Friends Mom Slipped Into Bed With Me


Friends Mom Slipped Into Bed With MeI awoke to the feeling of covers slipping off me in the warm twin bed in my friend’s room. Opening my eyes, I saw the ample breasts of my friend’s mother, loosely covered by red silk as she tucked herself under the comforter beside me and pulled it back over us. The warmth of her body laying against me was intoxicating and strange. I was a little startled, but didn’t move as her presence was both unexpected and exciting. I felt her hand laying on my hip, slowly reaching around to touch my butt cheek through my undies, which was all I wore when I slept over at David’s house.She looked at me with her dark, pretty eyes and made a “shhh” sign with her finger at her lips. I nodded, my mind reeling to understand what this was about. She brought her pelvis in against mine. I always wake up hard and I could feel my erection nestling into the curves of her body. She seemed to adjust so that it’s stiffness lay in the crevice between her legs and pushed against me. It made my breath skip. With her hand, she gripped my butt and pulled me in harder, rotating her hips up and down against me slowly. The smooth fabric of the teddy she wore slid easily back and forth, caressing my penis and making my eyes heavy. She seemed to watch me intently, her mouth dropping open slightly as her long brunette hair fell in unkempt tendrils around her face and neck.”Do you like how that feels…?” She whispered, her mouth inches from mine. I could smell a sweet and pungent fragrance on her breath. I wasn’t allowed to have alcohol, but I’d smelled it on my parent’s breath before.I nodded in answer to her question, conscious of the fact that David was sleeping in the other twin bed right behind me. Her hand came up my back and made me tingle. She was slender, but still her body felt large against mine, mature and experienced, not like I imagined a girl my age would feel. There was something very exciting and safe about it. She knew what she was doing. I had definitely noticed her body before, especially when she wore loose clothing around the house, showing side boob or a flash of panties. She’s pretty and has always been kind to me.”Have you ever been with a woman?” She whispered ever so quietly. I shook my head, a little nervous, but not enough to want anything to stop. She smiled, “It’s ok, I’m a very good teacher.” Her hand slipped down my back inside my underwear, gripping my butt cheek and squeezing gently. Her body seemed to wrap around me, covering me like a wave of warm ocean. She pushed into my neck with her face, nuzzling me and kissing softly with her mouth open. I could smell her dark brown hair as my head fell backwards, enjoying the feeling of her mouth and breath against my skin. My hands reflexively went around her and I began to explore her body. Starting with her back, I noticed the ridges along her spine, then down I went, almost afraid to touch her bottom as it was forbidden. But, I could feel she wanted me to. The elastic of her panties made a line along her waist. I felt it’s length, then dared to touch down to the roundness of her butt, my fingertips tracing her crack down and back up. Her breasts pressed into my chest as she began to suck gently on my earlobe which put butterflies in my tummy. The whole experience was so electrifyingly sensual.”It’s ok to taouch me anywhere you want to,” she whisperes as if reading my mind. I felt her through her teddy around the sides of it pendik escort and her hips, down to the edge and onto her bare thigh, then back up again. She backed away a little, her cleavage visible, pointing down into her sleepwear. I could see the outline of one nipple pressing up through the sleek fabric. She looked down at them and asked, “Do you want to see them?”Again I only nodded, my mouth dry with anticipation. She slipped the teddy down off her shoulders, revealing her round, soft boobs. I’d never seen a woman naked before. The sight was glorious. Her nipples were dark brown and an inch in diameter or so, with pointy tips that stood out at me. Round lines sloped down from near her armpits, the bulbous shape of her breasts laying open in the space between us. I’d imagined them before, never thinking I’d actually see them. The warmth of her body radiated towards me. “I like them to be licked and sucked gently. Would you like to try it?” Without a word, I bent my head downward and took one nipple in my mouth, drawing it between my lips with suction. “Mmm, that’s it. Gently and slip your tongue around it inside,” she whispered. She laid her head gently in the pillow next to me, enjoying me sucking on her. A faint sweetness was there as I suckled on her. My hand came up out of curiosity, feeling around where her boob came outward form her chest, then coming up to her shoulder. I brought my fingers in, releasing her nipple from my mouth and touching her with my fingertips. Her body was fascinating. I realized she was watching me.”You like it?” She asked, obviously pleased by my interest.”Softer than I imagined…” I said, quietly.”Oh, you’ve imagined me have you?” I felt embarrassed. Of course a boy shouldn’t be imagining his friend’s mom naked.”I-I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t…”She covered my mouth with her fingertip, “Shhhhh, it’s ok. I was flirting. I like that you’ve imagined me. It’s a complement for a woman my age.” She rolled onto her back, her breasts wobbling and flattening as they presented themselves more visibly in the light from the nightlight on the far wall of the room. “Here, do this one for a minute. Then I have a surprise for you.” I put my mouth on her other nipple and sucked on it, feeling it harden and stand up in my mouth. She played with the other one while I did this, massaging and tweaking it between her fingers. She reached down for my hand and guided me to do the same with her. “It’s so nice…” she whispered, letting her eyes close again. I liked pleasing her in this way. It felt warm and exciting. She lay like that for a few minutes, enjoying me sucking on her. Then she rolled her head my way. Her face was framed by wild strands of her hair that curled down on either side. She was normally so put together. Seeing her like this made my tummy flutter. “Now I have something for you.” She sat up, folded the covers back slowly, looking over me towards David’s bed. I glanced that way too, seeing for the first time since she appeared in bed with me that he was sleeping with his face the other direction, snoring softly.I lay on my back, my black bikini briefs barely containing my stiff dick. The light colored head of it poked slightly from underneath the waistband. A dark spot was there where I’d been leaking from being excited. I was self conscious about that. I small glimmer from the liquid could be seen in the light where it dribbled down kartal escort onto my skin.She smiled as she sat beside me, her breasts exposed and the teddy pulled down to her waist. With two hands she lifted my underwear up and off my penis, which pointed stiffly upward at my chest. She slipped the undies down and off. No one had ever seen my boner before. “Well, someone’s excited,” she said, a pleased tone in her voice. “Aren’t you smooth down here,” she said taking her fingertip and making a small circle on the tip of my penis, right around the pee hole. Slippery clear stuff made her slide easily across my skin, sending shivers down my legs. She pulled off slightly, drawing a string of it from the tip of my penis to her finger, then swirled it all around among the handful of light hairs that grew in a small patch above my penis.She was watching me as she took my dick in her hand and stroked the tip with her thumb. It was so slippery that her finger moved easily back and forth and all around the rounded shiny end of it. My tummy made spasmodic jerks as she did this. It felt so amazing I was kinda speechless. Her mouth came open again with a smile as she observed my reaction to her. She began to slowly slide her hand up and down my stiffy, rubbing around the tip as she did, then cupping my balls, then back up over the tip. “No one has ever done this to you before, have they…? She asked me. I shook my head. “You’re gonna love this, then,” she said. She settled her head down close to my penis, watching it throb under her steady caresses. I felt her warm breath on the sensitive skin. Then she pointed it right at her mouth, opened up and took me inside, the warm wetness of her tongue dragging along the front as my cock slid all the way in until it disappeared completely. Her nose bumped my tummy and she held me inside, sweeping her tongue back and forth inside her mouth. I think my eyes almost popped out of my head. I definitely made a noise, and heard David stir a little. Both of us darted our eyes his direction, but he did not awaken.Her tongue extended out of her mouth to lap at my balls as she took my cock slightly deeper into her throat, then drew slowly back out. The shaft was shiny with her saliva, but she took it back in quickly, licking more, then beginning a steady in and out motion with her head. “You like it?” She asked, stroking me with her hand. Again I nodded and she took me back in her mouth. The pleasure of it was unbelievable. She seemed to like doing it, sucking and kissing and caressing me, playing with the tip, then down the front, then licking my balls while she rubbed the tip with her fingers, then taking me back in.After a while I began to feel something inside me growing. I wasn’t sure what it was, but it slowly got bigger and bigger as she sucked my cock. I found myself squirming and wriggling to increase the speed at which her head bounced up and down on me.”If I keep doing this, you’re going to cum and I’m not ready for you to yet,” she whispered. She released my penis which fell against my tummy with a gentle slapping sound. “Your turn to do the same to me now,” she said. She positioned herself up against the headboard, slipping out of her teddy and pulling her panties down, dropping both on the floor. She was completely naked. A dark patch of curly hair grew in a triangle above where a penis would be on a boy. She sat with her waist about maltepe escort where my head was on the bed and opened her legs towards me. “Lay here, down in really close.” I looked down and saw her lady parts for the first time. Below the patch of hair were folds of skin running up and down. They had a pouted look, and seemed to lead inside her, where a red place peeked out from between them. She was shiny down there, and a strong, pleasant fragrance come up to my nose from her body.”Put your mouth on it, right here,” she said, pointing to the top of the opening where a sort of hood-shaped piece of skin was. She pulled it back to show a small rounded place underneath. “This part feels like the tip of your penis. I like it massaged through this part, like so,” she massaged from the side of the hood lightly to show me. “…only with your tongue.” I was mesmerized by her body, so much to look at! I pulled at the skin with my fingers. Inside were more details. Soft hairs grew on either side of it, and the wetness made her slippery and warm.”Go ahead, dear. Take a taste,” she said. I extended my tongue and dabbed it downward, lighting it on the damp skin. She tasted musky and sweet. I licked upward and back down, enjoying the experience of feeling the folds of her skin pass underneath my tongue. “Ohhhhh,” she said softly. I took her between my lips and pulled slightly at the hooded place. She squirmed slightly, indicating to me that she liked it. “Now just nice long strokes up and down with your tongue. Keep it moving like I did on you,” she said.I began to lick up and down, my tongue flat and covering the place she pointed to. Looking up, I saw her resting her head back against the headboard, her eyes falling closed as I licked between her legs.”You’re doing so good, keep going…” she said, a dreamy tone entering her whispers. Her fingers lazily drifted to one breast, which she fondled as I took more and more of her in my mouth. Her flavor became stronger as I went. I noticed little muscles flickering around my face. Her curly hairs tickled my nose a little, but I didn’t mind. I liked being down here, tasting her and making her feel good.”Ohh, ohhhh, ok, sweetie you’re going to make me cum. I’m going to try to stay quiet. Just don’t stop, ok?” Her hips seemed to push in towards me as I continued to lick her. “A little faster, babe, yess…” I loved her calling me that! I felt my dick stiffening as I moved my head with my tongue now. She was bouncing her hips up and down as she held my head in place. I didn’t know what “cum” meant, but it seemed like she absolutely loved it.”Ohhh, oh god I’m cumming, I’m cuh-cuhh-nnnggggggg…” Her head plunged downward over me and she pumped her hips into my face as she seemed to fight hard not to make noises in her throat. A warm wash of fluid flowed out of her into my mouth, which I lapped at and swallowed. Her hips quivered a few more times, muscles popping and flexing, until all that was left was her breathing heavily like she’d been running. She laid back against the headboard, releasing my head. I looked up at her. “You did so good,” she said, her eyes a bit heavy and staring off still. Then she looked down and patted my head. “Did you like this?”I nodded. She looked over at David who was laying on his back. “Better not press our luck with him waking up. We can do more another time, but it has to be our secret. Promise?” “Promise,” I whispered. She smiled at me again and leaned down to kiss me on the mouth. The kiss was warm and lingered for a few seconds. She tasted sexy and mature and I loved it.”Next time, then,” she said, gathered her pretty underwear and slipped out the bedroom door, the last sight of her naked butt staying with me after she left.

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