Friends And adventures

Friends And adventuresWayne and I had been friends since our early c***dhood. We lived in the same street, went to the same school and spent the weekends playing together in his tree house where more often that not we would end up naked, or at least out of our pants. He would be the doctor and give me an examination and then I would do the same to him. No different than what many other k**s got up to at that age.When it was time to go to high school though, we went our separate ways, he to a Catholic school and myself to a state run school. After this we really didn’t see each other that much for a couple of years.Since my holidays last year when Andrew showed me how to masturbate, I was it would seem, quite unable to go 24 hours without doing it at least once or twice. One day when home alone, I was in my fathers shed with my cock in hand, ready to empty myself once more when I noticed this key sitting on a shelf. Curiosity got the better of me and I spent quite a while trying to find the lock that it fitted. Eventually under some tools in the corner I found a box that took the key perfectly. After removing the tools and opening the box I was faced with a pile of magazines, the top one of which pictured a woman with a extremely veiny circumcised cock pressed against her lips and a face covered in cum.The first porn magazine I had ever seen.I flicked through the pages, each revealing a new sexual position and image that until that moment I had never even thought of. Cocks, large and hard being pushed into shaved pussies. Cum covered large brown breasts and faces. Women bent over with not one but two penises inserted into them. Men sucking men, women licking women and fists in places that I thought would never be able to accommodate something that size. My erection was so türkçe bahis hard it hurt, pre-cum was pouring out of me. The more pages I turned the more excited I got, my cock was pulsating and that all to familiar feeling started to well within me. I turned another page, a women being fucked as she sucked this massive black penis. A guy pissing on lady’s black hairy open vagina while someone came between her tits. My cock erupted with a force I hadn’t experienced before, hitting me in the eye and across my chest, my body convulsing as shot after shot escaped me. After cleaning myself up I replaced the magazine, tools and key, went inside to my bedroom and masturbated again.Over the next month I became very familiar with all the pages of those magazines. It was my secret, but it was also a secret that I longed to share with someone.One day while walking home from school I ran into Wayne. We were both about 13, and he had grown up into what I thought was a very, very good looking guy. Tall dark Mediterranean features, long well muscled legs and just enough of a bulge in his pants to make me sure he had half an erection.“Have you ever seen any real pornographic magazines”, I asked. “Yeah, I’ve seen my dad’s playboys”, he said.“No, I mean fucking and everything you can think of”, I replied.“Really, have you got some? Where are they? Can I come and see them?” he asked.We arranged to meet at 2 the next day as I had the house to myself. He arrived at about 5 seconds past and we both could see that the other was quite excited about what we were about to do. Entering the shed I turned the light on got the key of the shelf moved the tools opened the box removed the top magazine and held it up to him. Even in his pants I could see he had a sizeable erection, and there was no hiding mobilbahis güvenilir mi the fact that I had too.Sitting down next to each other he turned page after page, sometimes commenting and other times just staring at them. All I wanted to do, however, was undo his zip, take out his cock and pull him until he came. Like Andrew showed me, I wanted to be the one to show him, but as usual I was too scared and did nothing.After he had looked through them all he said he had to go home and quickly left. I tidied up the room, locked everything away, went inside, lay on my bed naked and masturbated while imagining what it would be like to do to him what we used to do all those years ago.About a week later on a Sunday while walking past his house he came running out.“Hey Matt, you know those magazines you showed me. Do you want to try some of the things in them?”“When?” I replied.“Now, Mum and Dad have gone to Gran’s and won’t be back till real late” he said.My heart was beating so fast as I followed him inside. Turning to face me he reached down and grabbed my already hard cock through my jeans and began to massage it, I couldn’t wait any longer, I undid his jeans, pulled them down to his ankles, then slowly removed his underwear until this large circumcised cock popped out. It was more than I ever expected, naked he was not just handsome but really beautiful and so desirable. Fully tanned quite slim but muscular body, legs so long, and there in the midst of all that the most wonderful cock that I had ever seen. Golden brown, circumcised, a bit over 7 inches long and quite thick with a sparse covering of the blackest, glossiest pubic hair imaginable. I reached out but before I could touch it he dropped to his knees, took my cock out and guided youwin it into his mouth. The wetness and warmth of it was amazing, he sucked and took it deep into his throat, his tongue exploring every part, his hands stroking my balls. After a few minutes I felt I was going to cum so pulled it out, stood him up and returned the favour. The mustiness of his entire genital area was turning me on so much, the feeling of his rock hard cock in my mouth even more. I sucked, I licked, I held his ass cheeks and pulled him forward to get as much of him as I could in my mouth. He began to pump and it pushed past my larynx and deep down into my throat, I felt like gagging but didn’t want him to stop. He began to moan, I felt the head of his cock swell and the entire shaft became even harder. I continued sucking, he shivered, he twitched and then my entire mouth started filling with cum as he blew his massive load. I had no idea what to do. I wasn’t expecting him to do this, so I began to swallow and the more I swallowed the more he shot. I was shocked at how much I loved the feeling of him exploding in my mouth, the taste of it, the smell of it, and the sheer sexual excitement of the whole thing. We lay down on the carpet each with the others cocks in front of our faces. I continued to suck his now softening cock and smooth balls as he again began to work on mine again. I began to fuck his mouth as he had done to me, but he kept gagging so I just let him do what he wanted and it wasn’t long before I knew I was going to cum. He must have realised it too as he began to suck and pull harder, I couldn’t hold on any longer, I had never been so horny and while he continued sucking I came. I came so hard, shot after shot filling his mouth. He tried to swallow it all but couldn’t and bought it back up on my stomach.Finished we both lay there in each other’s arms without talking. Nothing needed to be said. We knew this was going to be the first of many, many times and indeed it was. I couldn’t get enough of him or his penis.I was in love again.

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