From Friends to Lovers Ch. 07


I woke to a feeling of bliss, still flanked by two beautiful women, one of them my beloved Beth. She smiled as she always did when we woke together. “Hi.”

“Hi yourself.”

I felt Francesca stirring. “Buongiorno…” she wished us as she stretched luxuriantly.

She sat up, and as always I couldn’t help my eyes being drawn to her breasts. “Such a lovely day,” she observed as the sunlight slanted in through the gap in the curtains.

Beth nodded. “Perhaps we could all go out somewhere?”

Francesca thought for a moment. “I know a place.”

She got out of bed, starting to dress, and Beth reached to touch her arm. “You don’t need to go.”

Francesca smiled. “I think you two lovers need a little time to yourselves, maybe? I will go back to my room, take shower, I see you at breakfast.”

She deftly tied the fastening of her dress in place, and she was gone, closing the door behind her.

Beth turned over, and I wrapped my arms around her. “She’s very considerate.”

Beth nodded, a grin slowly spreading across her face. “Wow – last night really worked, didn’t it.”

My expression was thoughtful, even a little puzzled. “We didn’t quite stick to the plan, did we?”

Beth smirked. “You men and your plans. What do you mean?”

“Well… I don’t think there was any time when she and I were both giving attention to your breasts.”

Beth acknowledged my point. “Something still to look forward to, then.”

I hesitated. “And the way I was in her, you and I haven’t done exactly that, have we. I’m sorry.”

Beth looked surprised, putting her hand on mine. “You were worried about that? Don’t be silly. Anyway, I prefer to see your face, usually. Not that we shouldn’t try it sometime.”

She smiled. “Anything else?”

It was my turn to show surprise. “Well, um, you and she didn’t – you know, there…”

Beth’s response was a shiver of anticipation. “Now that, I definitely hope we put right today.”

She took a deep breath. “Right – time for a shower so we can get going straight after breakfast. I wonder where Francesca has in mind…?”

When we walked into the dining room, Francesca was already at the table we’d shared the previous morning. “The girl will bring your usual breakfast,” she grinned.

She’d changed into a summer dress, still elegant but more suitable for a casual day out, and her dark hair was caught into a neat ponytail. “Any clues on where we’re going?” I hinted.

“It is very close, but also private,” came her enigmatic response.

When we’d finished eating, Francesca bent down to pick up a blanket she’d kept under her chair – incidentally giving me a clear view down her cleavage, confirming that as yesterday she hadn’t felt a bra was necessary to her outfit. “Follow me.”

She led us into the hotel’s back garden, the grass neatly trimmed but the shrubs and bushes less and less well-tended as we moved further in. Finally we reached a high brick wall almost entirely concealed by overgrowth, and Francesca carefully stepped forward, pulling the ivy aside to reveal a wooden door, its iron latch showing signs of rust but still solid.

She pushed the door open with some effort, and turned to us. “Please, enter.”

Beth stepped poker oyna through first, and I followed. “Wow…”

We were in a walled garden, trees and shrubs wildly overgrown, but with an inviting mossy lawn in the centre. Francesca eased the door closed, brushing dust off her fingers, and smiled. “A wonderful place, no?”

She walked to the centre of the grass and spread out the blanket, sitting down and patting the space beside her in an obvious invitation. Beth walked over, kneeling, and I laid down in the space she’d left, my hands behind my head. “Mm, it’s idyllic.”

Beth looked around thoughtfully. “I’m sure the medieval writers used an enclosed garden as a symbol of a woman’s body…”

Francesca blinked. “You also read old books?”

I chuckled. “Oh, you wouldn’t believe it. That’s why we’ve had so many holidays in this town, after all.”

“Of course we’ve both read quite a lot of Dante,” Beth remembered.

Francesca smiled. “There was a man who knew what it was to love. But also to lose.”

She looked sad, a little lost. “Tomorrow I must fly home…”

I reached a hand out to hers. “We’ll make sure we don’t lose touch. And… all the more reason to make the most of the time we have.”

I leaned across, kissing Francesca softly on the lips. “That’s by way of a promise.”

She placed her hand flat on my chest, and even this innocuous contact sent a thrill through my body. “Francesca, you’ve made my nipples tingle,” I confessed.

She glanced at Beth, who was grinning. “In that case, we must do something about it.”

Francesca started to undo my shirt buttons, and Beth joined her. As soon as one nipple was exposed to view, Beth dabbed her tongue on it, then pursed her lips to blow a stream of cooler air, making it harden almost painfully. “Hey,” I pretended to scold, “you know that’s not the way I like.”

“Is this better?” Francesca queried in a low, seductive voice, placing her moistened lips around my other nipple and sliding her tongue wetly over it.

“Oh god – yes -” I gasped, and Beth relented, her lips and tongue mirroring Francesca’s. “Oh, that is absolute bliss,” I murmured, looking down to see Francesca’s dark hair to one side, Beth’s glossy brown on the other. “I could let you do this all day.”

I felt Francesca’s fingers working deftly at my belt, then the zip of my jeans. Her fingers slid inside, finding my hardness, and she glanced across at Beth. “He does not need so many clothes, no?”

Between them they slid my jeans and y-fronts off, then returned to my chest, Francesca’s fingers now wrapped gently round my shaft. “Maybe I give you a small treat,” she teased, leaving Beth to play with my nipples while she moved downwards. She dabbed at the drop of clear liquid on my tip with her tongue, then glanced up to watch my expression. She wrapped her lips softly around me, and my eyes widened as despite my best efforts to hold back, a surge of pleasure rippled through me and sticky fluid splashed her lips, her tongue. “Francesca, I am so sorry,” I gasped.

She swallowed, running her tongue over her lips, using a fingertip to catch a stray drop. “Is no problem – I like…”

“Don’t worry,” grinned Beth. “He’ll be ready for more before too long.”

She canlı poker oyna shifted a little closer to Francesca. “Anyway, this is our chance for you and I to get to know each other better.”

I held my breath as Beth kissed Francesca softly. “You taste your lover, no?” Francesca murmured, and Beth grinned. “It wouldn’t be the first time.”

I watched as their hands began to explore one another, Beth’s fingers brushing over Francesca’s nipples, eliciting a gasp, and Francesca raised her arms so that Beth could lift her dress over her head. Today Francesca wore a barely-there thong, and Beth watched her face with an almost wanton expression, fingers tugging the filmy fabric into Francesca’s most sensitive place while Beth’s mouth returned to her nipples. “O dio,” Francesca breathed, her hands cupping Beth’s breasts. “Let me touch you also.”

Beth slipped the straps of her dress off her shoulders, letting it slide to the floor, then moved to kiss Francesca again, fingers tangling in her hair as Francesca sought the clips of her bra, finally releasing them. Francesca carefully laid aside the lacy garment, then touched her tongue to each nipple in turn. “Mm,” breathed Beth, “let me lie down.”

She lay back, hands behind her head, and Francesca returned to her nipples, suckling one then the other softly. She paused to glance at me, eyes dancing. “You can help, no?”

I caught Beth’s eye. “One down,” she grinned with a raise of her eyebrows, then parted her lips in a soundless moan as I bent to her breast, Francesca’s mouth already busy on the other. “Oh god, that’s good.”

Beth parted her thighs as Francesca’s fingers explored upwards, meeting the soft cotton of her panties. “So damp,” Francesca whispered. She hooked her fingers through the elastic, and Beth lifted her hips to let Francesca slide her panties down and off. I felt myself stir as Francesca deliberately lifted the soft cotton to her face, tonguing the moisture Beth had provided. “Mm, sweet.”

“Oh, my breasts again,” begged Beth, and I glanced at Francesca as my mouth returned to Beth’s nipple. “Greedy,” Francesca teased. “I know soon you will want something else.”

Her words proved true as moments later Beth flexed her hips upwards. “Please…”

I watched spellbound as Francesca moved down, kneeling between Beth’s feet and leaning forward. Francesca buried her face in Beth’s fur, breathing in deeply, then Beth’s eyes widened as Francesca used the tip of her nose to explore lower, brushing her nub. “I hope you’re taking notes, Tim,” she gasped.

Francesca threw me a grin, then took a deep breath, blowing gently on Beth’s most intimate place. Beth’s response was a frustrated sound, almost a growl. “God, ‘Cesca, touch me again.”

Francesca relented, bending to place a soft kiss, then dab with her tongue. She hesitated, then carefully slid two fingers into Beth’s opening, her tongue beginning to brush Beth’s hard nub more insistently.

I shifted position so that I could continue to use my mouth and tongue on Beth’s breasts while still watching. The muscles under the smooth skin of Beth’s stomach began to tense, and I paused to lean down and whisper in Francesca’s ear, getting first a widening of her eyes in surprise, then a nod internet casino of understanding.

I renewed my attention to Beth’s nipples, and watched Francesca continue to use her mouth, her fingers thrusting gently as Beth clenched her hands on the blanket.

Francesca’s eyes met mine, and I nodded. She slowly withdrew her fingers, her tongue still moving insistently on Beth’s nub, and again I saw the telltale tightening of muscles that betrayed how close Beth was to her release. “Ready, darling?” I queried, and Beth nodded wordlessly.

I held my breath as Francesca moved a slippery fingertip a little further back, and gently touched the centre of Beth’s other opening. Beth’s response was immediate, a cry of ecstasy, her hips shuddering, her nipples hardening under my lips as never before. Her thighs tightened on Francesca, who fought to keep her place, tongue flickering to draw out the last moments of delight.

Finally Beth subsided, chest heaving, eyes wide. “Oh – my – goodness,” she managed eventually. “That was…”

Francesca moved up to cradle Beth’s head softly against her breasts. “For me, too.”

She placed a soft kiss on Beth’s hair. “And now I know another of your little secrets.”

Francesca breathed in, her chest rising. “I think I too would enjoy, at the proper moment.”

Beth stirred in her arms. “Oh, I think we could oblige.”

She pulled out of Francesca’s embrace, lying back again. “Ready…?”

Francesca slid across Beth’s body, kneeling with her parted thighs offering access to her intimate place. A drop of clear liquid splashed down, and Beth caught it on her lips. “I think more than ready,” she murmured.

Beth cupped Francesca’s breasts in her hands, then imitated something I knew she liked when I did it, pulling Francesca’s nipples gently away from her body with pinched fingers. Francesca gasped, flexing her hips, and Beth took the hint, burying her mouth in Francesca’s wetness.

Francesca looked over her shoulder at me, her face betraying the ecstasy she was already feeling. “Come do whatever you want to me,” she invited.

I moved behind her, feeling Beth’s fur gently tickling me as I lowered myself onto her body. My fingers explored Francesca from behind, feeling the movement of Beth’s tongue close to my fingertips.

Francesca gasped as I slid fingers into her, leaning forward a little, exposing her pink star to my view. I moistened a finger with my tongue, then used it to brush softly across her other opening. Her reaction was a moan – “Oh, more -” and I pressed my finger a little more firmly, the tip now surrounded by a ring of smooth muscle.

Francesca tilted her head back, her breasts pushed into Beth’s caressing hands, her hips flexing, and I heard her begin to gasp with each thrust of my fingers inside her. “Oh – so good – mm, più forte.”

I felt the first tightening of her muscles on my fingers as she cried out unintelligibly, then I thrilled as her pink star contracted, rippling visibly as evidence of her climax, the tip of my finger squeezed repeatedly as Francesca’s whole body shook.

I withdrew from her carefully, and she slid from Beth’s body, her eyes unfocused. “Oh – again new, and more…”

She laid down on her side, Beth tenderly stroking her hair. “Rest now, darling.”

I joined them, one arm under Beth’s head, the other stretched across to embrace Francesca, and closed my eyes, letting the warm sun lull me to sleep…

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