Miranda had just turned twenty-one. With hazel blue eyes, soft blonde shoulder length hair, and a smile that made most men melt, Miranda had been looking forward to this particular weekend for quite some time.

Her two very best friends, Joey and Frank had been talking about taking her out for a night on the town for her birthday celebration. She had known Joey and Frank for years, never intimate with either of them, though they had certainly flirted and teased one another on several occasions. But beyond that, they’d remained simply friends, albeit very good ones. One thing that Miranda appreciated about both of them the most, was they could share and discuss nearly everything, trust one another to keep a confidence, and rely upon one another whenever there was need. They had both been by her side after her very hard breakup with her boyfriend Steven, something that had set her back on her heels for several weeks after discovering he’d been banging one of the women he worked with. Something that had been very traumatic for her to accept as she’d given her virginity to him shortly before discovering he’d been sleeping with another woman.

With everything she had recently been through, Miranda was looking forward to a fun-filled entertaining night with her two very best friends.

They had gone to one of the local restaurant/bars that was a very popular hangout. Starting out with a tall pitcher of Margaritas, one of Miranda’s favorite drinks. She was soon into the swing of things, having a great time joking and laughing with her two friends. When it became known however that it was in fact her birthday, the custom of this particular place was to bring out the “party funnel” as it was called. Leaning back in her seat, one of the bartenders placed a long thin funnel just above her mouth while another stood on a tall chair pouring the contents of a specially designed birthday drink into the funnel. It was the challenge to see if anyone could keep up with the continual pour until the entire contents of the drink had been consumed. Not real high in alcohol content, it wasn’t designed to make anyone sick or get stupidly drunk. And though she’d already had two glasses of Margaritas, Miranda felt more than up to the challenge.

Several other patrons began to gather around their table as the bartender began to pour the concoction down the funnel. Joey and Frank began chanting, “Go! Go! Go!” as she drank, miraculously keeping up with the continual pour. Spilling very little upon herself, though a large plastic bag had been draped around her to prevent ruining her clothing, the crowd began to cheer giving her a standing ovation for accomplishing a task that very few were able to keep up with.

“Impressive Miranda!” Joey said in congratulations to her. “Yes, it was…but I’d be willing to bet you couldn’t do that again with a real drink!” Frank challenged.

“Well not now I couldn’t!” Miranda admitted. “That was a lot of liquid! Maybe later,” she left the challenge hanging.

“Yeah, right…maybe later,” Frank teased. “Like I said, no way with a real drink!”

Though feeling good, Miranda was far from being drunk. But her inhibitions had flown out the window with the party atmosphere as well as having more fun than she’d remembered having in a long, long time.

“Put your money where your mouth is Frank! What are you willing to bet I can do it?”

“Ok…” Frank said grinning. “Twenty bucks says you can’t!”

“That’s it? Twenty bucks? Come on Frank, surely you can make this a little more interesting than that! Twenty bucks seems hardly worth it. Like I said, you’re so sure I can’t do it…lets really make it interesting!”

Joey perked up at that. “I’m in! So what if we lose Miranda?”

She considered that for a few moments, then grinned wickedly. “I win, the two of you have to come over and clean my entire apartment next weekend. And I mean clean it! Windows, floors, dusting mopping, everything!”

Suddenly Joey wasn’t as enthusiastic as he was a minute ago. “I don’t know Frank…” he began backing off worriedly.

“And what if we win then?” Frank challenged back.

“Name it!” Miranda told him.

Frank was now grinning even more broadly than Miranda had. “Anything?”

“Anything,” she replied now wondering if perhaps she’d put her own foot in it as the expression on Frank’s face told her he wasn’t thinking about her doing any cleaning.

“Ok Miranda, here’s the bet then. We lose, we clean your entire apartment. You lose, then you come with Joey and I up to my folks cabin next weekend.”

Miranda stared at him. “And? That’s it? Just come up to the cabin for the weekend?” Frank actually seemed nervous now as he obviously began mulling over the real meaning behind that. “Not exactly. You lose, you have to do whatever Joey and I want you to do with the two of us.”

Miranda stared at her friend incredulously. They’d never been intimate with one another aside from that occasional flirting and horsing around which had included a few semi-erotic wrestling matches. But beyond that, there’d never been anything else.

“You can’t be serious!” she replied poker oyna thinking that he was in fact kidding around with her.

“Like you said Miranda, put your money where your mouth is!”

She sat back in her seat staring at him. It wasn’t that Frank and Joey weren’t attractive looking men, they were. Frank had a boyish look about him that was sexy as hell! He wore his dark hair long in a ponytail, stood a few inches taller than she, with alluring hazel green eyes that could penetrate a person’s soul. Joey was the taller of the two with shorter light brown hair, but had the sculpture of a body-builder though he wasn’t. More than anything, Miranda was concerned that getting involved sexually with either one of them might ruin their long-term friendship.

“If I do lose, which I won’t by the way, both of you need to know this is a one time thing. I don’t want it ruining our friendship,” she added seriously. “But like I said, I have no intention of losing either. I expect to see the two of you showing up at my apartment bright and early Saturday morning ready to spend the entire weekend cleaning!”

Once again Joey appeared a little nervous at Miranda’s self-confidence. That look convinced her.

“Ok, it’s a bet!” she heard herself saying.

“Pinky swear it!” Frank responded.

In all the years they had known one another, none of them had ever broken a pinky-swear promise. As silly as it might have been, it was the one thing that had cemented their trust between them. Frank was taking this seriously, which meant that if Miranda really was going to go along with the bet, she’d have to swear to do whatever it was that Joey and Frank told her to do if she lost. Miranda held up her hand extending her pinky expecting Frank as well as Joey to wrap their own little fingers around hers. What she also realized as she did that however, the mere thought of what this bet meant if she actually did lose had caused her to become somewhat excited.

Frank as well as Joey couldn’t help but notice that either. Miranda had luscious full breasts with rather large thick delicious nipples. Both of which had grown erect pressing fully against the tight tee shirt she had worn even through her bra.

Frank surprised her by extending his own pinky out, but rather than wrapping it around her own as she’d expected him to do, he placed it lightly on top one of her nipples causing her to flinch.

“That’s not exactly my pinky finger!” she stated leaning back and away from him forcing Frank’s finger to fall away from her breast.

“It is now…if you’re really serious about the bet!” he challenged her again. “You can back out now if you want to Miranda. One last chance. Either put up, or shut up!”

By way of an answer, she leaned forward once again. “You might as well pinky-swear on my boob too Joey because I am serious! I’m looking forward to watching the two of you wearing rubber gloves and cleaning my toilet!”


Frank had given Miranda easy to find directions up to his parents cabin. As she pulled into the long drive heading towards it, she shook her head in disbelief that she actually really was going through with this. And she’d been so close to winning too! Nearly downing the entire pitcher of Margarita’s, the bar tender who Frank and Joey had coaxed into helping them had just poured the last of the drink into the funnel when Miranda choked suddenly, her mouth pulling away with the last bit of drink suddenly drenching her. Shocked, she looked up to see both Joey as well as Frank looking just as stunned as she was initially until they both began grinning with the certain knowledge that their wildest fantasies were about to come true!

As Miranda pulled her car into the semi-circular driveway, Joey and Frank stepped out the front door of the cabin greeting her. Taking the overnight bag she’d packed, Frank actually leered. “You’re really not going to be needing this,” he said simply, then turned heading back into the cabin. Miranda followed, as did Joey who appeared considerably more nervous, almost embarrassed in fact than Frank had appeared.

She had heard Frank talk about his parents cabin before, but had never had the opportunity to see it though she’d actually been invited up on more than one occasion.

“Wow! This is pretty nice!” she admitted as she began following Frank up the spiral staircase leading up to the enormous upper floor. A large balcony overhung the downstairs sitting room where there was also an enormous fireplace that took up nearly the entire length of one wall. Reaching the top of the stairs, Frank gave Miranda a quick tour, sitting her bag down on one of the two twin beds inside the smaller of three bedrooms.

“Down the hall is the master bedroom,” he said a bit suggestively with a wink and a smile, letting Miranda know as he did that Frank had every intention of holding Miranda to their bet. “In here is the upstairs shower, as you can see, it’s easily big enough for four!” once again telling her as he showed her about that he as well as Joey had obviously been entertaining several naughty thoughts. Leading her into the main bedroom, Miranda saw that the enormous canlı poker oyna comforter had already been pulled down revealing black satin sheets covering the bed beneath it. Miranda actually walked over to the bed caressing the softness of them.

“Just for me?” she teased nervously herself. Frank nodded his head. “Just bought them for this occasion,” he admitted. “Thought you might like them.”

Miranda sat down on the bed. “Now what?” she asked a bit apprehensively. The boys turned looking towards one another.

“Well, like I said when you arrived. You probably won’t need much of whatever you brought along with you. Joey and I will go back downstairs and fix us some drinks, get a nice fire going for this evening so you won’t get too cold.”

“Too cold?”

“Yeah, cause after we go downstairs, the first thing you’re going to do is take everything off.”

“Oh really!” Miranda smiled in disbelief.

“Yeah…really. For the remainder of the weekend, until its time to leave Miranda, you won’t be wearing any clothing!”

Her grin disappeared. “You’re serious? Nothing?”

“Nothing!” Frank confirmed as Joey nodded his own head in support of what the two boys must have discussed and agreed upon earlier. “So, we’ll meet you downstairs whenever you’re ready,” he finished leading Joey back down the staircase.

Miranda wandered back into the small bedroom, sitting down on the edge of the bed as she began to contemplate that this weekend really was turning into a lot more than she’d anticipated that it might. She honestly wasn’t sure she could go through with this, but as she sat staring down at herself, or more precisely her hand as it rested upon her thigh, she remembered the ‘pinky-pledge’ and knew that there was no way, no matter what those two came up with that would cause her to break her agreement. Miranda had no idea what actually might be in store for her, but she figured that whatever it was the boys had come up with, she could, and would show them that she wasn’t as inhibited or afraid as they obviously thought her to be. With renewed determination to show both Joey as well as Frank that she honestly could handle whatever the two of them dished out, she stood and slowly began removing her clothes.

It had been a fairly warm summer. And though the evenings up in the mountains still tended to get a bit cool, it was hardly that now. Miranda stood looking down at herself. Her nipples were rock-hard, and not from any mountain chill. She realized that she really was aroused, just as she had been the night before as she’d sat grooming herself in the bathroom, trimming the downy-soft hair around her pussy. Miranda had been surprised to actually discover that she was as aroused as she’d been thinking about “the possibilities” she’d mused, wondering what her two friends might actually come up with and expect from her. And not that she hadn’t in the past entertained her own private fantasies regarding the two of them, she had. But the fact they had never even come close to acting on any sort of intimate contact between them had her nervously wondering what the two of them would actually look like naked, and even more amusing, “how would the two of them interact with her when she was?”

Miranda had found herself extremely aroused considering the possibilities. She’d packed a small overnight bag including one very sexy, very revealing nightgown, along with another not quite as provocative, but certainly as sexy. She’d then gone into the bathroom, started the tub, and had begun trimming her pussy. Just doing that sent lusty shivers of excitement coursing through her.

Testing the water that had accumulated less than two or three inches, she lay down inside the tub. Miranda was horny! She smiled wickedly to herself. She hadn’t done this in several months now. Placing herself beneath the faucet, Miranda spread her legs, resting one foot on either side of the tub. Adjusting the force of the water so that it wasn’t too strong, she closed her eyes, grinning to herself as the play of the pulsating water fell upon her perfectly, teasing as well as stimulating her clit. Reaching down with her hands, Miranda spread her lips a part, revealing the hardness of her small little clit even more obscenely, where the water now kissed and caressed it with a cascade of warm bathing pleasures.

She’d experienced two quick little orgasms before settling in and really allowing the falling water to slap against her pussy for an extended length of time before allowing herself to finally succumb to a third, extremely intense climax. The fact that she actually was looking forward to the weekend, nervous a bit, but more curiously excited about what might actually occur between the three of them.

Miranda shook her head waking up from the erotic memory, forcing herself back into the present. Taking a deep breath, she steeled herself, pinching her taut nipples, feeling an erotic thrill shooting through each one when she did. Padding bare-feet, almost silently down the hall towards the balcony, she leaned against the railing looking down into the room below. As she did, she saw both men sitting on one internet casino of the couches looking up at her, smiling expectantly.

“Holy shit!” Joey exclaimed as though he’d honestly thought Miranda never would actually take her clothes off. “Damn baby…you’re fucking beautiful!”

Miranda actually felt herself blush at the comment.

“Nice fucking tits!” he added with a low deep whistle as he sat there staring at her.

“Yes, they are!” Frank added gazing up towards her as well. “Miranda?”


“Play with your tits!” Frank told her.

“What?” she asked mildly surprised.

“You heard me! Play with your tits!”

She stared at him, feeling both embarrassed as well as very self-conscious.

“Remember? The bet? You said ‘anything!'”

She did, and she had. Closing her eyes so that she’d feel a little more comfortable, even though she was feeling extremely vulnerable at the moment, Miranda reached up cupping both breasts within her hands and stood there above them while the two young men watched as she began fingering her nipples.

“Oh yeah, that’s good!” Frank urged her on in continuing. “Now…lick them!”

Miranda’s eyes popped open.

“Ah huh…you heard me, now lick them!”

Miranda cupped one of her breasts within her hands, lifting it, allowing her tongue to snake out tentatively teasing her nipple. Erotic shivers coursed through her, she could feel the wetness gathering between her legs as the outright decadence of standing there in full view while she stood licking her own nipples was wickedly appealing!

“Tell her to play with her pussy!” Joey implored Frank to ask her to do. He laughed.

“Joey, I’m not the only one that can tell her to do stuff you know. She has to do whatever you tell her to do too remember?”

Joey let that thought settle in for a moment, almost surprised when it did that he had the same power over Miranda that Frank had. “Oh yeah…cool!”

Miranda soon alternated, now cupping and licking her right breast as the boys continued to watch her.

“Now…play with your pussy too!” Joey finally told her finding his own voice. Once again Miranda couldn’t help but open her eyes, looking back down into the room as though seeking confirmation they had really asked her to touch herself.

“You heard him!” Frank confirmed a second later. “We want to see you play with yourself!”

Miranda certainly had masturbated, frequently in fact…especially lately. But she had never in her entire life ever done so in front of anyone before. Not even her ex-boyfriend Steven though he’d once suggested that she do so for him. Miranda hesitated.

“Come on Miranda!” Frank pressed softly.

“It might be easier for me to do that if the two of you were naked as well you know!” she blurted boldly, trying to buy some time, wondering if in fact either one of them would actually take off their clothing, or if all this was just some big bluff to see if they could actually get her to do things they’d really never intended or dreamed she would actually do. Which is when Frank stood up off the couch and began removing his clothes.

“I was just about to do that anyway!” he yelled up at her. Seeing that Frank was indeed stripping down, Joey stood and began removing his own clothing as well. Soon, each of them was as naked as she, sporting magnificent hard erections as they once again sat down on the couch.

“Now…where were we? Or actually…where were you?” Frank teased. “Something about touching yourself I believe?”

Trapped, with nowhere to go from here, she did. Lowering her hand, Miranda allowed her fingers to slip just inside the moist warm folds of her flesh. Only somewhat surprised at herself for actually doing so, she was heated and aroused just enough that the initial shock that she could be doing such a thing in front of someone, especially her two friends, wasn’t nearly as bad as she’d at first thought it would be. In fact, she found herself getting quite a kick out of the look on their faces as she began finger-fucking herself, actually enjoying the exquisite sensations that rapidly inflamed her pussy as well as her desire. Looking down into the room, she was just as equally pleased to see that both Joey and Frank sat there masturbating themselves, though appearing to do so without so much purpose as mindless automation as their eyes remained riveted on her as she continued to explore herself, now doing so with much more abandon that she had been.

“Make yourself cum too!” Joey now added really getting into this. “I want to see you make yourself cum!”

As good as she was feeling, Miranda knew her own body. To merely stand there fingering her slit, occasionally rubbing her clitoris wasn’t going to easily get herself off. There was a lot more she enjoyed doing when she really got serious about pleasuring herself. She would have to lower her own inhibitions even more if she was going to do that, allow herself to somehow block her two voyeurs out of her own mind if she was seriously going to allow herself the pleasure of experiencing an actual climax. Sure…she could fake having one, but even that as she only briefly considered it seemed in violation of their agreement. Something as simple as pretending to climax as opposed to actually doing so was something that in her mind, the ‘pinky-promise’ also covered.

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