Four Sisters Saloon Ch. 08


The following is fictional. Names, and locations have been made up and are not meant to depict real people, living or deceased. These stories also depict dangerous, unprotected sexual situations. In this day and age of STDs, please be careful and wear protection!

This is an adults only story. Thank you and happy reading!

Chapter 8 – Of Human Bondage

As I sit here talking to you, my lovely wife and her darling sisters are all hanging around the house. Literally. It’s bondage night at the ol’ homestead and I’ve taken the opportunity to make sure the girls are all tied up for the evening.

As you may already know, the ladies have become quite the sexual connoisseurs of late. They’ve all opened up their sexuality to new desires and experiences. Bondage play has almost always been a part of our relationship. I had Cindy tied up and begging for more within 3 months of first meeting. She’s quite the hot bitch once she’s restrained.

We had been playing around with different restraint devices when a cop buddy of mine dropped by after work. Jake was a nice guy. We had attended high school together and he even had the hots for Cindy at one time. Hell, we were so close that Cindy and I invited him into our bed for our first threeway. Cindy has always had a thing for guys in uniform. She used to tell me that her and Carla used to head downtown to see the sailors when the local naval base granted shore leave. She’s always been attracted to a good looking guy in a uniform.

Like I said, Jake stopped by after work, on his way home, and had a couple of drinks with us. When we told him what we were doing, he quickly suggested that we cuff Cindy. You didn’t have to tell Cindy twice. She quickly stood up and put her hands behind her back. Jake made it “official” by informing her of her rights as he cuffed her.

“You have the right to remain silent. You have the right to an attorney. You have the right to be felt up and fondled.” He said.

“Hmm, I don’t remember the felt up part of that, but I like the idea!” Cindy quickly replied.

“You have the right to kneel down and service me and my partner. You have the right to suck on our cocks until they spurt on your face. You have the right to be impaled on said cocks until you come. Do you understand these rights as I have explained them to you?” He continued.

“Yes officer I do.”

“Good, then get down on your knees and suck my dick.”

Jake helped Cindy down to her knees and quickly undid his pants. I moved next to him, my hard cock pitching a tent in my gym shorts. He dropped his pants and pulled his cock out of his fly. Cindy immediately went down on him.

Jake controlled the tempo by grabbing two fistfuls of her hair and guiding her mouth along his shaft. After a few strokes, he moved her face over to my cock and she kissed it through my shorts.

“You better pull those down Tommy Boy, I think Cindy really wants to suck your cock too.”

I removed my shorts and Cindy leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth. Jake controlled her head movements, from behind, via her hair. She was moaning around my cock and drooling like crazy. All too soon, Jake removed her face from my groin and had her suck him again.

Cindy was having a blast being controlled and having two cocks to suck on. Jake moved her from cock to cock, making sure she sucked both of us for quite a while. He soon announced that he was going to come and with a loud grunt, filled Cindy’s mouth with his sperm. I reached down and stroked myself, watching her drink down his load.

Before Cindy could turn to suck on me, I came. The first spurt hit her cheek. The next two fell on Jake’s cock so Cindy just kept sucking on him and ate my come off his cock.

“Little quick on the trigger there, aren’t you buddy boy?” Jake laughed.

“Fuck you and the horse you rode in under!” I smiled back.

We helped Cindy up and Jake uncuffed her.

“Anytime you have problems with this bitch, you just call me. The police are always there to protect the pubic, err, I mean public.”

Cindy just laughed and said she might have to call about herself, especially when she gets to be the “horny” bitch.

“Anytime Cindy dear, anytime.” Jake quickly replied.

We saw Jake out and continued our perusal of our bondage toys. It was a couple of months later that Cindy’s real introduction into bondage took place. She’s been in love with it ever since.

Her birthday was coming up and I was looking to do something special for her. We had kicked around the idea of going to a swinger’s club that was nearby but Cindy never really committed to it. I talked with Jake and he came up with an idea that I thought was perfect. We didn’t tell Cindy about it so it would appear to be completely spontaneous. Jake called me a few days later and let me know the plans were in place and that he hoped this wouldn’t cause any problems between Cindy and me. I told him not to worry and I was bomonti escort looking forward to our little scenario.

Saturday night, I took Cindy out to dinner and a movie. It was a fun night out and Cindy really enjoyed the evening. As we were driving home, we got pulled over by the cops. It was a totally bullshit stop, but that’s what Jake had planned. It wasn’t Jake who pulled us over but a buddy of his on the force. He checked my license and insurance, said there was a problem and could we follow him to the station? Playing my part I agreed and we followed the nice officer to the police station. Now, this took place before there were video cameras and audio hookups required by law (and, let’s be honest, by lawyers.) Cindy was dressed up quite nicely. A short black dress, thigh highs, heels and a push-up bra. I was in a suit and tie.

Upon arriving at the station, I was immediately cuffed and sat on a bench.

“You’re being arrested for solicitation.”

“What the fuck are you talking about? That’s my wife you moron!” I was playing it up for all I was worth.

“Yeah, sure buddy. Miss, do you have any ID on you?”

Cindy turned to me and then to the cop. “Um no, I left it at home. If you’ll just have an officer drive me home I can get it.”

“Yeah, right. That’s what I thought. Alright, come with me miss.”

“Wait, is Jake Carlisle on duty? He’s a friend of ours!” Cindy was panicing.

“Yeah, he’s on duty. Hold on, I’ll go get him.” The officer replied.

Cindy looked at me. “Don’t worry babe, Jake will straighten this out for us.”

Jake walked in with the arresting officer and quickly said hi to me. He looked over at Cindy and said, “Nope, can’t say I know her. What are you up to Tommy? Who’s the girl?” I just hung my head.

“That’s what I thought. Alright missy, you’re coming with me to the interrogation room.” The cop grabbed Cindy by the arm and roughly hauled her to the back of the station.

Meanwhile, Jake uncuffed me and asked if I was really sure I wanted this to happen. I told him I was looking forward to it and once Cindy knew what was really going on, she’d be okay with it as well.

We could hear Cindy screaming out her protest. Jake and I followed the other officers to the interrogation room. We stood behind the one way glass and watched as Cindy was cuffed to the table. Another officer soon joined the first one and the “questioning” began.

The officers informed Cindy of her rights and then proceeded to strip search her. Cindy was twisting and writhing, trying to get away from them, but she had nowhere to go.

“Young lady, if you’d just co-operate, this would go a hell of a lot more smoothly.”

“Fuck you! I demand a female officer be in the room with me! You can’t do this! I’ll see you loose your badge!” Cindy screamed out.

“Hmm, fuck me, that sounds like an invitation, doesn’t it Sam?”

“It sure does.” The other cop replied. “Let’s see what’s she got under that nice dress.”

Sam and the other cop, Jerry, bent down and secured Cindy’s legs to bolts in the floor. She was now in the classic, “spread ’em” position and the two men took turns patting her down.

I turned to Jake and asked, “What kind of interrogation room is this?”

“Oh, it’s only for the most violent of offenders, however, in this case, it’s for one of the sexiest.” He quickly replied.

I looked down and Jake was stroking his cock. It reminded me that mine was pretty hard as well and I stroked my dick through my pants. “Are you sure you want to go through with this?” Jake asked me again.

“Yeah, I’m sure once she finds out what’s really going on, everything will be okay.”

We watched as the two officers patted Cindy down. She had stopped squirming by this time, realizing perhaps, that she couldn’t do anything about it anyway. Every now and then, a hand would touch a boob or reach between her legs and Cindy would try her best to move in the opposite direction. She wasn’t too successful at it.

“You know Jerry, she doesn’t appear to be concealing any weapons, but we really haven’t checked everywhere have we?”

“No!” Cindy screamed, “No fucking way! I’ll have your God damned badges!”

“She talks too much, doesn’t she Sam?” Jerry reached into a drawer in the desk. “This should quiet her down some. Hold her head.”

Sam grabbed Cindy by the hair and Jerry strapped a ball gag around her head. “There, that’s better.”

Cindy was pissed. You could see it in her eyes. You could hear it in the way she was breathing.

Jake got on the intercom. “You guys need some help in there?”

“Yeah, she’s a real wildcat. We can use as many hands as possible.” Jerry replied.

When Jake entered the room, Cindy tried to talk. All that came out was a muffled groan. “Guys, you’re doing it all wrong!” Jake exclamied. “It’s a strip search, you’re supposed to get her naked!”

He reached behind cihangir escort Cindy and started to unzip her dress. Cindy was screaming into the ball gag. Jake just laughed and continued to unzip her. “Now, now, they’ll be none of that slut.”

When he had enough room, he thrust both his hands around her body and started to feel her tits. “You see, you’ve got to make sure they’re not hiding anything in the bra.” Jake continued to maul Cindy’s tits.

“Here, let me try.” Sam said.

“Be my guest,” replied Jake.

Jake stood off to the side, within Cindy’s sight. Her eyes were ablaze with a combination of anger and lust. She must have figured out what was going on, as she let Sam feel her up. Jerry quickly followed, and I noticed he was humping her ass while he felt her up.

“Okay, now, let’s loose the bra.”

Jerry reached down and unstrapped Cindy’s bra. Cindy was wearing a strapless bra. After unhooking hit, Jerry slid it out one side of her dress. “Nothing hidden in here, but I better check again.” Jerry reached around and grabbed two handfuls of Cindy’s tits. When he pinched and pulled on her nipples, there was an audible moan from around the ball gag.

“There, that’s better now isn’t it? See how much fun you can have if you co-operate?” Jerry laughed.

Cindy’s only reply was a soft moan.

“Hey, it’s my turn now!” Exclaimed Sam, as he pushed Jerry out of the way. “I need the experience too, you know.” Sam treated Cindy’s breasts a bit more roughly, squeezing and kneading them with his big hands. I could see the outline of his cock, through his pants, and he looked to be well hung and pretty thickly endowed.

By this time, Cindy was quite aware of what was happening and was pushing her ass towards Sam’s thick cock. “Oh yeah, you like that don’t you slut?” He asked her.

Cindy just moaned and pushed back against him more urgently.

“You know, we haven’t checked out her groin area yet. Maybe I’ll slip my hands down and see what I find. I hope she’s not packing a concealed weapon down there.”

Sam moved his hands from her tits to down below her waist. Jerry had moved over to one side and took over feeling Cindy up. Her breath was becoming shorter and more rapid. She looked over at Jake, seeming to be begging to be let loose. Jake just stroked his cock and let the guys have their fun.

Sam was rooting around in Cindy’s panties and evidently, Cindy was enjoying the hell out of it. Her hips were moving side to side and I could hear soft moans coming from her lips. Then, she came.

Cindy let out a loud grunt and bucked back against Sam and his fingers. Jerry was tugging on her nipples and asking Cindy how it felt to be such a slut. When her eyes rolled up I knew she was having a tremendous orgasm.

Jake turned to me and gave me a thumbs up. He was ready to move the “prisoner” down to the holding cell area. I quickly left the viewing room and headed down the the holding cell area. When I got down to the holding cells, I was greeted by five more officers. Four male and one female.

“You must be the husband,” one of them said. “You must be fucking crazy to let this happen!

“Hey, it’s been one of her fantasies for a long time. I’m not worried about it.”

It took them a few mintues to get downstairs and by that time, Cindy had lost her dress but gained a blindfold.

“We had a little difficulty with the prisoner.” Sam explained.

I could see that Cindy must have enjoyed one or two more strong orgasms. Her panties were soaked and her cheeks were flush. I looked over to Carolyn, the female officer, and noticed she was licking her lips. Cindy was still dressed in her black panties, hose and heels.

Sam and Jerry led Cindy over to one of the cells. The cell contained another table. The table had four rings at the corners and another four rings on the legs. While they were cuffing her to the rings, the other officers got busy undressing.

Carolyn had a nice, tight, athletic body. The guys, Frank, Mike, Steve and Raul were your typical cops. Frank and Raul were older and softer. They both had pot bellies but their cocks more than made up for it. Frank’s was at least 8″. Raul’s was a bit smaller but thick, as in pop can thick. Steve and Mike had athletic builds with very nicely shaped cocks.

“We checked her out. She doesn’t seem to be carrying any concealed weapons but we haven’t done an internal check, if you know what I mean.” Jerry commented.

“Okay guys, but be careful. You don’t know what she might have in there.” Jake stated.

Cindy was testing her bonds and getting absolutely nowhere. She was tied on her back, her legs draped over one end of the table. Her head hung over the other end of the table. Jake walked over to her head and removed the ball gag.

“Don’t say anything, just enjoy.” he whispered to her, “Tommy’s here and enjoying the show. Happy Birthday Sexy.”

Cindy kurtuluş escort moaned as Carolyn got down between her legs and licked her panty clad pussy. Jake, after removing his clothes, pushed his cock into Cindy’s mouth. She greedily sucked on his cock, while Carolyn treated her panty covered pussy to a thorough licking.

Carolyn then stood up and taking a knife from her pocket, slit Cindy’s panties.

“She’s all your’s boys, just be careful.”

Cindy jumped a bit as the cold metal touched her skin. She jumped again when she heard a female voice. Her nervousness soon disappeared though, when Frank teased her pussy with his cock. I was hoping Raul would get first shot at her since she never had a cock quite as thick as his.

Frank rubbed his cock over her clit, causing Cindy to jump. Jake was still pumping his cock in and out of her mouth and encouraged Frank to fuck her.

“Yeah, Frankie boy, she loves that clit play. Wait till she feels your cock in her slippery cunt.” Jake smiled.

Frank took that as his cue and started to push his long cock into Cindy. As the head popped past her pussy lips, Cindy groaned. Frank soon built up a nice steady rhythm and Jake matched him stroke for stroke. Frank came quite quickly. It must have been a while for him. Jake had selected guys that either weren’t married or divorced. No sense dragging Cindy into divorce court. Carolyn was an added bonus. I wasn’t expecting a woman to be part of the group.

After Frank withdrew his cock, Mike took his place. Raul was standing off to the side, patiently awaiting his turn. I guess he was just waiting for her to get lubed off before trying to push that monster into her.

Steve was busy sucking on Cindy’s tits and pinching and twisting her nipples. Every once in a while, he would rub his cock on her tits, causing Cindy to moan a bit louder. I looked up and saw Jake tense up. I heard Cindy gag and realized he was blowing his load down her throat. Steve quickly replaced Jake in Cindy’s mouth and they were off again.

While all this was going on, Carolyn was busy pleasuring herself. I watched as she fingered her pussy with one hand down her pants and played with here tits with her other hand. I moved over to her and asked her if she needed any help.

“Oh Christ yes, suck on my tits, please.”

I leaned down and took one of her sweet nipples between my lips. I tongued her nipple and held on to her as she came on her fingers. By this time, I had stripped down and sat on the bench in the cell. Carolyn straddled my lap and ground her pussy against my naked cock. She still had her duty slacks on but I could feel heat and moisture radiating from her pussy. I feasted on her tits, sucking both nipples into my mouth at one time. She ground her cunt against my cock until I finally warned her I was going to come. She continued to grind against me, letting me come on her slacks. She reached down, took some of my come on her fingers and sucked them clean.

“Mmm, delicious,” was all she said.

I looked over to see that Raul had replaced Mike in Cindy’s cunt. Sam and Jerry were taking turns feeding Cindy their cocks. She kept asking to have her hands free and Jake finally let her hands loose. She quickly wrapped her hands around the cocks of Frank and Steve and jerked them back to hardness.

After each of the guys had fucked Cindy, Carolyn got her night stick and using it as a dip stick, inserted into Cindy’s pussy to test how much come she had in her.

“Let’s see if you’re full yet bitch!” Carolyn exclaimed as she pushed the night stick all the way into Cindy. Cindy came. She thrashed about on the table, screaming out her orgasm. When Carolyn pulled the night stick out, it was covered in come, She took a tentative lick and the started to clean the stick off. Come oozed and dripped from Cindy’s well used cunt. Her orgasm subsided, just in time for Carolyn to stick her night stick back in.

“Got to get a good reading this time.”

Cindy screamed again as Carolyn worked her night stick in and out of Cindy’s pussy. Carolyn fucked Cindy for a good five minutes before offering Cindy the night stick to clean. Cindy let Carolyn fuck her mouth with the sloppy stick. She was mewling in pleasure as Carolyn worked her mouth.

The guys then undid Cindy’s leg bonds so she could go take a shower. While Cindy was in the shower, we took turns fucking Carolyn silly. Her pussy, her ass and her mouth were filled with cock. She loved every last second of it.

When Cindy returned, the guys thanked us for a great time. Cindy got dressed and we headed home. We left the nice, friendly officers fucking in the cell. Carolyn moaned her goodbyes as Raul shoved his big, fat cock down her throat.

What? Why did I tell you this tale and what does it have to do with the Four Sisters Saloon? Well, let’s just say my wife and her darling sisters have been pulled over more than once by our own police department. From the photos and videos I’ve seen, they enjoyed every last second of it.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to attend to my wife and her sisters. I don’t want the bindings to cut too deeply into their flesh. You can let yourself out, I think you know the way. Have a good night and drop by again, anytime.

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