From the Pages of Carmyn’s Diary: A True Story 5


June 17, 2007 3:40 p.m.Dear Diary,Sitting outside under the oak tree watching a collection of girls from another team practice a routine where they bend over, come back up, clap, poke their boobs out, do 180 degree turn, just to bend over again. They’re doing all this under the blazing sun that makes ’em sweat, wetting their thin shirts, and exposing nipples for the ones not wearing a bra.All the girls on my team are crowded up under trees sitting Indiana style with notepads in our hands. We’re working on new cheers. Actually, they are; I’m not. I’m writing in my diary as you can see. Have to dish my latest news.I went the entire weekend without getting my groove on. I wanted to when Carrie approached me late last night, but I blew her off. Now that Wendi was in our new cabin mate, I didn’t want to run her out. We’d already apologized and made up for our little fight. I admitted that I was getting a little güvenilir bahis carried away, especially with fingering a stranger on the bus on the way here. I was just taking advantage of being around several stunning girls, who were just as curious as I.Wendi told me I was acting like a dog off the leash. She also joked that if I could reproduce with another girl, I would most likely have about 5 to 10 illegitimate children.So, I’ve decided to calm down. Mmmm… I wonder how long this will last.Singed,Mz Delite…June 30, 2007 7:12 p.m.Dear Diary,Getting a new roommate tomorrow. Don’t fret, it is not Wendi being replaced. It is Carrie. She left this morning; her son is ill. Wendi went along with her, because Carrie’s son is her nephew. But Wendi will be back tomorrow. The camp decided to let a girl from another cabin that was overcrowded, take Carrie’s bunk. My only request is that she’s hot. güvenilir bahis siteleri Because little miss Melissa wasn’t letting me dip into her chocolate. Since Wendi moved in, I wasn’t trying anymore anyway. I hadn’t done anything with anyone in the past two weeks. Just a quick slap on Kimmi’s ass one day while we were practicing cartwheels, but that’s it.I’ve been missing entries because no action has been going on. So sad. :-(Signed,C. D….July 1, 2007 12:03 a.m.Dear Diary,It has been worth the wait. Chocolate is just as sweet as vanilla. Yes, I mean, I finally got to suck on her double d breasts. I didn’t initiated the episode. She did. It happened as so…Just an hour or so ago, only me and Melissa in our cabin tonight (Carrie went home to check on her son, and Wendi went with her). I was in the bathroom putting rollers in my hair as I watched Melissa in the large mirror. She was iddaa siteleri looking for something in Carrie’s empty bunk above mine.”What ya looking for?” I inquired as she started tossing my blankets around on my bed.”Um, nothing important. I’ll find it,” she answered as she started back searching Carrie’s bed.”Need my help?” I offered.”Finish your hair. I got this,” Melissa said.”I’m done with my hair,” I stated as I entered our sleeping quarters. “I don’t mind helping you.””It’s nothing. I don’t need it.” Her tone of saying that told me she was lying. Whatever she was looking for was important, but she wanted to keep it discreet.Melissa, wearing a zebra-printed body hugging night gown that hugged her large boobs closely together, gave up and climbed into her bed, the top bunk just 4 feet away from mine. I turned off the lights and climbed into my bed. I checked my cell phone to make sure it was on charge when I discovered I had 2 new text messages.Both messages were from Carrie. The first text informed her son was doing well, simple ear infection.Second text read: I packed so fast that I left some things, like my cheer notebook and my vibrator.

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