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Free admissionThis is a true story. Like most men, at a young age when you see your first naked body other then your own, your mind does weird shit. I was having the curiosity of what it might be like with another guy. So when the opportunity was there I took it. That was in California during high school. Had my first bi-sexual encounter and loved it. But this story tells of my first big bisexual encounter in 2007 with a Black man. I was running with this “crack ho” (didn’t know until later she worked as a crack ho until it happened. We got settled in and she said she was going to pick-up some “crack” for us. She came back after a half hour, and not alone. In walks a young black guy (looked 17, he was actually 28,) but did look alot younger. Pretty good looking k**. As we smoked and talked the “crack ho” called me aside and explained that he had the dope and said he would smoke with us if he got to fucked the crack ho. That’s why she brought bilecik escort him back. Free dope and she gets laid. Being my first black man, I was very,very, curious at how big this guy’s cock was. I have always thought black men are so hot! From day 1. I was getting hard just thinking about his dick and sucking him. She took a big hit and then reached over, unzipped his pants, and pulled out the true meaning of “Trouser Trout”. This bbc had to have the (what I call) perfect dick! Would make a str8 guy turn gay. As she was sucking on him, me and him made eye contact and I let him know of my approval. On top of that, she was able to deepthroat a thick 10″ black dick and she had no gag factor at all! It was amazing live in front of me. She sucked him for a good 5 min, and he said, his turn, so I pulled out mine and he mounted her doggie. He fucked her for what seemed like forever. I think I lost count of her orgasms, they kept coming escort bilecik rapid-fire, you could tell he was getting close so I yelled out for him to pull out and shoot your load on her tits and face. So he pulls out and his first 2-3 shots went for distance and flew over her head and hit me in the face and mouth! My first taste of a black man and I got hooked. But the best happened the next day. We finally got to sleep, andrink she had an appointment to go to. He knocked on the door looking for her to get more “crack” but I said I could get it. He handed me $80.00 and I took off to go see the wizard of oz. When I got back he said he wanted to get me high as a thank you for getting it for him. I knew what he wanted and I was secretly hoping he did, because it was going to happen. He gave me a few more hits and asked me if I had a problem watching him fuck her? I was like, hell, no, if anything I was wondering how she could deep throat bilecik escort bayan your dick without gagging. The dope was talking now because what I said next was uncharacteristic of me. I said straight out to him, Bobby, last night was very hot watching you slam that dick balls deep into her and the best part was when you shot your load all over me. At that point I said, pull out your dick, because I want to suck on you. And I did, edging him for as long as he could take it, and then he was pre-cumming and all of a sudden he sprayed the first load down my throat and that was enough, he was the heaviest cummer I have ever witnessed. Unfortunately, to this day I can’t really swallow because I’m gun shy of the amount will choke me. The traveling book club stayed in town for another month or so before leaving, but I made sure I visited his room as often as possible. It sucked when they left, but he gave me my fantasy and I would definitely do it all over again if the chance was there. I’ve had many 3-somes, but never one like that. Something like that only happens when your not trying. So I’m done trying, lol. Hope you liked the story as much as I liked participating. The end.

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