Friend of girlfriend moving in


Friend of girlfriend moving inA story from the real life before my girlfriend and I broke up.It all started when i was with my old girlfriend. We lived in a nice big apartment with three bedrooms. A close friend of my girlfriend suddently became in a financial crisis. I worked many hours a day with a job that paid well, so we decided to offer here a loan so she could get on the right track again. She declined the offer, but asked if she could rent one of the rooms for a few months, just untill she got a job again. She moved in and in the beginning it was just like having my girlfriend’s friend over ‘like all the time’.One day i came home early from the job, i heard that she was showering – she was always home in the day time cause she had got a job as bartender at a small bar. I walked in to the living room, turning on the TV, when she suddently came out of the bathroom all naked. i looked for a short second and then turned my head away, not knowing how to react. She walked over to her bedroom door and then turned around and said something like: “like what you saw?” I responded with a short laugh and did not say anything. Here body was very nice and tanned and newly shaved. My hearth was beating and when she closed the door behind her i almost ran out of the bahis siteleri apartment not knowing what to do to my self. The days went on and i made sure not to come home early from work without knowing that she wasn’t there. a couple of weeks after, a saturday, I was free from work and my girlfriend was visiting her parents, the exactly same thing happened again. i was in the kitchen making scramble eggs for my breakfast, when she came out of her bedroom only wearing a g string. This time she said: “you should she yourself” and laughed. i quickly answered without thinking: “With that body you do not have to pay that much rent”. What a fucking stupid thing to say to a friend of my girlfriend i was thinking, when she replied: “If i take my string off, can i then stay here for free”. I told her that Camilla (my girlfriend) probably not would like that and then she just laughed again walking into the bathroom. I could not stop thinking of her nice body, her ice blue eyes and her long blond hair and i could feel my cock getting hard almost every time i saw her.i started coming home early every day just to have a chance to see her naked again. One day i was sitting in the sofa, she came over to me and sat down asking me what i saw. We both looked at the TV for canlı bahis about 15 minutes when she said:”Do my body turn you on” I looked at her for a few moments and said: “of course. You are a very good loking girl”. I really wanted to say that i could fuck her all day, but i had to think of my relationsship, and i still did not know if it was something she had arranged with my girlfriend. She moved over to the other sofa and started touching herself and told me to do the same. i could feel my cock getting harder and harder and at last i opened my belt starting to wank it off. when i was finished, she walked into her bedroom again. i was confused and felt that i was cheating on my girlfriend allthough we did not have sex with each other. The weeks went by and we started having these meeting about three days a week. We never spoke to each other when we were doing it. we just had fun. i loved looking at her pussy getting wet and sometimes she brought a small dildo for her ass. sometimes she send me picture messages to my phone of her breasts and her pussy when i was at work. After about three months of mastubating in front of each other, she one day said to my girlfriend and i, that she had got a full time job and found an apartment for herself and that she güvenilir bahis would move within the next few days. some minutes later i received a text message from her saying: “Tomorrow is the last meeting, so let’s do what we both have been wanting for several months”. I went all in, taking a day off from work. My girlfriend went off to work and only few seconds later, she stood there in her red sexy underwear in my bedroom. She walked slowly over to the bed and removed my blanket. i wall already totally hard when she grapped my cock and started wanking it softly. She started sucking my cock and biting it a little and then said: “What now cowboy; are you going to fuck me?” I threw her in the bed, spreading her legs and let my cock slip into her. she started screaming and said: “fuck me, i’m all yours”. I was speeding up. First i took her in missionary, then doggystyle and after about 40 minutes, she wispered: “i want it in the ass”. I tried, but i could not get it in. She quickly realized the problem and started sucking my cock all wet. now i could slide inside her ass, and it was so nice and tight. When is was about to come, i told her, and she told me to sperm her in the face. When i was done she sucked it for about a minute and then walked out of the bedroom into her own bedroom.It was the last time we had fun, she was still a friend of my girlfriend, so we visited her sometimes. Every time i could see that she fucked me with her eyes. End of story. Hope you enjoyed.

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