Friday Night Passion


It had been a long week and it was finally Friday. Amy and I sighed heavily as we sat down on her couch that evening. Any working adult or student will understand the almost orgasmic relief of sitting down on the couch, sweatpants on, popcorn popped, and booze within reach. We both reached over and picked up our hot honey-whiskey apple ciders and clinked our mugs, smiling. Amy scooted over and tucked her head into the crook of my shoulder as the opening scene of Tommy Boy began. I set my drink down and wrapped my arm around her. She nuzzled in closer. It felt so good to cuddle after an extremely stressful school week. We’d barely seen each other at all, let alone had time to snuggle on the couch.

I looked down and kissed her on top of the head, taking a deep breath of her hair. Amy didn’t shower strictly every day and it always made her hair smell like her, not shampoo. I loved it. I loved her. She leaned over and set her mug on the carpet, then sat back, scooted over, and laid her head down in my lap. I ran my fingers softly through her hair. Amy giggled at the movie. I had forgotten we were even watching it. She had a charming, honest, singsong laugh.

After a few minutes of Chris Farley’s hilarious and reliable goofs, Amy turned her head and looked up at me. She smiled her beautiful, dimpled smile. We just stared at each other for a moment. We were at that point in our relationship, where we were able to just look at one another and appreciate how lucky we were without saying a word. Finally she just whispered: “I love you.”

“I love you too,” I whispered back.

“Kiss me.”

I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. She raised her head slightly to meet me, pressing the kiss a little harder. We sighed together and smiled into the kiss. She brought a soft hand up to my face and cupped my cheek. I took her other hand in mine and squeezed softly. We broke the kiss and gazed into each other’s eyes. She bent her neck and kissed the tip of my nose. A warmth spread through me like sinking into a hot bath.

Our moment was broken by one of Amy’s roommates, Ethan coming up the stairs. Ethan had always been nice to me, but Amy couldn’t stand him. They were extremely different people.

“Hey did you get the electric bill in yet? I wrote the check to you wrong,” Ethan said as he passed us and grabbed his coat.

“No not yet, you can just write a new one,” Amy responded sitting up. I stood up from the couch and excused myself from the bathroom. I didn’t need to hear about their electric bill.

When I came back, Ethan was gone. Amy was lying face up on the couch, her head up against the head rest, huddled up under a blanket. I lifted her legs and sat back down, resting her legs in my lap. It’s important to note that Amy was tiny. She stood an even five feet, but was tough as hell. She was a competitive weight lifter in high school and wore more muscle than most girls. She wore it well. I massaged her muscular legs absent mindedly as Christ Farley and David Spade argued. After a while looked over and Amy had her eyes closed.

I whispered, “Amy, are you asleep?”

“Mm, no. That just feels really good. You could go a little harder even.” She smiled.

I dug my fingertips into her thighs a little harder, enjoying the feel of her firm muscles under my hands. She worked out a lot and was probably sore. She exhaled as I moved my hands up and down her thigh, moving eventually to her calves. Amy laid a hand on my shoulder as I worked. After her calves got a thorough massage, I moved down to her feet. I kneaded her tiny feet, the size of my hands. I worked each toe individually, chuckling to myself at how cute they were. Done there, I moved my hands back up to her thighs and continued working. I looked over at her. She eyes were still closed, content. Her hand slid down my arm and subtly pulled my hands higher up her thigh. I smiled as she answered my unspoken question.

I continued to work on her thigh but allowed my hands to occasionally graze the area between her legs. Her breath hitched slightly and she exhaled slowly through her nose. I could feel a slightly ominous heat growing in her groin. I looked over to watch her face as she began to concentrate on the pleasure. Her brows were furrowed slightly and she bit her bottom lip lightly. I switched my hands to her other leg, but kept them at the same height, again still occasionally brushing her crotch. canlı bahis şirketleri Her breathing became deeper, more steady.

After a while of this, I lifted her legs and moved behind her on the couch. She rolled onto her side and nestled into me in a spooning position. I pulled the blanket around us. She kept her eyes closed, a content smile on her face. Slowly she reached for my hand and brought it back to her thigh. I smiled and kissed the back of her neck as I scratched her thigh lightly. I brought one hand around to her neck, and gently stroked it as my other snuck slowly down to her crotch. I leaned up and gently nibbled her ear as I cupped the area between her legs, pressing upwards into her body. She inhaled sharply and pressed her butt into my crotch. My dick started to swell instantly, sending a warm sensation through my groin and stomach.

Slowly I began to rub her pussy through her sweats, enjoying the sound of arousal building in her breath and the way she gently rubbed her butt against me. She took my other hand in hers and held it to her breast, which I began to knead happily. She sighed deeply and turned to face me, sporting a goofy grin. I pressed my cheek against hers and turned farther back to kiss me on the temple. Something in my stomach fluttered.

Amy pushed back against me and rolled onto her back. I continued to massage her pussy lightly as she brought a hand up to my face and pulled me into a deep kiss. Her mouth opened and her soft tongue danced across mine. It’s kisses like those, the ones were you see stars, where you feel your partner’s soul as you taste them, that I’ll never forget. And it’s moments like these, where love and passion intertwine simultaneously, that keep me alive. Our tongues continued to intertwine and I could feel a rush building slowly in my body. My dick began to make its way quickly to full hardness as the passion behind our kiss grew stronger.

I removed my hand from between her legs and rolled over on top of her small body, pinning her underneath me. Her small, muscular legs instantly wrapped around my hips and she squeezed her pelvis into me. I could really feel heat between her legs now. I pulled my mouth from hers and moved immediately to her neck, biting the soft skin under her chin lightly as my hand found the rim of her shirt and pushed up underneath it. My hand quickly made its way to her breast and I squeezed firmly. Amy grunted slightly and my dick pulsed, sending a short burst of pleasure up my spine. My skin tingled as her hand massaged my back and the back of my head. She breathed my name.

I’m not sure what it is about that, a lover whispering your name in pleasure but it makes my blood boil and my heart feel as if it’s about to explode. That sound shot a shockwave through me, enflaming my love for her and my desire for her body. I began to have to use self-control to stay at the slow, meditative pace I was using.

I worked my way down her tender neck, leaving a trail of kisses between her clothed breasts. With one hand still on her breast, the other lifted her shirt and kissed her tummy lightly. I used tiny amounts of tongue, tickling her. I could hear her smile and hold in a giggle. I blew softly on the small, wet marks I left around her belly button. Her back arched and she moaned. I quietly admired the tiny streak of dark hair near her navel. Amy was beautiful and real. She had some hair on her body and didn’t care. I loved it.

Knowing how she liked it, I slipped a finger inside the cup of her bra and lightly toyed her nipple. I felt it harden to my touch immediately. Amy gasped. She had extremely sensitive nipples. Though she was already turned on, this was the easiest way to really get her going. Her hand gripped my hair tightly as my other hand worked the edge of her sweatpants down.

Suddenly a thought occurred to me: we were in the middle of the living room! I took my hand and placed it on her groin. I quickly kissed my way back up to her mouth.

“When are your roommates getting back?” I whispered.

“I don’t care.”

I laughed, “Yes but I do. Aren’t they going to be back soon?”

“Yes, but just stay under the blanket. I’ll stop you if I hear them coming.”


Amy nodded, her jaw clenched. God I loved this girl. I squeezed her nipple between my fingers and she hissed through her teeth, her back arching. I quickly found my way to her belt canlı kaçak iddaa line again and tugged at her sweats. She lifted her hips to help me. I pulled her pants part way down her thighs and my dick clenched as I noticed she was going commando. I lowered my face down to her thick, curly hair and basked in the warm aroma of her arousal as it met me. I was nearly shaking with desire. I was sweating, partly because of the lust but also because it was hot under the blanket. She put a small amount of pressure on the back of my head: my cue.

I lay down on the couch, pulling my hand from under her shirt and placing a palm on either thigh. I lowered my face down to the thick mound of hair. I hear stories of guys complaining about a girl’s pubic hair, but with Amy, it didn’t matter. I loved her, and that meant every part of her. She didn’t like shaving down there so I didn’t ask. And I actually came to love the hot smell of arousal that became trapped in her mound. I took a hand and slowly, carefully slipped a finger between the lips of her pussy, relishing the incredibly soft folds. She let loose a shuddering sigh. I slid my finger up and down as I kissed the insides of her thighs. After a few moments, I worked my finger deeper inside her, finding the entrance to her vagina. I worked my finger carefully around the edge of her entrance as I simultaneously stuck out my tongue and found her clit.

She jolted slightly like I had shocked her and gasped. I let out an involuntary moan as I watched her react to my tongue. My dick ached against the couch cushions as I worked my tongue into a slow rhythm against the hood of her clit. Simultaneously I swirled my finger gently around the edge of her vagina, slowly penetrating deeper and deeper until I found the slightly rough patch that I knew she loved so much. I began to massage her G-spot gently as I stroked her clit with my tongue. Her breathing grew stronger and her hand massaged my head. I swear if I could have had a scalp orgasm, I would have.

I loved giving Amy head. I think there’s almost no better way to express your love for a woman physically than to kiss her most intimate parts. The trust and confidence it takes physically for both partners almost perfectly mirrors the trust and confidence we shared in our love for each other.

I loved on her pussy for a few minutes enjoying the way she bucked and breathed and tasted but unfortunately for her, because of the couch, I was forced into an angle where I couldn’t have full access to every part of her. She bucked and groaned but couldn’t come and eventually, she tugged lightly on my hair, bringing my face up. Sadly, I pulled away, and pulled the covers back.

“Is someone coming?” I asked nervously, wiping my mouth.


There was a seriousness, a deep gleam in her eye I hadn’t seen since we had first started dating. She pulled me into a hard kiss, her tongue pushing firmly into my mouth. She bit my lower lip as her hand reached down and grabbed my full member, hard. I grunted, always surprised by her strength. Amy was strong, and she knew it. She pulled back and looked at me sincerely in the eyes. She was panting.

“We need to go upstairs, right now.” She said through clenched teeth.

She pushed me off of her with firm force. I whipped the blanket off of us and she stood up, her pants hanging partway down her adorable butt. She grabbed the mugs off the floor, slammed them onto the coffee table and fumbled to turn the DVD player and TV off. I’d never seen her quite so frantic.

She whirled around, grabbed my hand tightly and pulled me towards the stairs. We flew up the small flight and I could hear her breathing the whole way. I had never wanted her so urgently, never needed her so bad physically. The stairway and the hall to her room felt miles long.

We flew inside and she slammed the door loudly, sending an auditory shock through my whole body. The room was dark but for a small sliver of street lamp light from outside that landed on her bed.

“C’mon,” she grunted.

She hauled me over towards her bed, threw open a drawer in her desk, pulled out a condom and threw it on the sheets. I was shaking.

She turned to me. I moved to kiss her but she ignored it, grabbing at the hem of my shirt. I let her go and she yanked the shirt over my head. The warm air and her hair hit my naked skin all at once; I lost it.

I grabbed at her canlı kaçak bahis shirt and pulled it over her head and frantically worked my fingers under her tight sports bra as she fumbled with the drawstring on my sweats. My dick surged as her fingers grazed the sensitive skin around my groin, her hands grasping my pants and underwear simultaneously. I panted as she threw my pants to the ground. Naked I watched amazed, as she stood back up, yanked her sports bra over her head, the tight garment messing up her hair as she pulled it off. Her breasts swung wildly as she then threw down her pants as fast as she could. She pulled me close and kissed me so hard it almost hurt. I could feel the heat as her blood pulsed through her, her hot, frantic energy passing into me.

She pulled away, grabbed the condom and threw it at me.

“Get this on.”

My hands shaking, I tore open the package and pulled out the sticky rubber. I unrolled it onto myself, my dick sending a surge of pleasure through my groin after finally getting some physical attention.

Amy leapt onto the bed, she lay back, her legs spread. I could see in the small amount of light, her pussy glinting. I moved fast to her, placing my hands on her raised knees.

“Get. In. Side. Me.” She commanded, her lips barely moving.

I felt the head of my penis graze her hair and I pushed. Her warmth enveloped me like a big hug. A shiver ran up, down, and back up my spine and a long groan escaped me. I didn’t wait and began pumping hard into her soft sex.

“Fuck yes,” she moaned, the veins on her neck popping as a moan shook her. She raised her hands up over her head and allowed her breasts to bounce with the rhythm of my pelvis. I pumped into her as hard as I could, mesmerized by the movement of her body and the franticness of our passion. Never before had we fucked so hard, so desperately. She grunted with my rhythm: “yes, yes, yes,” as I fucked her on the edge of the bed.

After a few moments, she took my hands from her knees and pulled me up to her.

“Get up here with me.”

Sadly, I pulled out of her sopping pussy as she crawled farther onto the bed and laid back, her knees splayed out. I lowered myself onto her tiny body as her hand found its way to my dick. She guided me back into her and I groaned. Only seconds felt like hours since I’d last been inside her. She wrapped her legs around my hips and bucked into me, guiding my penis deeper inside her. She used her cheek to turn my head and guide my lips to hers.

Our bodies were locked together, foreheads pressed, tongues entwined, sexes connected. I could feel Amy’s whole body on mine, mine on hers, our love pulsing as if our veins had combined their channels.

I began pumping hard into her, the bed creaking, the headboard banging against the wall. Our nipples ground together as her breasts bounced beneath me. My whole body tingled and every muscle in me was tightening.

“Yes. Fuck yes.” She groaned.

I looked down, her eyes were clenched, her mouth open, her breasts swinging. Her stomach was tightening and I could feel her orgasm building. I felt a pinch at the head of my penis and knew I was getting close too. She raised her head and pressed it against my chest, she stopped breathing, and I knew she was right on the edge.

Almost imperceptibly she whispered, “I’m coming.” And I felt her pussy clench hard against my dick as I slammed into her. With a sudden surge, I felt my entire body seize and I unloaded into the condom. Our separate waves of urgent passion collided and exploded into a frantic, conjoined spasm. We groaned into one another, our sweat and fluids combining, muscles clamping in one rhythm, one heartbeat.

We panted, shaking in shock and pleasure for a few moments. Finally I slid out of her, holding onto the condom. She flipped me onto my back and rolled on top of me, wrapping me into a firm, naked, embrace, her sweaty head on my chest. I could feel her moisture slowly wetting my leg. She was still quivering slightly and I placed my hand on top of her vulva, feeling the aftershock contractions of her orgasm, smiling as I noticed they aligned with the weak spasms in my dick. As our breathing slowly returned to normal she raised her head, and set her chin down on my chest, looking me in the eye. The soft light of the lamp cast a glow on her face. She smiled warmly, completely satisfied. And I felt my heart skip a beat, treasuring this moment, wondering if I could possibly be happier. I caressed her hair as we stared into one another’s eyes saying, without speaking, far more than three words could ever say.

We didn’t leave the bed until noon the next day.

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