Four Nights in Suite 425 Pt. 01


I’m sorry but I must insist on keeping my true identity a secret while sharing the following story. But only because this is a telling of real-life events that I have to assume would shock if not possibly even disturb just about everyone I know. Although if it helps, ‘Li-Ming’ is a suitable substitute for my actual name.

I was born and raised in the American Midwest to first-generation Chinese immigrants. And trust me when I say that my physical appearance broadcasts my heritage loud and clear. In addition to my distinctly Asian skin tone, facial features and mane of jet-black hair; I stand only 5′ 3″ and tip the scales at a mere 110 pounds. Also my boobs are shaped just as small as the rest of my body and fit perfectly inside of bras labeled ’32-B.’ And so too is my tush shaped just as humble in size as I’m shaped everywhere else also.

But at least I hardly look my age. Not to brag but I could still pass for being 30 even now well into my 40s. Which I’ll take as a trade-off for not being shaped all that curvy. And besides, what little in the way of curves I do possess remain remarkably toned for a woman of my age. I can even still get away with going braless under most types of blouses and tops without anyone being any the wiser. Same as my tush also remains shaped pert and perky to the max.

So long story short, I wound up graduating college, getting married and giving birth to my only child within a span of two years. And I’ve worked as a realtor in my home town ever since. The money is pretty good and the hours are flexible so I’ve always been happy with my chosen profession.

My marriage didn’t work out quite so well however. We were officially divorced just weeks following my 30th birthday. It was a combination of a lot of things really. Mainly our personalities began to clash the longer we remained together. But at least there wasn’t any infidelity involved. My now former ex-husband and I remained both sexually active and faithful to one another right up until we decided it was time to go our separate ways. Which made our parting relatively peaceful at least. We pretty much just split our possessions down the middle, separated our finances and agreed to joint custody of our daughter.

Who I’ll call ‘Calla’ for the purpose of this story. She’s truly the light of my life and the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Tough on her as it must have been, she didn’t even complain once she was forced to start living half the time with Mom and half the time with Dad. But then again she’s always been agreeable to most everything and was never that big of a complainer in the first place. Even throughout her teenage years, she and I only fought a handful of times. And she was usually the one to apologize first afterwards on those few occasions as well. I’m lucky in that respect and I certainly know it. Being blessed with such a wonderful daughter in general I mean.

So I booked a cruise for just the two of us to celebrate Calla’s graduation from college. A five-day, four-night trek around the Caribbean on board a ship based in Miami. It was the least I could do to show my appreciation for how great of a daughter she’s always been. Neither of us had ever taken a cruise before and Calla must have already thanked me for the gift at least two dozen times by the time we were boarding our flight to South Florida.

Now I should explain that Calla’s father is white so she’s only half-Chinese. And remarkably attractive to boot. Even more-so than yours truly I’m not ashamed to admit. She even did some modeling in college to help pay the bills. For a decent-sized chain of department stores. Photos of her showing off swimsuits, dresses and other assorted outfits ran in their ad circulars for almost two straight years. And for good reason too.

Her dad is pretty tall so Calla grew to stand about 5’7″. And she also wound up outgrowing me in another way as well. In two different places in fact. Even though she’s otherwise built just as thin as I am, she’s been wearing 32-C-cup bras since her freshman year in college. And her tush too is proportioned the same with plenty more mass than would be expected for someone so skinny.

And she’s extremely pretty just in reference to her face alone. Almost exotic-looking in a way. While her somewhat slanted eyes and tiny mouth give away her Asian heritage, her pale skin and narrow nose point also to her European heritage. All of which is framed by a beautiful mane of wavy dark-brown hair that Calla lets grow out almost to her waist.

So at the ages of 22 and 46 respectively, Calla and I were both officially single at the time of our little jaunt around the Caribbean. She had been dating this guy she met at college off and on ever since the start of her sophomore year but broke things off just before graduation. Later on she explained to me that, “He was always destined to be my college boyfriend and nothing else.” Which I could understand having had a college boyfriend myself before I met Calla’s father.

And oral yapan gaziantep escort going through our divorce was enough to convince me that one marriage was enough to last me a lifetime. In the meantime I’ve casually dated maybe a dozen men in total but only wound up becoming boyfriend/girlfriend with just four of those guys. Nothing too serious however. That’s my rule. So as a result my longest post-divorce relationship to date only lasted a mere four years. And I had just parted ways with my most recent beau maybe six months prior to my trip with Calla.

It was just the usual. He was wanting more out of our relationship than I was willing to go along with. It was my fault really for getting romantically involved with a guy almost ten years my junior in the first place. It took almost three years but the novelty of getting laid on a fairly regular basis by “a total Asian MILF” (his words, not mine) finally wore off. So I rebuked his request to make our relationship “something more permanent” and instead broke things off with him for good.

Which brings me to a conversation I had with Calla on our flight down to Miami. Just let me mention first that we were seated side by side in the relative privacy of first-class so we could speak back and forth without the risk of being overheard by anyone. What can I say? I went all out and splurged on the only college graduation present that I will ever get to give to any child of mine.

So maybe an hour after takeoff and something like 30,000 feet over nothing but corn fields from horizon to horizon, Calla turned to face me in her seat and signaled for me to remove my headphones. Which I did but then complained about being interrupted while listening to Mozart.

“We need to talk about something though,” she declared. “What should we do if one of us needs to use our cabin for some alone-time with someone else? Hang something like a tie or a scarf on the doorknob as a sign?”

Truly confused, “A sign of what?” I asked. “What in the world are you talking about?”

Suddenly with a smile etched upon her beautiful face, “C’mon now Mom,” Calla replied. “You got rid of your ball and chain years ago now. And you aren’t even dating anyone right now either. So there’s nothing stopping you from hooking up with a guy onboard the ship and… You know. What happens in the Caribbean stays in the Caribbean. I never saw anything. I promise!”

I then felt the need to explain to Calla that her mother has never been one to sleep around outside the confines of an actual relationship. Even though she was fully aware of that fact already I should add. Then I ended my little speech with, “Now if you on the other hand want to hook up with some random guy on board, so be it. Have fun. Just be careful is all I ask.”

After thinking things over for a bit, “Or what if it’s some random girl instead?” Calla asked in reply. “Would that be a problem?”

Which it never would have been of course. I could have cared less if my daughter was straight, bi, lesbian or whatever else. My love for her remains unconditional regardless. Her health, safety and happiness are all that truly matters to me.

But I was still a little taken aback at Calla’s words. She had never seemed to express any interest in the fairer sex like that before. At least not around me anyway. So I couldn’t help but ask, “Are you trying to tell me something sweetie? Is that what this is all about?”

More jovial than anything else, “You first,” Calla replied. “I know about your boyfriend back in college. Then there’s Dad. Then there’s those four lucky guys you’ve been with since your divorce. But I’m just curious if that’s truly everyone. Was there really never a girl you wound up with at some point? If only for a night or something even?”

And it was nothing but the truth when, “Nope,” I said. “Honestly. The score is Men 6 and Women 0 in that respect.”

Completely unashamed by all outward appearances, “But you’ve at least thought about it though I’m guessing,” Calla shot back. “I’m pretty sure that every girl does at some point.”

That was it then obviously. Or so I was assuming. Calla simply seemed to be testing the waters to see how I would respond to the news that she was either bi-curious or perhaps fully bi. So just to set her mind at ease as best I could, “Of course every girl at least gives some thought to being intimate with another girl,” I stated. “It’s just part of growing up. Figuring out your likes and dislikes I mean.”

Almost giddy by then I couldn’t help but notice, “My thoughts exactly,” Calla replied. “But that’s really as far as things ever got with you? You never met a girl you could have maybe envisioned yourself dating? Or never even fantasized about being with another girl before?”

I should have just dropped everything right then and there and put my headphones back on and returned to Mr. Mozart and let Calla work everything out on her own. Hindsight gaziantep oral yapan escort is truly a bitch sometimes. Stupid me. Instead I had to press on.

“Don’t you think that’s just a little too personal Calla?” I said. “I think it’s enough for you to know that even your straight-as-an-arrow Mom has at least entertained such thoughts before. The specifics aren’t important however. The only thing that matters is that you know I’m here to support you always no matter what.”

And if that made it seem like Calla had just struck a nerve, well, she had. I have a certain little kink that I’ve kept a secret all to myself over the years. I never even told my now ex-husband about it even.

The only kind of porn I’ve ever really been into is videos of attractive women playing with themselves. Or rather videos of attractive women playing with themselves to the point of completion.

And I like to masturbate along myself while watching. And I also like trying my best to time it just right so I can orgasm in-tandem with whoever I’m watching on video having an orgasm herself. Which I suppose is my actual kink.

And which is ironic in a way because the idea of me watching a guy jerking off really doesn’t do anything for me. I mean it’s okay but I would much rather make use of that certain member myself rather than watching it’s owner make use of it instead.

On the other hand though, I find the act of female self-pleasure to be highly erotic. But I’ve never been into girls in any other sort of way. I neither ever wanted to get involved in an actual romantic relationship with another fellow female nor really even cared enough to try making my fantasy a reality. Instead, whenever I may find myself in a certain mood, it’s always enough for me to watch those certain videos of mine and work to give myself an orgasm to the sight of some really pretty girl giving herself an orgasm too.

All of which I was trying my best not to think about with Calla sitting right there besides me. But then my thoughts were directed elsewhere anyway when, “Straight as an arrow?” she asked. “Are you sure about that Mom? Maybe on the outside I suppose. But I think you’ve just confessed to being not so much on the inside.”

Which I will admit did miff me in a way. Afterall, “Stop putting words in my mouth,” I replied. “There’s nothing more natural than being curious about things. And that’s truly all I am in respect to this whole topic of conversation.”

Suddenly a bit somber in contrast to how she had previously been behaving, “Yeah me too,” Calla said. “Lots curious actually. It should have happened at some point during these past four years when I was in college but… Well… It just didn’t is all.”

And I could actually relate. In a sense anyway. I didn’t discover my certain kink until I was well into my 20s. It wasn’t until then that I started watching porn on any kind of regular basis. My now ex-husband would watch himself from time to time so I guess I just decided to see what the fuss was all about. And I have to confess that not much of what I saw did anything for me. I find the vast majority of porno videos to be exceedingly fake.

There was this one thing that caught my attention however. In an otherwise fairly normal guy-on-girl scene I was checking out one night, at one point the girl started playing with herself. The guy was in the middle of switching positions and she just started rubbing her pussy. Like almost to show off for the camera that she could take care of herself for a bit without missing a beat. The sight of which caught my attention in a way I wasn’t expecting. My nipples grew completely erect as I watched the girl in question use her hand to pleasure herself.

It was the first time I was ever turned on by another woman and needless to say that I was completely shocked. Of course I had always found certain other women to be extremely attractive but it never felt like a sexual attraction to me. So perhaps that’s the reason I had yet to try any kind of exploring in that respect.

But I did then. And soon discovered that videos featuring girls going solo on themselves from start to finish did it for me like I never would have imagined.

But there were more pressing issues at hand just then. Like trying to figure out what exactly Calla was on about.

“So why don’t you think it ever happened then sweetie?” I asked. “Why don’t you think you’ve never acted on those certain feelings of yours? You’re just so attractive that surely there were plenty of girls in college who made themselves available to you like that.”

With a smirk, “Maybe there were a few who did,” Calla admitted. “But none of them were quite up to my standards I guess you could say. Call me crazy for thinking that I deserve someone exquisite as a partner if I’m going to give in to that certain temptation. I think that’s what I have to offer myself in return afterall.”

I had to laugh gaziantep oral yapan escort bayan at that before I exclaimed “Now we’re getting to the truth of the matter! No one’s good enough for my little princess!”

Totally straight-faced, “Of course not,” Calla replied. “I deserve nothing less than a queen.”

“Well those are hard to come by,” I remarked. “They’re few and far between in case you haven’t noticed.”

“Maybe so but they do exist,” Calla replied. “I should know. I’m sitting and talking with one right now.”

Which actually made me blush. But it wouldn’t have if I only realized the full implications of what my daughter had just said.

Blissfully ignorant however, I did my best to piece everything together and came up with the following: “I think I get the picture. You were too picky in college when the timing was perfect for you to do some… exploring… and now you’re regretting that you let such a great opportunity pass you by. But all hope isn’t lost afterall. Your wonderful mother was kind enough to book you and her on a five-day cruise of the Caribbean. Onboard a ship with something like 3,000 passengers no less. So it’s a guarantee that there’s going to be plenty of attractive girls on board. And a certain percentage of them I would have to assume would be open to the idea of doing some exploring of their own with a girl as pretty as yourself. So long as that wonderful mother of yours doesn’t get in the way and screw things up that is.”

Beaming from ear to ear by then, “You’re so close Mom,” Calla replied. “You’re so very close. Like 90 percent there!”

“So what is it then?” I asked. “What am I missing?”

“Not so fast,” Calla shot back. “Not until you answer my question from earlier. You know the one. I just want to know if it’s like certain girls that get your attention or if it’s more like some kind of fantasy involving another girl that does it for you.”

But there was no way I was going to answer that question. Especially not since the person I would be making that confession to was my very own next of kin! My daughter Calla was the last person in the world who needed to know that I would sometimes lay alone in bed and masturbate along to a video of some total hottie masturbating herself.

And maybe even a little more than that too. Perhaps while I’m watching and playing along with myself, I might also fantasize about me and that total hottie in question masturbating together in-person instead. Both of us watching each other pleasuring ourselves to the sight of the other one also doing the same. And trying our best to time things just right so we can experience the sights and sounds of us riding out our orgasms together.

“Mom? Are you okay?”

And I was. Really I was. I just needed a few seconds to clear my head was all. Then I pulled myself together and decided that, “We seem to be at an impasse Calla. Sorry but it would be highly inappropriate for me to answer your question.”

Like that was going to get her to drop the subject. Yeah right. Calla instead let out a coo of approval and replied, “Oh wow. It must be something really juicy!”

I was officially exasperated by then. “Calla. Enough. Really.”

Undeterred however, “Okay it can’t be that you develop crushes on certain girls then,” she declared. “You wouldn’t feel the need to keep something that innocent a secret. Not even from me. So it must be like a fantasy you have instead. But not about anyone in particular it would seem.”

Which left me nearly in shock that Calla had been so easily able to zero in on what I was trying to keep from her. And I do mean zero in on!

So I’ve always kept a backup laptop to use for the purpose of indulging in my secret little kink whenever the mood might strike. I hid the one I used during my marriage in our bedroom closet inside of a box otherwise filled full of shoes. But the one I use now just rests in the bottom drawer of my bedside nightstand.

On which I have saved maybe 20 of my favorite girl-masturbating videos that I’ve come across over the years. And sometimes when I’m in the mood, I’ll pick one of those tried and true videos to use as my source of inspiration. Or if I have the time and inclination, sometimes I’ll hunt around online for a new such video to use instead.

Either way, what works best for me are videos like 15-20 minutes in length. Or at least I need to see the girl spending about that much time on herself from start to finish. But only because I need about that much time myself if my goal is to achieve a truly powerful climax.

And I’m not really picky about much in respect to who the girl in particular needs to be. Aside from the fact that I must find her to be especially attractive of course. Otherwise those in my certain ‘saved file’ range in age from maybe 25 to 45. And they also range in terms of heritage from European to African to Asian to Indian to Latin American to you name it. So in that sense I can find beauty all across the whole spectrum of womanhood. Meaning I can fantasize about engaging in mutual-masturbation with just about any woman of age regardless of her race.

“Uh oh. Sorry Mom. I hit too close to the truth, didn’t I?”

But I refused to answer that question. And it probably came out sounding a bit mean when I replied, “You’ve already made clear what your intentions are on this trip. So don’t mind me. I promise not to interfere.”

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