Foursome with my cousins and brother (Oops I fucked my brother – Part 2)


After that foursome with my cousins and my brother, I tried to stay away from Tom, my brother, once again. Thus, I spent the rest of the summer training with my cycling team and hanging out with old school buddies.In August, I was back in Michigan, the place where my college was located, and Tom started college in New York. In the following years, I barely saw my family. I would spend Christmas with them, but I hardly had any contact with my brother.I gave up my dreams of becoming a professional cyclist, and by the end of my fourth year in Michigan, I graduated as an environmentalist. Then, I went to Europe to study a master’s degree, which made me feel I could be better prepared to find a good job when I went back to the States.Then, when I finished my master’s, I found myself living with mom while I got a job. I stayed in Seattle for seven months, but nothing good came. So, that was the moment when my mom suggested moving to New York with Tom to see if I could find something good there.By that time, Tom had finished college, and now he was a successful graphic designer working for a big advertisement company there in the Big Apple. I hadn’t seen my brother in a long time, and to be honest I didn’t even remember the last time we had talked on the phone or through a video call.So, when I called Tom, he was really surprised to hear my voice. Nevertheless, he said I could go and stay with him no matter Magosa Escort how long it could take me to get a job. So, the end of that summer found me moving again in a quest to find success and happiness.Things were not easy at the beginning, though. I didn’t get a job initially, plus, I didn’t have friends. To make matters worse, Tom didn’t spend so much time at home as he was incredibly busy at work. Besides, he had a new girlfriend, who didn’t seem to like me, by the way, and he just spent the rest of his time with her.I guess this feeling of loneliness, added to the impression that I was a failure, was what made me fall again. And this fall, of course, involved Tom.This happened on a Friday. Tom’s girlfriend wasn’t in town as she had traveled to Mexico on a business trip. That morning, I told Tom to come home after work since I was going to cook dinner for him.I spent the whole afternoon in the kitchen, and then at six, I had a relaxing bath, and then, I got dressed. I chose a sexy black dress as I wanted Tom to take notice.Tom arrived before eight. I could see his immediate reaction when he saw me. He looked surprised, and I could see how his eyes were drawn to my sexy deep cleavage.”Wow! You look so… cute,” he said, smiling at me nervously.I thanked him and told him to sit at the dining table as dinner was ready. I had cooked a delicious chicken with a Kıbrıs Escort tasty salad. I had also bought wine, so I brought one bottle to the table.We ate and had an exciting long talk. When we finished dinner, I proposed him to go to the living room to listen to music. I put a playlist with some of our favorite bands and brought the wine with me.We kept on talking about many things that had happened to us in those years. We finished that first bottle, so I brought one more.I was feeling so happy. I guess being here with Tom made me feel better and made me forget all the frustration that invaded my life. At some point, Tom asked me about my past relationships, an aspect of my life Tom had no idea about.I guess the wine made me feel more comfortable, so I started telling him about everything that had happened while we had been apart. He listened to all my stories and how I could not get attached to people and relationships. Tom also told me about Diane, his new girlfriend, and how crazy he felt about her.We kept on drinking wine, and then, our conversation turned into a more spicy subject. For some reason, he asked me about all the crazy things I had done with the people who had been with me. I told him I would answer if he told me first, otherwise, I would not speak a word.He was feeling uninhibited, so he confessed a couple of dirty secrets. It was my turn Lefkoşa Escort next, so I also let out a couple of anecdotes related to my crazy, sexual life. Tom was astonished to hear all these revelations, and I could tell he was a little bit turned on. And then, I uttered the words that would change the course of the night.”But, you know… I had never had anal sex,” I said.”Haha… Really? Why? Don’t you like it?” He asked curiously.”I guess I could like it, but for some strange reason, the guys I have been with never went further into… that… you know…” I said as I gave him a sexy grin.”Well… I have had a couple of experiences. Not so many, though,” Tom confessed.”Why don’t you help me find out if that’s something I can get to enjoy?” I suggested.”Wha… What… do you… mean? How?” Tom asked.”I mean this could be a good opportunity to know if I can enjoy a cock inside my ass,” I said explicitly.”Do you mean… us… now? Jeez, Lexi. We are siblings.””Yeah, we are siblings who have had sex before. Have you forgotten about it, Tom?””Of course not! I haven’t forgotten, Lexi. Anyway, you know Diane and I have a strong relationship, and I don’t want to screw up.”As he said that, I pulled down my dress and revealed my big tits, which were totally free as I wasn’t wearing any bra. He fixed his eyes on my juicy boobs immediately.I felt so horny that I moved to the sofa where he was sitting and sat on his legs. Tom placed his hands on my hips and slowly moved them along the sides of my body until he reached my tits. He squeezed my boobs and then put them in his mouth. He licked my tits eagerly, and as he played with my boobs, I started to feel the friction of his hard cock against my pussy.

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