellow nylon, and tie it in place. I pouted at her. She tilted her head at me, and blew me a kiss. We headed back to the anchor and were back on the boat ten minutes later.

The ride back to the harbour was quiet, at least on my part, as I knew my reason for seeing Leilani was ending. I had come here seeking peace, which I had found. I had also found a woman that had my complete attention, and now she was going to be leaving my life. That sucks.

I soon found myself being dropped off in front of my hotel by the dive van. I waved goodbye, and sadly dragged myself into the elevator. Five minutes later, I was sulking alone on my bed, channel surfing for a distraction. I still hadn’t found one when there was an unexpected knock on my door. I answered it.

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