Freak in the street, Lady in the sheets.

Freak in the street, Lady in the sheets.Freak in the street, Lady in the sheets.There’s this female I know.. We used to talk back in the teen days.. Were close enough to be called a couple but it never went through. Years go by and I decide to rekindle what we had. It was awkward at first because I always knew she was a major bitch. Seemed very forward but I didn’t mind it. She portrayed the image of “I’m a Boss Ass Bitch” type of girl. Did d**gs, partied, tattooed from head to toe, yet still very beautiful is an image she will continue to portray.. That is until she got tattooed on her face or something. I tried talking to her a few times and it just failed. I never gave up because she still would respond.. So I figured there’s a shot. I thought back to our old conversations and honestly said whatever I felt as she answered honestly as well. I then asked her out no bullshit just us chilling as friends to catch up. We met and she still looked sexy as hell. It was nothing but a ‘date’ you can say at a bar. She wore tight leggings with somewhat of a booty short look to it. Booty short were the tights and the rest of the leggings were see through. You can see each curve of her body. Up top she wore a a top that had straps crossing all over her upper chest and back that held it up. Very revealing and everyone stared at us just having our conversation. She’s mixed with Vietnamese and White in her.. Her face is the cutest thing out there.. Her boobs were nice as always but within these last years from what I’ve seen they gotten extremely developed in a beautiful way. Regardless if they were being pushed up or not they were fantastic. We were a few drinks in and she asked if I was ready to head out. I said only if she was and she nodded. We drove around and I took plenty of detours just to prolong our time together. I took her to random rooftops to stare at the stars and do other things to kill time. She said she had to go use the bathroom and didn’t want to stop anywhere or not even her house.. I had no other option but to invite her to my house. I already told her this was a casual meet up and nothing more. We get to my house and everything seemed to be on the way for a one night stand. I did not have this in mind because I was actually interested in this female and cared for her. She came back from the bathroom and went into türkçe bahis my room. She sat on the edge of the bed while I laid against my headrest. I asked to see her tattoos some more and she just untangled her entire upper clothing. She turned around and sighed “So now what? Should I get naked?” Her face was so irate yet so cute that I honestly didn’t want that. Yet her titties perky and ready for me.. I had to hold it back.I laughed and said please.. I put it back on. She gave me an even more confused look than ever. She went from being completely angry to confused. She crawled into the bed right next to me. The crawl was the sexiest thing ever and she didn’t even try to be sexy just honestly being herself which was exactly how I wanted it to be. She turned around staring back into the TV and she had an entire dragon piece on her back. I pull a few strings to the side to get a better view. I kiss her lower back and she was tickled yet excited for the contact because she didn’t expect it. Then she sighed thinking all I wanted NOW was just to have sex. She let her guard down once again and tried grabbing my belt to pull down my pants. I laughed in her ear and gave it a nipple. I cupped her hand and wrapped my arms around her body. I pull both of down laying and I begin kissing her. She just gave off little pecks as she just wanted to take her top off. I then again stopped her and she once again became the confused one. I pull the straps back up to her shoulders and gave her another kiss. I pull my face back to see her confused and then I smiled and went for another kiss. This time she agreed and knew this was something deeper. The kiss was deep and passionate. We kissed for 30 minutes or so and she still thought this had to be a scam of another one nighter as she again reached for my belt had it unbuckled but she only got to take off the pants not the boxers. This time I grabbed her hand and pulled her on top of me. She was now on top of me. Skin tight clothing against my last piece of clothing covering my little manhood I had to represent. I knew she had been around or had a lot of experience. Yet I know she knows me as well. An actual genuine gentleman. She almost had tears in her eyes or just a jolt of joy and she knew I wasn’t in for just one night. She began grinding on me slowly as I finally got to remove güvenilir bahis siteleri the straps all by myself.We killed just about another 30 minutes still no intercourse. This was surely something new to her as I’m assuming she’d be done with most of her one nighters. She got off assuming I was ready for the intercourse. She pulled down my waistline trying to get the manhood to arise. I stopped her and pulled her back next to me. More kissing was back in action. This time she used a lot of her tongue. Tracing mine, wrestling it, showing me and assuring me she wants my cock in her mouth. I kissed her lips, to her neck, and finally to her perfectly sized breasts. I traced my lips around her nipples. Sucking them as hard as I could pulling my head back just to her tit can bounce back to their perky self. She enjoyed each pull and tug I did with my teeth. She was beyond turned on at this point. Rubbing her fingers through my hair, squeezing her other tit, rubbing her pussy. She finally wasn’t the intercourse after about a good hour and a half of just foreplay. She grabbed my hand to find its way to her pussy. Her little thing was drenched full of her pussy juice. I knew she wanted it. She slide one of my fingers passed her thong but I just covered it only to rub over her pussy. I still had to tease her. Sucking her nipples making them raw and rubbing her pussy was getting her going more than ever. She whispered over and over “Suck it baby… Feels so gooood.” She tried reaching for my waistline again but I just covered her hand. Not to stop her but to make sure I got what I gave her. Her other hand pulled my hair and she began sucking my mouth dry. Her tongue completely overpowering my tongue. I knew she was ready and she pulled out my cock and went down. I just laid back and relaxed as she took over. Devouring my cock with her mouth. Saliva dripping each time she bobbed up and down. She stuffed my entire cock in her mouth. I felt her tongue lick my ballsack all the way to my head. She moaned with happiness as she knew I wanted to cum she can taste it already. We were both ready but knew it wasn’t that time yet. I missed her wet pussy that I had to pull her tiny body over mine. We began 69 as she was just using her hand until we got into position. I stuffed my tongue in her pussy playing with her clit güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri wanting her to shower me. Each time I made run over her clit with my tongue she jacked me off harder and stuffed my cock in there. We both knew I couldn’t handle much longer.. She told me “Not yet baby.. I want you to fuck me.” At this point in time there was nothing else to do so I pull her back laying next to me. Both of our mouths covered in each other juices. Nothing left but lust and we began kissing once again. Fingering her while she jacked me off just a little more. I hover over her body. Staring into her eyes she knew this was completely different. Her legs were over my shoulder and I kissed her and my cock found her way into her pussy. She exhaled her hot breath in my mouth still tongue wrestling knowing she wanted it. Each thrust I can hear our bodies clashing and her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She grabbed my ass only to indicate to fuck harder because no words could come out of her mouth by then. I fucked her harder and harder and right before I was going to cum I pulled out. I lifted her ass up and began fingering her fast and deep. She couldn’t do nothing but go into shock with her body and say “Oh My God…” As I pulled out my fingers a waterfall of piss came along. I held her legs over her head as she pissed down her body. Dripping from her stomach making a lake of her own juices on her chest. I put her legs over my shoulder once again. Kiss her and stuck my cock back into her drenched pussy. She grabbed my head and pulled it towards her. She kissed me deeply never wanting to go.. I fucked her harder knowing it was my turn to cum. I pulled out and she had her mouth wide open and tongue out indicating where exactly she wanted the cum. I stood over her body and came standing up. Each shot of cum hitting her face, hair, chest. I had so much I knelt next to her head and she stuffed my cock in her mouth. Moaning with each shot going in her mouth. She wiped her faced and chest with her finger making another pool of my cum and licked each and one of her fingers. She grabbed my cock wanting more and sucking me completely dry. Knowing we were both out of juices.. I laid next to her. She then kissed me deeper than ever. Knowing this was something new for her. I pulled her over my body and she grinded on my cock until it got limp. I tapped her on the ass and said “Welp.. I think this is the part where you go now” She knew it was only a joke we laughed. Cuddled and fell asleep.. You never know sometimes females can put up a front.. But be real and you can possibly have the best sex ever!!

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